Top 10 Best Cordless Hair Clippers Reviews and Unlimited Guide

The cordless hair clippers have been coming into the scene from the early 90’s. The technological advance made it possible for the hair clippers companies to push the production of rechargeable and battery powered hair clippers. As a result, now we enjoy the comfort of getting a haircut or a trimming in virtually everywhere. It has been possible to get a haircut or beard trimming on the go. People are more than happy to take the hair clipper with when traveling.

If you want to get a haircut at your garden or trim children's hair outdoor, the traditional hair clippers are not suitable. You need to go cordless for that. If you want to buy best cordless hair clippers, you are in the right place.

Top 10 Best Cordless Hair Clippers Reviews

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Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper

Wahl Clipper Lithium Ion Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers and Trimmers for men,Hair Cutting Kit with 10 Guide Combs by The Brand used by Professionals. #79600-2101

Wahls Clippers Are Regarded As The Best Of The Best Hair Clippers. Wahls Initiated The Manufacturing Of The Electromagnetic Motor Based Hair Clippers That Eventually Led The Creation Of Whole Electronic Grooming Products. They Have Been Doing Business Successfully For Almost 100 Years. Their Professional Hair Clipper Products Are Among The Best Sellers. Why? Because Wahl Hair Clippers Are Very Good At Cutting Hair And They Are Durable. This Why We Are Featuring Wahls Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper Right At The Beginning Of Our Review. Because No Review Will Be Complete Without This Cordless Clipper.

The Best Thing About This Hair Clipper Is The Battery. Its Lithium-Ion Battery Is Much Powerful Than The Other Hair Clippers Available Right Now. After Its Charged Properly, The Power Will Last For Two Hours Of Nonstop Cutting. Not Only That, There Is A Quick Charging Function Available. You Can Charge It For 10 Minutes And Then The Charge Can Be Held Up To A Year For The Next Use.

Wahls Hair Clipper Is Made Of Rotary Motors. It’s Faster Than Usual Magnetic Or Pivot Motors. But This Particular Lithium Ion Clippers Motor Is Considered To Be 50% Stronger Than The Other Wahl Clipper Models. Powered By The Cutting Edge Self-Sharpening Blades. This Combination Of Powerful Motor And The Sharper Blade Cuts Through The Hair Really Smooth. You Won't Need To Worry About Snagging Or Pulling The Hair At All. Its Makes The Cutting Effortless And The Blades Don't Need To Be Sharpened Because They Are Self-Sharpening.


  • Its Battery Is Superb
    • The Charge Can Hold For A Year
    • Its Motor Is Sophisticated And 50% More Powerful
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    It Has Self-Sharpening Blades
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    Does Not Provide Any Noise


  • You Will Buy The Clipper Hairs Separately.

Remington HC4250

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit, Hair Clippers, Hair Trimmers, Clippers, (13 pieces)

Unable To Cut The Hairs Around The Sideburns Or Behind The Ears Is Really Frustrating. Due To The Size Of The Most Hair Clippers, It's Not Quite Possible To Cut Around There. Especially If You Are Cutting Your Own Hairs You Won't Even Dare To Touch Those Areas, In Case You Mess It Up. But Sadly There Are Not Many Cordless Hair Clippers Which Can Really Fit Into The Hand And Can Cut Through The Difficult To Operate Areas. So If You Are Looking For A Hair Clipper That Is Really Comfortable To Use And Lightweight As Well, Nothing Can Really Beat The Remington HC4250.

Remington Seems Like Understood What The People Really Want In Their Hair Clippers And Kept That In Mind When Designing This Hair Clipper. Its Ergonomic Design Is Very Hard To Not To Notice. Designed Simply To Fit At Your Palm, These Gorgeous Looks Are Complement With Effective Use Of The Latest Technology On This Hair Clipper. The Blade Is Curved Wide So That It Can Cut Really Fast By Effectively Covering More Ground While Cutting.

One Of The Major Advantages Of Using The Cordless Hair Clipper Is How Much Portability It Can Provide. With The Corded Hair Clippers, It Would Be Impossible To Use The Hair Clippers In The Shower. And There Is The Water. If Your Hair Clipper Is Not Waterproof It Won't Be Wise To Use It In The Shower. But Fortunately, The Remington HC4250 Is Both Waterproof And Cordless. So You Can Take It To The Shower Or Use It On The Backyard Lawn You Like To. Power Won't Be A Problem Either Because It Can Run For 40 Minutes After Charged Property.


  • The Design Is Very Lightweight And Precise.
  • Its Battery Is Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery.
  • Its Both Cord/Cordless
  • Affordable Price
  • Ease Of Cleaning


  • It Takes 4 Hours To Full Charge.

Andis BGR+ Professional Ceramic  Clipper

Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade, Model BGR+, Black (64850)

Andis Hair Clippers Are Mostly For Professionals Who Want Something That Allows Them More Mobility. Salons Are Typically Loaded With Corded Hair Clippers.Because Barbers Need To Cut The Hair Continuously. The Corded Clippers Used To The Premium Standard. But The Time Has Changed Greatly. Soon The Cordless Hair Clippers Emerged And The Professional Barbers Started To Adopt Them More An More.  Andis Bgr+ Is A Heavy Duty Hair Clipper That's Made For Enduring All Day Loads The Saloons. But It Is Well Suited For At Home Use As Well.

Andis Professional Hair Clippers Are One Of The Best Cordless Hair Clippers Available. This Clipper’s Body Is Made Out Of Ceramic. Ceramics Are Not Proven For Their Resistant To The Heat. With Longer Periods Of Use Becomes More And More Frequent, The Hair Clippers Tend To Get Increasingly Hot. Ceramics Are Really Useful Because They Are Not Capable Of Resisting Heat Or Electricity. No Matter What Kind Of User You Are, This Hair Clipper Won't Get Any Hotter. Its Extreme Heat Resistance Won't Fail To Amaze The User.

The Heavy Rotary Motor S Capable Of Cutting Through So Fast As Its The Most Powerful Kind Of Motor Out There. This Incredible Motor Is More Than Enough To Cut Any Mountain Stashed Up In Your Head. Because The Ceramic Blades Are Sharp And Durable.  Not Only That, The Blades Are Fully Detachable And Easy To Clean. The Batteries Are Detachable Too And You Can Charge Them Separately. But Before Putting It After Every Use, Make Sure That You Oil The Blades Properly Because Otherwise, It Won't Last Long.


  • It Doesn't Go Hot After Use.
  • There Is Separately Virtually No Noise At All.
  • The Motor Is Powerful Enough To Cut Through Very Thick Hair
  • The Battery Can Last Up To 1 Hour
  • You Can Charge The Battery Separately


  • The Price Might Not Suit Your Budget

Philips Norelco QC5580

Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro

Philips Is A Well Known Dutch Company. They Are An Internationally Recognizable Brand With Different Electronic Products. They Have Been Credited With The Invention Of Various Latest Technology. The Term Norcelo Is Pretty Well Known To The Barbers And Hair Professionals. As Philips Has Been Manufacturing Their All Their Hair Grooming Products For USA And Europe Under This Name For Years.  So From A Company Like That, You Will Always Expect Something Different. And The Philip Knows That As Well. This Is Why They Have Introduced A DIY  Or Do-It-Yourself Cordless Hair Clipper.


The Very First Thing You Will Notice About This Product Is Its Head. It Has A Rotating Head Which Is Pretty Useful. You Can Effectively Use It To Cut Comfortably. As It Can Rotate 180 Degrees, Reaching The Back Or Neck For Cutting Will Be Easier. It Really Tough To Cut Those Areas With Regular Hair Clippers. Especially If You Are Doing It Yourself At Home. Without Someone Else Assistance It's Pretty Much Impossible To Cut The Hair In The Back. This Why You Need Something More Sophisticated. Something Like Philips Norelco. Now You Can Cut Through This Area Very Effortlessly.

This Hair Clipper Is Cordless And Comes With A Really Durable Battery That Is Proven To Last For Two Hours. After You Charge Its Ready To Go For Cutting Really Thick Or Basically Any Kind Of Hairs. It Has An Advantage Of Being Cordless To Go Corded When Necessary. So You Can Put The Hair Clipper In Charge And Continue With Cutting The Hairs With Its Really Sharp Titanium Blade. These Blades Are A Specially Coated Blade With Dual-Cut Technology And They Cut Hairs 2x Faster Than Usual Blades. The Turbo Boost Options That Comes With It Is Really Handy. Because If You Are In A Hurry, You Can Cut Down The Time By Pressing That Button.


  • It Has A 180-Degree Rotating Head
  • Its Battery Can Last Up To 2 Hours
  • It's Cordless But You Can Use With The Cord.
  • The Blade Is Titanium Coated And Dual Cut Technology.
  • It Has An Indicator Light
  • The Price Is Very Affordable


  • It's Not Waterproof.

NEW MOSER LI+PRO 1884 Professional Hair Clipper

NEW MOSER LI+PRO 1884 Professional Hair Clipper Cord / Cordless 100-240V

While Technically Most Is A Part Of An International Corporate Alliance Between Germany And US. Despite They Are Part Of Wahl Family, Moser Has Been Able To Establish A Name For Itself In The Hair Grooming Industry. Germany's Technological Efficiency Is On The Par With The US. Moses Hair Clipper Is Made In Germany And Its Distribution To All Over The World From There. In Moser Factories In The Black Forest, They Are Thoroughly Testing Their Hair Clippers And Then Process To Market It To The Rest Of The World. Just To Make Sure They Are Able To Be Consistent With The Quality Of Their Product.

You Will Glad To Know That This Cordless Hair Clipper Is Able To Cut Very Close To The Skin Without Much Damage Causing To Your Skin. Many Hair Clipper Blades Go Dull And Cause A Certain Amount Of Pulling And Snagging. While This Is Mainly Due To The Lack Of Maintenance, It Depends On The Type Of The Blade You Are Using Too. It's Made In Germany Stainless Steel Blades Are Really Sharp And It Can Cut As Close As 0.3 Mm As The Blade Adjustment Is Fixed From 07 Mm To 0.3 Mm.

Its Battery Is Really Good. If You Don't Know Already, Memory Effect Is A Kind Of Problem We Very Often Face With Our Batteries. As They Get Older, It Starts To Take Awfully Long Time To Recharge. A Great Thing About This Hair Clipper Is Its Made Has No Memory Effect. In Fact, It's Quite The Opposite. It Takes Only 45 Minutes To Charge Fully. You Can Run It For 75 Minutes Nonstop. It Also Comes With A Cord And Indicator Light. So If The Battery Is Nearly Finished, The Indicator Will Inform You.


  • Its Blade Is Very Efficient For Cutting Close To The Skull
  • Takes Only 45 Minutes To Charge
  • The Battery Doesn't Slow Down At All After Some Years
  • Its Both Cord/Cordless
  • The Indicator Light Is Included To Know When To Charge.


  • It's Pretty Costly

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Panasonic Professional ER 1611

Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

The Panasonic Professional ER 1611 Is Very Ergonomic In Design. It's Made By The Japanese Electronic Appliance Company Panasonic Which Was Previously Known As Matsushita. It Is Known By This Name Until 2008. Panasonic Is A Major Player In The Hair Grooming Industry. Because Panasonic Is A Global Leader And They Put Innovation At The Forefront Of Their Strategy. You Will Always Know Expect Something Different When Buying A Panasonic Hair Clipper. This ER 1611 Is A Greatly Improved And Updated Version Of The Previous Model. And It Has Some Really Powerful Features.

One Of The Most Important Parts Of The Hair Clipper Is Its Motor. When Buying A Hair Clipper It Is Important To Know How Many Rotations Per Minute The Motor Able To Do. While The Usual Rpm Is Around 5000-6000 For Other Hair Clippers, The Panasonic Professional ER 1611 Has An Impressive 10000 Rotation Per Minute. Making It One Of The Best Cordless Hair Clippers Available. The Blade Is Made With X Taper Technology. This Technology Is Widely Appreciated Because The Blade Is Able T Cover More Ground And As A Result, Able To Provide An Efficient Cutting Really Fast.

But The Most Useful Feature A User Can Ask From This Hair Clipper Is The Adjustable Blade System Managed By A Dial. You Can Adjust The Blade Height From As Long As 15mm To The Shortest, 0.3 Mm. Not Just That, The Blades Are Angled 45 Degrees So That After Each Cut It Can Sharpen Itself. So You Don't Need To Worry About Sharpening It At All. The Battery Is Really Up For The Game 50 Minutes Of Continuous Cutting. It Takes Only 60 Minutes To Recharge. And All These Features Comes With 160 Grams Of Weight.


  • Very Powerful Motor With 10000 Rotation Per Minutes.
  • The Blade Is X Taper And Covers More Ground For Faster Cutting.
  • It Has A Control Dial For Adjusting The Height Of The Blade
  • The Battery Holds 50 Minutes Of Charge
  • It's Very Lightweight Compared To Other Clippers
  • The Additional Attachments Include A Charger Base And Power Cord


  • It Doesn't Come With A Lithium-Ion Battery

Wahl Pro Lithium Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper 8546

Wahl Professional Sterling Li Pro Clipper #8546  Great for Professional Stylists and Barbers  Both Cord and Cordless Options

No List Will Be Completed Without Featuring This Hair Clipper From Wahl. I Am Featuring This Hair Clipper Because It's Among The Most Favorite Hair Clipper Among The Professional Barbers. It's Also Cordless. So This Is Why It Will Be A Good Idea To Know About This Hair Clipper Because Even Though Its Intended For Professional Hair Grooming Use And The Price Is On The Highest Spectrum Of The Hair Clipper, It Can Be A Good Investment For Using At Home Too. You Will Instantly Know Why It's So Popular Among The Barbers Even Though It Comparatively Cost More Once You See This Hair Clipper In The Action.

It's A Cordless Clipper But You Can Use It With A Cord If You Wish To. But Its Made For Used By Professional Barbers So It Will Be Better To Use It Cordless Because The Charge Is Going To Last For 75 Minutes. Which Is More Than Enough For Home Users Because Its Fast Blades Don't Take Much To Clean Thick Piles Of Hair. The Battery Is Lithium Ion Battery And Has Multiple Advantages. If You Are Really In A Hurry And Don't Have Time For Use It After Fully Charged, You Can Use It For 5 Minutes After A Quick Charging Of 10-12 Minutes.

An Indicator Light Is Very Helpful For Hair Clipper Users Because If You Are In The Middle Of The Cut And You Realize It Needs To Be Put Into Charging, That Can Be Really Annoying For Anyone. To Prevent This From Happening, The Wahl Pro Lithium Clipper Is Included With An Indicator Light. You Will Also Get A Charging Stand, Clipper Oil, Cleaning Brush And Instruction Manual On Using The Hair Clipper. The Blades Are Detachable So If You Need To Wash The Blade Or Replace The Old Blade With Another One, You Can Do It Easily.


  • Its Made For The Professional Use S Durability Is Guaranteed
  • The Battery Can  Fully Charge Just By 45 Minutes
  • It Has A Quick Charging Option For 10 Minutes
  • The Blades Are Detachable
  • Comes With Indicator Light


  • Price Is Higher Than Average For Using At Home.

BaByliss Pro X2 Volare Professional Ferrari Clipper

BaBylissPRO Volare X2 Ferrari-Designed Engine

Let's Confess Something. I Absolutely Love Ferrari Sports Car. They Are Gorgeous And Attract Chicks Like Crazy. I Know Lots Of You Folks Love The Elegant Design Of Ferrari Sports Car And Wish To Own One. Babyliss Pro Teamed Up With The Engineering Team Of Famous Ferrari Sports Car To Produce Something Unique. Babyliss Pro X2 Is Called The Professional Ferrari Clippers. Because They Are Designed After The Slickest Sports Car Of The World. As Babyliss Is A Relative Newcomer To The Hair Clipper Industry. Part Of A French-American Corporation Based On The Paris, This Company Has Been Manufacturing Other Electronic Beauty Product Such As Curling Iron, Hair Straightener.

Babyliss Has Started To Release A Line Of Male Grooming Devices In 2003. Termed As “Babyliss For Men”, They Sought To Reflect Their Innovative Mind. To Stand Out Among The Giants Of Hair Clipper Industry, They Needed To Create Something Truly Unique. The Babyliss Pro X2 Really Stands Out For Its Outlook. The Ergonomic Design Is Really Attractive And Comforting Enough To Grip As Well. It Is Designed Under The Supervision Of Ferrari Engineer Team. It Comes In Two Colors, Black, And Ferrari Red. This Hair Clipper Looks Really Sporty And Stands Out. The Grip Is Comfortable As Well.

 Its Motor Is Different Than Other Rotary Motors. While Most Of The Rotary Motors Are Powerful Enough, They Simply Start To Deteriorate After A Certain Time Of Use. But The Babyliss Pro X2’S Motor Is Made For Lasting 10000 Hours Of Rough Usage. This Is Why They Named It As The Engine. The Battery Is Really Good. It Lasts Up To 3 Hours After You Fully Charge It. No Matter How Often You Cut Your Hair, You Don't Need To Charge It Often. The X Griped Blade Is Fast And Can Very Close. It Enables You To Cut As Short Of 0.02 Mm.


  • This Hair Clipper Is Very Attractive
  • The Motor Is Designed After Ferrari Sports Car
  • Does Not Produce Any Noise
  • The Grip Is Comfortable
  • The Battery Lasts Up To 180 Minutes


  • You Need To Up Your Budget.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Hair Clipper 

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip #8148 – Great for Barbers and Stylists – Precision Cordless Fade Clipper Loaded with Features – 90+ Minute Run Time

If You Want A Hair Clipper That's Heavy Duty And Packed With Powerful Features You Will Absolutely Love This Hair Clipper. This Is Undoubtedly One Of The Best Cordless Hair Clippers Available For The Barbers And For Using At Home. It Is One Of The Best Selling Cordless Hair Clippers In The USA Right Now. It's Very Popular And Widely Accepted Hair Clipper Among The Mass Users. If You Go To Amazon You Will Be Surprised To See 80% Of Its User Has Left 5-Star Reviews. Because They Are Really Satisfied With This Cordless Hair Clipper That They Felt Necessary To Let The Other Consumers Know About Its Worth.

Its Battery Is Very Powerful Lithium-Ion Batteries And It Lasts Up To 2 Hours After A Single Charge. So You Don't Have To Worry About The Battery Dying In The Middle Of The Haircut. To Prevent It An Indicator Light Is Included. This Hair Clipper Is Described As Professionals Must Have. So It's Designed To Give You A Professional Level Of Comfort And Ease Even Though You Are Using At Home. Its Motor Is V500 Motor Is A Powerful And The Consistent Flow Of Power Helps Minimize The Amount Of Pulling And Snagging. This Hair Clipper Has A Superior Rotation Per Minutes Than Average Hair Clippers As Well.

This Is A Cordless Hair Clipper But You Can Use It With The Cord As Well. Though You Won't Be Needing This Quite Often. Because Its Battery Is Enough To Keep The Haircut Going. If You Need To Give A Haircut To Several Persons It Is Sufficient To Continue. The Blade Is Self-Sharpening As Well Sd Precision. You Can Do A Fade Or Taper Very Quickly. It Has Some Additional Attachments Which Are Really Helpful For Maintenance. This Cordless Hair Clipper Includes Cleaning Oil, Brush, Hair Combs And An Instruction Manual.


  • It's Very Attractive And Designed Ergonomically.
  • The Motor’s Rotation Per Minute Is 2x Than Usual
  • Its Battery Provides 90+ Minutes Of Charge.
  • The Blade Is Self-Sharpening
  • Can Be Used Cordless/Cord


  • Its Bit Heavier Than Other Hair Clippers.

Oster Juice Cord/Cordless Clipper (76110-010)

Oster Juice Cord/Cordless Clipper (76110-010)

Last But Not The Least. Every List Of Best Cordless Hair Clippers Must Have To Feature The Oster Hair Clippers. Long Established In The Hair Clipper Industry, This Company Has Started Out In The Old Days Of Hair Clipper And Saloon When They Just Started To Manufacture The Electromagnetic Hair Clippers At The Beginning Of The Last Decade. Along With Wahl, Oster Has Been Producing Hair Clipper And Other Hair Grooming Products Since 90 Years. Oster Is A Widely Recognized As A Premium Quality Supplier Of The Hair Clipper For Barbers Ever Since. So This Is Why This Oster Juice Cordless Hair Clipper Is Hard To Ignore.

This Hair Clipper Is Designed To Provide Maximum Comfort To The User. The Body Is Rubberized And Its Very Easy To Grip And Use. There Is No Chance To Drop The Hair Clipper When Using. When We Cut Hair For A Longer Period Of Time, Sometimes Our Hand Can Go Numb And This Can Cause Serious Hamper. To Avoid This A Controllable Grip Is Attached To The Body Of This Hair Clipper. Its Essentially A Cordless Hair Clipper But You Can Use Them With The Cord As Well If The Charge Is Finished.

But The Real Advantage Of This Hair Clipper Is Its Battery. It Is Much More Durable It Has Virtually No Memory Effect At All. Battery Memory Is Very Harmful To Battery Life. But This Lithium-Ion Battery Is Very Powerful And After You Charge It Properly, The Charge Can Last Up To 2 Hours. Its Adjustable Blade System Is Very Effective At Cutting Different Lengths Of Hair. It's A Hybrid Blade And Provides 5-6 Different Lengths To Cut. Getting A Clean Fade Or Defining The Hairlines Is Much Easier With This Cordless Hair Clippers.


  • The Design Is Smart And Slick
  • The Body Is Rubberized
  • The Controllable Grip Is Included
  • The Battery Lasts More Than 2 Hours
  • Hybrid Blade With 6 Different Cutting Options
  • Does Not Auto Discharge


  • You Might Need Some Help To Adjust The Blades Properly.

Conclusion:In this guide, I have featured top 10  best cordless hair clippers available for a professional or hobbyist. There is no lack of cordless hair clippers available in the market. In fact, there has been a boom of cordless hair clippers for various brand thanks to the technological advance. But it's important to know which one are the made best among them and serves better at cutting hairs. I hope this article helps you find the best cordless hair clipper. Because they are really good at cutting and grooming your hair.

Top 10 Best Cordless Hair Clippers Reviews and Unlimited Guide
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