A Complete Guide To Buying Perfect Electric razor

Well, If You’re Looking For The Best Electric Shaving Razor, My Comment On This Would Be Negative. Because It’s Near To Impossible To Find The Best Electric Razor. As Like You Can’t Fit A Bigger Size Of Shoe In Every Feet, You Can’t Afford The Quality Full Electric Razor For Each Type Of Skin. You’ll Need To Select It Depending On Your Age, Skin Sensitivity And Your Other Personal Requirements. This Content’s Target Is To Help You To Make The Right Decision About Buying A Perfect Electric Shaving Razor For You. Best Electric Shaver For Black Men


We will try to expose you this type of questions:

   What Type Of Electric Shaving Razors Are Available To Market?

   What’s The Difference Razor And Best Electric Razor?

   Which One Is Much Better – Rotary Or Foil Shaving Razor?

   How To Choose The Better One Among All These Manufacturers?

   What Can Extra Technical Benefits An Electric Shaver Offer You?

Nose Hair Trimmer, USB 5 in 1 Rechargeable Waterproof Electric Shaver Razor For Men (Grey)

Let Me Tell You Something. There’s A Lot Of Users Who Don’t Feel Any Difference Between The Foil And Rotary Shavers. They Enquire Only Of Their Subjective Opinion.

The Main Thing About The Price Is The Category Of The Razor That You Would Like To Buy. Someone Would Buy The Best Electric Razor Available. They Would Prefer A Shaver Equipped With All Kind Of Possible Innovated Technology With It. Someone Would Be Satisfied With A Classical Model Endurable Priced Model.

Indeed, The First Question Everyone Should Ask Themselves Before Buying This: If He Really Needs It. The Advantages Of An Electric Shaver Will Sound So Promising. Best Electric Shaver


If You’re Shaving With An Electric Razor There’s Pretty Less Possibility To Cut Yourself Or Getting Skin Irritation.

It’s Quicker Than Shaving With An Ordinary Razor.

Shaving With An Electric Razor Is More Comfortable And It Can Be Used While Traveling By Train, Bus Or Plane. Best Electric Shaver

Almost Every Electric Razor Got A Rechargeable Battery. So Dead Battery Won’t Cause Any Problem, 5 Minutes Of Charge Will Get You Right Back On.

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 The Overall Cost Of Using Electric Razor Will Be Much Lower Than An Ordinary Razor.


Every Type Of Electric Shaving Razor Cost More Than Any Ordinary Manual Razor Of The Highest Quality. But, The Main Point Is If You Keep Using An Electric Razor It Appears To Be Less Costly Because It Doesn’t Require Any Additional Charge Of Blades, Shaving Foam Or Gel. So, It’s More Reasonable To Buy An Electric Razor Rather Than Ordinary Manual Shaving Razor. Best Electric Shaver

Hatteker Professional Electric Shaver Razor For Men 4 in 1 Beard Trimmer Wet Dry Rotary Shaver Cordless Hair Trimmer Nose Hair Trimmer Facial Cleaning Brush Waterproof USB Rechargeable Best Gift

If We Talk About The Durability Of An Electric Razor And Compare It With Its Pricing, A Electric Razor Would Pay Itself About 1 Or 1.5 Years Of Your Shaving Cost While You Can Use It For Your Shaving At Least 4 Years. So, You Be The Judge If You Need It Or Not.

The Main Disadvantage Of Electric Razor Is Less Close Shave. Because An Ordinary Razor Would Slide Very Smoothly Along Your Cheekbones And Chin, But An Electric Razor Functions At Some Very Tiny Distance From Your Skin, That’s Why They Will Not Peel The Upper Layer Of Your Cheek Skin. And So You Won’t Get A Close Shave As Like An Ordinary Razor With An Electric One.

Until You Learn How To Use This Device, You Will Have To Go Over The Same Spot More Than Once To Get A Close Shave. Fortunately, All Of The Modern Electric Shaving Razor Models Provide Much Better Performance And Experience Than The Older Versions And They Are Most Efficient To Give The Performance Like Ordinary Razors.

One Of The Most Common Issues Among Us About The Electric Razor Is That After Various Analyses And Tests, Still, We Can’t Say Which Type Of The Device Is Better And Efficient To Handle Challenges. For Example, Foil Shaver With Movable Blades Same Like The One Manufactured By Braun, Or Rotary Shavers. Best Electric Shaver

Foil Ones Are Better For The People With Sensitive Skin Whereas Rotary Shavers Are Considered Suitable For Spotty Stubble Shaving- Although We Still Haven’t Made Any Firm Conclusion About This Matter For Now. Eventually, It Depends On One Specific Device. But If Your Beard Grows In All Direction You May Have Some Trouble When Shaving.

However, Electric Shavers Are Recommended Undoubtedly To The People With Not Very Sensitive Skin. People With A Coarse Dark Beard Will Have Problems When Using An Electric Shaver. They Will Need The Best, Electric Razor Models Which Shave As Good As Ordinary For Shaving.

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One Better Thing About This Device Is, It’s A Good Choice For The First Time, As When Using It There Will Be No Cuts And It Won’t Damage Your Skin Even If Your Skin Is Prone To Rash. You Don’t Need To Use Any Shave Balm Or Something Like This After Shaving. And The Device Will Save Your Time Too. Modern Electric Shaver Has The Much Longer Lifetime, So It’s More Money Saving For You.

We Have Already Mentioned That All Electric Shavers Are Divided Into Two Types- Foil And Rotary. Among These Two Shaving Systems- Foil One Cuts Beard With Vibrating Knives Which Is Hidden Under The Metallic Foil, And Rotary Shaver’s Cuts Beard With Small Rotating Knives In The Rotating Heads. Modern Foil Shavers May Have One, Two Or Even Three Heads With The Same Number Of Rotating Knives To Ensure Faster And High-Quality Shaving.

If You Want To Find Out Which Electric Shaver Is Better For You, You’ll Have To Analyze Your Skin Type To Find Out The Shaver That Actually Suits You. Rotary Shavers Are Almost Perfect For A Man With Normal Skin Type Which Should Not Be Prone To Skin Irritations. Foil Ones Are Near To Ideal For A Man With Sensitive Skin That Prone To Red Rash.

The Rotary Shavers (Mainly Produced By Phillips) Handle Better The Coarse Beard, But The Main Disadvantage Of These Shavers Is That They Still May Cause Skin Irritations. Foil Shaving System (The Most Popular Manufacturers For This Kind Of Device Is Braun And Panasonic) Would Never Cause Even The Smallest Skin Injuries, Even If You Perform A Dry Shaving. You May Have Some Skin Irritation During The First Couple Of Weeks If You’re A New User Of The Electric Shaver. Your Skin Will Adjust Itself With The New Device In This Time. Though Foil Shavers Are Convenient, They Have Some Disadvantage Too. Foil Shavers Mean Frequent Shaving As They Don’t Deal Well With A Course Or Long Beard And Generally, They Don’t Perform Close Shave As Like Rotary Or Ordinary Razors.

Hatteker Mens Electric Shaver Razor Beard Trimmer Rotary Shaver Cordless Sideburn Trimmer Wet/Dry 2 in 1 USB Rechargeable Waterproof Classic Black

Rotary electric shavers:

Rotary Shavers Have Three Heads Made Of Disks With Holes. Under Holes, There Are Three Rotating Knives. The Main Advantage Of These Kinds Of Devices Is That They Perform Very Close Shave As Ordinary Razors Even If You Have To Cut The Toughest Beard To Maximum Close Cutting, As Like We Already Said It Before. But This Device Is Not Good For The People With Sensitive Skin As They Cause Irritation For Sensitive Skin. Yet You Should Use Some Moistening Balm After Shaving With Rotary Shavers. It Will Help You To Reduce The Skin Irritation.

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Braun Electric Shaver, Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Men's Electric Razor/Electric Foil Shaver, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry, Blue

Foil electric shavers:

This Kind Of Models Has The Same Operating Method. But Here, The Knives Don’t Rotate, It Vibrates Side To Side. On The Top, They Are Covered With A Metal Foil. The Foil Has Lots Of Apertures Through Where Beard Gets To The Knives. The Foil Never Gets To Cut Yourself And Reduces The Possible Skin Razor Burn. The First Shaver For A Teen Should Be Selected From Foil Shavers. While Wet Shaving With Foil Shavers, The Foil Will Probably Get Stuck In Shaving Foam And Smear It Around Your Face Instead Of Shaving.

Most Of The Electric Razors Are Equipped With Two Blades In Each Shaving Head So That Even The Shortest Hairs Are Cut In A Single Pass Of It. Some Modern Electric Shaver Models Can Be Used For Wet Shaving With Some Shaving Foam Or Gel As Well.

We Recommend Choosing The Device Which Blades Are Made Of Titanium Coating Or Ceramic. Because, If The Blades Are Just Made Of Stainless Steel, Your Skin Could Bring Out Some Allergic Response To The Metal. That’s Why You Should Also Take This Fact Very Seriously To Select Blades With Some Coating Otherwise You May Have Skin Redness And Ceaseless Discomfort While Shaving.

AmazonBasics AAA Performance Alkaline Batteries (100-Pack)


A Battery Is A Very Important Part Of Electric Razor Device. There’s A Lot Of Old-Fashioned Models Where You Have To Plug In The Device To Shave. All Those Models Are Out Of Date. Now Even The Cheap Modern Devices Are Equipped With An Installed Built-In Battery Though There’s Quality Leaves A Lot Of Things To Be Desired. A Fully Charged Battery Should Provide About 50 Minutes Of Continuous Operation Otherwise The Shaver Will Always Require Recharging. The Battery Is A Doubtless Advantage To Take The Device With You When Traveling If There Is No Electrical Outlet Available Around You. Usually, It Takes 1-2 Hours To Recharge The Battery Completely. But You Should Be Aware Of Some New Phillips Models Don’t Allow You Shaving With The Device While Charging. This May Cause Harm To The Battery.

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