Can I use Beard Trimmer to cut my Hair guide In 2020

Buying a beard trimmer or clipper is a tough call. as a man, it's our responsibility to keep us well groomed. We need to be doing regular trimming our beard and hairs for that.

but choosing a beard trimmer or hair clipper that fits for all is not really an easy task. let's sink in the fact that real difference between beard clipper and hair clipper is their blades and them often visually inseparable. I know, for experienced user it might sound really naive. but then again, when I decided to buy a beard trimmer for the first time, it wasn't a good decision for me. because it couldn't give me the results I wanted. beard trimmers are made for cutting facial hairs. the hair on our head and the hair we grow elsewhere is totally different.

so if you are thinking can I use beard trimmers to cut my hair, my answer will be… it really depends!

Beard Trimmer to cut my Hair

Can I use Beard Trimmer to cut my Hair?

The thing is it really about what kind of hairs you are intended to cut and how close you want to go. remember beard trimmers are made for trimming. cutting larger hairs like head hair requires longer blade that can dug dipper. the beard trimmers on the other than, they are mostly used for shaping and giving definition to the hair.

beard clippers can be effectively used for trimming down the hair on the neckline. For a proper definition barbers use hair clippers to cut the larger chunks of the hair then use trimmers to smooth the lower parts of your head. the skin over there is highly sensitive and often gets irritated if razors used.

It depends on the experience of the user

So can i use beard trimmers cut my hair? it vastly depends on the experience of the user and his knowledge about hair cutting. an experienced user can pull it off without much difficulty. but it's hardly the same for inexperienced juveniles who’s mane just started growing.

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the exhilaration of change in your body soon fades away. and that's when they start to get messy. suddenly you look like an old grizzly with lots of chest hair growing all over the body. you need to clean them up not only one place. but several different places including your chest, armpit, and pubes as well. there is also hard to reach places like the groins as well. So can't blame anyone might asking if the beard trimmer is capable of cutting all of that hair and possibly

 the hairs on the head as well.

To clarify one of the most burning questions about hair clipper, today we will explore different types hair grows on a human body(male) as females don't need beard trimmers.

The Purpose Of Hair On Our Body

What is the purpose of hair on our body?

the past history of human evolution has made our body to grow in abundance place. it might not seem those hair have much importance to us. why would we need those stinky body odors cause them, right?

the actual fact is we need them for ensuring our head and body stays cool when doing heavy physical works by regulating the temperature.

also growing hairs on chest, underarms and pubic areas also signal the change of body hormone for teenagers. the testosterone level increases on male bodies. the body hair starts to grow on an explosive rate.

Can beard trimmers cut my chest hair?

beard trimmers are an excellent accessory for men of all age and background. nobody can deny the effectiveness beard trimmer . for getting a smooth stubble to impress someone and groom the other part of the body they are essential. due to its size and portability, beard trimmers can access even difficult to reach areas. Even behind the hair or side of ears. the manufacturer may sell it solely for trimming the beards, but beard trimmers are an amazing tool for getting rid of chest hair too. 

during this time of the year, we usually carry an extra pound of fat and hair around our body. so before you plan to hit the beach on this summer, it's important that you properly groom your body hairs including chest, back, and shoulders.

it is known that women like chest hairs on men as it seems manly to them. but there is a point when you stop looking manly. overly grown hairs on the unwanted place might make you look like a Yeti.

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How to cut hairs with the beard trimmer

How to cut hairs with the beard trimmer

So how do you do this? preferably a hair clipper but if you insist, you can pretty much do it with a beard trimmer. given that they come with the necessary attachments. The blade guards are the most important tool of craft because your body hair needs to be cut to a different length. You might as well look at the reviews of the beard trimmers you are using. because these user reviews are genuine. Consider what the user say about your beard trimmer and decide whether they are suitable for cutting your hair.

So if you are considering for including the hair on the body in your grooming you should pick a beard trimmer that doesn't cause any pull and snag. Because trimmers that lack quality often cause painful urination in users skin. as they pull the hair from the root, That might even cause bleeding. So that's a point worth considering.

Select an ideal comb length

the first important task before starting grooming down all the mane around your body. decide your ideal comb length. Decide how close you want to trim and what shape you intended to make with them. It may help you find the answer to these questions. because once you have started cutting you won't be able to change then. thankfully your body hair won't be visible much of the time. but it would be a nightmare if you are planning on wearing shorts or swimsuit. it's up to you what length you decide to go but there is some general guideline you follow.

clippers guards or as combs as generally known have a variable length for cutting hair at the different size. the texture of body hair isn't quite as same as the head or beard. so the ideal length you should be looking is from 4.m to 6mm. beard trimmers generally come with the 3-5 attachment so find the comb that cuts at this length. clipper guards are numbered chronically as 1,2,3 and so on. Each number has a length of ⅛ inches. it's preferable to not go less than ½ inches as that would be shorter than 4mm.

How to cut hairs with the beard trimmer

Trim your hairs around the chest and stomach

once you have found your ideal length start trimming your chest with smooth and steady strokes, start trimming. trim outside your of your chest and go inside. it would be a mistake if you start right in the middle of your chest. your pectorals would look horrible, trust me, man, you don't want a landing strip on your chest. better to start from where the hair starts to fade out, for example, the collarbone. it's important to consider whether your body is muscular or not. because if your skin around the chest is saggy, you can't afford to lose more hairs. so these are really important to sure you don't regret it later.

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for cutting other areas besides the chest like stomach and armpit, it's necessary to change the size of the comb as different hair needs to be cut at a different length. you should maintain the size proportionately by knowing how much you should cut in the stomach and armpits. your stomach is situated right on the below or your chest. to look your chest symmetrical, stomach hairs need to be cut down short. use the trimmer up and down ane all over to cut efficiently using different comb sizes.

Cutting rest of the hair on body

Cutting the leg hairs aren't for everyone. Unless your profession requires you to be wearing shorts 24x7, you will do better with some hairs on legs. But you have your leg hairs really growing and you need to clean the jungle, set the length at half an inch and start trimming down the forest under there.

But unfortunately, the hair at your back is less accessible to you. There is no reason for keeping them and let it grow wild. but for cleaning it up you going need the help of another person who kind enough to do this for you.

Preventing Irritation

Irritation Is Often Happened Because Of The Dullness Of The Blade And Lack Of Maintenance Of The Beard Trimmer. In Order To Have A Smooth Cut Without Any Hassles, You Need To Keep Your Trimmer Clean And Oil. Cleaning The Blade Regularly Prevent The Blades Getting Dull. So Make Sure It's Well Maintained And Not The Blades Working Properly.

It's More Common To Have The Skin Irritated For Some Days If You Cut Shorter Than Half An Inch. No Matter How Gentle The Blades Are, Close Contact Makes The Pores On The Skin Irritated And It Gets Worse When You Wear Something. So It's Better To Apply Some Sort Of Lotion Or Moisturizer To Prevent Further Irritation.

Conclusion: In this guide, we tried to show how to cut your hair in various parts of the body with much ease and no additional requirements. If you have wondered at some point in your life that whether can I use beard trimmer to cut my hair, in this guide we have tried to make sure you get the answer to your query.

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