Top 10 Best Shaver For Pubic Area Female Reviews -2019

Women's Bikini Area Is A Very Sensitive Skin To Deal With. If You Are Not Careful Enough It Can Cause A Lot Of Unwanted Hassle. Because A Women's Skin Is Delicate And Needed To Be Handled With Care.

There are many things that are considered to be an essential part of a modern women's grooming list. Razor is undoubtedly one of them as it is indispensable to give a smooth look that you want to have in your arms and legs and underarm. But to be honest, clearing your bikini zone with the razor is tricky.

70% of USA women who used a razor to trim down the pubic hairs are reported to experience slight to extreme irritation in the area down there.Because as we all know, the skin is need to be handled with bit extra care. The pubic hairs can cause a really bad day for women's with skin issue too. it can easily remove using the best razor for pubic hair

It is not quite easy to choose from so many options available out there. This is why today we review the best shaver for pubic area females crave to know about.If you are planning to go out in a two-piece bikini in the beach that you always love or the poolside by your friend, You want to check out those portable yet affordable shavers to help you trim the pubic area more safely.

Why is it important to Use Electric Shavers

Women's from any age or country can have sensitive skin. In fact, in a recent study, it is found that almost 8 out of 10 women have sensitive skin. And 60% of them is reported that is almost always the bikini area aka the pubic hairs.From the dates to corporate meetings, women need to be prepared, and it is always necessary to maintain the personal hygiene for because it is important for mental health too.

You see razers are good too. But it is certainly not good enough. Often the razor is one of the common reasons behind women's skin irritation.Around 75% women reported believing they experienced itchy skin after shaving best razor for bikini area. This is supported by most of the US dermatologist, and they happen to believe this statistics is pretty accurate.

The bikini areas skin is the tightest area of all the skins. Hair in this area is particularly rough and curved in nature. So a razor will take far more strokes and ultimately cause redness and itchy skin as a result. So it is far more comfortable to use electric shavers for the female pubic area. 

Best Bikini Razor And Trimmers

It can be pretty daunting to choose a bikini trimmer for you as there are so many options available out there. But fear not, today we have the best trimmers available out there for you. Go through the whole review, and you will get a good idea about  best razor for bikini area


Panasonic Bikini Shaper and Trimmer for Women ES246AC

Panasonic Brought The ES246AC For The Most Comfortable Shaving For Women. This Portable Bikini Trimmer Is The Perfect Grooming That Every Girl Wants. You Can Cut Almost Any Kind Of Hair With It. Fine, Rough, Thick, Curly Any Kind Of Hair, You Name It. It Will Give You A Very Precise Trim. It Is Made Of Hypo-Allergenic Stainless Steel To Provide Irritation-Free Trimming And Shaping. Because The Skin Is In Safe Distance From Any Contracting With The Skin.

You Can Trim Your Hairs To Five Different Lengths Too. Its Five Trim Settings Provide You With The Opportunity To Trim And Maintain The Exact Hairline As You Want. This Shaver Is Powered By Two AA-Size Rechargeable Battery So It Can Provide You With A Long Lasting Trimming Throughout The Whole Journey. It Lasts 45 Minutes To 1 Hours, And It's Super Easy To Slip It In Your Travel Bag Because Of Its Size. It Is Less Than Even Two Inches Wide And Weighs Only 4 Ounces.

It Is Way Too Comfortable To Shave With This Personalized Trimmer Than Some Average Standard Razors. Because This Trimmer Gives A Lot Of Faster And Smooth Trim To The Hairs.A Cleaning Brush Is Also Included With It For Easy Maintenance And Cleaning Up.It Has No Cord, Very Affordable And Gives A Very Smooth Result You Are Looking For.You Will Undoubtedly Love This Trimmer. This Is The Ultimate Travel Trimmer Anyone Can Get.


  • Its Blades Are Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel
  • It Has Five Settings.
  • Very Lightweight.
  • It Comes With A Cleaning Brush.


  • You Can Not Rinse It With Water.


Philips HP6390 Precision Perfect Trimmer
Philips HP6390 Precision Perfect Trimmer

Panasonic Brought The ES246AC For The Most Comfortable Shaving For Women.This Portable Bikini Trimmer Is The Perfect Grooming That Every Girl Wants. You Can Also Get Rid Of Any Unwanted Facial Hair Because Its Regular Trimming Head Can Be Used For Removing Facials Hairs.It Will Clean Up Very Fast And Give The Boost Of Confidence You Need Before Going Out With A Friend Or A Trip.

Best Of All It Has A Precision Trimming Attachment For The Eyebrows Too. Now You Can Trim And Shape Your Eyebrows At Home Without Any Help From Professional.This Bikini Trimmer Doesn't Pull Out Hair From The Roots. So It Is A Great Trimmer To Shape Your Eyebrows At Home.Aside From These Additional Features, This Bikini Trimmer Is The Most Versatile Trimmer Available In The Market.

It Is Perfect For Cleaning Up The Bush Down There And Get The Perfect Hairline For Your Bikini Area And Get A Silky Smooth Skin.Also, This Trimmer Is Packed With Additional Features And Attachments. It Also Comes With An Integrated Tweezers Set With Mirror And Light. It Used One AA Battery For Power. Its Pink Design And Versatile Features Make It One Of The Hottest Designed Trimmer In The Market.


  • Very Easy To Carry Around
  • Attractive Look
  • Good For Shaping Eyebrows
  • Perfectly Removes Facial Hairs


  • The Charge Can Drain Fast


Philips Hp6378/10 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer, Opal / Aqua

Philips HP6378 It Is One Of The Most Popular Trimmers On The Market, And It Is Not Hard To See Why.This Is An Essential Kit For Every Fashionista Out There. Trimming Down Your Most Private Parts Should Be Fun.This Is What Philips Believe, And They Have Brought Out Their Electrical Genius Once Again With This Exclusive Trimmer Which Is Rightly Called As "Bikini Perfect Delux".

Equipped With Six Precision Attachment, This Is A Powerful Tool That Brings Out The Perfect Bikini Ready Girl Out Of You.You Will See Such Smooth And Trimmed Up Bikini Line That Any Girl Can Only Dream Of. Yes, This Fantastic Piece Of Trimmer Is Precisely What Every Girl Wants For Her Delicate Skin. Among All The Most Exciting Feature It Has Is The Six Precision Attachment, It Means It Is Well Suited For Your Every Grooming Needs.

You Can Easily Get Trimmed Eyebrows As Well As Smooth Toes With This One Single Trimmer. What More A Girl Can Want?In Fact, This Trimmer Doesn't Leave Out Any Stubble For You. That Means You Can Get The Perfectly Smooth Bikini Line You Always.It Is Capable Of Trimming Short As 0.24 Inches Which Is Delightful. It Uses Hypoallergenic Foils Which Are Very Gentle To Your Skin. Tweezers And Exfoliation Glove That Helps To Get Rid Of All The Dead Cells Of Your Skin Included Too. You Can Use This Trimmer Into Your Showers Also.



  • After Its Fully Charged It Will Last For An Hour
  • You Can Use It The Shower.
  • Also Comes With An Exfoliation Glove And Tweezers
  • It Also Comes With Six Attachments


  • Its Little Bit Expensive


Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor

Schick Is Arguably One Of The Most Well-Known Brands In The Grooming Industry.This Time They Are Here To Dominate The Bikini Trimmers. This Bikini Trimmer Has Four Blades.Yes, You Read It Right. Not One, Not Two, It's 4.That Only Means Your Skin Is Less Tormented With The Blades Going Over Them Again And Again.You Will Get The Cleanest And Smoothest Of All Time Skin Because This Trimmers Four Blade Does The Job With One Stroke.

As We Know All The Right Trimmers Has A Pivotal Head, This Trimmer Has A Vibrating Pivotal Head Designed To Follow Your Natural Curves Like A Pro. It Can Reach Out The Most Private Of Areas Without Causing Any Trouble Or Painful Nick. It Cut Down Hairs On The Tough To Reach Areas With Pretty Ease.

For Avoiding To Cause Any Irritation, It Not Only Just Trim Your Hairs But It Also Moistures Your Skin. It Has Ultra Smooth Conditioning Strips Of Acai Berry And Jojoba To Provide Maximum Comfort To Your Skin After Trimming. Its Blade Is Specially Made With Hypoallergenic Ingredients To Soothe The Tender Skin.

The Blades Can Give Three Lengths Of Cut For Your Hair. Or If You Want To Trim Close, You Can Just Remove The Comb And Start Cutting. It Comes With A Rubber Handle For A More Balanced Trimming Experience. Its Rechargeable AA Battery Can Trim Nonstop For 60 Minutes After Every Charge. Its Also Cordless So Its Super Easy To Carry Around.


  • The Razor Contains Four Thin Blades.
  • It Has A Vibrating Pivotal Head.
  • Waterproof And Battery Powered
  • The Trimmer Has Three Settings.
  • List Element


  • Does Not Have A Cap.

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle And Bikini Trimmer

Women shaver with Bikini Trimmer

Schick Hydro Trimmer Is Undoubtedly One Of The Best Trimmers In The Industry. It Has A Dual Purpose. Shave Your Leg And Arm Hair And Trim Your Pubic Hair.Comes With A Built-In Bikini Trimmer. You Can Refill It Again. This Trimmer Contains Five-Blade Razor And A Built-In Bikini Trimmer. Due To The Five-Blade Razor, It Can Cut Down Hair Pretty Quickly.

Because Of Its Flexibility, It Has Smooth Manoeuvring Areas Like Ankles And Knees, Which Considered The Two Most Challenging Part Of The Body To Maintain Hygiene.It Has Five Blades Which Can Give You Smooth, Hairless Skin Only In One Stroke. It Has An Adjustable Comb.This Razor Includes Five Hydrating Blades. This Blades Created By Mixing Water Activated Hydra-Boost Serum With Butter (Shea).

Because Of It, Hydration Will Last More Than Two Hours After A Shave; It Is Clinically Proven. The Waterproof Bikini Trimmer Can Be Used In Or Out Of The Shower, Only Whenever You Desire To Maintain Your Bikini Areas. With Just A Flip Of A Handle, You Can Transform Yourself.


  • Schick Hydro Trimmer Can Cut Knees And Ankles Cut With One Stroke.
  • This Trimmer Is Skin Friendly
  • You Will Feel No Irritation Whatsoever.
  • One Of The Best Shaver For A Close Shave.
  • It Has Built-In Bikini Trimmer.


  • It Is Somewhat A Bit Heavy.

Braun Silk-épil FG1100 Women's Bikini Trimme

Braun Silk-épil FG1100 Women's Bikini Trimmer

The Braun Silk Bikini Styler Allows You To Have Accurate Shapes Very Fast And Easy Due To Its Precision Head.It Trims Unwanted Hair From Bikini Lines, Face, Eyebrows And The Other Sensitive Areas. You Won't Feel Any Irritation.The Pen-Sized Silk FG1100 From Barun Comes With Two Long-Life Cutting Heads ( 1 Standard, Women's Precision). Also Comes With Two Combs ( 1 5 Mm And Other 8 Mm.

It Can Give You Accurate Trimmed Hair And Leave You With A Silky Smooth Hydrate Skin. You Can Go Creative With This Trimmer.It Doesn't Matter What Kind Of Personality You Have, Grooming Your Bikini Zone Will Allow You To Look More Beautiful And Will Give You The Unlimited Confidence Boost.Its Precision Head Can Give You Accurate Shapes. And Due To Its Size And Portability, You Can Keep It In Your Travel Bag And Bring It Anywhere You Want.

It Will Shave, Shape Or Contours Your Bikini Lines Or Area Without Any Irritation And Maybe It Can Help You To Bring Your Wild Side Out. Barun FG1100'S Entire Set Of Tools Comes With A Compact Cardboard Box. The Comb And Other Attachments Come In A Pouch Bag. It Also Comes With  AA Battery.


  • The Size Of The Product Is Small And Portable.
  • But Barun Provides You With A Battery.
  • It Is Will Never Pull Hair.
  • It Comes With A Lot Of Attachments.
  • Comes With A Pouch.


  • You Cannot Use It While Its Wet.

Gillette Venus Women's Razor and Bikini Trimmer

Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Purple Women's Razor

Gillette Is A Household Name. Whenever Trimming Or Shaving Comes On The Mind, Gillette Will Come Easily.Gillette Venus Is Now Introducing You To Their First Ever Made Bikini Trimmer For The Bikini Ready Anytime, Anywhere Of The Year. The Head Is  90-Degree Angled. It Gives You Maximum Visibility In Your Bikini Hair Removal Area And Manoeuvres Around Every Contour With Perfection .

A Good Number Of Women Are Searching For Venus Bikini Trimmer Due To Its Sleek And Compact Design, And Also They Know This Is More Appropriate For Their Sensitive Skin. This Trimmer Trims Your Hair Just The Right Amount So That You Will Not Get Nicks Or Cuts.The Protective Comb Offers You A Very Good Trim Strength. The Process Of Removing Hair Is Quick And Efficient, And It Will Leave Your Body Smooth. It Has Only One Razor Blade.

This Shaver Has A Special Handle. It Is Designed To Perfection So That You Can Hold It Pen Like Easily And Strongly. It Will Help You Manoeuvre Over Bikini Hair Removal Areas Much Efficiently And Precisely.When You Want To Shave Just Need To Do A Shaving Motion In The Sensitive Areas Of Your Body. The Protective Adjustable Comb Allows You Direct The Type Of Length And Designs You Want. It Will Make You Sexy, Clean And Feminine.It Is Easy To Get A Bikini Beautiful Body  With A Pivoting, Single Blade Gillette Venus Women's Razor, Bikini Trimmer. 


  • This Trimmer Lasts For A Long Time.
  • The Process Of Using It Is Very Easy.
  •  This Weighs Only 0.3 Ounces


  • The Comb Is Too Long.

Conair Satiny Rechargeable Shaver with Trimmer

Ladies Electric Shaver, Morpilot 4 in 1 Rechargeable Cordless Electric Shaver for Woman and Body Hair Bikini Trimmer Save 6 dollar, Wet/Dry Woman Shaver FDA Certification, 2 Years Warranty.

Conair Rechargeable Shaver Gives You Smooth Results For The Hard To Reach Spots. Twin Individual Floating Blades And Foils Work On Wet/Dry Skin. It Is Rechargeable.You Have To Charge The Trimmer At Least 16 Hours Before The First Use. It Comes With A Charging Stand And To Understand If It Has The Full Charge Or Not; It Has A Charging Indicator Light.

This Trimmer Works Well For Both Dry And Wet Skin.The Most Dangerous And Challenging Part To Shave It Is The Genital Area. You Don't Have To Worry About That Anymore.This Trimmer Is Designed To Accomplish This Kind Of Work With Ease. The Dealer Will Provide You With A Cleaning Brush And A Bikini Trimmer With It. This Product Is Not So Expensive.

Nowadays People Are Always In A Hurry. Conair Dual Foil Shaver Can Help You With That . With One Stroke You Can Eliminate The Hairs. So If You Are Late For Work And Don't Have Time To Use It, You Can Carry It Easily And Can Use It At Workplace Washroom. It Makes Less Noise Than Other Products. And If You Charge Full, It Will Last 35 Minutes Without Any Break.


  • You Can Use It Up To 35 Minutes.
  • It Has An Extra Pop-Up Trimmer.
  • It Is Inexpensive.
  • Very Easy To Move Around On Your Skin.
  • It Will Not Nick You.
  • List EleIt Has Two Separate Floating Cutters.ment
  • clone
    You Will Get Two Trimmers In The Different Size.


  • The Blades Are Difficult To Clean.

Remington Rechargeable Shaver WDF5030

Remington WDF5030A Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver for Women

This Trimmer From Remington Has Some Pretty Exciting Features. For Example, It Comes With The Open Blade System.  It Is A Perfect Trimmer If You Want To Get A Close Shave. Because It Is Equipped With Four Blades. So It Pretty Much Explains It Stays Very Close To Your Skins And Quick Shave Without Going Over The Skins Too Many Times.

Its Blade Has The Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Which Is Essential For Every Bikini Shaver For Irritation Free Shave.This Dual-Sided Hair Prepares The Longer Hair Before Going Through The Foil For A Smooth Shave.  It Designed Floating Heads Which Are Specially Designed For Creating Different Angles. It's Nice To Be Able To Cut Hairs From Different Angles, Isn't It? You Can Cut Your Hairs With Different Lengths Because It Foils Designed For Shaving And Growing Hairs With Different Length.

Remmingtons  DF5030 Comes With Water Resistance. So Its Use For Both Wet Shave And Dry Shave. It Also Includes An Almond Strip To Moisture Up The Skin After The Shave, So You Feel Comfortable. It Is Designed To Go Smoothly In Your Body And Provide And Smooth And Efficient Shave For All The Delicate Areas Like Armpit And Legs.


  • This Trimmer Has Four Blades
  • Open Blade System Provides A More Close Shave
  • It Has An Almond Moisture Strip
  • Dual Sided Trimmer
  • The Battery Lasts 30 Minutes
  • It Is Usable For Both Dry And Wet
  • clone
    You Can Rinse It With Water


  • It Is A Bit Noisy.

Conair All-in-One Rechargeable Personal Groomer

Conair FBT1 Conair Max Trim All-in-one Cord

This Personal Hair Groomer Is One Of A Kind. You Can Get Rid Of Hair From Head To Toes Only By Using This Amazing Conair Satin Smooth Ladies All-In-One Personal Groomer. For Shaving Your Delicate Private Area, This Is The One You Have To Have. You Can Use It On Your Bed With Dry Skin Or If You Want You Can Use It In Your Shower All Wet. This Product Has A Multifunction Blade System.

Which Is Self-Explaining, But Still I Am Going To Tell You That With Conair All-In-One You Can Shave Your Leg, Underarms, Trim Your Eyebrows And Hard To Reach Areas. It Comes With Purchasing An All-In-One Trimmer Only For Your Hair Sounds Impractical I Know, But It Makes Much Sense When You Think Of It A Tool For Your Entire Body Grooming.It Comes With Five-Position Combs, Two Positions Adjustable Detail Comb, Cleaning Oil And Brush. It Is Cordless And Rechargeable.

This Product's Cutting System Allows You To Have A Worry-Free Shave Without The Nick. The Blades Shave Smoothly But Not Too Close To Your Skin. In The Packaging, It Comes With A Storage Pouch/ Carrying Pouch And Without Two AAA Batteries, Which You Have To Buy Separately. (This Is The Only Downside Of The Product) 


  • You Can Trim/Shave Your Legs, Underarms, Bikini Line And  Eyebrows
  • It Gives You The Satisfaction Of Precise Trimming In Delicate Areas.
  • You Can Use It Wet Or Dry. However, You Want.
  • You Can Take It Anywhere You Want. It Is Portable.
  • It Is Affordable.


  • So Far, The Only Con Is It Doesn't Come With Any AA Battery.

How T Choose The Best Bikini Trimmer:

It's really up to you and your personal preference when you are buying a bikini trimmer. But there are some things to consider when you are buying a bikini trimmer for yourself.You cant risk your safety and comfort by picking a wrong trimmer. So here are some really important steps to consider before actually buying a bikini trimmer:


Hair and Skin Type:Your bikini trimmer must match with your skin type. Because if your skin is sensitive and your bikini trimmer doesn't have hypoallergenic steel, that could be painful.Also if you have dry skin, you might want a trimmer that comes with moisturizer strip to calm your skin down. Because no lady wants to irritate their skin with a wrong kind of bikini trimmer.

You should also keep your hair type in the equation. Because different people have different hair types. Some have thick hair. Some have light hair.This means if your particular trimmer doesn't serve your hair type, it is a waste of money and time. For example, for a light hair, you might want a trimmer that doesn't handle the hairs too roughly.

Precision:Another important to know what kind of cut you want to give your bikini area. In fact, you have to know whether you are going to trim all over your body or just specific areas then you might need to pick different trimmer heads attachments too.

Hammering head works better for shaving the whole body. Because it covers more skin in the body and requires less time for complete shaving.But to shave tricky areas such as where your leg and pubic area meets you will need a precision trimmer. Precision trimmer makes sure there is no uncomfortable nick or bumps in your sensitive area and provides the perfect bikini line.


Size and Portability:The size of the trimmer is really important because if the trimmer is overly weighted and doesn't suit in your hand very well, it won't be able to give a balanced shaving.Ideally, a shaver should be very lightweight and provides a good balance. Also, it will fit very nicely in a travelling bag.

Functionality:A trimmers design might be nice, but if it is not able to perform as it looks, you should not waste your money on that product.Its handle should be well designed and suit your grip well. Consider whether the trimmer feels good on your hand and then decide whether you need it or not.

Extra features:Most of the bikini trimmers come with additional attachments for eyebrow or armpits. It is considered better to choose from the trimmer with additional features. Because you certainly don't want to buy a separate trimmer for each of your grooming needs.The trimmers we reviewed has so many great extra features. Because an allrounder trimmer will be more cost-effective.

Wet and Dry:You need to figure out whether you want to shave in the bath or off the tub. Because some people like to shave right after the shower also known as the wet shave.On the other hand more prefer dry shave more. You like them both you should pick a shaver that has both of the options.

How To Shave your Bikini Area:

Best Bikini Trimmers

Before you start trimming with your favourite bikini trimmer down their, you should know perfectly about does and don't of shaving down there.

Because not following them properly can be devastating and you will end up with a terrible shave or trim. It is better to have some wisdom from me if you are not sure how to shave your private area.

First thing first. You need to be sure whether you want a shave or a trim. For trimming, you will want your hairs completely dry because of its easier that way.But if you are shaving it is convenient to soak yourself for 10-15 minutes with warm water. Otherwise, the water will be coarse, and you will end up getting hurt. Even worse like nick down there.It is necessary to clean up with soap or body wash before you start. Otherwise, you are leaving yourself in danger of getting g a potential bacterial infection in case you get a cut or a bump.

The Do's of Shaving the Bikini Area

Before you start shaving trim down the hairs with a scissor.

Get a bath with warm water to soften up the more coarse hairs.

Use body wash to avoid bacterial infection

Use moisturizers afterwards

The Dont's of Shaving the Bikini Area

Don't use lotions after shaving because it may irritate.

Shaving creams are more preferred than soap as an after-shave.

Don't shave the coarse area without properly soaking it up.

How to Prevent Bumps in the Bikini Area

Bumps are often common after a shave in the bikini area. The follicles get irritated and cause small red bumps. Which can painful and take the joy out of your daily life.

There are some necessary steps you can take for preventing them even to happen. They are given right below:

1. Do you not share your razor, ever. This is unhygienic and causes lots of skin problem aside from the bumps. Neither should you use an old razor too? Because a dull razor takes more strokes and it will take more time and effort.

2. Don't shave every day. It's not good to shave down there every day. The more frequent you shave, the more like you to get a bump. It is ideal to shave as close as possible and repeat it after a day or two.

3. Don't go hard on your skin with the razor. Skins are very sensitive, so you need to do it gently. Slightly press the razor against your skin and glide. No need to hurry or press too hard cause a dull razor can cause real damage if you do it incorrectly.

4. Don't rub with a towel after shaving. Its rough fabrics will only irritate your skin further.

5. Use cold water after the shave. The cold water closes the pores and controls any inflammation.

6. Exfoliate your skin before shaving. It cleans up the dead cells. Also, it allows your razor to move more smoothly around the body. So its good for preventing any irritation of your skin.

7. Warm water opens up the pores so if even if you are a dry shave person sometimes take advantage of the shower to have a smooth shave.

Conclusion: Remember to check all the functionality available before selecting your perfect trimmer. Here we have reviewed some of the most elegant and affordable shavers and trimmer out there.If you think you have learned something too, please don't forget to share with your friend who might want to know about the best shaver for pubic area female.Enjoy the shaving experience and don't forget the tips about avoiding any unnecessary nicks and burns.It is really important to feel confident about your femininity and also being knowledgeable about personal grooming is a great step towards it.Whether you are looking for something versatile which satisfy all the needs or just simple use, we have given you a glimpse of what are the best trimmer and razors available to trim and shave the bikini line and the other parts of the body as well.

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