Can You Use A Beard Trimmer To Cut Hair? 6 steps cut your hair with a beard trimmer

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Whether you are strapped for cash or bored at home, cutting your hair can be quite tempting. Over the years, most people, particularly men have become fond of using their beard trimmers to cut their own hair. Cutting hair with a beard trimmer is not as easy as it may sound. However, it is not impossible only that you may need to be extra careful so that you do not cut your ears or injure the scalp. There is a high level of excitement and fun that comes with shaving your hair using a beard razor and can you use a beard trimmer to cut hair?. Before you pick up your beard trimmer to cut your hair, there are a few things you need to know. These include:

Which tools will you need?

For starters, you will need a good quality beard razor; one that has razor sharp blades and an ergonomic design that is easy to hold. The clippers you settle on should feature a decent construction with the necessary guards for measuring the hair length you want. You will also need a comb since you will need to straighten your hair before cutting it. Also, you may need extra blades for replacing the ones in the trimmer. This is because the hair on the head is a lot harder and tougher than that on the chin or in your pubic area.

Corded beard trimmers are usually the best choice for shaving your hair. This is because they come with powerful rotary motors that cut hair with great ease. Cordless trimmers on the other hand, are not as powerful as you would wish them to be for smooth and clean shaves. Andis, Wahl, or other top brands are a great choice since they are solidly constructed and built for heavy-duty shaving.

The other things that you may need include at least two mirrors, a towel, and hairdressing scissors. These scissors are usually lightweight and very sharp and hence are easier to control.

Tips for using a beard trimmer to cut your hair

Once you have already figured out the question, can you use a beard trimmer to cut hair? And are already aware that it is possible, the next thing you should consider is the tips for making this haircut. These tips include:

Wash and rinse your hair

can you use a beard trimmer to cut hair
The first thing  is to wash and rinses it

The first thing you should do when you want to shave your hair with a beard razor is wash and rinse it. Clean hair straightens easily thereby making it possible to style the haircut as you wish. If you want to manipulate the hair into a specific style, you can consider blow drying it into the specific shape you want.

Take your time

It is nearly impossible for you to achieve an accurately styled haircut using a beard trimmer during your first trial.  This is why you need to go slow and take your time so that you familiarize yourself with your head’s grooves. You can consider trimming the hair at first before completely shaving it off with a beard razor. This will give you the experience and confidence you need to make smooth and consistent haircuts.

Use your non-dominant hand

When using a beard trimmer for haircuts, it is advisable to use your non-dominant hand especially when cutting the hair on opposite sides of the head. This is because the non-dominant hand is usually more flexible and easily maneuverable than your dominant hand. In addition to this, you should cut your hair against how it grows and lays. This makes it easy and possible to make a consistent haircut.

When cutting your hair using a beard trimmer, it is advisable to stop occasionally and check whether there are any hair follicles caught in the trimmer. This is because such hair can easily cause irritation to the skin and consequently bring about itchiness.

Step by step guide on cutting your hair with a beard trimmer

Step 1: Wash and condition the hair

Greasy hair tends to be sticky and easily gets caught by the blades in the trimmer. This is why you need to clean and condition the hair for a seamless shaving experience.

Step 2: Find a comfortable place

The level of comfort you will have when cutting your hair will have a direct impact on the final results of your haircut. Therefore, find a comfortable place where you will have access to water and at least two mirrors. Bathrooms are usually the best places to cut your hair since the wall mounted mirrors are convenient to use for haircuts.

Step 3: Start cutting

Once you have chosen the hairstyle you want, the next thing should be setting the beard razor with the corresponding guard that you should start with. At first you should use a lower number so that you do not cut too much hair than you would have wished at once. You should begin cutting the hair at the sides then proceed to the back. Using the edge of the blade, trim the hair on the sides from bottom to top. Then tilt the clipper razor at your preferred angle to create even fade that rhymes with the rest of the hair. You should repeat this whole process on the opposite side of the head.

Step 4: Trim the hair on the back of your head

Can you use a beard trimmer to cut hair
Trim the hair on the back of your head

After you are done shaving the sides, you should proceed to trim the hair on the back of your head. It is trickier to shave the back of your head and that is why you should take your time and do it slowly. It is recommendable to have a mirror behind your head so that you are able to ensure that you are making even shaves and also monitor your progress. Unless your preferred hairstyle needs you to have different hair sizes, you should use the same blade guard as you did for the sides.

Step 5: Use scissors and a comb to trim the hair

Using a pair of scissors, trim the top part of your hair. You should use hair scissors as opposed to household scissors as the latter are no sufficiently sharp for cutting the hair. Use a comb to straighten the hair for easy and consistent trimming. Trim the hair in 6mm/1/4” sections and work carefully and slowly so that you do not cut more hair than you intend.

Step 6: Refine the hair

After you have shaved your hair to your satisfaction, the next thing you should do is refine the hair to ensure that it is even.  Straighten the hair using fingers or a comb to ensure that the hair on your whole head is even in length or matches your length preferences. When refining your hair cut, you should remove loose hair strays so as to have a fine and stylish haircut.

What are the advantages of using a beard trimmer for your hair cut?

Men are known to be adventurous creatures and are always taking every opportunity to find new skills. Shaving your hair with a beard trimmer is one such exciting and fun experience for any man. For starters, using a beard trimmer for hair cuts is that saves you money.

Beard trimmers are a perfect alternative for people with sensitive scalps that are itchy when they get a haircut at the barbershop. This is because trimmers are gentle on the skin and come with ultra-sharp blades hence are able to make consistent and smooth cuts.

The dos and don’ts of using a beard trimmer for haircuts

The first thing you should never do when using a beard razor for haircuts is attempting to cut wet hair. This makes you susceptible to suffering an electric shop especially when using a corded trimmer powered by mains electricity. Additionally, wet hair makes the blades in these trimmers blunt and dull fast.  Always ensure that you rinse your hair carefully till it is damp but not wet. Completely dry hair is hard to style when shaving.

In addition to this, you should never use a beard trimmer without a guard. These guards protect your head and ears from cuts or other blade-related injuries. Always use sharp blades as they cut easily and consistently than dull blades.


If you want your trimmer to last for long, then you will need to maintain and care for the trimmer accordingly. Always clean the trimmer after every use to ensure that it remains in its best working condition at all times. In addition to this, replace the blades regularly immediately you notice that they are becoming dull. Follow the manufacturer’s provisions on operating and taking care of the trimmer. Oil your trimmer either before or after shaving. This helps in lubricating the motor and blades thereby guaranteeing the longevity of the trimmer. A reliable trimmer is a crucial grooming tool for any gentleman who wishes to have the best and smooth cuts for all the hair on your body.

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