How to Make Your Beard Grow Faster Naturally

For most men, having a beard is a sign of masculinity, so they take pride in growing a full mustache or beard. In some countries, culture dictates that growing a beard for men symbolizes power. Growing a full beard or a mustache, requires patience and perseverance. The rate of growth depends on a man’s testosterone level and genetic factors. If you want to know how to make your beard grow faster, you can gather some tips below. Just don’t get easily discouraged if your beard does not grow as quickly as you want it to be, but following these simple tips will help.

How to make your beard grow faster? Tips and ​tricks to growing your beard faster

  1. Exfoliate your facial skin once a week. This will help remove dead skin cells and promote hair growth.
  2. Wash your face with warm water using a mild facial cleanser twice daily. Clean facial skin stimulates hair growth.
  3. Eucalyptus facilitates fast growth of facial hair, so when using a moisturizer, choose one with eucalyptus as the main ingredient. Gently do some strokes on the area where beard grows to stimulate fast growth of hair.
  4. Get enough sleep as this helps in repairing damaged skin cells and promote beard growth.
  5. There are certain vitamins and minerals that facilitate faster growth of your beard. Consider eating foods rich in vitamins A, B, C and E to help speed up hair growth.
  6. Watch out for ingrown hair as beard does not grow evenly if ingrown hair is present on the face.
  7. A dosage of 2.5 mg of biotin daily helps speed up beard growth.
  8. Manage stress levels as it can hamper growth of facial hair when you are having bad stress. Beard grows fast when you are relaxed.
  9. Increase protein in your diet. Fish, egg, red meat and nuts are rich in protein that helps facial hair grow faster.
  10. Try not to shape or trim your facial hair very often. Only start grooming your beard after 6 six weeks when it is full grown. In the meantime, just do regular facial hair care regimen.
  11. Facial massage helps a lot in improving blood circulation on the face, which in turn also improves growth of new hair.
  12. Shaving every day does not prove that it makes beard grow faster each day. Wherever you got this tip, it’s a myth as no scientific research will prove it.
  13. Skin rashes or itchiness is but natural during the early stages of beard growth. When you experience this, don’t scratch it as your facial skin may get irritated. Just apply hydrocortisone cream on the itchy part.
  14. In case you haven’t heard of amla oil, it is a natural remedy to increase facial hair growth. Amla oil is applied and massaged on the face then left to sit for about 15-20 minutes before rinsing the face with cold water.

How do you grow your beard faster?

Men tend to be impatient when growing their beards. Every man wants a full and healthy beard overnight. However, growing beards is a gradual process that requires time, effort and patience. The most fascinating aspect about facial hair is that it never seems like it is growing at the pace you want. There are a few tips and tricks that you can rely on to speed up the growth of your facial hair. These tips include:

Leave the beard alone

The first four weeks on growing a beard might feel itchy and irritating depending on how sensitive your skin as well as the coarseness of the beard. Usually, the initial stages of growing your beard often make men feel like you should give up. However, leave the beard alone and do not shave, scratch or trim it. Additionally, during this stage, do not style or shape the beard. After passing the four-week period, you can now start thinking about how you want to style and shape your beard depending on your preferences.

Take vitamins and proteins for beard growth

Facial hair just like the rest of the hair all over the body requires you to maintain a diet that is rich in proteins and vitamins.  Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet encourages faster facial hair growth. Foods rich in protein contribute greatly towards building strong and healthier beards. You also need to make sure that your diet is rich in iron as low iron levels often lead to hair loss or stunted hair growth. Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for keeping hair hydrated while Vitamin A helps the body in producing sebum which is a natural conditioner for hair.

Reduce stress and get rest

Testosterone is a vital ingredient for growing a thick and full beard. There are a number of ways of increasing the levels of testosterone in the body. The best and most efficient way is allowing the body to rest and reduce stress. Research studies show that lack of sleep, anxiety and stress can cause a significant decline in testosterone in men. When sleeping, the body gets an opportunity to regenerate this hormone.

Use quality beard products

While beard products do not necessarily help with the growth and fullness of your beard, they make the whole beard growth process comfortable. Beard balms and oils help in hydrating the skin and moisturizing your facial hair thereby removing itchiness and irritations. When shopping for beard products, only settle for those that style, clean and soften beards.  In addition to this, products with ingredients such as jojoba oil are efficient in encouraging growth.

How long will it take to grow my beard?

The length of time taken by beards to grow differs from one man to the other. This is because there is no definite time duration for growing a full and thick beard. There are several factors that determine the length of time that beards take to grow. These factors are such as genetics, age, and testosterone levels among other factors. There are men who grow full beards naturally within a very short time while others take quite long.

You should always manage your expectations so that you do not get disappointed and frustrated if your beard takes long to grow. It is possible to become impatient during initial stages. However, you should always remember that shaving the beard daily is worse than waiting a few weeks to grow your beard.

When it comes to beards, the main focus should be on thickness and not the length. Without thickness and density, it becomes nearly impossible to style and shape the beard. If the men in your family line have always struggled with cultivating thick beards, then you will also most likely have difficulties growing thick and bushy beards. If such is the case, you may need to use supplements for enhancing the growth of your facial hairs.

You can also consider a hair transplant, even though most men consider transplants to be invasive and overly drastic methods of growing beards. Ideally, natural remedies for beard growth are the best choice for growing thick, full, and bushy beards. This is because these remedies are safe and hence do not have any side effects whatsoever.

While you want your beard to grow quick, your patience will be tested during the process. If you just heed the tips on how to make your beard grow faster, you will most likely be growing your beard faster than normal. When the right time has come, you can do all you want with shaping your full beard into the way you want it.

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