Should You Cut Your Long Hair?

If you are someone who has grown up with a long hair , cutting your long hair  might seem outrageous. Because we idolize long hairs. We are taught to think women with long hair are much more attractive and desirable. The persona of attractive women cannot be imaginable without long, natural hairs. Over the years, things have been changing when it comes to long hair. Now more and more celebrities are denouncing their long hair and going for bob or pixie. It’s the hottest haircut for celebrities right now. I can fill straight up to 10 pages of your notebook just by naming the models and actresses who just embraced the short haircut.

But just because of something is cool for Hollywood celebrities might not work out well for you. But what if there are enough reasons to cut the precious long hairs  that you take pride in? You possibly can’t imagine yourself without the hair either. But have you considered how many times the hair got in your way when having an intimate session? Or how many times you wished you have low maintenance options for your hairs? As terrifying as cutting your long hair might sounds, there is an amazing feeling of empowerment and liberty. And this why so many people are daring to experiment with the short hairstyles right now.

 But if you are not sure about it we are going to help take the decision and answer the question you have in mind right now. Which is “should I cut my long hair?”. After you finish it all your doubts will be over and you can approach it with more courage.

Should I cut my long hair

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Reasons to Cut your Long Hair Short

In this part, I will tell you what advantages you will be privileged with the short hairs. There are several major and some minor advantages. This time I will focus on the major benefits of having a short haircut. If you are thinking what am I going to get myself into and should I cut my hair for real? If you are panicking inside about the consequences of letting go of those hairs you have grown with so much care, it’s not the end of the world. Long hairs are not necessarily bad or anything in particular, but that didn’t mean we don’t acknowledge the hassle you have to put through every day. Here are reasons I think you should definitely give it a try.

Short Hair Is Gorgeous

Your life will never be same again. Because you are embracing the non conventional approach to the hair. There is no way someone looks any duller with the short hairs. Because shorter hairs bring the hidden features of your face. The shape of your face will be more visible and you will look very confident. Although there are plenty of people including women seem to have a more negative attitude towards the short hairs and favors the longer hairs more, the new generation seems like to break out of this particular bias. This is why you see top guns of media experimenting out with short hairs.

Your hair will be softer and shinier because it’s growing anew and since you have cut the larger part of the hair, the split ends and damaged hairs are not going be much of issue. You will feel more comfortable because you won’t be carrying any added weight on your heads. If you are growing the hair long for a couple of years, your hairs can really weigh down on your head and make you stressed. So you will shine only on the outside but inside your head, you will feel far calmer too.

Reasons to Cut your Long Hair Short

Short Hair Is Rebellious 

We live in a society with increasingly liberal values, people are going to call you brave and courageous. By cutting your hair short you are stripping off the gender role assigned to you. People will notice you and stare at you. Its normal to freak out at first but you will get used to it faster than you think. Take it normally because it’s your natural instinct to get attracted to the unusual. Not necessarily in a sexual way. But more in a way of we admire the astonishing natural anomaly like Aurora or wildly colorful corals reefs.

Important to remember, not everyone going to act like they are okay with you haircut. I know what you are thinking, “Isn’t it rude to talk about someone’s appearance?”. But the sad thing is there are so many people among us holds conservative values. If they don’t conceal the dissatisfaction, you will know it for sure from the way they look at your hair. But as much as we want to, we can’t please everyone. So if you come someone like that, more likely elderly folks, be patient and move on. Don’t be afraid of going against the tide. Because that’s what makes you stronger

Saves Time

We all live a hectic life. we don’t have even time for even sitting down to reflect your own mental condition. All because of so many things like cell phone, emails, Netflix, day jobs we are not even getting time to attentively listen to our heart. Why should I cut my long hair? because It feels like even getting out 5 minutes of time for yourself is very hard. Yet we have to spend 30-60 minutes of incredibly valuable time every day just for properly taking care of our hairs. We plan what hairstyles to do today when we get out. We blow our hair dry and comb it as if our life depends on it.

But you will really feel a change to all these strenuous tasks you have to put through every day. Because shorter hair doesn’t take as near time as the long hairs do. You don’t need hours shampooing your hair because when the bigger portions of the braids disappear, it takes far less time, says even less than two minutes. Isn’t that amazing? You will find yourself enjoying the relaxation of a warm shower to nourish your soul without thinking how much time the conditioning gonna take. the  Conditioners are gonna finish the work on the shorter hair before you know.

cutting your own hair short

Fewer Tangles And Knocks

Why should I cut my long hair? Because  One of the biggest problem women with long hair face is the annoying tangling and knots they face constantly. It has been embedded s much into their life that they have to waste a great deal of their time on the knot and tangled hairs. Esp after you wake up your hair is in a much worse condition that it actually makes the hair health deteriorate. Every other woman I know often complains about how frustrating it is to start the day with a knotted pile of hair on your shoulders. They have take preventing measures against this kind of tangling because it’s going to hurt and take a long time to fix.

Good news for you ladies! Since you will get rid of the long hairs, you won’t have to be super cautious about combing your hair and tying loose braids. Because once you cut your long hair, all these worries are not relevant to your life at all. Also, short hair means less damaged ends as your hairs will be growing back naturally. Another dreaded and often quite humiliating things are the hair getting in your way of lovemaking seasons. Well, short hairs will go smoothly and let you enjoy your time with your significant other.

More Noticeable

Yes and people will often look at your face and they will notice you longer than you think. Because when we cut our hair very short, our facial features aren’t hidden anymore with the forest of hair that overshadows our face. Not only it going to make you look dominating, its gonna enhance them. Especially if you have high cheekbones, I swear the shorter hair is gonna make them the most predominant features in the whole face. There are lots of girls who would die for more pronounced cheekbones. So if you already have a higher cheekbone, short hairstyles will be a real boon for you.

Pulling a short hair takes a lot of courage. It will also gonna make you look like a more confident person who is comfortable at her skin. People will perceive you as a more strong person and it can enhance your appeal. Though it’s true there are many “dudes” who don’t feel like dating someone with short hair, but there are also some other guys who also find it insanely attractive. It’s actually a better deal because you won’t be attracting the wrong kind of persons in your life. So be confident with your new look and get out on there.

Very Versatile

Cutting your hair short already gives a considerable advantage. If you try out something really unusual, say a very oceanic blue or platinum blond, you don’t need to think twice about it. Because the advantage of being out of the norm already have bestowed upon you.that’s the coolest thing about the short hairs. You can literally get away with most outrageous of colors because your hair is going to balance it for the viewer’s eye. You will often find yourself trying out completely different shades of color. Your hair is going to get along with it just fine, trust me.

That being said, you can try as many different hairstyles possible with the short hairs. Because you are most likely to get bored with the same hairstyle and might want to experiment new things.  Before you start experimenting please do consider your facial shape in order to determine the best-suited haircuts with your facial type. It’s important because it will take some time to regrow hair and change the style. You don’t want to get stuck with a haircut that doesn’t exactly go well with your face. But in the end, you can’t tell it until you try it. And pixie cuts gave you the freedom of choosing fro so many styles.

How do you know it is time to cut your long hair?

While you may still be pondering on the question if you should cut your long hair, there are reasons that make it apparent that it is time to shave your hair. These signs are such as:

Your hair has split ends

If you notice that the ends of your hair look thin, frail and you can see through them, it is time to trim your hair for fresh, healthy and fine hair to grow back again. The best way to remedy split ends is by cutting your hair short. It is important to note that if you do not trim the split ends, there usually high chances that the splitting may extend to the rest of your hair.

Damaged hair color

If you color your hair frequently, it is very easy to notice when its color is damaged. Additionally, when you notice that the hair does not hold color or long, then this may be an indication that it is time to cut your long hair. Synthetic bleaches and hair colors are detrimental to the health of your hair. Trimming your hair gives it time and chance to grow again, healthy and strong for styling or any other treatment you may wish.

You have bangs

Bangs are complex to maintain and care for. This is because they require regular trimming so that they are able to remain in form and look attractive. You need to cut your long hair often to ensure that your bangs are always attractive and hence add an appealing effect on your beauty. Bangs do not necessarily need to be long and hence trimming your excessively long hair can give you the bang styles that you want to have.

What you should know about cutting your hair?

Cutting your long hair is something you need to be certain about before you think of executing the task. This is because you cannot grow back the hair in a month or even a few months. This is why you should furnish yourself with the dos and don’ts of cutting long hair. Some of the things you need to note about shaving your hair include:

Is the timing right?

Do not embark on cutting your long hair just because you are undergoing a life change such as a heartbreak. If you decide to trim your hair, then it should be because that is what you want and have already figured it out. Cutting your hair is an emotional activity that can take a huge toll on your emotions and feelings if done out of anger or excitement.

Find the right stylist for you

Unless you are well-versed and experienced in cutting and trimming hair, you should not attempt to cut your own hair. Instead, you should consider hiring the services of a pro hair stylist to cut and trim your hair for you. This will go a long way in cutting your hair into a style that is right or your head and hair. It also helps in eliminating the risk of making any mistakes when cutting the hair.

Take time to learn

Cutting your hair is something that will take time, patience and effort to master. Therefore, you will need to have some tutoring so that you are able to trim the hair to your desired preferences and styles. There are tons of tutorial videos and articles that you can rely on to educate yourself on cutting and trimming your hair. Short hair requires detailed maintenance and attention so that it always remains in style and shape.


In this guide, I have tried to answer one of the most emotional questions that modern women face. Why should I cut my long hair? Because they give you more freedom. They give you the freedom of choosing a bolder yet beautiful hairstyle which will not only enhance your glamour but it will actually make someone really powerful. Very few haircuts can actually do that. No other cut hair was drawn so much controversy and admirers like this one.If you are too uncertain and don’t know whether the short hair will actually complement your face, you should ask your hair stylist’s opinion about it. Listen to what they say. If they show a negative opinion about a certain hairstyle, you should be better following them. But in the end, the ball is in your court.

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