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About RazorHere

Gentlemen of this RazorHere community understand exactly how badly we carry grooming. After all, to triumph and get the most from life you have to get ready, so doing anything you can to feel and look your best.

Our main goal is to help guarantee every individual can meet and surpass his grooming goals in the best, most convenient, and most cost-effective way possible.

RazorHere is not endorsed by any brand and the information on this website represents the editor’s own personal opinion.

About Saimon M. Batchelor – Founder of RazorHere

Saimon M. Batchelor - Founder of RazorHere

Hi, I am Saimon M. Batchelor.

I’ve started RazorHere.com, because I couldn’t find a solid reference for men who are interested in a well-groomed appearance. With the influx of products that cater to men’s grooming needs today, I fear that many become anxious when faced with the variety of product offerings.

I was born and raised in Beltsville, Maryland, United States. I specialize in skin care products as well as cosmetics. I have travelled far and wide across the US as well as other destinations in my search for the best skin care products.

From an early age of sixteen, started developing a keen interest on personal grooming. In my quest for knowledge, I started reading more about these products on the internet, watching videos and tutorials on how to groom your face. My interest in taking care of your skin is driven by passion and willingness to find lasting solutions to all skin related problems. And at the same time ensure that you are able to look as attractive and feel positive about your body.

As a Product Designer, I have worked with companies like Gillette or Grooming Lounge, counting over 6 years of professional experience in the cosmetics field. Throughout my professional life and career, I have interacted with lots of people with different skin types. As such, I have gathered tons of knowledge and expertise on the best razor for every skin type. I possess vast knowledge and experience in skin care products including razors, tweezers, and combs.

I undertook my higher learning studies at the University of Maryland-College Park campus in 2004. At the university, I majored in beauty therapy and make-up. However, I also enrolled for online classes in grooming and personal hygiene, in my quest to expand my knowledge base. It is at the university that I developed interest in electric razors and other skin care products.

In this blog, I will review various personal care products such as razors, hair, beards, hair loss, grooming, style products. My goal is to build a rigorous evaluation of various personal care products so that you and I can better understand the differences in the products and their relative benefits.

How to Write a Review in RazorHere

We’ve developed a comprehensive review process to help make it easier for you to form the treasure out of the trash.

Other websites are just concerned about making a fast buck through advertising products irrespective of how good they really are, we would like to assist every individual understand the joys of grooming instead of thinking about it as a chore.

Because of this we made the choice to just provide hands-on reviews for many products found on this website. In other words, if it’s on here, it implies that our authors, contributors or other team members have tested it. Of course, it could be completely unfeasible for us to try out every product on the market, which explains the reason why we first execute a massive quantity of product research to determine the best way to get started. The base of the product recommendations relies on the standard of ingredients.

We spend countless hours of study to properly evaluate the effectiveness and safety of each ingredient contained within those products. From our extensive study, we’ve developed a focus on organic ingredients for their exceptional outcome, innumerable health benefits, and ecological sustainability. We then apply exhaustive testing to determine whether the products actually perform in a real-world setting.

However, every person’s skin and hair and each individual’s particular tastes are somewhat different. The best product for one person might not be the best for another. Also, the potency of the appropriate products is greatly dependent upon their proper usage.

This Is the reason why we develop quite thorough buyer’s manuals that detail exactly what one wants to consider in finding the best product for their specific needs in addition to instructions about how to properly utilize the products.