Facial Care for Men: Beard Care And Maintenance Advice

Beards for many years have been a symbol for toughness and manliness. Before, men did not believe in shaving, for the one who shaves looks a lot like a female and is almost considered one! But those were way back then and not a lot of men have beards today, let alone mustaches! Growing a beard is one time consuming task and very tricky to maintain. It is so tricky that people hold beard competitions and championships annually, judging from the good looking ones, the longest ones and most especially, the most beautiful and unusual ones. You want to know who or how long is the longest beard of all time is?

Hans N. Langseth, is the man who holds a record of having the longest beard. At the time of his burial in January of 1927, his facial hair was measured to be 17 feet and 6 inches in length! Now that’s a lot of hair to take care of, and even then the length of his beard was unbeatable. If one should style his beard or just want to be a part of history, then he should know when and how to prune and groom it. Beards, even though it’s just muffled hair on your chin, needs a lot of taking care of, it is part of your face, isn’t it? So, regular maintenance for your beard is a must! But here’s one question, do you know how to maintain your beard?

Styling and maintaining one’s beard is such a time-consuming task but is very rewarding if you get some compliments from it. There are a lot of ways to achieve this, and this article could really help you out and maybe, you could be the next Hans Langseth! In beard maintenance, a lot needs to be done in order for your beard to retain its shape and beauty in different occasions. Listed below are a few keys to your success of attaining your desired beard.

Beard ​Maintenance

Growing your beard

If you haven’t grown your beard yet and are only planning to do so, then this is to be considered as your first step. In growing your beard, you must have absolute determination, tolerance, and patience. These three should be your attitude when trying to grow your beard. You must resist the urge to trim them for 4 to 7 weeks. Sounds excruciating but to achieve what you want, this is the only way. Growing your beard also varies, for there are some people who have fast-growing hair while others have otherwise.


As your beard grow longer, this will be the right time to know what might be the perfect style for you. There are some hair that are thick and curly while others are slightly thin and wavy. Picking a beard style would be very helpful at this time for you already have a growing beard, all you need to do is visualize your style in a mirror and you’re all set!

Beard Styles

There are hundreds upon hundreds of beard styles all over the world today and all you have to do is pick one. But first, you should be of aware of some things and that is picking a style that would suit the shape of your face. Just like water, it follows the shape of its container, same goes with your beard, it should match the shape of your face or you will look weird and unbalanced. Check for the perfect style that would match the contours of your face that includes the shape of your cheeks, your jaw line, and most especially your chin.


Once you have picked the right style and the perfect one for the contours of your face, trimming can now commence. For trimming, use a barbers comb, oils, and moisturizers especially made for beard maintenance, scissors especially made for moustaches and a quality trimmer ​& clippers, you can acquire these items from a dollar store or if you prefer a branded one, then you may purchase those instead. The first thing to do in trimming is to comb in in one direction to settle it. Second, if you are quite shaky on the trimming, try bigger clippers or place your electronic trimmer in the 4 setting so you won’t get too much hair as desired, fade the hair from the cheeks to the neck, this is to add style to your beard design. If you like mustache and beard combos then do so carefully, match both of these styles using your clippers. Finish up with oil and moisturizers to ensure healthy hair and a sheen look. Remember, to do this part carefully, making a mistake here would turn your desired style to be ruined.


Here comes the part where you get to maintain your beard or beard mustache combo. Washing your beard regularly ensures optimum cleanliness, removing dirt and dead skin cells from a day to day routine. Applying beard oil conditions the hair making it look more sheen and tames it which will ensure its manageability when grooming. Regular trimming is a must to keep your beard in-check and stays in-line. Regular combing is good too, along with the trimming.


Proper care should not only be made externally, for caring one’s body is just as essential in oiling your beautiful facial hair. If one is very committed to have a beautiful beard, then he should also eat well. Nutrients that are essential for this are Vitamins B3, B5, and B9. These nutrients can be found in leafy greens, milks, eggs, nuts, and meat. You can also buy supplements containing these elements to ensure beauty not just in facial hair, but all your hair!

Working with a beard is a very tough job to complete, not only it is time-consuming but in some occasions, frustrating because of other people not training their beard properly making it very hard to maintain. This is why the article was created, to ensure that you train your beard out properly and the way that it should be done from start to finish. We hope that we gave you a pretty good insight and great tips if you are planning to start growing your beard from scratch and maintain it until it grows beautifully and somehow, unusual! Good luck! And remember, the key to making everything beautiful in the human body is the right diet!

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