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All You Need to Know About Beard Styles for Black Men & The Women Who Love Them!!!

In the past, wearing a beard could be viewed as a style that was mostly preferred by older men. Therefore, younger men would tend to steer away from these styles since they did not want to look or appear older than they really were. Today, because trends have changed in so many areas of life, maintaining a beard has become really fashionable, so many men have embraced the style.

This is especially true for black men since the style has become fashionable and there are many different popular styles. Black men are not afraid to push new boundaries. A black man who finds his unique style can also create an attractive persona and brand that works for him. So, for those who are interested in finding a unique beard style that will fit you and your personal taste, you can select a style that will complement your face shape and body.

It is important that you know that there are many different types of styles for black men, and they can add exceptional quality to your presence when you walk through any door. One of the basic tricks, however, is to match your beard style with the hair style that you wear to give your look a boost or a complete makeover. With that being said, here are some of the most well-known and complementary styles.

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The Best Black Men Beard Styles Of 20​20 – Full-beard styles

In the past, the full beard would have been traditionally known and seen as a favorite style for the older or senior class black man. From fathers who had grown past a certain age, to grandfathers who graduated to this salt and pepper colored beard style, this was not only expected but in some cases the norm. In recent years, this classic style has made its way back into the mainstream of black men’s styles, and can be worn by black men of all ages.  One of the promising benefits of wearing this style is that it can be worn by both young and older men. It is also important to note that style can be sported with any hair style and any face shape, which means that it does not matter which hair cut or hair growth that you are trying to complement.

5 O’clock Beard Style

5- oclock beard style

Some may describe the five o’clock beard style as an irresistible fashion statement. Similar to the ideal look of a 3-day old beard, it can make any woman swoon since it provides a semi-rugged clean look. With this particular style, the cheeks, as well as the neck, will need to be shaved properly on a daily basis in order to master this look. Once shaved, it should be maintained with beard shampoo along with the appropriate kinds of oil can in order to create a shiny effect. It is also essential that anyone who wears the 5 o’clock beard style keep this beard trimmed every three days. So, for those who want this look to appear its best at all times, this 3-day regimen should be followed.

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Goatee Beard Style

goatee beard style

Another popular trendy look that black men like to sport is the goatee beard style. This style provides a minimalist effect, and can garner a lot of attention when worn. With a small beard that is located directly under the chin, it can also be sculpted and styled in a form that is unique to the individual and their personal preferences.

Van Dyke Beard Style

Van Dyke beard style

The Van Dyke Beard Style is an additional great option that black men can choose from when they are looking for a style that will work best with their face and hair style. This beard style is noted as coming from a popular Flemish portrait artist by the name of Anthony Van Dyke. With this beard style, men will notice that it consists of a very straight beard that is worn on the chin along with a mustache that has not been connected to the man’s lips.

Chin Curtain Beard Style

The Chin Curtain Beard Style

If the Van Dyke does not suit your personal style or preference, you may want to consider growing a full beard, and then have the mustache formed to certain style. In specific, the mustache will need to be trimmed along the areas of the cheeks as well as along the jaw in a linear fashion.

Mutton Chops Beard Style

Warmer Mutton Chops Beard Style

Of all of the beard styles that a black man can wear, there is also one stands out in particular. Most people will probably say that it is considered the most daring styles of all discussed. This is because for this to work like you actually envision, you will need to allow their hair on their sideburns to extend much longer, larger and denser. Once it has reached the optimal length, the next step is to shave your chin area, the soul patch, and your mustache.

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Though these beard styles are popular, trendy and make great choices if you want to try them, you should know that there is a diversity of other beard styles for black men too. Some of the more noteworthy that can be added to the list include the Garibaldi, circle, short boxed, crusader, duck tail, chocolate, shaved, mid-range stubble, and the tight and chin curtain with mustache.  All these options can make an excellent choice if you want to explore your options, broaden your opportunities to change your look, and sport a style that is completely unique to your taste and preferences.

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