How To Use A Beard Trimmer With Guards

A beard is perceived as a symbol of beauty and greatness. That is why you should keep your beards in good shape. But, do you find it annoying, tiring, and sometimes hurting to have a beard trimmed by a razor?

Then, why don’t you try a beard trimmer with guards? It will protect you from unnecessary nicks and cuts and allows you to have a wonderful beard in a short time. Let’s continue with our guide on how to use a beard trimmer with guards to know more!

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Why You Should Trim a Beard

A nice beard can help you become more attractive in the eyes of someone. A study of the Braun company has shown that about 55 percent of the surveyed men have been complimented about their beards. Even more, throughout mankind’s history, beards are considered to be connected with maturity, expertise, and knowledge.

But what will happen if you just leave it there without shaving it? Let’s imagine that you are not shaving the beard and just let it grow unsystematically. Then, you not only do not look attractive, but you also look a little wild. That is why you need to keep it in line with an even length.

What is more, according to extensive scientific research, thick beards are proven to be capable of reducing the damages from the sun. They can block up to 95 percent of the UV rays, a form of electromagnetic radiation that can cause skin cancer. Hence, with a beard, you can both prevent sunburn and cancer at the same time.

The last but not least reason is that moderate beard trimming is good for those who are growing beards. To be more specific, after 4 or 6 weeks from the last cutting, facial hair will start to grow but in a wild way. Trimming will keep it in line and also make it stronger and healthier.

Why You Should Use a Beard Trimmer

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With such advantages, many men want to grow a beard. Still, it is not an easy task. It requires careful washing, trimming, and maintenance, as if you are unable to keep it clean, it will turn out to be a great habitat for bacteria.

But is a razor or a beard trimmer working better? Taking all the pros and cons of the two tools into consideration, the beard trimmer is known to be better.

The most obvious advantage of beard trimmers is that it does not hurt your face. In fact, it is a human tendency to press harder when using a razor, and thus, there will be more damage to your skin like cuts or nicks. In contrast, a beard trimmer allows you to shave your beard in a smooth way, and all you need to do is to just run through it.

In addition, when it comes to tough skin, you may need to use shaving foam or after-shave lotion to keep the beard moist. This is known as an extra expense of razors, while beard trimmers do not need these things.

Finally, you can attribute the reason for using beard trimmers to its convenience. It is compact and usually powered by rechargeable batteries, which means you can take it anywhere you like without worrying about the application of razor blades. Furthermore, beard trimmers require less time of trimming compared with other manual razors or scissors.

How to Use a Beard Trimmer with Guard

Although beard trimming requires many stages, from washing to trimming and maintenance, it is not too difficult.

Beard Trimmer With Guards
Beard Trimmer With Guards

Wash Your Beard

There are two things you can do with a beard, either removing it or taking care of it. Hence, when it comes to growing beards, some of you may think that there is no need to clean the beard. But in fact, cleaning plays an important part in the growth of a beard.

Proper cleaning will help you get rid of unwanted bacteria that can cause dandruff. Also, dirt stuck in the pores can create acnes and tangled beards. Especially, if it is smelly, you may take a risk of lice and thus, have a bad impression.

There is a special type of shampoo designed for beards that will not hurt your skin or leave strong odors.

Step 1: Drop 2 or 3 dollops of beard shampoo onto your hand, depending on the length of your beard, and then, rub it in your palms.

Step 2: Gently massage the foam created from the shampoo around your beard to remove all beard sediments.

Step 3: (Additional) For those who grow long beards, please tilt your head in different directions so that the water can get inside onto the parts of your beard.

Step 4: Wash your beard again with clean water.

Step 5: Dry your beard with a towel to keep it free from moisture.

Groom Your Beard

You may not want your beard to be tangled and grown in an uneven way. Therefore, grooming is a necessary stage.

All you need to do in this stage is completely easy. Just use a comb and comb the beard in the direction that it grows. Please make sure that all the facial hairs are kept in the same direction.

You also had better use a wide-toothed comb in order not to stretch your beard too much.

Trim Your Beard

Here we are! At the main stage of our trimming work today!

The first and foremost thing you should do is to be patient and think of the types of beards you are growing. This will determine the length of the beard when you cut it. You can also use a trimmer guide comb for a more precise length.

Now, we can start!

Step 1: Overall trimming.

Start cutting from the longest hair. Then, move the trimmer gradually down.

After that, do similarly with other shorter parts of your beard until it all reaches your desired length.

Please remember to move the trimmer against the direction that your beard grows. Otherwise, you will not be able to get rid of excess bulk and even more, suffer from acne.

Step 2: Neckline trimming.

You can ignore this step if you are sporting stubble. But if you are not, then a well-defined beard will make any beard style look much tidier.

You can use a mirror as you may not be able to see your own beard neckline clearly. Then, hold your head up a bit and put your finger on your Adam’s Apple.

All the hair below Adam’s Apple must be trimmed. Start from the middle and then, move to one side and after that, the other.

Defining neckline with Adam’s Apple
Defining neckline with Adam’s Apple

Step 3: Cheek line trimming.

Like step 2, if you are pleased with your current beard cheek line, then just leave it there. But if your beard cheek line makes your face look bigger, it is recommended you define it.

Determine where you start. It is upon you.

Make a straight line cutting from the sideburns to the corner of your mouth. You can create a slightly rounded line if you want a softer and more natural beard.

Side note:

  • A round face should be going with a straight cheek line at a steep angle. This will taper your face.
  • When it comes to an angular and long face, a curved cheek line is a wiser choice.

Step 4: Mustache trimming.

Do you want to be more outstanding, but do not know what to the with the mustache? Then, cut your mustache in a length that is a little longer than your beard. It will definitely stand out!

To shape your mustache, you can create a beard lipline. What you need to do is to close your mouth and smile. Then, trim the hair until there is about a 1 mm line left above your lips.

Step 5: Thorough cleaning.

Of course, you do not want to have itches after trimming your beard, do you? So, please clean it carefully or take a shower if necessary.

Use a beard shampoo to remove all the trimmed hair.

Then, moisturize the area beneath your beard with a beard conditioner. Without moderate moisture, more oil will be produced, which can cause breakouts.

But that is not all. You will need to clean your beard trimmer, too. Take off the guards of the trimmer and wash them in warm water and soap to remove all hairs. A brush will work if there are any stubborn hairs.

Maintain Your Beard

Beard maintenance is essential. Why is it? Because maintenance will keep your beard healthy. There are many simple ways you can do to maintain your beard.

  • First of all, wash your beard regularly after every time you go back home. The outside environment is full of sediments like dirt, debris, or bacteria. Washing your facial hair with beard shampoo is a good way to get rid of all those sediments. This will not simply remove them, but also helps to prevent acne on your face.
  • Secondly, moisturize your skin. As stated above, this will prevent your body from producing unneeded oil.
  • Last but not least, go on a healthy diet to make sure that you can properly nourish hair follicles. If you are feeling that your facial hair is not healthy, you can consult your doctor on taking in a small amount of biotin, a vitamin that is usually used to support hair and nail growth.


In short, a well-defined beard can make you feel more confident in public, especially in front of the opposite sex.

Of course, you need to trim your beard growing untended like weeds along a path closely. And, a trimmer with guards is ideal to do this. Therefore, there is a need for you to know how to use a beard trimmer with guards for a more attractive look.

We have included many things you should know about beard trimming and the importance of thorough cleaning.

And now, thanks for reading and hope you will have a beautiful beard!

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