How To Use A Beard Trimmer With Guard

If ​You ​Want ​To ​Know ​How ​​To ​Use ​A Beard ​Trimmer ​​With ​Guard, ​You Have To ​C​ome The ​Right ​Place. Beard Has Came A Really Long Way From Being Stigmatized And Stereotype Of Unhygienic To Being One Of The Most Rarest Trends. It Is Still Being Endorsed By Plenty Of People Around The Globe. You Might Always Heard That Clean Shaven Is The Way To Go For Western Men. But The Facts On The Ground I​fs That Western Men Are More Likely To Grow A Beard Now-A-Days. Because It Simply Increase Their Authority. Yes It's True That Bearded Men Are Perceived As More Authoritarian And Aggressive And More Likely To Be Accepted For His Opinions.

If You Have Taken The Decision For Joining The Tribe Of Bearded Men, Congratulations! Because You Have Made A Really Good Decision And Your Skin Will Thank You Too. Growing Out A Beard Might Not Be That Easy For You. Given That You Have No Previous Experience Of Playing Around With Their Beards. But Not Anymore. If You Are Wondering About How To Trim Your Beard With A Trimmer, This Guide Can Be Really Helpful For You.

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Why Should You Or How To Use A Beard Trimmer?

Beard Trimmer Is The Most Useful Piece Of Tool For A Person Who Has Started To Grow His Facial Hairs. Why? It May Sounds Weird, But Trimming Your Beards Frequently When Growing It Out Actually Sets Off Growth Beards. Also After You Grow Your Beards For 4/6 Weeks It Can  Actually Gets Pretty Wild. So To Make Sure You Doesn't Appear Too Wild Trimming, The Beard Trimmers Are An Absolute Priority. Here Are Some Other Benefits To Convince Yourself.

    A Beard Trimmer Is Essential For Keeping Your Face Free From Bacterial Infections. It Helps You To Reduce The Clogging Of The Pores From The Dirts Your Face Every Day On The Streets. We Men Tend To Give Less Than Of The Attention And Grooming Needed For Our Skin. When You Use A Beard Trimmer It Will Not Only Make The Beards Knit , It Will Also Make Your Skin Healthier Too.

    Whether Someone Growing A Beard Or A Long Hair, The Hair Damage Is Really A Big Concern. Hair Breakage Can Really Damage Your Facial Hairs Health. It Makes Your Beards Growth Uneven And The Beard Itself Gets Thinner. What Is The Best Way To Prevent It? Trimming Them Down With A Beard Trimmer. Trimming With Beard Trimmer Get Rids Of Those Unruly And Messy Split Ends That Causing To Not To Grow Properly.

    Not Everyone's Hairs Grows The Same. Because Hair Growth Depends On Our Genetics And Hormones More Than We Think. Some Of Us Is Stuck The Weird Way Of Facial Hair Growth. For Example My Beard Grows More On The Left Side But The Right Side Is Left Out With Less Growth. This Can Really Make The Beards Look Uneven And Not So Attractive. But Thanks To The Beard Trimmers It, Makes Sure Your Beard Grows Evenly And Appears More Uninformed.

   Not All Of Us Is Blessed With A Symmetrical Face Or A Defined Jawline. But It Is Possible To Make Your Jaw Looking More Edgy. Because As Mentioned Into Previous Point, Trimming The Beards Make It Look More Uninformed And  Create An Illusion Of Symmetrical Face. Trimming Also Gives Your Beard More Dense As Well.

These Reasons Are Good Enough For Opting Out For Getting A Beard Trimmer You.

How To Trim A Beard With A Trimmer

We Are Living In The Probably Most Busiest And Happening Era Of Human History. But All The Modern Innovation Seems Like Competing For Our Attention. There Are Very Few Tools That Doesn't Kill Our Time But Actually Saves It. Like The Beard Trimmers. They Are Extremely Versatile Tool Which Saves Your Time And Money As Well. Though Properly Trimming Your Beard Is Bit Tricky, But It Gets Easier With Bit Of Practise And Guidance. Here Are The Steps That You Are Required To Go Through If You Want To Know How To Trim Your Beard With A Trimmer.

How Find The Right Beard Trimmer?

This Step Is Absolutely Necessary For You If You Don't Have Any Previous Experience With The Beard Trimmers. Though It Might Seem Like A Very Obvious Step. But It Is Required Nonetheless. Because Choosing The Right Tool For The Task Has Often More Far-Fetched Consequences. If You Choose The Wrong Kind Of Beard Trimmer It Will Be Just A Waste Of Money And Your Time. A Perfectly Chosen Beard Trimmer Will Make Sure You Get The Smoothest Shave Possible. You Need To Make Sure It Doesn't Cause Any Pull Or Snags When Cutting. Because Ingrown Hairs Can Cause Pull Out Hair Completely And Cause Bleeding. It Can Be Really Painful.

There Are No Short Of Hair Trimmers Available In The Market Ranging From Cheap To Expensive. It's Better To Stay Away From The Cheaper Ones. Because As Mentioned Above, Most Of The Cheap Beard Clippers Are Not So Reliable.  They Are Not Just Worth Your Money. Its Better To Invest On A Versatile Mid-Range Hair Clipper Which Will Shave And Trim Your Beard. It  Will Also Help You Out With Cleaning Other Areas Such As Underarm, Chest And Pubic Hairs Too. It Will Be Very Cost Effective And Prove Useful . Find A Hair Clipper Which Is Powerful Enough To Meet Your Requirements. You Can Find Many Good Hair Clipper From Renowned Companies Like Wahl Or Philips Which May Fit Into Your Budget. 

What Are The Necessary Beard​ Trimm​er Tools?

After Finding The Right Beard Trimmer, The Next Move Should Be To  Buy Necessary Tools For Properly Trim Your Beard. Without These Tools, Precision And Neatness Won't Be Achieved. You Cant Be Going Out With A Poorly Trimmer Beard As Its Even Worse Than No Beard. So To Achieve And Maintain Your Look, 3 Most Necessary Piece Of Hardware You Will Need Are Following: A Scissor, A Comb And Obviously A Trimmer. These Are The Barest Minimum Tool You Will Need To Keep Things From Getting Messy If You Are Going To Do It For First Time. Also  Beard Oil Can Be Pretty Useful Tool Because It Will Help You Soften Up The Beard. And Last But Not Least, You Must Not Forget To Keep  Dry Towel Near To You Because You Will Need It After You Wash Your Face. If You Don't Know How To Trim A Beard With A Trimmer, These Are Equipments You Will Need To Get Started.


It Is Recommended To Buy A Scissor With The Bear Trier. Because Scissors Are Very Helpful For Getting More Definition And Precise Trimming Of Your Beard. If Your Hair Is Coarse And Doesn't Exactly Grip Very Well,  A Pair Of Scissors Can Get A Long Way With Keeping Those Hairs In Place. Also The Styling And Defining Of Cheek Hairs Are Very Tricky To Clean Because Of The Ingrown Hairs. A Scissor Will Help You Smoothly Define Your Cheek Line.


Due To The Years Of Improper Grooming And Neglect, Our Facial Hairs Tent To Get More Coarse And Tangled. It Is Much Harder To Untangle And Reduce The Coarseness. If You Think You Can Get Away With A Comb, Forget It. It's Much Thinking To how to Use A Beard Trimmer On A Coarse Hair Without Brushing It Before Because Of The Amount Of Pulling And Snagging. There Are Plenty Of Combs Designed Specially For Beards.


Why Should We Wash The Beard Before Trimming?

As Men We Are Not Very Much Into Taking Care Of Yourself. We Might Do Just The Necessary Things Like Showering And Cleaning Out Our Private Area. But Nothing More Than That. Facial Hair Gets Even Less Attention Among The Task That Are Competing For Our Attention. This Is Why Most Of Our Facial Hairs Are Not So Healthy Condition. Because There Are So Much Debris And Dirt Are Stacked Inside Blocking Out Pored And Making Our Beards Tangled. Coarse And Tangled Hairs Are Nightmare To Every Man Who Might Want To Grow Their Beards. If You Are Thinking Its Weird If We Wet Our Beard Before Trimming, It's Actually Quite The Opposite. Properly Washing Your Beard Is The Preferred Way To Start If You Want To Know How To Trim A Beard With A Trimmer.

When The Dirt And Dead Cells Inside Your Beards Get Removed, It Gets Gentler And More Easier To Trim Without Painful Pulse. As They Gets Softer And Trimmer Blades Can Go Through Them Much Smoothly. Beard Shampoos Can Be Really Helpful For You If Not Necessary. If You Don't Wash Your Beard That Frequently Or Live In Dry And Dusty City Life, Your Beards Would Really Appreciate It. If You Have A Thicker And Fuller Beards, You Absolutely Need To Wash It With Beard Shampoo Because Beard Trimmers Will Have A Much Hard Time Going Through Your Beard. Wash Them Properly And Get A Dry Towel To Clean Your Face Before You Start Trimming.

How To Trim A Beard Neckline With Trimmer?

So You Have Brought The Beard Trimmer And Necessary Accessories And Washed Your Beards, Preferably With A Beard Shampoo And Ready For Trimming. Now What? Depending On Your Goal And How You Want To Look, It's Often Advised To Start With The Neck Area. Including Author Of This Article. Why? Because No Matter What Type Of Design You Want With Beard, Properly Outlining The Neckline Is Very Important. As The Hairs Grows Down From The Face To Neck And The Chin And Hairs Make Contact There.  If It's Not Done Properly It Can Ruin The Symmetry Pretty Seriously.

Adjust The Guard Length To The Longest Length Start Cutting. You Might Be Wondering Why The Longest Length? Because If You Are Just Starting With The Hair Clippers. It's Very Easy To Ruin The Hair You Have Grown After A Months Effort In Seconds. As A Beginner You Won't Have As Near Accuracy As An Experienced Person Might Have And This Can Be Really A Big Problem. But If You Are Sure That You Can Handle The Shorter Lengths. Then Go Ahead And Experiment With The Different Size Of The Guards.

Be Cautious About Not To Cutting Very Close To Your Chin. Because If You Reduce The Amount Of Hair Under The Jaw Line It Will End Up Make You Look Like Having A Double Chin. Because It Screws Up Your Face Size And Actually Make Your Face Look Smaller. So My Advice Will Be Cleaning Up And Carefully Create The Outline In The Border Of Chin And Adams Apple But Don't Go Any Deeper.

How To Trim A Beard Neckline With Trimmer

How To Trim A Beard Cheek Line With Trimmer

After You Successfully Create The Neckline And Established A Base For Your Beard Style, It's Now  Time To Move Into The Trickiest Part . When You Thinking How To Trim Your Beard With A Trimmer , You Are Probably Thinking About Your Cheek Line. Your Cheek Is The Visible Part Of Your Beard And Face As Well. So The Importance Of Trimming The Cheek Line Can't Be Stressed Enough. The Neckline Acts As A Outline For Your Beard While The Definition Of The Cheek Gives The Structure Of The Beard Along With Your . So Even Though You Have Successfully Trimmed Your Neckline, Be Careful When Defining The Chicks. Because The Cheek Hairs Does Not Grow That Fast. .

The Confusion Mainly Occurs When You Lack The Experience And Try To Achieve The Same Results As The Pro. 9 Out Of 10 Time You Try To Do Something Fancy With Your Beards, You Will Ruin It All. Because Properly Shaping And Defining Your Cheek Requires To Know About What End Goal You Aim To Achieve. You Need To Ask Yourself What Style You Want To Apply To Your Beard. Do You Want A Beard That Covers Your Cheeks Up To The Very Top Or Do You Need Something More Shorter?

Once You Decide This Then Move Into Trimming Your Cheeks Section By Section. You Want To Take As Much Time As Possible To Make Sure You Get The Best Result Possible. Symmetry Is Very Important And You Need To Check Whether The Both Sides Actually Have Length. Combs Are Very Useful To Be The Coarse Hairs On The Cheeks.

Typically Men Opt Either For A Full Length Beard Or Cleaning The Whole Cheeks. Though Personally I Prefer To Keep Things In Balance. Also It Looks Better If You Keep The Cheeks And Neck In Different Lengths. You Should Aim For A Bit Longer Hair For Your Cheek The Jaw And Neckline.

How To Trim Your Mustache With A Trimmer

Lastly , If You Think You Don't Need Tips About The Growing Of Mustache In A Guide About How To Trim A Beard With A Trimmer, Think Again. Your Mustache Doesn't Appear To Cover Much Of Your Face. But It's Actually Plays A Vital Role In Determining How You Might Look With Your Beards. This Why You Need To Be Careful When  Trimming The Mustache. Because If Any Accident Occurs, It Will Be Catastrophic. You Can Cover Up Your Bad Cheeks Line Or Bad Neckline Far Easily Than Your Mustache. It's Just Not Possible To Amend The Damage Has Been Done By A Minor Mishandling Of The Trimmer.

Before You Start Trimming Your Mustache, One Thing You Need To Keep In Mind. Any Hair That Goes Under The Lips Is Going To Seriously Mess Up Your Look. You’ll Leave An Unfavorable Impression To The People You Know And People You Don't Know.  So Use A Comb With Tighter Teeth And Comb Them Downwards. Then Proceed To Cut Down Hairs These Are Sticking Out Now.

You Need To Keep The Hands Steady As You Cut. The Mustache Is Often Thicker Than The Other Layers Of Hair. So Make Sure Not To Apply Too Much Pressure On Them. . To Make Them Stay In Place On Your Face, Your Mustache Need To Be Longer To Make Sure A Consistent Look  Cutting Too Much Up To The Lips Is Unnecessary.  If You Go Much Upward It Will Look Horrible And A Nightmare For You.

Finishing touch

Now, as you came to this part, you must have gone through all the information . i hope they sincerely help you to answer to your question. We really want you to know  to how to trim a beard with a trimmer. Because men are no longer required to cut down that grows anything in your face. And personally they give me a sense of freedom. This is why i think it's absolutely necessary for any men to know how to trim a beard with a trimmer. remember to choose the right trimmer, wash the beard and make sure to take time with your neck, chin and mustache. Have a good day!

How to Maintain Hair Clippers and Trimmers More Effectively

Men are getting more stylish day by day. Especially they tend to focus on their facial and head hair. Don't believe me? Go to your block and check out their hair and facial hair style. It is too expensive to maintain hair and facial hair style. The saloon/ hair stylist/ barber shop they charge too much big money to do it.

Let's see; if you want to maintain a hair and facial hair style, you have to go to the barber shop every week. Each time they will charge you more than 25 dollars. That means you are paying them 100$ dollar a month or more. So if you buy a hair clipper and trimmer, it will take only $80 to $100$ only one time. That is it; you don't have to pay for your hair or facial hair grooming no more.

Why Trimmers And Clippers Are Getting More Popular?

There are a lot of clippers in the present Market Sachs as andis clippers , Cordless Hair Clippers, balding clippers , professional clippers for barbers or men Because men realize it is necessary to look their best, to feel more confident and powerful. And who doesn't want to look good? It could help do more work than before by getting their confidence up. And aside from that, trimmer and clipper are more efficient and safe than razor or wax. It is a simple and painless procedure to get you a dashing look.

How To Maintain Hair Clippers And Trimmers More Effectively:

To get the best outcome, you use not only the clipper but also the trimmer. There are not too many differences, but the few differences are the important one. In this guide, you will learn the difference of both, how they function.

Benefits of Clippers and TrimmerIf you own a clipper or trimmer, you don't have to go to the barber or hair stylist ever again. Also, clippers make it easy to get a haircut or get a shave. A well-maintained set of clipper can last at least 5 to 6 years.

When you talk about clippers, most of the people usually think them as the tool of the haircut. A clipper along with an attachment can also be used as a facial hair grooming tool. And even if you want a smooth end, you may use the hair clippers. But if you want to thin your beard down, you cannot apply the clippers. Instead, the shaver or trimmer is used so that this work becomes more comfortable.

How to Maintain Hair Clippers

Why And How To Use Clippers And Trimmers:

For Long Hair: For cutting the long hair, people choose to use the clippers. That is why the hair clippers have lots of attachments. Creating the apparent differences between both are the instruction, the length, and the size of the blade.

Trimmer doesn't need an attachment that much. Thanks to the thin blade, it often works into the detail and trimmers are excellent for short hair. People have tended to use trimmers for the region around the chin and neck.

For Thick Hair: I will recommend you to use clippers. Because trimmers are not that much useful when it comes to thick hair. Trimmers are designed for the detailing. And it is much helpful for shaving or styling your beard. It is the best alternative for the razor.

If you are not shaving for a long time and you have few weeks unshaved beard on your cheeks, just use a trimmer instead of a razor. For leaving beard so long the hair root becomes a bit strong. If you want to use a razor, you will hurt and damage your facial skin. But trimmers won't let you feel anything.

Be Careful When Using Clippers Around Adams Apple:

Careful when you are trimming your Adam's apple area. It is a bit difficult area to cut to. Edging your beard and trimming your moustaches are two of the most important thing trimmers can do. For simple putting, the trimmer is the safe and painless alternative to a shaver.

If You Have Skin Problems:Many of you are suffering from skin problems like acne or sensitivity. If you use trimmer, you won't have to think about it anymore. You can overcome the problem in no time. Men want to own their style, so trimmer and clippers are getting popular.

There is an important thing to remember. Tools like trimmers and clippers have almost same similarities as well as differences. Both can use on the hair and also apply for shaving.

Trimmers And Their Features

Trimmers And Their Features:

Trimmers can give you the most comfortable and convenient hairstyle you desire. Some of the uniqueness of trimmers is shortly stated below:

1. Cleaning up the edges and for doing small works, Trimmers are undoubtedly the best.

2. Just like a clipper, trimmers also have comb-like blades which passed through hairs which cuts them.

3. They are designed for grooming beards and moustaches.

4. You need to aim for the best beard trimmer to get the best result from it While purchasing.

Clippers and Their Features:

Same as trimmers Clippers also have unique features which make them quite different from trimmers.

1. hair clippers cut the bulk of the hair.

2. Set of comb-like moving blades are used in it.

3. It can be operated manually.

4. Clippers are designed for the strands in bulk so while you were buying your product keep that in mind.

Difference Between Clippers And Trimmers:

The main difference between clippers and trimmers are their size and usage. Clippers are more significant than the trimmers and it usually used in doing the haircut job.

If you have practice enough, you won't need trimmer at all for doing haircut job. You can buy clippers in different styles. Several Designs and sizes will be available at your disposal.

Clippers are divided into two types; electric clippers and manual clippers. Manual clippers operate manually which is evident by their name. Electrical clippers include both the professional and amateur grade model.

Trimmers are smaller and suited for more delicate and involved tasks. When it comes to shaving necks, doing edge works and cleaning up of hairlines nothing can beat trimmer. You can use clippers instead of trimmer for doing the same work. But that won't be the same. With trimmers, you can cut accurately, and precision is ensured.

Difference Between Clippers And Trimmers

Maintaining Clippers And Trimmers:

For retaining the easiest and important thing to you can do is clean each of them immediately after use. Or you can clean them before you store them away.

How To Clean Clippers:

To properly clean a clipper is to make sure that all hair has been removed from the device. Use a towel to catch the hair. Then use a small brush to brush it away. You will get a little brush for free along with clippers. While doing cleaning give much attention when you are cleaning the blades.

Use a screwdriver to open up the clipper, if you do that it will be easy to remove the blade cover. This makes the blade more accessible. You can see lots of hair after removing the blade cover so use a brush to clean out the hair.

By doing this stuff, the clipper will function properly, and it will prevent the blades from becoming blunt.

How To Clean Attachment Combs:

People use a lot of different kind of attachment combs to get the perfect hairstyle which compliments them. Also, it gives much perfection to cut hair to a specific length and achieve the desired hairstyle. You will get free attachment combs with your clipper/trimmer. But if you want you can buy numbers of different attachment separately. Let's see how to clean them properly:

After cutting your hair with clipper or trimmer use your free brush to clean out the hair which is caught in the attachment comb while you were cutting.

If dirt caught in the comb use water to rinse it out. Use with soap and anti-bacterial water too. Make sure the comb is dry and clean before you put it away.

How To Clean Attachment Combs

How To Use Oil To Maintain The Clippers And Trimmers :

When you buy a clipper or trimmer, you will see they give you some free stuff. You will see a bottle of transparent oil. This is to lube the metal inside the clipper or trimmer. For more optimal use of the clippers/trimmers, you need to oil them regularly. This oil will never evaporate and won't make any problem to use the clippers properly.

How To Oil Hair Clippers:

Most important part of the oil applying is to apply it on the blade. It will be oil coated and will become waterproof so water won't stay there longer. So you don't have to think about developing rust on the blade. Oil coated blades remain sharp longer than usual. So it won't pull hair.

Different companies have the different rule on how often you should oil your blade. So remember to read the instruction.

If you want your clippers or trimmer to run smoothly and for a long time, open up your clipper with a screwdriver and oil up the individual internal gears.

Sharpening The Blade Of  Hair Clippers Or Trimmers:

If you are maintaining your trimmers as I said above, then you don't have to think about it. Because trimmers and clippers are designed in a way that the movement of the blades sharpen themselves. But if you are lazy with cleaning your trimmers than you need to know how you can manually sharpen the blades.

Some Extra Clipper Maintenance Tips :

If you don't maintain your clippers properly and don't oil them regularly, it will become corroded. Trimmers' blades can also become blunt if you use them to cut something else other than hair.

Use a screwdriver to remove the blades. See if any dirt and hair are trapped inside, and then clean them thoroughly. Sometimes these things are the problems, not the blunt blade.

For thorough cleaning use Isopropyl (Rubbing alcohol). It will clean the blade spotless. It will remove any built-up grease. And it will make the blade anti-bacterial

After opening up the clipper if you see the blade needs to be sharpened. Use sharpening stone to sharpen the blade.

If you don't want to do it for yourself. You can always see a professional who deals with this kind of things. But I prefer to do it myself. It is cheap and very much easy to do. I will recommend you to not to visit professionally. If the clippers or trimmers are expensive, then that's a different ball game.

Sharpening The Blade of  Hair Clippers or Trimmers

Storing Clippers And Trimmers Properly Away From Children:

When not in use, clippers, trimmers, and accessories such as oil should be kept in a secure, dry place. It should be out of reach from children.

By doing this, you are also keeping the children safe. These blades are very sharp. So keep them safe and out of reach from them for the safety.

When you are done with using clippers or trimmers, and the accessories keep them stored in a safe place. You can find a different kind of holder or stands to keep them away from the child. Put them someplace where children can't access.

How To Store Clippers And Trimmers:

You can find many designer cases and bags to hold clippers or trimmers. Buy one of your taste. Or you can use the one which you get when you buy the trimmer.

Before storing the clipper makes sure the device has been appropriately cleaned. Check for the excess hair and check the clipper is dry or not. You can damage the equipment if you don't keep them clean.

Clipper And Trimmer Accessories:

There are many helpful accessories for use is available in the market for clippers. A wide range of accessories which can help you to create the one hairstyle you always dreamed of. A mirror is one of the useful editions. It will help you cut your back hair.

You can buy an instructional guide to cut your hair. They are pretty brief with their techniques. Or you can Google for your desired cut.

Some companies make special scissors for cutting hair. That will be an excellent addition to your collection. Scissors are also very useful to cut your short hair and creating different styles.

Use cooling sprays or disinfection to keep your blade clean. It is an anti-rusting liquid. It also keeps the blades cool and lubricated.

Clipper And Trimmer Accessories

Special Tip:

If you don't want to waste money on an additional product, I can give you one advice that will help you fix your blade without spending any penny. So if you don't want Cooling sprays or disinfection, you don't have to buy it. Instead, you can use a worldwide known product which you can find easily in your home. I am sure you buy it all the time. I am talking about our old friend white vinegar.

Use Vinegar To Keep Trimmers And Clipper Germ-Free:

White vinegar is 100% effective, non-toxic and will help you get rid of germs, dirt, rust instantly. Also, the smell is refreshing. White vinegar is an acidic solution and will fight bacteria, rust properly. And white vinegar is cheaper than the other products.

White vinegar doesn't have a long lasting or strong effect. But if you are a mild user of clippers than that wouldn't be a problem. But if you are an excessive user, then I would recommend you to buy the isopropyl (Rubbing alcohol).

Additional Use of White Vinegar: Due to its anti-bacterial nature, white vinegar is quite helpful to remove strain microwave oven, electric oven too. If you do own an oven or even a washing machine, white vinegar comes handy.

Tuning the Clipper: If accidentally you ever drop the clippers or trimmers, tuning can be knocked out of his place. If the trimmer is operating loudly than usual, it is very much possible that the trimmer needs tuning.

If you experience that no need to be worried. You can fix it within few minutes. This thing happens quite often. The good news its is nothing serious. You will need a screwdriver to open up the trimmer. Locate the problem point. Usually, you will find the out of tune screw side of the clipper or on the bottom part of the clipper. You don't have to search for a long time.

Turn the clipper on and turn clockwise the screw until the noise gets louder, then turn the screw counter-clockwise until the noise goes away.

This should be enough to fix the problem at hand.

The Warranty:

Each clipper comes with a warranty. It depends on the product you buy. Some have one year warranty. Some have more than that. Buy a good product with a more insured year. Use your warranty year to full advantage. Use it whenever possible.

And always remember this is your learning time. If you are sloppy with maintenance than this is the time to fix yourself. So wise thing to do is buy your product with a long time warranty.

Conclusion: I Hope From My Guide About How To Maintain Clippers And Trimmers More Efficiently You Got Some Useful Information.

I Know You Will Never Think That Trimmers And Clippers Are Same. Also, Have You Considered How Much Money You Are Saving From Buying Clippers And Trimmers?

I Have Stated Above That How Much Different The Trimmer Is From The Clipper. But Always Remember You Can Use Clippers As A Trimmer If You Are Pro Enough.

But Initially, You Will Need Both The Products. You Can Experiment On Yourself And Your Family. After A While When You Get Right Knowledge As Well As Experience, You Can Think About Making A Living Out Of It.

You Never Know What Life Will Give You. From Simple Things You Never Considered Before.

How to Sharpen Hair Clipper Blade- Step By Step Guide

Don’t you want your hair clipper to last for ages? Because If cared properly, hair clippers are made to last for a generation. You probably have that friend too who’s grandpa leaving his hair clipper for old Gary to take care of his manliness. If you don't, it's alright, but the point is hair clippers really can last for a very long time. The trick here is you have to know how to use hair clippers properly. Because there are so many wrong ways to use your hair clipper, it is easier to go down to those incorrect ways to use your hair clippers. In today's guide, I will enlighten you about how to use your hair clipper properly and how to sharpen your hair clipper blades to make them last longer.

Cutting hair with a rusty clipper can be really a pain in the butt. Though today’s hair clippers are vastly improved and different than what it used to be 20 years ago. When you used to hate to go to the saloon. God, it did hurt like hell when the blunt clipper started to pull here or there. If you don't take care of your hair clipper well, no matter how good your hair clipper at cutting, once the blade goes dull it will hurt.  But no more. Today I teach you some beneficial information about how to take sharpen you're and keep it clean properly.

Keeping hair clipper blade sharp is very important. Sharpening is a major task of maintaining the hair clipper damage free. Because the blades take most of the beating throughout the cutting. The blade also contacts with your exposed skin so if you should keep the blades sharp and germ-free. A dull blade will not only hurt you, but it will also leave the hairline uneven. You certainly don't want to end up with a weird haircut before going to somewhere really important.

Sharpen Hair Clipper Blade

Before you start…

Before you start anything, it’s important to know if your blades really need sharpening. Because many blades are nowadays stylized as “self-sharpening”. Because those blades are adjusted to the proper angle so that it doesn't need to sharpen it. They require the least amount of sharpening. Check out the features of your hair clippers and check whether it says self-sharpening or not. If it as a self-sharpening blade then all you need to do is to resemble your blade and check it. If the sharpness has been improved, it doesn't need the sharpening.

Tools you will need

Sharpening and cleaning of your hair clipper don't need so many tools. With few tools and very few easy steps described here, you will be able to clean your hair clipper and sharpen the blades.

1.    A screwdriver to unscrew the blade from the clippers

2.    A cleaning brush to clean off the hair and dirt.

3.    A sharpening tool

4.    Cleaning oil to reduce the friction of blade after sharpening.

Types of Hair Clipper Blade

Types of Hair Clipper Blade

The types of blade you choose directly affect the hair clipper. Because how fast a hair clipper can cut it depend on the sharpness of the blade mostly. Also, it is important to select an easily detachable blade. Otherwise, it will be a hassle for you to clean the hair clipper and its blades.  If you decide to pick the wrong kind of blade that is not going to serve you well and cost some more money. So let's learn about the types of the blade before we move to how to clean them and sharpen them for maximal use.

Stainless Steel Blade

Unless you are serious about experimenting more with your favourite clippers blade, you are going to stick with the stainless steel blade. Because these steel blades are the most affordable blade available. Stainless steel blades are resistance to the rusts, and they are easier to maintain. They are sharp an up for any kind of heavy duty or more moderate usage. But they are not impregnable either. It needs proper maintenance keep the blades rust free.

Ceramic Blades

Why should you get ceramic blades? Because ceramic blades are incredibly durable. They are made out of hard-pressed ceramic. Ceramic is one of the most heavily dense raw material. Moreover Ceramic is not a very good conductor of heat. Adding to the benefits, the ceramic blades do not go blazing heat after a long day of use either. Continually overheating of the blades can make a hair clipper last shorter period.  Ceramics have mechanical superiority over other blades. You will be amazed to see its sharpness. These blades give a haircut so fast, they are fascinating. They are the sharpest blade out there. But it should be handled with care because they are very delicate too.

Coated blades

Coated blades are best of both worlds. They are usually carbon steel blades coated with ceramics or titanium. Because ceramics are much harder and sharper, but they lack the toughness. Titanium is a special material used by some company in their blades. Titanium blades are extremely durable. Its resistant to the rusting process made it pretty much the immortals among the metals. Hence the name titanium. On the downside, with great features, come to an extremely higher price. 

How to Sharpen Hair Clipper Blade- Step By Step Guide

Here, In this a step by step guide I break down the process of sharpening your hair clippers blade  It will walk you through all the necessary steps, from start to the very end. So take a seat and be ready to get blown away by how slick and precise this guide is. Though all those maintenance, cleaning and sharpening might seem unimportant, a good hair clipper can save up to a 500 to 1000 buck a year! So if you want to save that extra amount of money you better pay attention.

Step 1

The blade comes attached with the hair clippers head. You will need to remove the blades from the hair clippers. The process is fairly simple. All you need is a simple screwdriver to unscrew the two screws that are keeping the blade and the hair clipper together. De assemble the blade carefully. Because you don't want to be messed up when reassembling the blade again.

This simple yet important part of sharpening the hair clipper blade requires a tedious amount of attention to the details. Because it is easy to lose the focus and forget the placement of the unscrewed items. Be sure to put together things where they belong. But most of the hair clippers are pretty easy to remove from the head. But if you come across a blade that is not so easy to remove, its time for using the tweezers. It will help you to Gary up the screws and make the process easier.

Step 2

Next thing to do is clean up the hair trash that's piled inside the small hole in the blade. It is necessary before you start sharpening the blade. Depending on how often you clean up your blades, the hairs stuck into the blade is what actually makes it dull. A dull blade is worse than having no hair clipper at all. So ideally you should clean your blade once a while. Not just once a year and then forget the whole idea of cleaning. Cleaning the blade after each use is a very good idea, but nobody has so much time. So try to clean as often as possible.

Start with cleaning the long hairs stuck into it with a brush which should be included with the hair clipper. If you can't find where did you keep it, a hairbrush will be an applicable alternative  Clean your blade with warm waters. Because shorter hairs need to be softened up before cleaning. Otherwise, they will be stuck there for a long time, and blades will never be fully sharp.

Cleaning solutions are the next step. It is There are just so many out there. Go and get one. Or you can use a mixture of white vinegar with water. White vinegar is a very good alternative to it. Make sure you find the perfect mixture to get the most cleaning the germ out of it. Once you are done, let the blade dry for few minutes. The blades should be dry by now. If it is done then mop further it with a dry towel and move to the next step.

Modern hair clippers

Step 3

A Sharpening Stone Is The Most Necessary Piece Of Equipment You Are Going Use. You Might Have Some Experience With Sharpening Knives With The Stones Then It Will Become Very Easy.  If You Have Never Done Sharpening With The Blades Don't Worry. They Are Nothing To Be Afraid Of. Its Relatively Easier To Sharpen The Blades With The Stone. Also Known As Water Stones, You Can Find This In Any Hardware Store. Just Go And Ask For One. These Stones Are Measured By A Special Scaling System Called Grit. The Number Of Grit Stone Has The More Finer The Polish Will Be.

There Is Various Kind Of Stones Available Right Now. Until Now The Most Common Type Of Stones Were The Oil Stones. But The Water Stones Are Really Very Popular To The Masses Right Now. Water Blades Are Good For Faster Cutting. It Is Available Both Natural And Synthetic Form. But We Will Be Discussing The Synthetic Ones Solely Because They Are More Accessible.

You Need To Sharpen Both The Top And The Bottom As Well. Angle It 45 Degrees And Start By Gently Pressing The Blade Against The Surface Of The Stone. Rub Back And Forth On The Surface Of The Stones. Do It For Ten Times An Check Your Blade. It Should Be Smooth And Sharp By Now.  Do This For Both Edges.

If You Have A Ceramic Blade Too Sharp, Then You Need A Different Kind Of Sharpening Stone. They Are Called Diamond Stones. But The Good News Is Ceramic Blades Does Need A Lot Of Sharpening.

Step 4

Now You Are Going To Oil The Blades. The Importance Of Oiling Can Be Described Enough. Frequent Oiling Is The Best Way To Make Sure Your Hair Clipper Last For Upcoming Years. Because Oil Is A Critical Component Of The Machine Keep Going. If You Don't Oil Your Clipper After Sharpening Every Time The Blade Will Be Damaged Pretty Soon Due To The Increasing Amount Of Friction.

Often It Is The Less Frequent Oiling The Blade Is The Reason A Hair Clipper Can Go Broke. So Make Sure To Oil Your Blade After Every Cutting. If You Can't Motivate Yourself To Oil It Every Time, It's Okay. Just Make Sure You Do It More Frequent.

Its Bit Tricky To Do As You Have Been Cautious About The Oil Getting Inside The Actual Body Of The Hair Clipper. Because That Will Make Your Hair Clipper Dirty Because Oil Attracts Dirt To It. To Avoid This, Put The Head Faced Away From You And Then Put Few Drops Of Oil. Make Sure It's Not Much Because You Don't Need A Lot Of Oil For Your Clipper.

Step 5

After All Of These Described In Above Steps Are Done, You Need To Reassemble The Whole Hair Clipper. You Need To Be Extra Careful Because Your Hair Clipper Won't Work Properly Otherwise Make Sure The Blades Are Aligned Properly. Put The Screws And Attach The Blades Again. Check The Clipper Is Working Properly By Running It For Few Minutes.

Conclusion: I hope this guide on how to clean your hair clipper and how to sharpen your hair clipper was helpful you. It all depends on how much you use your hair clipper. But cutting the hair with a dull and dirty clipper is certainly fun. It doesn't take a lot of time to do this basic maintenance. So make sure you have some time for this. Because if the hair clipper is well-maintained in return can save a lot of money for you.

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Should You Cut Your Long Hair? Reasons to Cut your Long Hair Short

Should I cut my long hair?

If you are someone who has grown up with a long hair that question might seem outrageous. Because we idolize long hairs. We are taught to think women with long hair is much more attractive and desirable. The persona of attractive women cannot be imaginable without long, natural hairs. But things seem like started to change. Now more and more celebrity is denouncing their long hair and going for bob or pixie. It's the hottest haircut for celebrities right now. I can fill straight up to 10 pages of your notebook just by naming the models and actresses who just embraced the short haircut.

But just because of something is cool for Hollywood celebrities might not work out. But what if there are enough reasons to cut the precious long hairs of your that you take pride in? You possibly can't imagine yourself without the hair either. But have you considered how many times the hair got in your way when having an intimate session? Or how many times you wished you have low maintenance options for your hairs? As terrifying as cutting your long hair might sounds, there is an amazing feeling of empowerment and liberty. And this why so many people are daring to experiment with the short hairstyles right now.

 But if you are not sure about it we are going to help take the decision and answer the question you have in mind right now. Which is “should I cut my long hair?”. After you finish it all your doubts will be over and you can approach it with more courage.

Should I cut my long hair

Reasons to Cut your Long Hair Short

In this part, I will tell you what advantages you will be privileged with the short hairs. There are several major and some minor advantages. This time I will focus on the major benefits of having a short haircut. If you are thinking what am I going to get myself into and should I cut my hair for real? If you are panicking inside about the consequences of letting go of those hairs you have grown with so much care, it's not the end of the world. Long hairs are not necessarily bad or anything in particular, but that didn't mean we don't acknowledge the hassle you have to put through every day. Here are reasons I think you should definitely give it a try.

Short Hair Is Gorgeous

Your life will never be same again. Because you are embracing the nonconventional approach to the hair. There is no way someone looks any duller with the short hairs. Because shorter hairs bring the hidden features of your face. The shape of your face will be more visible and you will look very confident. Although there are plenty of people including women seem to have a more negative attitude towards the short hairs and favors the longer hairs more, the new generation seems like to break out of this particular bias. This is why you see top guns of media experimenting out with short hairs.

Your hair will be softer and shinier because it's growing anew and since you have cut the larger part of the hair, the split ends and damaged hairs are not going be much of issue. You will feel more comfortable because you won't be carrying any added weight on your heads. If you are growing the hair long for a couple of years, your hairs can really weigh down on your head and make you stressed. So you will shine only on the outside but inside your head, you will feel far calmer too.

Reasons to Cut your Long Hair Short

Short Hair Is Rebellious 

Despite we all live in a society with increasingly liberal values, people are gonna call you brave and courageous. By cutting your hair short you are stripping off the gender role assigned to you. People will notice you and stare at you. Its normal to freak out at first but you will get used to it faster than you think. Take it normally because it's your natural instinct to get attracted to the unusual. Not necessarily in a sexual way. But more in a way of we admire the astonishing natural anomaly like Aurora or wildly colorful corals reefs.

Important to remember, not everyone going to act like they are okay with you haircut. I know what you are thinking, “Isn't it rude to talk about someone’s appearance?”. But the sad thing is there are so many people among us holds conservative values. If they don't conceal the dissatisfaction, you will know it for sure from the way they look at your hair. But as much as we want to, we can't please everyone. So if you come someone like that, more likely elderly folks, be patient and move on. Don't be afraid of going against the tide. Because that's what makes you stronger

Reasons to Cut your Long Hair Short:Saves Time

We all live a hectic life. we don't have even time for even sit down and reflect your own mental condition. All because of so many things like cell phone, emails, Netflix, day jobs we are not even getting time to attentively listen to our heart. Why should I cut my long hair? because It feels like even getting out 5 minutes of time for yourself is very hard. Yet we have to spend 30-60 minutes of incredibly valuable time every day just for properly taking care of our hairs. We plan what hairstyles to do today when we get out. We blow our hair dry and comb it as if our life depends on it.

But you will really feel a change to all these strenuous tasks you have to put through every day. Because shorter hair doesn't take as near time as the long hairs do. You don't need hours shampooing your hair because when the bigger portions of the braids disappear, it takes far less time, says even less than two minutes. Isn't that amazing? You will find yourself enjoying the relaxation of a warm shower to nourish your soul without thinking how much time the conditioning gonna take. the  Conditioners are gonna finish the work on the shorter hair before you know.

cutting your own hair short

Fewer Tangles And Knocks

Why should I cut my long hair? Because  One of the biggest problem women with long hair face is the annoying tangling and knots they face constantly. It has been embedded s much into their life that they have to waste a great deal of their time on the knot and tangled hairs. Esp after you wake up your hair is in a much worse condition that it actually makes the hair health deteriorate. Every other woman I know often complains about how frustrating it is to start the day with a knotted pile of hair on your shoulders. They have take preventing measures against this kind of tangling because it's going to hurt and take a long time to fix.

Good news for you ladies! Since you will get rid of the long hairs, you won't have to be super cautious about combing your hair and tying loose braids. Because once you cut your long hair, all these worries are not relevant to your life at all. Also, short hair means less damaged ends as your hairs will be growing back naturally. Another dreaded and often quite humiliating things are the hair getting in your way of lovemaking seasons. Well, short hairs will go smoothly and let you enjoy your time with your significant other.

More Noticeable

Yes and people will often look at your face and they will notice you longer than you think. Because when we cut our hair very short, our facial features aren't hidden anymore with the forest of hair that overshadows our face. Not only it going to make you look dominating, its gonna enhance them. Especially if you have high cheekbones, I swear the shorter hair is gonna make them the most predominant features in the whole face. There are lots of girls who would die for more pronounced cheekbones. So if you already have a higher cheekbone, short hairstyles will be a real boon for you.

Pulling a short hair takes a lot of courage. It will also gonna make you look like a more confident person who is comfortable at her skin. People will perceive you as a more strong person and it can enhance your appeal. Though it's true there are many “dudes” who don't feel like dating someone with short hair, but there are also some other guys who also find it insanely attractive. It's actually a better deal because you won't be attracting the wrong kind of persons in your life. So be confident with your new look and get out on there.

Very Versatile

Cutting your hair short already gives a considerable advantage. If you try out something really unusual, say a very oceanic blue or platinum blond, you don't need to think twice about it. Because the advantage of being out of the norm already have bestowed upon you.that's the coolest thing about the short hairs. You can literally get away with most outrageous of colors because your hair is going to balance it for the viewer's eye. You will often find yourself trying out completely different shades of color. Your hair is going to get along with it just fine, trust me.

That being said, you can try as many different hairstyles possible with the short hairs. Because you are most likely to get bored with the same hairstyle and might want to experiment new things.  Before you start experimenting please do consider your facial shape in order to determine the best-suited haircuts with your facial type. It's important because it will take some time to regrow hair and change the style. You don't want to get stuck with a haircut that doesn't exactly go well with your face. But in the end, you can't tell it until you try it. And pixie cuts gave you the freedom of choosing fro so many styles.

Conclusion: In This Guide, I Have Tried To Answer One Of The Most Emotional Questions That Modern Women Face. Why Should I Cut My Long Hair? Because They Give You More Freedom. They Give You The Freedom Of Choosing A Bolder Yet Beautiful Hairstyle Which Will Not Only Enhance Your Glamour But It Will Actually Make Someone Really Powerful. Very Few Haircuts Can Actually Do That. No Other Cut Hair Was Drawn So Much Controversy And Admirers Like This One.If You Are Too Uncertain And Don't Know Whether The Short Hair Will Actually Complement Your Face, You Should Ask Your Hair Stylist’s Opinion About It. Listen To What They Say. If They Show A Negative Opinion About A Certain Hairstyle, You Should Be Better Following Them. But In The End, The Ball Is In Your Court.

Can I use Beard Trimmer to cut my Hair guide- 2019

Buying a beard trimmer or clipper is a tough call. as a man, it's our responsibility to keep us well groomed. We need to be doing regular trimming our beard and hairs for that.

but choosing a beard trimmer or hair clipper that fits for all is not really an easy task. let's sink in the fact that real difference between beard clipper and hair clipper is their blades and them often visually inseparable. I know, for experienced user it might sound really naive. but then again, when I decided to buy a beard trimmer for the first time, it wasn't a good decision for me. because it couldn't give me the results I wanted. beard trimmers are made for cutting facial hairs. the hair on our head and the hair we grow elsewhere is totally different.

so if you are thinking can I use beard trimmers to cut my hair, my answer will be… it really depends!

Beard Trimmer to cut my Hair

Can I use Beard Trimmer to cut my Hair?

The thing is it really about what kind of hairs you are intended to cut and how close you want to go. remember beard trimmers are made for trimming. cutting larger hairs like head hair requires longer blade that can dug dipper. the beard trimmers on the other than, they are mostly used for shaping and giving definition to the hair.

beard clippers can be effectively used for trimming down the hair on the neckline. For a proper definition barbers use hair clippers to cut the larger chunks of the hair then use trimmers to smooth the lower parts of your head. the skin over there is highly sensitive and often gets irritated if razors used.

It depends on the experience of the user

So can i use beard trimmers cut my hair? it vastly depends on the experience of the user and his knowledge about hair cutting. an experienced user can pull it off without much difficulty. but it's hardly the same for inexperienced juveniles who’s mane just started growing.

the exhilaration of change in your body soon fades away. and that's when they start to get messy. suddenly you look like an old grizzly with lots of chest hair growing all over the body. you need to clean them up not only one place. but several different places including your chest, armpit, and pubes as well. there is also hard to reach places like the groins as well. So can't blame anyone might asking if the beard trimmer is capable of cutting all of that hair and possibly

 the hairs on the head as well.

To clarify one of the most burning questions about hair clipper, today we will explore different types hair grows on a human body(male) as females don't need beard trimmers.

The Purpose Of Hair On Our Body

What is the purpose of hair on our body?

the past history of human evolution has made our body to grow in abundance place. it might not seem those hair have much importance to us. why would we need those stinky body odors cause them, right?

the actual fact is we need them for ensuring our head and body stays cool when doing heavy physical works by regulating the temperature.

also growing hairs on chest, underarms and pubic areas also signal the change of body hormone for teenagers. the testosterone level increases on male bodies. the body hair starts to grow on an explosive rate.

Can beard trimmers cut my chest hair?

beard trimmers are an excellent accessory for men of all age and background. nobody can deny the effectiveness beard trimmer . for getting a smooth stubble to impress someone and groom the other part of the body they are essential. due to its size and portability, beard trimmers can access even difficult to reach areas. Even behind the hair or side of ears. the manufacturer may sell it solely for trimming the beards, but beard trimmers are an amazing tool for getting rid of chest hair too. 

during this time of the year, we usually carry an extra pound of fat and hair around our body. so before you plan to hit the beach on this summer, it's important that you properly groom your body hairs including chest, back, and shoulders.

it is known that women like chest hairs on men as it seems manly to them. but there is a point when you stop looking manly. overly grown hairs on the unwanted place might make you look like a Yeti.

How to cut hairs with the beard trimmer

How to cut hairs with the beard trimmer

So how do you do this? preferably a hair clipper but if you insist, you can pretty much do it with a beard trimmer. given that they come with the necessary attachments. The blade guards are the most important tool of craft because your body hair needs to be cut to a different length. You might as well look at the reviews of the beard trimmers you are using. because these user reviews are genuine. Consider what the user say about your beard trimmer and decide whether they are suitable for cutting your hair.

So if you are considering for including the hair on the body in your grooming you should pick a beard trimmer that doesn't cause any pull and snag. Because trimmers that lack quality often cause painful urination in users skin. as they pull the hair from the root, That might even cause bleeding. So that's a point worth considering.

Select an ideal comb length

the first important task before starting grooming down all the mane around your body. decide your ideal comb length. Decide how close you want to trim and what shape you intended to make with them. It may help you find the answer to these questions. because once you have started cutting you won't be able to change then. thankfully your body hair won't be visible much of the time. but it would be a nightmare if you are planning on wearing shorts or swimsuit. it's up to you what length you decide to go but there is some general guideline you follow.

clippers guards or as combs as generally known have a variable length for cutting hair at the different size. the texture of body hair isn't quite as same as the head or beard. so the ideal length you should be looking is from 4.m to 6mm. beard trimmers generally come with the 3-5 attachment so find the comb that cuts at this length. clipper guards are numbered chronically as 1,2,3 and so on. Each number has a length of ⅛ inches. it's preferable to not go less than ½ inches as that would be shorter than 4mm.

How to cut hairs with the beard trimmer

Trim your hairs around the chest and stomach

once you have found your ideal length start trimming your chest with smooth and steady strokes, start trimming. trim outside your of your chest and go inside. it would be a mistake if you start right in the middle of your chest. your pectorals would look horrible, trust me, man, you don't want a landing strip on your chest. better to start from where the hair starts to fade out, for example, the collarbone. it's important to consider whether your body is muscular or not. because if your skin around the chest is saggy, you can't afford to lose more hairs. so these are really important to sure you don't regret it later.

for cutting other areas besides the chest like stomach and armpit, it's necessary to change the size of the comb as different hair needs to be cut at a different length. you should maintain the size proportionately by knowing how much you should cut in the stomach and armpits. your stomach is situated right on the below or your chest. to look your chest symmetrical, stomach hairs need to be cut down short. use the trimmer up and down ane all over to cut efficiently using different comb sizes.

Cutting rest of the hair on body

Cutting the leg hairs aren't for everyone. Unless your profession requires you to be wearing shorts 24x7, you will do better with some hairs on legs. But you have your leg hairs really growing and you need to clean the jungle, set the length at half an inch and start trimming down the forest under there.

But unfortunately, the hair at your back is less accessible to you. There is no reason for keeping them and let it grow wild. but for cleaning it up you going need the help of another person who kind enough to do this for you.

Preventing Irritation

Irritation Is Often Happened Because Of The Dullness Of The Blade And Lack Of Maintenance Of The Beard Trimmer. In Order To Have A Smooth Cut Without Any Hassles, You Need To Keep Your Trimmer Clean And Oil. Cleaning The Blade Regularly Prevent The Blades Getting Dull. So Make Sure It's Well Maintained And Not The Blades Working Properly.

It's More Common To Have The Skin Irritated For Some Days If You Cut Shorter Than Half An Inch. No Matter How Gentle The Blades Are, Close Contact Makes The Pores On The Skin Irritated And It Gets Worse When You Wear Something. So It's Better To Apply Some Sort Of Lotion Or Moisturizer To Prevent Further Irritation.

Conclusion: In this guide, we tried to show how to cut your hair in various parts of the body with much ease and no additional requirements. If you have wondered at some point in your life that whether can I use beard trimmer to cut my hair, in this guide we have tried to make sure you get the answer to your query.

Beard trimmer vs Hair clipper differences | which one to choose?

Men Are No Longer Frowned Upon At The Idea Of Personal Grooming. It Has Been Quite A While That Men Are Started To Grow More Interest Towards Grooming And Taking Care Of Themselves. It Was Usually More Associated With Women, Traditionally. But Not Any More.

Moderns Mean Required To Look Well Groomed And Able To Take Care Of Himself. Not Just For Attracting Potential Life Partners But Also For More Success With Social Interaction In General. It Is Seen That Men Who Are Well Groomed And Conscious About How He Came Across Other People Have More Chance To Land A Job Or Persuade A Potential Recruiter. The Success More Than The Average Joe Who Doesn't Have A Clue How Messy He Looks.

Beard trimmer vs Hair clipper

Beard Trimmer Vs Hair Clipper: This Dilemma Has Been Dealt By Men For Long. It Started Since The Electric Grooming Devices Started To Available To The People. But Recently With The Advent Of Technology The Difference Of Modern Clipper And Trimmer Getting Really Blurry. For Now, Much Of The Clipper And Trimmers Can Do Not Just One Task. They Are Basically Up For Any Kind Of Grooming. This Is Why You Need To Know The Difference Even More. Despite The Recent Improvement Not All Grooming Device May Serve As Per Your Need. If You Are Wondering What The Difference Between A Beard Trimmer And Hair Clipper, Here The Most Depth Guide. It Will Be Dissecting The Difference Between Beard Trimmer Vs Hair Clipper.

Beard Trimmer Vs Hair Clipper: History

Before The Arrival Of Electric Hair Clippers

Manual Hair Clippers Were Invented By A Serbian Barber Name Nicola Bizumic. It Was During The Late 19th Century And His Manual Clipper Went Out To Be Quite Popular. It Was Widely Popular Among The School Going Children And The Military As Well. In Greece Young Students Were Required To Shave Their Hairs As Well. It Went To Become A Household Name In Americans Home For Decades. The Manual Hair Clippers Blades Swing Back And Forth Side By Side To Grip The Hairs Better. It Was Very Useful For Barbers Because The Blades Were Able To Hold The Larger Chunk Of Hairs In The Middle. For Barber Men And Shop Owner It Was Something From Heaven. So They Adopted It Very Quickly.

Modern Hair Clippers

By Early 1900’S, A Young Man Named Leo Wahl Invented An Electromagnetic Motor For His Uncle Who Was A War Veteran. Leo Wahl Basically Created A Foot Massager For His Uncle. His Uncle, Frank Wahl Saw The Real Potential Of It In The Salon Industry. Soon He Started To Manufacture First Electric Razor Ever Known To Us. It Was Fundamentally Same. There Was One Difference. Instead Of Manually Doing The Oscillation Of Blades, They Were Powered By The Motors.

Modern Hair Clippers

History Of The Beard Trimmer: Prehistoric Origin Of Shaving

Men Have Been Shaving Their Facial Hairs Since Prehistoric Time. The First Ever Shaver Tool Was Found In The Burial Grounds Of Prehistoric European Graves. Which Indicates It Was Prevalent Among The People With Higher Status. Because Only Wealthy Men Could Afford Such Luxury That Time. Egyptians May Have Been The Earliest Known Civilization To Adopt Shaving. Copper Made Shaving Instruments. It Was Very Popular Among The Elite Class And Especially The Pharaoh Himself. Egyptian Went Out To Discover Ancient Shaving Creams As Well. So You Can Guess They Were Into Shaving Big Time.

Modern Times

Fast Forward To The 20th Century. A Canadian Man Called Jacob Schick Was Just Back From His Expeditions And He Had An Idea His Mind. He Saw How The Firearms Work And He Wanted To Implement Them On Razors. As The Razors Available That Time Was Not So Much User-Friendly Nor Do They Were Much Faster. Schick Saw An Opportunity There And He Went To Patent First Electric Powered Razors.

Rest Was History. Jacob Schick’s Electric Razor Created A New Industry And They Were Booming. By 1937 Schick Sold 1.5 Million Unit Of Beard Trimmer Or The Electric Razors. Other Companies Soon Started To Follow The Suite And Philips Introduced The First Rotary Bladed. The Advantage Of The Rotary Blades Was It Was Whirling Instead Of Swinging Back And Forth. Such As Easier To Reach The Points That Were Unreachable In Past.

Beard Trimmer Vs Hair Clipper Key Differences

The Difference Between Beard Trimmers And Hair Clippers Are Very Obscure Now. People  Are Often Getting Confused When Deciding To Buy A Hair Clipper And Beard Trimmer. But The Difference Between Beard Trimmer Vs Hair Clipper Is So Much More Than Just The Outlook And Motor Type It's Worth Pondering. It Comes Down To The Blades And Guards Size. The Type Of Trimming The Hair Is Gonna Get Depends Largely On The Blade And The Guard Size.

Beard trimmer vs Hair clipper

Beard Trimmer Benefits

The Main Difference Between The Beard Trimmer And Hair Clipper Is Their Usage. Beard Trimmers Have A Thinner Blade And They Can Cut Very Close The Skin. Trimmers Are Made For Giving The Definition Of Hairs. The Beard Trimmer Blades Are Made For Cutting Thin Hairs Like The Facial Hairs. Though There Are Some Exception, But Beard Trimmers Are More Capable Of Giving The Definition And Tidy The Facial Hairs Than Cutting The Thick Hairs In Our Head. You Can Use Them To Outline Your Hair Around The Neck Or Ears As Well. As The Beard Trimmer Blades Can Cut Pretty Close To The Skin Than The Hair Clippers.

Some Beard Trimmers Can Cut So Close To The Skin That You Won't Be Needing A Shaver. I Usually Prefer To Use The Beard Trimmer Over The Razor. My Skin Is Very Sensitive. Using The Beard Trimmers Is Much More Pleasant To My Skin. There Is Virtually No Nick Or Razor Burn And I Can Get A Pretty Close Shave. The Blades Are Very Sharp And They Won't Take Much Time To Cut Your Facial Hairs. Its Way So Much Faster To Shave With Beard Trimmers. The Rotary Blades Can Cover More Ground When Cutting.

Unlike The Hair Clippers, They Don't Uproot The Hair Follicles. So The Skin Doesn't Get Any Rash Irritation. If You Don't Want To Cut Very Close And Rather For A Longer Length That's Fine. There Are Attachments That With The Beard Trimmer. So Beard Trimmers Are Your Best Friend If You Don't Want To Look Like The Cavemen.

Hair Clipper Benefits

On The Other Hand, Hair Clippers Are Made For Cutting And Shaping Longer Hairs. Before Electric Razor Came Along There Were Manual Clippers As Mentioned Earlier. The Mechanics Of Hair Clippers Are Just The Same As Beard Trimmers. They All Follow The Principle Of Oscillating Blades. But The Fundamental Difference F Beard Trimmer Vs Hair Clippers Are The Size Of Their Blades. The Beard Trimmer Is Made Of Thinner Blades. The Hair Clippers Blades Are Thicker But They Are Better At Cutting The Longer Hairs. Because Our Hairs On Head Required To Be More Thick Blades To Cut Better.

Hair Clippers Are They Are Capable Of Getting A More Definition And Layered Cut. Beard Trimmers Are Made For Cutting Thinner Hairs. But The Hair Clippers Are The Exact Opposite. Their Blades And Design Are Far More Capable Of Cutting Thick And Long Hairs. Hair Clippers Are Better At Preparing The Hair Before The Final Touch. The Rest Of The Detailing And Trimming Of Neck And Chins Can Be Left For The Beard Trimmer. Because The Beard Trimmers Are Mainly Used For Cutting The Shorter Hairs. Blade Guards And Additional Attachments Are Included Too. Most Of The Hair Clippers Have Various Settings For Cutting At Different Lengths Too. If You Prefer Avoiding The Barbers Altogether, Hair Clippers Are Extremely Useful.

trimmer vs clipper

Beard Trimmer Vs Hair Clipper: Which One To Choose?

the history and the intended usage of beard trimmer vs hair clipper are different. this should be clear to you now. hair clipper and beard trimmer are into a totally different game. They are both good at what they do but you can't replace one with another. The hair clipper is made for cutting a much larger amount of hairs. it can cut through very easily into thick curly or any kind of hairs.

the beard trimmer is intended for use on facial hairs and faster shave without any cut or burn. The facial hairs tend to be thinner and lighter. beard trimmers are equipped with a thinner blade with a foil. So you can easily cut your cheeks neck, the sideburn, and places where the hair clippers can't reach. but also note that you can not get a haircut with a beard trimmer.

So as you can see there is a vast ocean of differences and more importantly, they are not used for the same work. if affordable you can buy a hair clipper for a haircut and beard trimmer for getting more definition and also a faster shave. So go for both and your daily grooming routine will change forever for better.

Conclusion:Hair And Facial Hairs Are Often The Most Overlooked Part Of Men's Grooming Routine. But They Are Actually The Most Important Part Of Looking Great And Civilized. With Everyday Dust And UV Rays Greatly Damaging The Hairs, We Need To Groom Them Properly. But This Is Where Things Get Blurry And You Lose Your Train Of Thought. Because There Is Literally A Vast Universe Of Grooming Devices From Clipper To Trimmer To Epilator And So On. You Need To Make Sure You Get The Best Deal And This Why You Need To Know About The Key Differences Of Beard Trimmer Vs Hair Clipper. I Hope This Guide Helps To Clarify The Confusion.

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How to Cut Your Own Hair Short with Clippers

ntroduction: Nowadays people are getting more and more busy with their work. They can't get enough of time to work some more. It was a ritual to go to the barber shop to get a haircut or shave.

But they will charge you at least 20$ for only a crew cut. For other haircut or style, you have to pay much more than 20$ dollars.

But my friends' time has changed.  Modern People prefer their hair to done somewhere convenience, fast and looking sharp without getting ripped off.

Buying your quality hair clipper is a great way to save time and money on trips to the hair stylist or barber shop. Not only that, if you have a hair clipper, you won't need any more gadget to groom your entire body.

You can buy extra kits to clean up your nose, ears, face, chest, stomach, back, and groin areas. Eliminating the need for another pair of the trimmer.

Cutting your family's hair will give plenty of time to catch up on their life. Your relationship will build more strong by doing these little things. This one-time buy can save your hard-earned thousands of dollars per year.

This ultimate guide is about getting the awesome haircut with a hair clipper. You will know how to cut your own hair short with clippers by yourself after finishing this guide. This will take less practice and great for beginners to start styling their hair.

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how to cut your own hair short with electric clippers:

RevoHair Haircut Tool - Multi-Curve Hairline Template/Stencil/Guide For Men - Barber Supplies - Lightweight - With Hair & Beard Comb - Lineup & Edge up - Do it Yourself

I have been cutting my own hair short home for quite a while. I do it due to the simplicity and ease of it. And also I save thousands of dollar each year by doing my hairstyle at home. Paired with a mirror the electric clipper can give you a smooth and badass look that girls crave.

If you want your hairs to be very short, you will need a comb. But always remember to cut your hair counter side. So first get familiar with your hair and your hair stream. Then set your clipper to the most extended length setting and start cutting your hair.

After you are done that for short part of your hairstyle set your clipper length to the shortest distance. For a smooth and satisfying cut, you should dampen your hair with water. So it can stick together, and it will make your work easier.

After you have done the general work, it is time to go more in-depth with your clipper. That means getting to the details of sides, back, side-burn and top.

Step 1

Usually, the sides' hair is shorter than the rest of the parts. So I would suggest setting your length of clipper as quick as you can for side-burns and around the ear. But it is up to your fashion taste.

Step 2

After you are done with the sides, it's time to get to the back. Back is a little bit tricky than the other section of your head. Most people use another mirror to guide themselves, but still, they make mistakes. But for me, my hand is my guide. Use your one side to guide your clipper to cut and always go with fading.

Fading is between your layers there shouldn't be any visible line to see. So slowly lift the clipper after each drag through your hair. So it will blur out the transition. But for a much better result, you can ask your family member to do the back section of your hair. And if you don't have any helping hand, then you always have your hand and my skills in your rescue

cutting your own hair short

Step 3

This is the longest part of the head to fix. First, you need to understand the fact that this is the head part where all the styling would be done. So you have to be more careful while you are at it. Set you clipper medium length, for comparing you could use a comb and palm of your hand. See your side hair and start cutting. If you want some part of your hair more significant than the rest, just hold the piece together with a clip to avoid splitting.

What kind of shaved sides haircut you can get with the hair clippers

While the Buzz cut has been around forever, but its popularity has reached to the roofs recently. While it's very important to consider your facial type, but with the perfect buzz cut for your facial type can make you look hot, like Brad Pitt. Here are four basic kinds of haircuts you can give yourself at home.

Introduction cut:

The hair on the rear of the head and both sides are usually short or semi-short. Cropped hairstyle. You have to cut carefully close to the head. It takes the least amount of knowledge. The uniformed length on the top, back, and sides make this the most comfortable cut to maintain. And it will compliment your face any season of the year.

The slick and Parted:

How to Cut Your Own Hair

This is a classics hairstyle. The hair is on for formal occasions, and with formal work attire, this cut will go very smooth. You have to cut clean the side parts of your head and leave the bangs longer that can be combed back or over. If you want you can go formal with this haircut you have to use gel in your hair and comb back over. Touch up would be every other 5-8 days.

crew cuts hair:

This is another favorites hairstyle for every age of people. You have to leave your upper side of your head semi-short, and both sides and back would be short. Use attachment #2 for the top side of your head and use attachment #1 for both front and back.

Texture Crop Cut:

This is going on a bit much among the early and late 20's men. This haircut contains three layers. From neck to lower part of the ear short, then from the lower part of the ear to top section of ear semi-short. Then the rest is up to you.

If you want you can leave your hair like that or you can trim them a little bit to make it more dashing. Always remember to dampen your hair before a cut, so it will make your work easier.

 After using the clipper to even your hair, you have to use a comb and scissors. Instead of scissors, you can use clipper too, but I would suggest using a scissor to even your hair.

Hair clippers vs using scissors:

This is going on a bit much among the early and late 20's men. This haircut contains three layers. From neck to lower part of the ear short, then from the lower part of the ear to top section of ear semi-short. Then the rest is up to you.

If you want you can leave your hair like that or you can trim them a little bit to make it more dashing. Always remember to dampen your hair before a cut, so it will make your work easier.

 After using the clipper to even your hair, you have to use a comb and scissors. Instead of scissors, you can use clipper too, but I would suggest using a scissor to even your hair.

But Scissors are great for getting a more defined cut. The scissors will be an excellent use for cleaning up the hairs left behind by the clippers.

Things to consider before getting a Buzz cut:

MANGROOMER - ULTIMATE PRO Self-Haircut Kit with LITHIUM MAX Power, Hair Clippers, Hair Trimmers and Waterproof to save you money!

Before you get a buzz cut, you have to understand people can see the skin of your head. So if you are uncomfortable to show any scars or lump on your head, then you can't go under attachment #3 of your clipper.

But if your scar or bump is in the top part of your head, then you can go for a buzz cut. If you are comfortable with your scar or lump than there is no problem getting any buzz cut.

It's a trend now to get a buzz cut. You can see buzz cut hairstyle everywhere. And this is a kind of haircut that would go almost with any face shape.


In this guide, I have given you an overview of what you need to know about cutting hair with clippers. It's ultimately up to you what hairstyle you choose for your hair.

There are the less complex and easy to grasp hairstyle you can do which we have discussed in this article. There is more hairstyle you can do with a hair clipper. But those are complex. You need to master the above-described hairstyle to do more advanced hairstyle type.

Once you gain a bit of experience with the basic hairstyles, study more about facial shapes and appropriate hairstyles. ​

I hope this guide helped you get started cutting your hair with a hair clipper. If you have learned something useful, then please do share it with your friends and family.  They can save a lot of money with my techniques above.

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A Complete Guide To Buying Perfect Electric razor

Well, If You’re Looking For The Best Electric Shaving Razor, My Comment On This Would Be Negative. Because It’s Near To Impossible To Find The Best Electric Razor. As Like You Can’t Fit A Bigger Size Of Shoe In Every Feet, You Can’t Afford The Quality Full Electric Razor For Each Type Of Skin. You’ll Need To Select It Depending On Your Age, Skin Sensitivity And Your Other Personal Requirements. This Content’s Target Is To Help You To Make The Right Decision About Buying A Perfect Electric Shaving Razor For You. Best Electric Shaver For Black Men


We will try to expose you this type of questions:

   What Type Of Electric Shaving Razors Are Available To Market?

   What’s The Difference Razor And Best Electric Razor?

   Which One Is Much Better – Rotary Or Foil Shaving Razor?

   How To Choose The Better One Among All These Manufacturers?

   What Can Extra Technical Benefits An Electric Shaver Offer You?

Nose Hair Trimmer, USB 5 in 1 Rechargeable Waterproof Electric Shaver Razor For Men (Grey)

Let Me Tell You Something. There’s A Lot Of Users Who Don’t Feel Any Difference Between The Foil And Rotary Shavers. They Enquire Only Of Their Subjective Opinion.

The Main Thing About The Price Is The Category Of The Razor That You Would Like To Buy. Someone Would Buy The Best Electric Razor Available. They Would Prefer A Shaver Equipped With All Kind Of Possible Innovated Technology With It. Someone Would Be Satisfied With A Classical Model Endurable Priced Model.

Indeed, The First Question Everyone Should Ask Themselves Before Buying This: If He Really Needs It. The Advantages Of An Electric Shaver Will Sound So Promising. Best Electric Shaver


If You’re Shaving With An Electric Razor There’s Pretty Less Possibility To Cut Yourself Or Getting Skin Irritation.

It’s Quicker Than Shaving With An Ordinary Razor.

Shaving With An Electric Razor Is More Comfortable And It Can Be Used While Traveling By Train, Bus Or Plane. Best Electric Shaver

Almost Every Electric Razor Got A Rechargeable Battery. So Dead Battery Won’t Cause Any Problem, 5 Minutes Of Charge Will Get You Right Back On.

 The Overall Cost Of Using Electric Razor Will Be Much Lower Than An Ordinary Razor.


Every Type Of Electric Shaving Razor Cost More Than Any Ordinary Manual Razor Of The Highest Quality. But, The Main Point Is If You Keep Using An Electric Razor It Appears To Be Less Costly Because It Doesn’t Require Any Additional Charge Of Blades, Shaving Foam Or Gel. So, It’s More Reasonable To Buy An Electric Razor Rather Than Ordinary Manual Shaving Razor. Best Electric Shaver

Hatteker Professional Electric Shaver Razor For Men 4 in 1 Beard Trimmer Wet Dry Rotary Shaver Cordless Hair Trimmer Nose Hair Trimmer Facial Cleaning Brush Waterproof USB Rechargeable Best Gift

If We Talk About The Durability Of An Electric Razor And Compare It With Its Pricing, A Electric Razor Would Pay Itself About 1 Or 1.5 Years Of Your Shaving Cost While You Can Use It For Your Shaving At Least 4 Years. So, You Be The Judge If You Need It Or Not.

The Main Disadvantage Of Electric Razor Is Less Close Shave. Because An Ordinary Razor Would Slide Very Smoothly Along Your Cheekbones And Chin, But An Electric Razor Functions At Some Very Tiny Distance From Your Skin, That’s Why They Will Not Peel The Upper Layer Of Your Cheek Skin. And So You Won’t Get A Close Shave As Like An Ordinary Razor With An Electric One.

Until You Learn How To Use This Device, You Will Have To Go Over The Same Spot More Than Once To Get A Close Shave. Fortunately, All Of The Modern Electric Shaving Razor Models Provide Much Better Performance And Experience Than The Older Versions And They Are Most Efficient To Give The Performance Like Ordinary Razors.

One Of The Most Common Issues Among Us About The Electric Razor Is That After Various Analyses And Tests, Still, We Can’t Say Which Type Of The Device Is Better And Efficient To Handle Challenges. For Example, Foil Shaver With Movable Blades Same Like The One Manufactured By Braun, Or Rotary Shavers. Best Electric Shaver

Foil Ones Are Better For The People With Sensitive Skin Whereas Rotary Shavers Are Considered Suitable For Spotty Stubble Shaving- Although We Still Haven’t Made Any Firm Conclusion About This Matter For Now. Eventually, It Depends On One Specific Device. But If Your Beard Grows In All Direction You May Have Some Trouble When Shaving.

However, Electric Shavers Are Recommended Undoubtedly To The People With Not Very Sensitive Skin. People With A Coarse Dark Beard Will Have Problems When Using An Electric Shaver. They Will Need The Best, Electric Razor Models Which Shave As Good As Ordinary For Shaving.

One Better Thing About This Device Is, It’s A Good Choice For The First Time, As When Using It There Will Be No Cuts And It Won’t Damage Your Skin Even If Your Skin Is Prone To Rash. You Don’t Need To Use Any Shave Balm Or Something Like This After Shaving. And The Device Will Save Your Time Too. Modern Electric Shaver Has The Much Longer Lifetime, So It’s More Money Saving For You.

We Have Already Mentioned That All Electric Shavers Are Divided Into Two Types- Foil And Rotary. Among These Two Shaving Systems- Foil One Cuts Beard With Vibrating Knives Which Is Hidden Under The Metallic Foil, And Rotary Shaver’s Cuts Beard With Small Rotating Knives In The Rotating Heads. Modern Foil Shavers May Have One, Two Or Even Three Heads With The Same Number Of Rotating Knives To Ensure Faster And High-Quality Shaving.

If You Want To Find Out Which Electric Shaver Is Better For You, You’ll Have To Analyze Your Skin Type To Find Out The Shaver That Actually Suits You. Rotary Shavers Are Almost Perfect For A Man With Normal Skin Type Which Should Not Be Prone To Skin Irritations. Foil Ones Are Near To Ideal For A Man With Sensitive Skin That Prone To Red Rash.

The Rotary Shavers (Mainly Produced By Phillips) Handle Better The Coarse Beard, But The Main Disadvantage Of These Shavers Is That They Still May Cause Skin Irritations. Foil Shaving System (The Most Popular Manufacturers For This Kind Of Device Is Braun And Panasonic) Would Never Cause Even The Smallest Skin Injuries, Even If You Perform A Dry Shaving. You May Have Some Skin Irritation During The First Couple Of Weeks If You’re A New User Of The Electric Shaver. Your Skin Will Adjust Itself With The New Device In This Time. Though Foil Shavers Are Convenient, They Have Some Disadvantage Too. Foil Shavers Mean Frequent Shaving As They Don’t Deal Well With A Course Or Long Beard And Generally, They Don’t Perform Close Shave As Like Rotary Or Ordinary Razors.

Hatteker Mens Electric Shaver Razor Beard Trimmer Rotary Shaver Cordless Sideburn Trimmer Wet/Dry 2 in 1 USB Rechargeable Waterproof Classic Black

Rotary electric shavers:

Rotary Shavers Have Three Heads Made Of Disks With Holes. Under Holes, There Are Three Rotating Knives. The Main Advantage Of These Kinds Of Devices Is That They Perform Very Close Shave As Ordinary Razors Even If You Have To Cut The Toughest Beard To Maximum Close Cutting, As Like We Already Said It Before. But This Device Is Not Good For The People With Sensitive Skin As They Cause Irritation For Sensitive Skin. Yet You Should Use Some Moistening Balm After Shaving With Rotary Shavers. It Will Help You To Reduce The Skin Irritation.

Braun Electric Shaver, Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Men's Electric Razor/Electric Foil Shaver, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry, Blue

Foil electric shavers:

This Kind Of Models Has The Same Operating Method. But Here, The Knives Don’t Rotate, It Vibrates Side To Side. On The Top, They Are Covered With A Metal Foil. The Foil Has Lots Of Apertures Through Where Beard Gets To The Knives. The Foil Never Gets To Cut Yourself And Reduces The Possible Skin Razor Burn. The First Shaver For A Teen Should Be Selected From Foil Shavers. While Wet Shaving With Foil Shavers, The Foil Will Probably Get Stuck In Shaving Foam And Smear It Around Your Face Instead Of Shaving.

Most Of The Electric Razors Are Equipped With Two Blades In Each Shaving Head So That Even The Shortest Hairs Are Cut In A Single Pass Of It. Some Modern Electric Shaver Models Can Be Used For Wet Shaving With Some Shaving Foam Or Gel As Well.

We Recommend Choosing The Device Which Blades Are Made Of Titanium Coating Or Ceramic. Because, If The Blades Are Just Made Of Stainless Steel, Your Skin Could Bring Out Some Allergic Response To The Metal. That’s Why You Should Also Take This Fact Very Seriously To Select Blades With Some Coating Otherwise You May Have Skin Redness And Ceaseless Discomfort While Shaving.

AmazonBasics AAA Performance Alkaline Batteries (100-Pack)


A Battery Is A Very Important Part Of Electric Razor Device. There’s A Lot Of Old-Fashioned Models Where You Have To Plug In The Device To Shave. All Those Models Are Out Of Date. Now Even The Cheap Modern Devices Are Equipped With An Installed Built-In Battery Though There’s Quality Leaves A Lot Of Things To Be Desired. A Fully Charged Battery Should Provide About 50 Minutes Of Continuous Operation Otherwise The Shaver Will Always Require Recharging. The Battery Is A Doubtless Advantage To Take The Device With You When Traveling If There Is No Electrical Outlet Available Around You. Usually, It Takes 1-2 Hours To Recharge The Battery Completely. But You Should Be Aware Of Some New Phillips Models Don’t Allow You Shaving With The Device While Charging. This May Cause Harm To The Battery.

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