Finding Out The Best Razor For Bikini Area Hair Removal?

How to Choose the Best Razor for Bikini Area

When it comes to hair removal, shaving is the very commonly used method and it’s understandably easy to figure out why. It removes hair fast, it’s not costly and it’s pain-free only if you don’t get cuts. A razor is the tool being used to remove unwanted hair. It comes in different variants, so if you are into finding out the best razor for bikini area, you will find this article useful enough to get some ideas.

Irritation is very likely to occur when the hair grows back a few weeks after shaving. There are some hairs that grow inward, thus the ingrown hairs that are painful and unappealing to the sight. Having a shaving routine that includes a sharp razor is the best way to address these issues. There are many razors in the market, from manual to electric to disposable, and each will have a slightly different feature.

Being able to choose the best razor for the type of hair you wish to remove will make it easy for you to go about the procedure without getting cuts and will also make the skin feel smoother. Surely, you have your own preference when it comes to the best razor product, and your choice may depend on various factors. Factors like price, brand, and design can be considered. Some are on the lookout for the technical aspect like the number of blades a razor has and the ability to give you a good shave without causing bumps, nicks or burns.

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In fact, when it comes to picking out the best razor in terms of brand, it’s easy to identify Gillette because it has long established its name from among the razor manufacturers. But there are other nice brands too with similar quality. Schick is another reliable manufacturer and this can make a good choice for an alternative.

The best razor for bikini area is the electric razor. Depending on the manufacturer, the products you will find may have similar or different features, with one product standing out from the others. You need to consider these essential features in choosing a good quality electric razor for your bikini line.

Razor Blade

There are razors that come with many blades that can help you get a close shave without causing bumps or burns. But not all blades are perfect for any type of skin. So, make sure you look for that part in the packaging that says for what type of skin it is best used with.  A sharp razor is the most important thing to use on the bikini area since a dull blade can cause skin irritation. Schick’s Hydro Silk Trim Style razor for women has five curve sensing blades with unique skin guards to smoothen out skin in every glide. It also comes with a MicroFine comb that lifts up the flat hairs to ensure that all hairs are trimmed off from the first pass. Some razor blades are designed with a dual sided trimmer for easy lifting and trimming of cut-out hairs like that of LumaRx razor.

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Cordless and Rechargeable

For an electric razor, choose one with cordless and rechargeable feature. Cordless performance allows for easy handling and portability wherever you go. LumaRx razor has a 30-minute runtime while Philips SatinShave Prestige cordless razor offers up to 1 hour of cordless usage. Most battery-operated razors also come with light indicator when charging but choose one that also has a battery level indicator so you can tell when the razor needs to be charged.


When choosing the best razor for the bikini area, you must consider the trimmer available for that type of razor. Apparently, you would need a waterproof trimmer that you can be used in or out of the shower when shaving your bikini area. Remington razor has a detailed trimmer with comfort tips ideal for sensitive skin. Schick has a built-in waterproof trimmer that comes with an adjustable comb, in four different settings to customize your trim length. Always check if the razor has a bikini trimmer attachment head. Some other products include a micro-shaver for the curved areas and a precision trimmer. The micro-shaver is perfect for a close shave.

Mutliflex Head

For women, shaving on the bikini area may make them prone to cuts and irritations. So, it is important to consider flexibility of the razor head. Choose the one with a pivoting head that allows you to do a close shave. Philips SatinShave Prestige razor has multiflex head with floating foils and soft-touch comfort cushions that lets you shave gently along the contours of the skin. The dual floating foils ensure that you don’t miss a lot of hair while shaving. Panasonic electric shaver also has a floating head shaving system that adjusts to the curves of the body so it works perfectly even on the bikini area.

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Most razors in the market come in kits that include other add-ons and one of these is the moisturizing serum. If you have a pretty sensitive skin, you can opt for a razor kit with this inclusion. Schick razor kit comes with a water-activated, moisturizing conditioning serum for a clean and optimum shaving experience. The serum is also hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. This after-shave conditioner helps replenish the natural moisture of the skin. The LumaRx Foil Shaver comes with almond moisturizing strip that soothes the skin in every glide of the shaver, keeping the skin soft and smooth to the touch.

You really have to put more thought and careful choice on the type of razor you will use if you plan to shave your bikini area. The skin on this part of the body is extra sensitive, so choose quality over affordability. Otherwise, a bad choice of Razor will still cause you razor bumps, irritated skin and ingrown hair. Now that you have gained some insights on how to choose the best razor for bikini area, your next move is either to replace what you are currently using or get a new one that you deem best.

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