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Being bold doesn't mean you will look any less attractive than others. In researches conducted by sociologists, women's marked bald men as more dominant and agreeable than those with hairs. So if your hairs are getting thin, don't worry at all. Just get bald. Why? Because bald-headed men convey more masculine aura. Specially to the female subconscious mind. They seem more matured and agreeable which is very crucial to the women's. This is exactly why the buzz cut is such popular haircut still now. The same reason applies to the bald men. If you are searching for best balding clippers your hairs might get thin or you just don't like to worry about your hairs too much because life is busier than ever.

Being bald saves time and give you a more defined look without any Doubt. Ever since the electric shaving clippers came into the landscape, the popularity of bald hairs increased even more. Because it is very easy to have that freedom from all the styling that hairs require. Take your look to another level with these best clippers for shaving head and do it more confidently with this extensive guide. You can bald your hair right away. You have got your covered here.

But let's talk about a common questions hairdressers often face. Which is… why embrace the clippers over the manual razors? Here I will explain the certain advantages the balding clippers have over the manual shaving of a razor.

best balding clippers

Balding Clippers Vs Manual Razors

Manual razors and bald clippers both have their unique appeal and the pros and cons. Razors were really very popular in the days of ww1. But then technology advanced and we got electric clippers. We used to be more skeptical about the electric razors. But companies like Wahl, Andis, Panasonic has slowly built the superiority of clippers over the razor. In last 20 years, the hair clippers have taken a really great leap forward. From T outliner clipper to cordless balding clipper, there is no less of an option than manual razors. While it was true that razors cut the closest before, but not anymore. The latest technologies enable the best balding clippers to do this job precisely. I have listed out the best benefits of using balding clippers below

  • Some people still think the manual razors are the way to go for the ultimate close shave. Yeah, the razors cut without leaving a stubble. But so are the modern balding clippers with cutting edge blades. Shaver's are able to give same close cut as the manual razors and far more safely without any chance of irritation in your screen later which is very common to the manual razors. Because you need to go over an area over and over again and that's the main reason for getting a very bad nick.
  • Men and women are busier than ever. Just think about the tedious daily routine we have to go through. We wake up in the morning, brush our teeth, have the breakfast and then go to our daily job. We barely have any time left for ourselves. Manual razors tend to take a lot of time to even preparing for the job. You will need to cream, foam, put aftershave, get a shower afterward. But do you really have time for this? I am guessing you don't. The balding hair clippers are the fastest and easiest way to get bald. You will be amazed how fast the balding clippers can cut through your scalp. It is the most convenient and fastest way to get a haircut.
 Balding Hair clipper

  • The manual razors are not the safest and comfortable options. They will often go dull. A razor’s blade will go dull after every 4/5 shaves. They need to replaced regularly. Otherwise cutting with a dull razor can be a very painful experience. On the other hand, the balding clippers don't have that kind of problem. Their blades don't go dull just after a few cuts. The electric razors can give a very close cut with much more comfortably. Because the electric razors don't need to cut over the same area multiple times.
  •  The manual razors are smaller in size. But you can't carry it around yourself. If you are a man who is constantly travelling or needs to travel quite often and want to make sure you look your best, the electric hair clippers are your best friend. Because electric hair clippers are lightweight and made for portability. You can carry them from anywhere. This extremely versatile tool can cut any hair. Including the facial hair from the hair on your head.

Best Balding Clippers

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Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110 – Great for Barbers and Stylists – Cuts Surgically Close for Full Head Balding – Twice the Speed of Pivot Motor Clippers – Accessories Included

The Wahl Is Recognized As The Early Pioneer Of Electric Hair Clipper. Being Into The Industry For Over A Hundred Years, It Certainly Had Its Advantages. They Have Proved Their Brilliance By Producing Some Of The Best Selling And Widely Accepted Professional Hair Clippers. They Are A Trusted Brand To Thousands Of Barbers And Professional Salons. Although Wahls Clippers Are Mostly For Professional Usage, Their High-End Performance And Precise Cutting Made Them Equally Suitable For Use At Home. In Fact, Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clippers Are One Of The Best Selling Hair Cutting Tools In The USA. Wahl Clippers Made For Performance, And It Has Served Both The Mass People And The Company.

Described As The “Barbers Shop Must Have”, They Are Very Good For Balding Your Hair At Home. Its Powerful Rotary Motor Is So Powerful That It's Rotation Speed Is Almost Double Than Usual Pivot Motor. It Makes It Cutting Super Fast And Effective.  It Makes No Nicking Or Pulling Of The Hair During The Haircut. We All Know How Painful It Can Be. Wahl’s V500 Motors Don't Let The Power Drop Even For Once.

Which Is Usually A Big Disadvantage Of Some Electric Hair Clippers Out There. So Your Balding Or Fading Of The Hair Will Be As Precise As A Surgeon Doing His Surgery.

The Wahls Clippers Are Designed Very Appealingly. Which Also Reflect Their Perfectionism. Which Is Good Because This Balding Hair Clipper Is Visually Stunning As Well As Ergonomic. It Will Fit Into Your Hand Very Nicely. The Blade Comes With It Are Made Of Titanium And Also Self-Sharpening. People Who Bought This Are Reported To Mentioning They Might Not Go For Another Hair Clipper Again Because Of Its Shaves Your Head Really Nicely Without Any Irritation Happening To Your Skin.


  • This Hair Clipper Does Not Need To Go To The Same Place Multiple Times For Cutting
  • Come With Additional Attachments Like Brush, Oil, Charging Base
  • The Motor Is A V500 Rotary Motor
  • It Cuts Hair Through The Head Very Fast
  • It's Visually Very Appealing
  • The Blade Is Self-Sharpening


  • It's Not A Cordless Balding Clipper

Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

Bald Eagle Shaver

Hair Clippers Have Often Been A Domain Of Where Industry Giants Been Ruling For At Least A Decade. The Last Major Change In Design Or Technology Was More Than 50 Years Ago. We Got Used To All The Big Names Like Wahl, Andis Or Schick. We Didn't Think There Was Any Room Left For More Innovation.

But Guess What, The Skull Shaver Company Which Brought An Entirely New Concept To The Hair Trimming And Shaving Industry. It Was The Introduction Of Horizontal Handles. When The Traditional Vertical Handles Fall Short To Cut The Difficult Parts Of Hair Like The Back Or Upper Side Of The Head.

This Unique Clippers Look Has Made It Extremely Popular. The Creator Of This Hair Clipper Is A Bald Guy Himself, And He Spotted A Huge Gape In This Market Which We All Knew All Along But Didn't Bother Much With And Keep Silent. But These Guys Didn't Stop. They Found Out A Better Solution To Reach Those Areas Which Are Difficult To Shave Like The Side Of The Head Or Behind The Hairs.

It Is Designed To Fit In Your Head And Provide The Maximum Comfort. So The Design Is Both Slick And Comfortable.

The Skull Shaver Comes With A Rotary Motor Which Is The Best Motor Among Them All. The 10500 Rotation Per Minutes Makes It A Beast Of A Kind. It Can Give You The Fastest Cut.  Only In 90 Seconds. Which Is Less Than 2 Minutes. Its Powerful Lithium-Ion Battery Can Provide 90 Minutes Of Nonstop Charging. So If You Want To Carry This With You In The Journies, Go Ahead.


  • Its Designed To Reach The Difficult To Shave Areas.
  • The Motor Has A Super Powerful 10500 Rotation Per Minutes.
  • The Charge Lasts For 90 Minutes.
  • Provides A Very Fast Cutting
  • Great For Everyday Use
  • Its Comes Cordless
  • clone
    Very Lightweight


  • It Is Very Expensive Bald Clipper To Buy.

Remington HC4250

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit, Hair Clippers, Hair Trimmers, Clippers, (13 pieces)

The First Thing You Will Notice About This Balding Clipper Is Its Design. Its Striking Design Simply Makes You Want To Grab It And Start Balding Right Away. It's Very Small At The Size, So You Don't Have To Be Uncomfortable When Shaving The Difficult Places. Usual Hair Clippers Aren't Very Flexible In The Size.

 So What's Quite Unimaginable For These Clippers, The Remington Has Proved Them Wrong. This Small And Lightweight Balding Clipper Fits Into The Hand So Well That You Will Be Able To Shave Behind Your Back Or Sideburns Pretty Comfortably. This Clipper Is An Epitome Of Ergonomic Design

The Blade Is Curved Very Widely To Cover More Ground When Cutting. So The Haircut Will Be Fast And Precise. You Don't Have To Worry About The Painful Pulling And Burn. For A Person Whose Hair Is Thinning It Is A Very Affordable Balding Clipper. It Is Waterproof So You Can Take It In The Shower To Cut Your Hair And Can Take It In The Shower To Cut Your Hair While Taking A Bath. It Is Easy To Maintain Because You Will Be Able To Wash It Simply With The Water.

This Is One Of The Best Balding Clippers At This Price Because Of All The Powerful Features Packed With It. It's A Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper So You Can Use It Either Way. It's Also Very Helpful Its Battery Last Up To 40 Minutes After Charging 4 Hours. The Additional Attachments Come With It Are The Cleaning Brush, Oil, Charging Adapter And A Storage Pouch For Travelling. All These Features At $50 Are Going To Save At Least $15 Per Month.


  • It Is A Waterproof Balding Clipper.
  • It's A Cordless Hair Clipper.
  • Its Price Makes It Idea At This Price Range
  • Very Easy To Clean


  • The Battery Last Only 40 Minutes

Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper

Wahl Clipper Lithium Ion Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers and Trimmers for men,Hair Cutting Kit with 10 Guide Combs by The Brand used by Professionals. #79600-2101

Are You Surprised To See Another Wahl Clipper In This List? You Should Not. Because Wahl Has A Really Long Line Of Professional Clippers. Many Of Their Different Clippers Are Equally Popular Among Various Barbers And People Who Use It At Home. It Is Often Seen That Two Different Products From The Same Company Are Competing For The Best Sellers.

Wahl Has Been Long Hailed As One Of The Best Company Manufacturing Hair Clippers. So This Is Why I Feature This Particular Bald Clipper Even Though There Is Another Clipper From The Wall Is Included. Because This Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper Cuts So Well It Is A Best Seller Balding Clipper.

As The Name Suggests, This Clipper Comes With A Lithium-Ion Battery. If You Travel A Lot And Don't Often Get A Chance To Charge Your Hair Clipper, You Will Love It. Its Battery Has Quick Charging Ability. You Will Get A Quick Cut After 10 Minutes Of Charging. Which Is Really Great For Busy Peoples Like Us. It Takes 3.5 Hours To Charge Properly. But Then, It Lasts As Long As Two Hours.

So You Can Just Charge It And Forget It. It's A Cord/Cordless Clipper So You Can Use It When Charging.

Wahls Blade Is Very Precise For Cutting Through Any Kind Of Hairs Very Fast. Its Blade Cover More Ground So It Won't Need To Go Over Multiple Times For Finishing The Cut. It Means No Snagging Or Pulling Of The Hair Either.

The Wahls Motors Are Really Powerful. But This Specific Clippers Motor Is 50% More Powerful Than Standard Wahl Clippers. Its Additional Attachments Include A Complete Kit Of Guide Combs So You Can Cut Your Hairs At Various Lengths. It Also Comes With A Storage Pouch And Brushes For Cleaning The Clipper.


  • The Lithium Ion Battery Lasts For 2 Hours
  • Its Motor Is 50% More Powerful Than The Standard Wahl
  • Has A Quick 10-Minute Charging Option
  • Self-Sharpening Blades
  • It Cuts Very Fast
  • It Has No Noise


  • The Clipper Oil Is Not Included. You Need To Buy It Properly

Oster Fast Feed Clipper

OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510

The Oster Hair Clippers Are Part Of International Corporation Sunbeam, Who Are Pretty Well Known For Their Home Appliance Products. They Have Blenders, Juicer, Electric Irons And Other Products Which Are Widely Accepted By The Consumers. But Oster Is A Trusted And Reputable Brand In The Salon Industry For Past 100 Years Or So.

They Started When The Electric Clippers Were Its Infancy. They Are Now Among The Leaders Of Hair Clippers Industry. Oster Hair Clippers Are The Industry Standard Among The Barbers And The Hairdressers Because Of Its Professional Line Clippers For Every Grooming Needs. And The Oster Fast Feed Clipper Is A Very Compact Bald Clipper Available For Buying. Though Intended For Professional Use These Balding Clippers Are Good For Using At Home. 

Its Outlook Is Very Attractive. Its Dark Red With A Glossy Finish You Will Be Delighted To Have It In Your Hand. Because Its Very Ergonomic Design Makes It Very Comfortable To Grip. Most Of The People Have Brought It Often Reported To Say If They Were To Buy Another Hair Clipper, They Will Buy This Hair Clipper Again. So This Hair Clipper Is Pretty Popular Among The Barbers And Non-Professional Alike. Because It Just Cuts So Fast. You Will Not Feel Even A Pull Or Snag Of The Hair. Because It Is Designed To Cut More Quickly Than Other Clippers.

It's Well Equipped With Rotary Motors Which Are Very Powerful And Effortless In Cutting Your Hair. More Than This, It Won't Produce Any Noise At All. So You Won't Have To Bother With Lowering The Noise. Because There Is No Noise Or Buzz Which Is Pretty Common To The Other Electric Clippers. Its Adjustable Blades Are Made For Making The Job Easier For You. The Adjusters Are Efficient And Resistance.

It Can Hold Up Any Position. So You Will Be Able To Cut Through The Hair Like A Knife Slice Through The Butter. Or So They Have Said.  It's Quite Heavy As The Other Professional Hair Clippers. So It Is Very Durable. It Won't Break Even If You Smash It On The Floor Which Quit Common. It's A Very Durable Hair Clipper And Worth Upgrading.


  • Slick And Stylish Design. Fits Into The Hand Pretty Well.
  • The Motor Is Very Efficient And Does Not Produce Noise.
  • Made For Professionals. So It's Very Durable.
  • Adjustable Blades Are Very Easy To Use.
  • Comes With Additional Attachments Like Clipper Oil And Brush
  • The Power Cord Is 8 Foot Long.


  • You Can Not Use It Cordless.

The Advantages Of Balding Your Head

We used to use straight razors for balding out hair before the electric clippers started to replace them. The razor could cut through the invisible areas like upper head better. But the main problem is you can not cut your own hairs with a razor. You are definitely will have nick and occasional burn because your skin is exposed to more irritation. If you don't like shaving your hairs with razors, then consider yourself lucky because the balding clippers are made for doing this job efficiently.

There are several advantages of shaving your head with the balding clipper.

best balding clippers

1.    The sheer amount of freedom it provides. Think about it. Even though you go to the barbers or give yourself a haircut, you have to worry about how your hair looks every single day. Whether you have to go to the office or casual family meeting you need to maintain your hair. Because nobody wants to come across as a mess.

2.    Being bald going to make you look absolutely badass. Because with all the distractions removed, your head will naturally look defined. So you will look more masculine and authoritative. Who doesn't want that?

3.    People will actually notice you. Because a bald-headed man always stands out than the others with hairs. People are likely to approach you more and strike up the conversation. You will be amazed to notice the change of air. Often this is a common technique for men to seem more unique.

4.    Balding your hair will make you look way younger than you actually are. If the thinning hair and pattern baldness made you look aged then balding the hair instantly cut your ages of down. Just makes sure not to try anything that's considered as weird hairstyles.

5.    Being bald can lower your stress level. Yes, you heard it right. The negative stress that is often associated with various health-related problems. Balding your head can positively affect your emotional level by reducing the stress.

Conclusion: We Have Provided A Detailed Overview Of The Five Best Balding Clippers Available. It's Entirely Up To You Which Clipper You Will Ultimately Choose, But We Have Provided Totally Unbiased Information Cross Checked From The Real Users. They Have Said What They Have Liked About The Hair Clippers And What They Didn't. So If You Want To Have A Look At The Most Authentic Balding Clippers Reviews, You Should Go Through This Article And Decide For Yourself. Also If You Have A Friend Who’s Hairline Is Thinning And Worried About His/Her Look Please Share This Guide On Buying The Best Balding Clippers With Them.

Top 5 best balding clippers Reviews With unlimited Buying guide – 2019
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