How to use beard balm? 5 step to apply beard balm

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How to use beard balm Choose an unscented balm? Before you know this, you need to know what is beard balm.

What is beard balm?

Beard balm can be best defined as a beard conditioner that moisturizes and hydrates the beards. This conditioner softens the beards as well as helps in styling these facial hairs. Most beard balms contain shea butter for moisturizing and softening beards, sweet almond oil that helps in boosting growth and conditioning, and a protectant that helps in sealing in moisture.

The ingredients in these balms facilitate proper bear grooming and do not have any side effects whatsoever.

High-quality beard balms are scented with natural essential oils but not synthetic fragrance oils. This is because the synthetic oils contain toxic chemicals that cause irritations to the skin. In addition to this, the alcohol in these synthetic oils leaves the beards dry and brittle.

Beard Balm Benefits

Using beard balm presents you with a host of benefits that include:

1. Prevents beard dandruff

Beard dandruff is one of the most common beard problems that a majority of men suffer from. Dandruff on the beards is the same as the one of the head and is usually dead skin cells. One of the best and easiest ways of removing beard dandruff is by applying beard balm. This is because the beard conditioner moisturizes and hydrates the deep layers of the skin around the beards.

2. Prevents itchy beards

Beard itch is a common problem that most men suffer from especially during the first month of beard growth. This itchy beard stage can be easily remedied by using a high-end beard balm. The wax in these balms creates a lipid layer on the beard skin thereby maintaining the skin hydrated and removing itching.

3. Helps in growing thick beards

Helps in growing thick beards
Beard balm helps in growing thick beards

If you are finding it hard to grow a thick beard, your solution lies in a beard balm. There is nothing more annoying than a thin beard that resembles pubic hair. The beeswax and hard fats like cocoa butter and shea butter in these balms add volume to beard hairs. For a thick beard growth, you should apply the beard balm immediately after you wash your beard.

4. Makes the beard look healthier

The greatest benefit of beard balms is facilitating the growth of a healthy and vibrant beard. Healthy beards are vibrant and colorful and hence complement the overall appearance of your face. The natural ingredients in the balm have light-reflecting properties and thereby make the beard attractive.

How to use beard balm?

The efficiency of a beard balm depends on the quality of the balm as well as how you apply it. You also need to know when to apply beard balm. The steps to follow when applying this balm include:

Step 1.Wash the beard

You should never apply a beard balm before you have washed and rinsed the beard. Mild face cleansers are recommended for washing the beard. When you are taking a show, you should gently scrub the beard and pat it with a towel so that the beards are sufficiently rinsed. It is advisable to apply the balm when the skin underneath the beard is damp.

Step 2. Scoop a dime size balm using your index finger

Use your index finger to scoop a small amount of balm and rub it between the hands. This will not only warm up the beard but also spreads it over the fingers for easy application on the fingers. You should rub the balm until you feel that it has melted and soften. Avoid rubbing the balm between fingers as this will make it difficult to wash off the balm from the fingers.

Step 3. Work the balm into the beard

Massage the fingers against the beards onto the skin. This ensures that the balm goes up to the roots of the beards. Apply the balm starting from the neck and towards the chin. You may need to scrape up more balms if there are parts of the beards that are still dry after the first application. Once the bottom part of the beard (on the chin), you should proceed to the sideburns.

When applying the balm, massage it into the skin rather than just applying the balm on the surface of the beard. Massaging the skin helps in stimulating the hair follicles thereby potentially helping the beard to grow faster.

Step 4. Brush the beard hair

Use your preferred comb to brush the beard in a consistent downward motion. This helps in detangling the hairs in the same direction. After you have brushed out the beard, you are all done until the next time you need to apply the balm.

Step 5: Rinse and repeat

Before you sleep in the evening, it is advisable to rinse out the balm using warm water. You should apply beard balm every day for a soft and healthy beard.

How to choose the best beard balm

For you to grow a healthy and vibrant beard, you need to settle on the best beard balm. It is worth noting that poor quality balms are less efficient and often cause side effects and skin irritations. Here are a few considerations to make when shopping for these beard conditioners:

Choose an unscented balm

Some beard balms come with strong fragrances that are uncomfortable for people who prefer unscented balms. It is worth noting that there balms especially those synthetic fragrances that may cause discomfort even to other people. Therefore, it is advisable to settle on a balm that has natural essential oils or those that are unscented.

How to use beard balm Choose an unscented balm
Choose an unscented balm

Consider the ingredient

Some of the ingredients in beard balms are harsh and cause irritations to sensitive skin. This is why you need to consider the ingredients in the conditioner of choice. Ingredients such as citrus essential oils or alcohol may irritate sensitive skin.

Look for a balm whose ingredients are listed on the package so that you may identify an ingredient that can be irritating to your skin. Beard balms with natural ingredients are the best choice since they do not have any side effects on the beards or skin.

Consider price

Above everything else, price is the most important consideration worth making when shopping for a beard balm. You need to have a budget so that you can identify the brand of balm that is within your affordability. You should consider the quality and quantity that commensurate perfectly with the price. It is advisable to choose a fairly priced balm that will last for long and give you the best value for your money.

Consider customer reviews

The best way to ascertain the efficiency and uniqueness of a beard balm is by reading reviews by people who have used the balm previously. Customer reviews often give factual information about the efficiency, suitability, and side effects of the balm of preference. Reviews give you an insight into the beard balm thereby enabling you to make an informed decision.

Where to buy beard balm

The best place to buy a beard balm is mostly in online stores. While it is possible to find a variety of beard balms in the beauty shop or boutiques online, it is better to hunt for online deals. This is because online sellers offer competitive prices for the best quality balms. Additionally, you can read reviews about a specific brand in online stores.

Shopping online is also convenient since it enables you to browse through different brands and makes from the convenience of your living room. You also get a chance to compare vendors and settle on those with lucrative deals.

Another place you can buy beard balms is at the flea market. However, the availability of brands in these markets may be limited. Therefore, getting the best quality balm with a good deal might be hard.

You can ask for a reference from your local barbershop on the ideal type of beard balm to settle for depending on your type of beards and the results you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you apply beard balm?

It is recommendable to apply beard balm every morning after taking a shower.

Are there any side effects of beard balms?

Only beard balms manufactured using synthetic materials have side effects.
Those made using natural ingredients have no side effects at all.

Can beard balm prevent itchiness?

Yes, beard balms contain nourishing oils that soothe the skin thereby removing dryness and itchiness.

Can beard balm remove dandruff?

One of the initial results of using beard balm is removing dandruff. These beard conditioners contain ingredients that remove dandruff, moisturize the skin, and keep the beard healthy.


When you use a beard balm for your beard, it will become easy for your beard to look lovely, healthy, and vibrant. This balm will make sure that the beard looks great instead of being frizzled out and dry. You can rely on a balm for styling the beard to complement your physique and overall appearance. What is more amazing about beard balms is that it leaves the beard with a matte finish that will turn heads your way. With the best quality beard balm, the skin underneath the beard will remain nourished, hydrated, and moisturized at all times.

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