Philips Norelco Series 3000 Review & S3560/81 & PT720/17

Today, we’re about to introduce you the most effective low budget Series shavers from Philips for budget-conscious buyers.

Not everyone can afford the Norelco products from Philips for the higher price tag. But Philips opened an option for budget-conscious customers too with their Philips Norelco Series 3000 Review product line.

This Series offers you to get the basic technology based shavers from Philips with all the benefits in low budget. With this article, we will try to expose you the latest shavers from this Series and specified regions where these products would be available.

Most of the models from this Series has a low price tag but some latest models have much-improved features which for they are little expensive.

Philips Norelco Series 3000 Review Wet & dry electric shaver  S3560/81:

The Series 3000 S3560/81 model electric shaver from Philips is available for United States of America region. It’s from Norelco product line of Philips addressing as Norelco 3500.

This model from Series 3000 could be a great alternative to the model S3580/06 (the one from UK region). Because it has almost the same features and technologies like S3580/06 model. The difference is the regional availability.

However, we will describe about this model too in brief. This model cutting elements have 4-direction flexible heads with ComfortCut blade system. Head has rounded edge to protect skin from a rough shave. 

The device has Aquatec Wet & dry seal that lets you have foam, cream or gel shave. You’ll be able to use in a shower. The powerful Lithium-ion battery ensures the same backup performance for years.

 It gives about 50 minutes of cordless performance which is about having 17 times shaving. Pop-up trimmer and battery indicator light are also installed. After all, it’s a similar product to the S3580/06.

Philips Norelco shaver  S3560/81

Philips Series 3000 dry electric shaver, PT720/17:

This is one of the rare products of Philips yet very effective in handling challenges. This shaver offers a really close shave and comes in handy for people with sensitive skin.

 It’s not a famous product from Philips, we already mentioned that it’s a rare product. But when it comes to your hand, you’d simply impressed with its performance. Though it’s a dry electric shaver, you’ll fall in love with it for the closeness of shave delivered from this device.

The blade has Lift and Cut technology cutting system and flexible rotating head. Lift and Cut dual blade system comfortably lifts and cuts hair right after skin level. The flexible head gives contour response to adjust itself to your face and as well as neck curves.

The installed efficient Lithium-ion battery gives 40 minutes of shaving and takes 8 hours to charge fully. For cleaning, you’ll just have to pop-up the head and rinse it under the tape. It’s that simple. This device could be used both corded or cordlessly.

LED display also attached to show Low battery, Charging Battery, Battery full, Quick charge and when it is time to replace the shaving head.

Philips Series 3000 dry electric shaver, PT720/17

Philips Norelco Series 3000 Review dry electric shaver, Series 3000 S3310/81

The S3310/81 model from Series 3000 has a black colored beautiful design. The blades are based ComfortCut system that ensures more precious and smooth shave.

These blades are well shaped and rounded in the edge to slide very smoothly along with your skin. The highly efficient blades ensure more protective shave. Heads are movable in 4 directions just like most of the models from Series 3000.

The turning on/off button is in the middle of the body. It’s a dry electric shaver but this device is fully washable. You can simply put it under water tap with the popped-up head as a hair cleaning solution inside rotary heads.

One more convenient thing about this model is, it could be used both corded and cordless. The most common pop-up trimmer is also available for this model. The pop-up trimmer found in almost every model from Series 3000. 

This device has Lithium-ion battery with 45 minutes of cordless performance. Battery requires 8 hours of charging to be fully charged. This battery is efficient to perform like new for years.

Philips Norelco shaver  3000 S3310/81


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