Best electric shaver for men – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

The most common question among the people who are interested to buy an electric razor is, “How to choose the best electric shaver for men?”

Honestly, that’s not an easy task to do. You need to analyze your own skin type to select the suitable electric razor for men. However, we’ll help you to do so and select the best electric shaver for you.

best electric shaver for men

In the case of choosing the best electric shaver for men, it’s very painful to find the best quality razors among all of the different brands and varied products.

It’s painful because when you are about to buy an electric razor, you have to choose from thousands of models on the market and you also need to concentrate on foil or rotary; wet or dry; two, three, four or five blades etc.

There’s actually no way to make the right choice from all of these brands, competing ads, description, claims and many confusing descriptions if you don’t try them all.

It’s really hard to find a website that gives you review and exactly detailed lists are hard to find just like ours, and we put the best article for you after a lot of research to make your time worth.

According to our research, we are showing the best electric shaver for men that comes with 2017. All these products are very efficient and suitable tool for you, not any glittering things or marketing product, seriously great tool.

A nailing electric razor could be an important thing for men as it comes with effective hygiene. If we take a look at the time that women spend for taking care of their eyebrow, it seems ridiculous for men as they can’t afford to buy the compatible shaver they can find from their local markets on sale. We will help you to make a better decision than that.

The measures you should look on before you choose an electric razor:

best electric shaver for menWhen you’re about to choose the compatible electric razor, you should make the decision considering about a couple of things which includes: shaving performance, comfort and closest shave, ease of cleaning, durability and product’s price.

If you’re a new user of an electric shaver, then you’re going to need minimum two weeks to adjust yourself with the new device, which means the experience with your first electric razor will be painful and patchy during this time.

However, the best quality electric razor will give you as close shave as ordinary razor leaving your skin very smooth and rash free as well. But these razors are bit expensive and equipped with some extra features.

For example, most of these models are water resistance and some other models have a digital display in their body which shows how much time left on the battery and when to recharge. Moreover, they also have self-cleaning features. Yet, you should follow some tips to enhance your shaving experience with this device.

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Pull your skin tight where you shave, this will allow the device to cut your stubble gently and more closely. Especially when you want to cut your mustache, stretch your upper lip over your teeth to get a close shave under your nose. After shaving, you should use some moisturizer to get your skin in perfect condition.

And yes, to maintain a close shave every time you should change the heads in every two years for rotaries and 18months for foils. These tips you must follow to gain the perfect shaving experience with the device. If you want to know more about a short description, how can you choose your best electric razor

A list and review of the quality best electric razor for men:

Braun series 9 – Model 9095cc:

Braun Is The Most Popular Electric Shaver Manufacturer Company From Germany, Which Is Known To Most Of The People Introduced With An Electric Shaver. It’s Been The Best Oscillating Electric Shaver Producer For Years.

When You First Look At This Model, The Design And Elegant Body Will Amaze You. Its Body Made Of Chrome Plastic So It Is Solid And Fine-Built. This Model Supplies A Potential Trimmer Which Is Direct And Cut.

This Trimmer Trims Your Beard Deeply And Aligns With Your Face And Help You To Cut Beards From All Directions. Another One Is “Hyper-Lift” Trimmer That Offers Many Advantages While Shaving Off The Plain Hairs.

Most Of The Models That Come From Braun Series-9 Including This Model, Will Give You The Closest Pinpoint Shave You Have Ever Experienced With An Electric Razor.

You Won’t Get Every Single Hair With Only One Pass Of The Device. But This Two Types Of Trimmers Ensures That All Of Your Hairs Are Cut In Some Passes Of The Shaver.

Braun Recently Upgraded Their 9 Series Where You Can Have Both Wet Or Dry Shave. But The 9095cc Excludes This Feature.

Braun 9290cc Or 9295cc Models Have Almost The Same Equipment’s As The 9095cc But The Upgraded 9290cc And 9295cc Includes The Feature Of Wet Shaving. To Buy This Shaver Click On The Image.


  • Equipped With An Extra Helpful And Improved Trimmer Named Direct And Cut.
  • Gives Extra Battery Backup And “Emergency Charge” Feature Can Supply 5 Minutes More Battery Life.
  • The Razor Provides A Digital Display On Its Body That Shows The Time Of The Battery Is Remaining.
  • It Gives The Closest Shaving For Your Skin.
  • Got The Feature Of Wet And Dry Shaving.


  • The Body Is Made Of Plastic With Is Not So Impressive.
  • It Is Expensive So Can Make Someone Think Twice Before Buying.

Braun series 7 – Model 790cc:

Braun Series 7 Shavers Are Considered To Be The Most Advanced And Top-Rated Series That Comes From The Braun Manufactures. It’s The Sexiest Shaver Ever Made By Braun, The Finest Product That Comes From The German Engineering And The Leading Product Of The Manufacturer.

 It Comes With Braun’s Optional And ActiveLift Shaving Technology That Can Give The Closest Shave. Braun Recently Upgraded Their 7 Series And The Model 790cc Is From One Of The Upgraded One. This Shaver Got Flexible Heads That Helps You To Move Smoothly Over Your Face. 

Moreover, You Can Find Three Different Modes Which Are Extra Sensitive, Intensive And Normal Modes. You Can Choose The Appropriate Mode For Your Skin Type And Hair. It Also Has Automatic Cleaning System.

There Is Not Much Difference Between The Older Series 7 And The Newer Series 7 Including This 790cc Model. The Key Difference Between This Older And Newer Is The Newer Models Includes The Feature Of Wet And Dry Shaving.To Buy This Razor Click On The Image.

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  • Different Modes Of The Different Type Of Skins.
  • The Razor’s Body Built Quality Is Good.
  • Affordable As It Is Ideal For Budget-Conscious Buyers.
  • Comes With The Automatic Cleaning System.
  • Head Is Much Flexible.


  • We Didn’t Find Any Disadvantage Of This Model So Far. The Only One Disadvantage Is The Older Models From Braun Series 7 Don’t Provide The Feature Of Wet & Dry Shaving.

Panasonic Arc5 – Model ES-LV95-S:

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Men’s Electric Razor, Wet/Dry with Multi-Flex Pivoting Head, High-Performance Motor, and included Premium Automatic Clean & Charge Station

If You Only Consider About Getting A Close Shave With An Electric Shaver, We Highly Recommend You To Take A Look At This Model That Comes From Panasonic Arc5 Series. It Is More Powerful And Effective Shaver As It Is Equipped With Wider Head And Five Blades.

For This Type Of Head, It Gives You The Promise To Get You The Closest Shave That You Can Expect With An Electric Shaver. So, It Would Be A Good Choice If You Think About Buying This Shaver.

It Can Be Used Wet And Dry. This Model Could Be The Best Electric Shaver For Men Because Usually, You Won’t Be Able To Buy A Shaver Like This Even Costing A Huge Amount Of Money.

Though It’s Expensive, It Is Well Priced If You Consider About All Of The Features That The Shaver Provides. This Shaver Is Usable For All Kinds Of Hair Because The Five Blades Work Differently With Different Kinds Of Hair.

It Is Probably The Best Shavers From The Japanese Company Panasonic. Don’t Feel Too Greedy To See This Shaver Feature And Its Capability, If You Have Sensitive Skin You’re Very Unlucky. This Razor Is Not Compatible For Sensitive Skin Neither It Ensures Comfortableness. 

So, If You Are The Man With Sensitive Skin Sorry For That But This Razor Probably Not The Best Choice For You.

Panasonic – Model ES-LA93K Arc4:

Panasonic ES-LA93-K, Arc4 Electric Razor, Men’s 4-Blade with Multi-Flex Pivoting Head and Dual Motor, Premium Automatic Clean & Charge Station Included, Wet or Dry Operation

The Panasonic Arc4 Series Models Are Similar To Arc5 Series. This Model Offers Almost The Same Technologies And Motors But In This Case, There Are 4 Cutting Blades Instead Of Five.

It’s A Great Choice For The Budget Conscious Buyer. Besides, It Also Excludes The Cleaning And Charging Docks. So, You’ll Have To Clean It Manually.

But The Powerful Four Blade Cutting System Ensures Much Better And Close Shave If You Compare It With Other Available Shavers On The Market. ​

This Model Comes Along With Slit Foil Technology That Is Going To Cut The Long And Short Hair In The Equal Point. However, This Shaver Doesn't Need To Go To The Same Place Several Times As Its Blades Are More Sharp And Efficient To Give A Close Shave.

This Model Is Also A Water-Resistant Product. So, If You Wash If Fully While Cleaning It Won’t Damage The Product. It Also Gives Wet And Dry Shaving And The Blades Are More Durable.


  • Got A LED Screen On The Body To Show Battery Charge And The Speed Of The Motor.
  • It Is Cheap But Very Effective And Powerful Shaver To Give A Close Shave.
  • Water Resistant Product.


  • Less Comfortable To Use.
  • Manual Cleaning.

Phillips Norelco Series – Model 9700:

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700, S9721/84 Standard packaging

In Our Previous Article, We Mentioned That There Are Two Major Types Of The Shaver Is Available Among The World Of An Electric Shaver.

One Is Rotary And Another Is Foil Electric Shaving System. Now It’s Time To Review The Best Quality Electric Razor For Men That Comes From Rotary Shaving System.

Phillips Is Considered To Be The King Manufacturer Of The Rotary Electric Shavers. This Device’s Body Is Uncommon Design And The Body Is Attached To A Grip For The Best Comfortableness.

The Rotary Shavers Especially The Norelco 9700 Is Better Than Any Other Foil Shaving In Order To Give You The Very Closest Shave. The Head Of A Shaver Is Attached Above The Body Where Three Disk-Shaped Rotating Blades Are Available And As The Heads Are Much Flexible, You Can Use It With More Comfort Than Other Ordinary Foil Based Shavers.

This Smart Device Got Perfectly Positioned Heads. That’s The Reason Why It Is So Capable Of Cutting Different Types Of Hair That Grow On Men’s Face. It Gives Very Close Shave Even If You Compare It With The Top-Rated Foil Shavers.


  • There Are Three Individual Rotating Blades On The Head.
  • Gives The Closest Shave Even Like Top Class Foil Electric Razors.
  • Supports Wet And Dry Shaving.
  • “Super Lift & Cut Action” Technology-Based Dual Blades Are Attached To The Head.


  • The Body Is Made Of Plastic And Rubber.
  • The Internal Battery Is Not Replaceable.

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