How to Maintain Hair Clippers and Trimmers More Effectively

Men are getting stylish day by day. Specifically, they tend to focus on their facial and head hair. You don’t believe me? Go to your block and check out their hair and facial hair style. It is too expensive to maintain hair and facial hair style. The saloon/ hair stylist/ barber shop they charge too much big money to do it.

Let’s see; if you want to maintain a hair and facial hair style, you have to go to the barber shop every week. Each time they will charge you more than 25 dollars. That means you are paying them 100$ dollar a month or more. So if you buy a hair clipper and trimmer, it will take only $80 to $100$ only one time. That is it; you don’t have to pay for your hair or facial hair grooming no more.

Why Trimmers And Clippers Are Getting More Popular?

There are a lot of clippers in the present Market Sachs as andis clippers , Cordless Hair Clippers, balding clippers , professional clippers for barbers or men Because men realize it is necessary to look their best, to feel more confident and powerful. And who doesn’t want to look good? It could help do more work than before by getting their confidence up. And aside from that, trimmer and clipper are more efficient and safe than razor or wax. It is a simple and painless procedure to get you a dashing look.

How To Maintain Hair Clippers And Trimmers More Effectively:

To get the best outcome, you use not only the clipper but also the trimmer. There are not too many differences, but the few differences are the important one. In this guide, you will learn the difference of both, how they function.

Benefits of Clippers and TrimmerIf you own a clipper or trimmer, you don’t have to go to the barber or hair stylist ever again. Also, clippers make it easy to get a haircut or get a shave. A well-maintained set of clipper can last at least 5 to 6 years.

When you talk about clippers, most of the people usually think them as the tool of the haircut. A clipper along with an attachment can also be used as a facial hair grooming tool. And even if you want a smooth end, you may use the hair clippers. But if you want to thin your beard down, you cannot apply the clippers. Instead, the shaver or trimmer is used so that this work becomes more comfortable.


Why And How To Use Clippers And Trimmers:

For Long Hair: For cutting the long hair, people choose to use the clippers. That is why the hair clippers have lots of attachments. Creating the apparent differences between both are the instruction, the length, and the size of the blade.

Trimmer doesn’t need an attachment that much. Thanks to the thin blade, it often works into the detail and trimmers are excellent for short hair. People have tended to use trimmers for the region around the chin and neck.

For Thick Hair: I will recommend you to use clippers. Because trimmers are not that much useful when it comes to thick hair. Trimmers are designed for the detailing. And it is much helpful for shaving or styling your beard. It is the best alternative for the razor.

If you are not shaving for a long time and you have few weeks unshaved beard on your cheeks, just use a trimmer instead of a razor. For leaving beard so long the hair root becomes a bit strong. If you want to use a razor, you will hurt and damage your facial skin. But trimmers won’t let you feel anything.

Be Careful When Using Clippers Around Adams Apple:

Careful when you are trimming your Adam’s apple area. It is a bit difficult area to cut to. Edging your beard and trimming your mustaches are two of the most important thing trimmers can do. For simple putting, the trimmer is the safe and painless alternative to a shaver.

If You Have Skin Problems:Many of you are suffering from skin problems like acne or sensitivity. If you use trimmer, you won’t have to think about it anymore. You can overcome the problem in no time. Men want to own their style, so trimmer and clippers are getting popular.

There is an important thing to remember. Tools like trimmers and clippers have almost same similarities as well as differences. Both can use on the hair and also apply for shaving.

Trimmers And Their Features

Trimmers And Their Features:

Trimmers can give you the most comfortable and convenient hairstyle you desire. Some of the uniqueness of trimmers is shortly stated below:

  1. Cleaning up the edges and for doing small works, Trimmers are undoubtedly the best.
  2. Just like a clipper, trimmers also have comb-like blades which passed through hairs which cuts them.
  3. They are designed for grooming beards and mustaches.
  4. You need to aim for the best beard trimmer to get the best result from it While purchasing.

Clippers and Their Features:

Same as trimmers Clippers also have unique features which make them quite different from trimmers.

  1. Hair clippers cut the bulk of the hair.
  2. Set of comb-like moving blades are used in it.
  3. It can be operated manually.
  4. Clippers are designed for the strands in bulk so while you were buying your product keep that in mind.

Difference Between Clippers And Trimmers:

The main difference between clippers and trimmers are their size and usage. Clippers are more significant than the trimmers and it usually used in doing the haircut job.

If you have practice enough, you won’t need trimmer at all for doing haircut job. You can buy clippers in different styles. Several Designs and sizes will be available at your disposal.

Clippers are divided into two types; electric clippers and manual clippers. Manual clippers operate manually which is evident by their name. Electrical clippers include both the professional and amateur grade model.

Trimmers are smaller and suited for more delicate and involved tasks. When it comes to shaving necks, doing edge works and cleaning up of hairlines nothing can beat trimmer. You can use clippers instead of trimmer for doing the same work. But that won’t be the same. With trimmers, you can cut accurately, and precision is ensured.

Difference Between Clippers And Trimmers

Maintaining Clippers And Trimmers:

For maintaining clean clippers,  easiest and important thing to you can do is clean each of them immediately after use. Or you can clean them before you store them away.

How To Clean Clippers:

To properly clean a clipper is to make sure that all hair has been removed from the device. Use a towel to catch the hair. Then use a small brush to brush it away. You will get a little brush for free along with clippers. While doing cleaning give much attention when you are cleaning the blades.

Use a screwdriver to open up the clipper, if you do that it will be easy to remove the blade cover. This makes the blade more accessible. You can see lots of hair after removing the blade cover so use a brush to clean out the hair.

By doing this stuff, the clipper will function properly, and it will prevent the blades from becoming blunt.

How To Clean Attachment Combs:

People use a lot of different kind of attachment combs to get the perfect hairstyle which compliments them. Also, it gives much perfection to cut hair to a specific length and achieve the desired hairstyle. You will get free attachment combs with your clipper/trimmer. But if you want you can buy numbers of different attachment separately. Let’s see how to clean them properly:

After cutting your hair with clipper or trimmer use your free brush to clean out the hair which is caught in the attachment comb while you were cutting.

If dirt caught in the comb use water to rinse it out. Use with soap and anti-bacterial water too. Make sure the comb is dry and clean before you put it away.

How To Clean Attachment Combs

How To Use Oil To Maintain The Clippers And Trimmers

When you buy a clipper or trimmer, you will see they give you some free stuff. You will see a bottle of transparent oil. This is to lube the metal inside the clipper or trimmer. For more optimal use of the clippers/trimmers, you need to oil them regularly. This oil will never evaporate and won’t make any problem to use the clippers properly.

How To Oil Hair Clippers:

Most important part of the oil applying is to apply it on the blade. It will be oil coated and will become waterproof so water won’t stay there longer. So you don’t have to think about developing rust on the blade. Oil coated blades remain sharp longer than usual. So it won’t pull hair.

Different companies have the different rule on how often you should oil your blade. So remember to read the instruction.

If you want your clippers or trimmer to run smoothly and for a long time, open up your clipper with a screwdriver and oil up the individual internal gears.

Sharpening The Blade Of  Hair Clippers Or Trimmers

If you are maintaining your trimmers as I said above, then you don’t have to think about it. Because trimmers and clippers are designed in a way that the movement of the blades sharpen themselves. But if you are lazy with cleaning your trimmers than you need to know how you can manually sharpen the blades.

Some Extra Clipper Maintenance Tips

If you don’t maintain your clippers properly and don’t oil them regularly, it will become corroded. Trimmers’ blades can also become blunt if you use them to cut something else other than hair.

Use a screwdriver to remove the blades. See if any dirt and hair are trapped inside, and then clean them thoroughly. Sometimes these things are the problems, not the blunt blade.

For thorough cleaning use Isopropyl (Rubbing alcohol). It will clean the blade spotless. It will remove any built-up grease. And it will make the blade anti-bacterial

After opening up the clipper if you see the blade needs to be sharpened. Use sharpening stone to sharpen the blade.

If you don’t want to do it for yourself. You can always see a professional who deals with this kind of things. But I prefer to do it myself. It is cheap and very much easy to do. I will recommend you to not to visit professionally. If the clippers or trimmers are expensive, then that’s a different ball game.

Sharpening The Blade of Hair Clippers or Trimmers

Storing Clippers And Trimmers Properly Away From Children

When not in use, clippers, trimmers, and accessories such as oil should be kept in a secure, dry place. It should be out of reach from children.

By doing this, you are also keeping the children safe. These blades are very sharp. So keep them safe and out of reach from them for the safety.

When you are done with using clippers or trimmers, and the accessories keep them stored in a safe place. You can find a different kind of holder or stands to keep them away from the child. Put them someplace where children can’t access.

How To Store Clippers And Trimmers

You can find many designer cases and bags to hold clippers or trimmers. Buy one of your taste. Or you can use the one which you get when you buy the trimmer.

Before storing the clipper makes sure the device has been appropriately cleaned. Check for the excess hair and check the clipper is dry or not. You can damage the equipment if you don’t keep them clean.

Clipper And Trimmer Accessories

There are many helpful accessories for use is available in the market for clippers. A wide range of accessories which can help you to create the one hairstyle you always dreamed of. A mirror is one of the useful editions. It will help you cut your back hair.

You can buy an instructional guide to cut your hair. They are pretty brief with their techniques. Or you can Google for your desired cut.

Some companies make special scissors for cutting hair. That will be an excellent addition to your collection. Scissors are also very useful to cut your short hair and creating different styles.

Use cooling sprays or disinfection to keep your blade clean. It is an anti-rusting liquid. It also keeps the blades cool and lubricated.

Special Tip

If you don’t want to waste money on an additional product, I can give you one advice that will help you fix your blade without spending any penny. So if you don’t want Cooling sprays or disinfection, you don’t have to buy it. Instead, you can use a worldwide known product which you can find easily in your home. I am sure you buy it all the time. I am talking about our old friend white vinegar.

Use Vinegar To Keep Trimmers And Clipper Germ-Free:

White vinegar is 100% effective, non-toxic and will help you get rid of germs, dirt, rust instantly. Also, the smell is refreshing. White vinegar is an acidic solution and will fight bacteria, rust properly. And white vinegar is cheaper than the other products.

White vinegar doesn’t have a long lasting or strong effect. But if you are a mild user of clippers than that wouldn’t be a problem. But if you are an excessive user, then I would recommend you to buy the isopropyl (Rubbing alcohol).

Additional Use of White Vinegar: Due to its anti-bacterial nature, white vinegar is quite helpful to remove strain microwave oven, electric oven too. If you do own an oven or even a washing machine, white vinegar comes handy.

Tuning the Clipper: If accidentally you ever drop the clippers or trimmers, tuning can be knocked out of his place. If the trimmer is operating loudly than usual, it is very much possible that the trimmer needs tuning.

If you experience that no need to be worried. You can fix it within few minutes. This thing happens quite often. The good news its is nothing serious. You will need a screwdriver to open up the trimmer. Locate the problem point. Usually, you will find the out of tune screw side of the clipper or on the bottom part of the clipper. You don’t have to search for a long time.

Turn the clipper on and turn clockwise the screw until the noise gets louder, then turn the screw counter-clockwise until the noise goes away.

This should be enough to fix the problem at hand.

The Warranty

Each clipper comes with a warranty. It depends on the product you buy. Some have one year warranty. Some have more than that. Buy a good product with a more insured year. Use your warranty year to full advantage. Use it whenever possible.

And always remember this is your learning time. If you are sloppy with maintenance than this is the time to fix yourself. So wise thing to do is buy your product with a long time warranty.


I hope from my guide about how to maintain clippers and trimmers more efficiently you got some useful information.

I know you will never think that trimmers and clippers are same. Also, have you considered how much money you are saving from buying clippers and trimmers?

I have stated above that how much different the trimmer is from the clipper. But always remember you can use clippers as a trimmer if you are pro enough.

But initially, you will need both the products. You can experiment on yourself and your family. After a while when you get right knowledge as well as experience, you can think about making a living out of it.

You never know what life will give you. From simple things you never considered before.

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