The Best Razor for Men Guide 2020

​When it comes to being a man, we like to always look the best every time we leave the house. So we are here to help you find the best men’s razor to get you’re cleaned up and looking spiffy. Having a quality razor to get the job done is something everyman needs. Helping you find the perfect one for you is our mission, so lets go!

A few quick tips to help you choose more easily…

Size: Whether you are going electric or manual, razors come in all different sizes and shapes. Especially, the manual razors. You can get ones with a long razor handle or even a Fatboy Razor where the handle is thicker.

Replacement blades: Before making your final decision on the razor you want, be sure to check how much the replacement blades cost. If you end up buying an old model razor and isn’t being manufactured no more, you can get stuck paying a fortune for blades alone.

Material: If you’re looking to buy a top of the line razor then make sure its good quality and made to be durable. If you’re spending over $25 dollars I would recommend buying a stainless steal razor that’s going to last forever and just need to buy replacement blades.

We have done our research for you on men razors and found all the top rated razors and made a list of only the best. Without more being said, check out the latest and top men’s razors. (best shaving cream for men)

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​The Ultimate Razors for Men Reviews ​2020


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Disposable vs Cartridge Razors

Disposable Razors are the way to go if you really don’t care about razors and looking for something cheap and don’t want to spend a lot. I’m not a big fan of these types of razors because most of the time you can only get 2-3 uses out of them before they start pulling your hair and irritating your skin. Don’t get me wrong, they do get the job done but not for very long. However, if you do plan on buying some disposable razor I would recommend buying them in bulk on Amazon or eBay to save money in the long run.

Cartridge Razors usually cost more than your common razors that are disposable. However, they commonly come with higher quality blades for a more consistent and closer shave. One thing I would keep in mind when buying a men’s razor that you can refill is to always check the price on the blade refills. If you end up buy an older style or model razor you can end up paying a lot of money for razor blades that are no very popular due to not making them no more or something along those lines. You want to prevent this by buying a new model razor for men.

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Reviews on Best Men’s Safety Razors

When it comes to buying a new razor the most important thing to me is comfort. For people who have bigger hands I would suggest a long handled razor like the Merkur safety razor. However, it’s slightly heavier than your typical disposable razors that are usually made out of plastic.

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

The Merkur Long Handle razor is the perfect razor for them close shaves. It’s designed for the double edge which make is so good and getting a very consistent shaves every time. The long handle fits medium and larger hand amazingly and is designed for a no-slip grip. It’s one of the most popular safety razors for men for the money and is super durable. The chrome finish on this razor gives it a very sleek and unique look.

All in all for the cost of $30 bucks you can get the long handled Merkur razor and will last forever. Also the blades for this razor are much cheaper than other blades. I believe for $13 you can buy a 100 count of Merkur blades, which is a steal if you ask me! So for a total $50 you have a year’s worth of shaving supplies easily.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor

The Fusion Proglide by Gillette has done it once again. There men’s razors have always been consistent and this one is newer and more improved than any other razor they have made. It has been specially engineered for low cutting that results in that extra smooth feel. It’s also has something called a blade stabilizer for comfort while shaving the tough to get areas. So no more stretch or pulling on your skin to get them areas that have always been tough to get. There thinnest blades yet give you the closet shave and work amazing for people who have sensitive skin when it comes to shaving. When it comes to shaving this is the must have beast. I used these manual razors for along time before I got lazy and switched to an electric razor. However, when I wasn’t so lazy i had no complaints with the Gillette Fusion Proglide, I have all good things to say about it and that’s that. Let’s just say it will be well money spent when choosing these one.

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The Bottom Line

As men, our style and looks are important. So I do recommend spending a few extra dollars on a top men’s razor and be happy with your purchase. Also if you have bigger hands and looking for a comfortable razor I would high suggest check out the Merkur razors which are pretty much the best razor for men on the market. It’s hard to find and compare this razor to any other razor I have used. The comfort and shave is like a dream come true and wouldn’t use any other razor if I had to pick. Hope you leave here with the information you came here looking for. If not I would suggest checking around some other name brand websites like Amazon or eBay, they have hundreds and thousands of razor to choose from.

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