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What Are The Best Hair Clippers For Black Men?

There are so many hair clippers for men available on the market today, it can be very difficult to know what are the best hair clippers for black men to purchase. After all, hair clippers for men are not cheap, and it pays to ensure you have done your research before spending your hard earned money!

If you are a black man you know that your hair type is very distinctive, and you need a good quality hair clipper to achieve your desired style. A cheaper department store hair clipper may seem a good option to save money, however this will only deliver short term benefit. A cheaper hair clipper is a waste of money in the long run, as it will not be reliable and will only have a limited life. Adding to this that cheaper hair clippers for men are not as powerful and will not produce a professional result for you.

In order to assist you on knowing what are the best hair clippers for black men, we have provided an overview of the major hair clipper models available, and then based on a lot of feedback from professionals and consumers alike, what we believe to be the best hair clippers for black men available on the market today.

Oster Classic 76 Clipper - known as the ‘heavy duty’ clipper favored by professional hair stylists, this amazing tool has a detachable blade system; is quiet and remains cool for continuous professional use. You do not need to worry about overheating since this unit will stay cool for extended periods.

It is slightly larger to hold than some other clippers, however the reason is that this is a quality, professional tool. The Oster Classic 76 is one of the best hair clippers for black men, particularly if you plan to purchase hair clippers to use at home, as the Oster Classic 76 will easily and comfortably create a neat, tidy hairstyle that rivals what you can achieve by going to a professional salon.

Whilst it will cost you a little more to purchase this quality tool, you will save a great deal of money in the long run. No more expensive, inconvenient trips to a hair salon! You can now achieve a professional result in the comfort of your own home! A study of its various features will help you understand why it is so popular with men who like to look after their appearance.

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Strengths Of Oster Classic 76 Clipper :

– This clipper has a heavy duty universal motor that can cut through any kind of hair, even if it is particularly thick and tough. This clipper can even work through wet hair with a great deal of ease.

–​ The powerful motor works smoothly and efficiently for a very long time. It will not require repairs unless it is used in an incorrect manner.

–​ The clipper comes the most popular #1 and #000 blade sizes included. However, the company also offers users a choice of thirteen blade sizes in total.

– ​Blades can be changed easily thanks to its special Cryogen-x blade system

– It is an extremely durable machine thanks to the high quality of its construction and also the material used to make it. The housing of the clipper is made of a very tough material called valox.

– ​Its blade guard prevents accidents from occurring whilst prolonging the life of the blade.

– ​It comes with blade oil, clipper grease and cleaning brush so that the user can take good care of it.

– ​Users can choose plastic blades if they do not want to go in for metal ones.

OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010 - Large
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Wahl Cromado Cord-Cordless ​– a very high quality unit within the ‘Wahl Professional Series’, this unit will handle all hair types. It uses a high quality NI-MH battery so there is no ‘memory loss’ as you often get with rechargeable batteries, where after a while they will not recharge for any length of time.

This product is built with the professional hair stylist in mind. Whilst it may sound strange, this product was actually designed for use on animals, and therefore is extremely heavy duty. The benefit of this is that it means for African-American hair it will cut easily and neatly without any pulling or discomfort, definitely making these one of the best hair clippers for black men on the market.

The unit is built in Germany, which is testament to its quality given the Germans are renowned for their mechanical and engineering expertise. The clippers come with an adjustable 5 position blade, which provides a number of different cut lengths from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless
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Oster Ac T-finisher Trimmer
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​So what is our recommendation for the best hair clippers for black men? The Oster Classic 76 is by far the most preferred professional clipper on the market today, and is preferred by 9 out of 10 barbers, including professional African-American barbers. If you are looking for the best hair clippers for black men, then buy the hair clippers that barbers choose to buy​ the Oster Classic 76​​. It is a very good choice of clipper whether the buyer is a barber or hair stylist or even a person looking for hair clippers for black men to use to maintain his own hair at home. This heavy duty clipper is excellent value for money since it usually lasts a very long time due to its solid construction.

How To Achieve Fantastic Black Men Haircuts At Home!

If you are a black man you know that keeping your hairstyle to your liking takes a lot of effort. Furthermore achieving professional quality black men haircuts can be challenging, as a black man has a distinctive hair type that requires special technique to keep in order. It is challenging enough to learn how to cut your own hair, however if like many black men you want to produce and maintain a close shaven head, or a uniquely individual hairstyle, this challenge can become even more difficult.

This excellent video guide shows you in less than 10 minutes exactly how to produce professional black mens haircuts. The video covers the use of hair clippers for men, as well as scissors and how to use them in conjunction with hair clippers for a perfect result. One of the reasons we wanted to share this video with you is that it does not only show you a black man’s hair being cut, it also shows you on a model the areas of the head, and how to cut each of them specifically to ensure you achieve the best overall ‘seamless‘ result. As the video shows it is crucial that you use the best hair clippers you can afford and maintain them well to deliver the result you are looking for. While good quality hair clippers are quite expensive to purchase, they provide you with the convenience of using at home, saving you time and money. It also will not take you long to pay for your investment by saving you trips to the black barbers regularly to maintain your black men haircut.

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Our recommendation for the best hair clippers for black men are the Oster Classic 76, which are the preferred hair clippers for men used by black barbers the world over!​

Further videos that may be of assistance to you in learning how to achieve professional black men haircuts at home may be found in our educational series ‘How To Create A Professional Men’s Hair Cut’

How To Use Hair Clippers For Black Men?

​In this video, ​a professional black barber shares the basic technique for using hair clippers for black men. ​You will learn that this technique is largely based on keeping an even, spherical curve to your hair clipper path when applying the hair clippers to the various sections of the head.

The technique is also largely based on the use of the blade guard as a guideline to control this path. By using the guard as a guide it ensures that when clipping or shaving different sections of the head, the pattern is identical. This ensures that regardless of the angle being followed, the path is neat and even.

Don’t be fooled though by how simple it looks, it does take a little practice 🙂 Once you have mastered this technique however, you will be very well skilled in using hair clippers for black men, as you will have the knowledge and skills to manage the unique hair type of a African American man.

You will note also in the video that the professional black barber does use different blades for clipping different parts of the head, in this case to trim the sideburns he uses a number 1 comb. This is important, as the lengths of different sections of the hair require different treatments to ensure that it all blends together, and to provide a uniform consistency.

Many black men like to trim their hair or shave their head regularly. By learning how to best control the hair growth pattern using hair clippers for men, you will be well positioned to ensure you always maintain your grooming to your liking, regardless of the hair style you wish to maintain.

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