Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D Razor Shaver Full Reviews

The Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3D razor shaver (also known as series 8000) is from Philips advanced shavers that are equipped with modern shaving technologies that deliver superb smooth shave. In this article, we will be showing you a thorough analysis of Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3D shavers that includes these model 1250X/40, 1250X/42, 1280X/42 and some other variety of models that found on amazon.

Razor Shaver Full Reviews

Features Available For SensoTouch 3D Razor Shaver :

GyroFlex 3D Razor Shaver Contouring System:

The shaver head from Philips has its techniques and mechanism of flexibility to tackle any kind facial hairs for different curves and structure of the face. The head can pivot itself fully and the three shaving disk-shaped rotary blades can move independently inwards and outwards to deliver more precious shave. Due to the combination of these flex technology makes it one of the best-designed cutting system installed electric shaver that significantly improves your shaving experience. Overall cost of the shaving head is pretty less if compared with other shavers in a market. Of course, the cutting system makes this electric shaver more efficient.

Ultra-Track Shaving Head:

Replacement Head For Philips for Sensitive Skin,SH70 SH90 S7310 7000 RQ10 RQ11 RQ12 Shaver Replacement Head

Individual shaving head from the shaver comes with three unique cutting track to catch a different kind of stubble. The slots for capturing normal hair, channels for capturing long and lying hair and holes for capturing shortest hair without any trouble. It's a smart piece of technology to capture more hair in a single pass.

Super Lift&Cut Technology​ :

The super lift & cut technology is a commonly used system in Philips electric shaver. Although it is a standard method used in many shavers from Philips, this system makes an electric shaver more effective. The most common problem of electric razor is while shaving flat-lying hair especially in the jaw and neckline, it irritates our skins and even causes razor burn, but with the super lift&cut technology helps to get rid of that problem while cutting flat-lying hair. It works with a pair of the blade where one lifts the hair, and the other one performs the cutting process which greatly reduces irritation or rashes.

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Wet&Dry Shaving:

Philips SensoTouch 3D Shaver

Most of the the people who want to pass less time with shaving, they indulge in having a shaver that is featured with wet & dry shaving system. The Philips Sensotouch 3D shaver is an excellent choice for them. It is featured with wet and dry shaving and is also an oiled machine.
Some other features available for Philips Sensotouch 3D is the skin glide and rounded edges make it more skin friendly. Some other features are the quick charging option, battery indicator, replacing and cleaning shaving head indicator, led display and a precision trimmer.

The Design And Build Quality Of Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D :

The Philips Sensotouch 3D shaver is made in Holland.The overall design of Philips Sensotouch 3D is really impressive. The body is made of plastic and is rubberized in certain places to ensure a better grip, the mechanism of construction is eye-catching for the excellent glossy black finishing. The three cutting heads are easily so you can just rinse it under water for cleaning if you don't purchase the jet clean cleaning station. The right balanced weight and ergonomic design allow you to get a more precise grip and handling. The Philips Sensotouch 3D shavers will undoubtedly make you feel like having a premium electric shaver.

Performance Of Shaving Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D:

Philips SensoTouch 3D Line Of Shaver

The series 8000 Philips Sensotouch 3D line of shavers are the most deserved and claimed to be one of the best products from the manufacturer. These shavers are undoubtedly some of the best-featured products from Philips rotary electric shaver line which people will hardly find something that has noticeably improved performance in any aspects than this shaver line (series 8000). The closeness of shave and shaves extremely fast are main advantages of these electric shavers which you won't expect more from an electric shaver line.

This shaver's most impressive side is the way of shaving where it shaves with supreme smoothness for its extensive surface that comes in contact with your skin, cutting block's rounded edges and the contouring system does an excellent job to deal with your shaving. With all these cutting elements, it just mows over your skin no matter how rough your stubble is ensuring extreme comfort. So, it is easy to guess why this shaver takes relatively less time to perform the shaving operation.

One last thing to mention about is that the shaver is usable for multiple purposes. This could also be an excellent choice for people who shave their head as the vast surface of the shaver can cover the rounded shape of your head quickly, you can have this extra head shaving opportunity from this shaver. The design of the shaver will also help you to have more precise head shaving. After all, it is probably worth to be claimed as a high-class rotary electric shaver.

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Maintenance And Cleaning Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D:

There's a cleaning system called jet clean system is available for the Philips Sensotouch 3D shaver. The clean jet system is an alcohol-based cleaning unit that cleans, charges and lubricates your device at the same time. It's an automatic cleaning and processing unit recommended to use with your Sensotouch shaver. This clean jet system helps to keep your shaver like new and keeps the hygiene balanced and the cleaning unit also requires cleaning fluid after a certain period. Anyway, you'll also need to cost 30 - 40$ more to purchase the cleaning unit.

If you want to save some more money, you can buy the machine without the cleaning dock but we recommended to buy the cleaning dock as it helps for the maintenance of your device. In case of not having the cleaning dock, you have to perform the cleaning process manually. The manual cleaning process is also pretty easy, you just need merely rinse under tape after having a shaving for cleaning. For thorough cleaning, you can detach the head and wash it with hot water or you may also need to use the brushes provided with the shaver for cleaning. To perform a better cleaning manually, we would advise you to follow the instruction from the user manual.

Battery And Charging Of Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D :

battery shaver

Philips Sensotouch 3D shaver comes with lithium-ion battery inside. The battery can be fully charged in 1 hour and provide power approximately 60 minutes. Though it takes 1 hour to charge the battery fully, there's a quick charge option to get charged in three minutes that can deliver a quick shaving time for a single shave.
There's a charging stand provided by the manufacturer where the device's charging cord can be plugged-in and this is the only method the shaver can get charged. It is certainly a drawback of this shaver because it doesn't make it travel-friendly because you will always need to carry the charging stand for the shaver. The shaver could have been improved if the cord could be directly plugged into the shaver.

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Buyer's Reviews:

Two different manufacturer are better on their technologies: Braun is popular for producing best foil type electric shavers, on the other hand, Philips produces rotary type electric shavers. When you compare the Philips Sensotouch 3D (series 8000) with top Braun, people say that the Sensotouch 3D is much lighter than Braun shavers especially than the Braun series 7. It also handles better the chin and neck area.

Most of the consumers are pretty happy with the product, but there are some facts you need to know about this product. The Philips Sensotouch 3D shavers have jet clean cleaning station, but the liquid of that cleaning dock must be refilled after a certain amount of time. Let's read the user manual to know more about this. Furthermore, the charging stand is also a potential issue you need to know because the charging position always requires to charge the device.
Beside, the most important issue to know about this device is you'll need to know replace the shaving head each year for better performance. It means the validity of the shaving head is 1 year and it is recommended to change it after a year of use.
If it is okay for you with these recommendations, you're all set to purchase this electric razor.

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D Razor Shaver Price:

​You'll need to cost around 270$ to purchase this device from Amazon. You can save 30-40$ if you buy this shaver without the cleaning dock. The philips sensotouch 3d is undoubtedly higher quality shaver than any classical electric shaver with its price and features.

Provided Accessories:
Travel Case
Charging Stand
Power Cord
Protective Cap
Cleaning Brush.

Full Specification Of The Product:


Norelco 1280X/42





Battery Runtime

60 Minutes



Wet&Dry Shave





1.2 Lbs.


9.1 Inches


Two Years

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