Top 10 Best Cordless Hair Clippers Reviews and Unlimited Guide

The cordless hair clippers have been coming into the scene from the early 90’s. The technological advance made it possible for the hair clippers companies to push the production of rechargeable and battery powered hair clippers. As a result, now we enjoy the comfort of getting a haircut or a trimming in virtually everywhere. It has been possible to get a haircut or beard trimming on the go. People are more than happy to take the hair clipper with when traveling.

If you want to get a haircut at your garden or trim children's hair outdoor, the traditional hair clippers are not suitable. You need to go cordless for that. If you want to buy best cordless hair clippers, you are in the right place.

Top 10 Best Cordless Hair Clippers Reviews

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Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper

Wahl Clipper Lithium Ion Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers and Trimmers for men,Hair Cutting Kit with 10 Guide Combs by The Brand used by Professionals. #79600-2101

Wahls Clippers Are Regarded As The Best Of The Best Hair Clippers. Wahls Initiated The Manufacturing Of The Electromagnetic Motor Based Hair Clippers That Eventually Led The Creation Of Whole Electronic Grooming Products. They Have Been Doing Business Successfully For Almost 100 Years. Their Professional Hair Clipper Products Are Among The Best Sellers. Why? Because Wahl Hair Clippers Are Very Good At Cutting Hair And They Are Durable. This Why We Are Featuring Wahls Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper Right At The Beginning Of Our Review. Because No Review Will Be Complete Without This Cordless Clipper.

The Best Thing About This Hair Clipper Is The Battery. Its Lithium-Ion Battery Is Much Powerful Than The Other Hair Clippers Available Right Now. After Its Charged Properly, The Power Will Last For Two Hours Of Nonstop Cutting. Not Only That, There Is A Quick Charging Function Available. You Can Charge It For 10 Minutes And Then The Charge Can Be Held Up To A Year For The Next Use.

Wahls Hair Clipper Is Made Of Rotary Motors. It’s Faster Than Usual Magnetic Or Pivot Motors. But This Particular Lithium Ion Clippers Motor Is Considered To Be 50% Stronger Than The Other Wahl Clipper Models. Powered By The Cutting Edge Self-Sharpening Blades. This Combination Of Powerful Motor And The Sharper Blade Cuts Through The Hair Really Smooth. You Won't Need To Worry About Snagging Or Pulling The Hair At All. Its Makes The Cutting Effortless And The Blades Don't Need To Be Sharpened Because They Are Self-Sharpening.


  • Its Battery Is Superb
    • The Charge Can Hold For A Year
    • Its Motor Is Sophisticated And 50% More Powerful
  • clone
    It Has Self-Sharpening Blades
  • clone
    Does Not Provide Any Noise


  • You Will Buy The Clipper Hairs Separately.

Remington HC4250

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit, Hair Clippers, Hair Trimmers, Clippers, (13 pieces)

Unable To Cut The Hairs Around The Sideburns Or Behind The Ears Is Really Frustrating. Due To The Size Of The Most Hair Clippers, It's Not Quite Possible To Cut Around There. Especially If You Are Cutting Your Own Hairs You Won't Even Dare To Touch Those Areas, In Case You Mess It Up. But Sadly There Are Not Many Cordless Hair Clippers Which Can Really Fit Into The Hand And Can Cut Through The Difficult To Operate Areas. So If You Are Looking For A Hair Clipper That Is Really Comfortable To Use And Lightweight As Well, Nothing Can Really Beat The Remington HC4250.

Remington Seems Like Understood What The People Really Want In Their Hair Clippers And Kept That In Mind When Designing This Hair Clipper. Its Ergonomic Design Is Very Hard To Not To Notice. Designed Simply To Fit At Your Palm, These Gorgeous Looks Are Complement With Effective Use Of The Latest Technology On This Hair Clipper. The Blade Is Curved Wide So That It Can Cut Really Fast By Effectively Covering More Ground While Cutting.

One Of The Major Advantages Of Using The Cordless Hair Clipper Is How Much Portability It Can Provide. With The Corded Hair Clippers, It Would Be Impossible To Use The Hair Clippers In The Shower. And There Is The Water. If Your Hair Clipper Is Not Waterproof It Won't Be Wise To Use It In The Shower. But Fortunately, The Remington HC4250 Is Both Waterproof And Cordless. So You Can Take It To The Shower Or Use It On The Backyard Lawn You Like To. Power Won't Be A Problem Either Because It Can Run For 40 Minutes After Charged Property.


  • The Design Is Very Lightweight And Precise.
  • Its Battery Is Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery.
  • Its Both Cord/Cordless
  • Affordable Price
  • Ease Of Cleaning


  • It Takes 4 Hours To Full Charge.

Andis BGR+ Professional Ceramic  Clipper

Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade, Model BGR+, Black (64850)

Andis Hair Clippers Are Mostly For Professionals Who Want Something That Allows Them More Mobility. Salons Are Typically Loaded With Corded Hair Clippers.Because Barbers Need To Cut The Hair Continuously. The Corded Clippers Used To The Premium Standard. But The Time Has Changed Greatly. Soon The Cordless Hair Clippers Emerged And The Professional Barbers Started To Adopt Them More An More.  Andis Bgr+ Is A Heavy Duty Hair Clipper That's Made For Enduring All Day Loads The Saloons. But It Is Well Suited For At Home Use As Well.

Andis Professional Hair Clippers Are One Of The Best Cordless Hair Clippers Available. This Clipper’s Body Is Made Out Of Ceramic. Ceramics Are Not Proven For Their Resistant To The Heat. With Longer Periods Of Use Becomes More And More Frequent, The Hair Clippers Tend To Get Increasingly Hot. Ceramics Are Really Useful Because They Are Not Capable Of Resisting Heat Or Electricity. No Matter What Kind Of User You Are, This Hair Clipper Won't Get Any Hotter. Its Extreme Heat Resistance Won't Fail To Amaze The User.

The Heavy Rotary Motor S Capable Of Cutting Through So Fast As Its The Most Powerful Kind Of Motor Out There. This Incredible Motor Is More Than Enough To Cut Any Mountain Stashed Up In Your Head. Because The Ceramic Blades Are Sharp And Durable.  Not Only That, The Blades Are Fully Detachable And Easy To Clean. The Batteries Are Detachable Too And You Can Charge Them Separately. But Before Putting It After Every Use, Make Sure That You Oil The Blades Properly Because Otherwise, It Won't Last Long.


  • It Doesn't Go Hot After Use.
  • There Is Separately Virtually No Noise At All.
  • The Motor Is Powerful Enough To Cut Through Very Thick Hair
  • The Battery Can Last Up To 1 Hour
  • You Can Charge The Battery Separately


  • The Price Might Not Suit Your Budget

Philips Norelco QC5580

Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro

Philips Is A Well Known Dutch Company. They Are An Internationally Recognizable Brand With Different Electronic Products. They Have Been Credited With The Invention Of Various Latest Technology. The Term Norcelo Is Pretty Well Known To The Barbers And Hair Professionals. As Philips Has Been Manufacturing Their All Their Hair Grooming Products For USA And Europe Under This Name For Years.  So From A Company Like That, You Will Always Expect Something Different. And The Philip Knows That As Well. This Is Why They Have Introduced A DIY  Or Do-It-Yourself Cordless Hair Clipper.


The Very First Thing You Will Notice About This Product Is Its Head. It Has A Rotating Head Which Is Pretty Useful. You Can Effectively Use It To Cut Comfortably. As It Can Rotate 180 Degrees, Reaching The Back Or Neck For Cutting Will Be Easier. It Really Tough To Cut Those Areas With Regular Hair Clippers. Especially If You Are Doing It Yourself At Home. Without Someone Else Assistance It's Pretty Much Impossible To Cut The Hair In The Back. This Why You Need Something More Sophisticated. Something Like Philips Norelco. Now You Can Cut Through This Area Very Effortlessly.

This Hair Clipper Is Cordless And Comes With A Really Durable Battery That Is Proven To Last For Two Hours. After You Charge Its Ready To Go For Cutting Really Thick Or Basically Any Kind Of Hairs. It Has An Advantage Of Being Cordless To Go Corded When Necessary. So You Can Put The Hair Clipper In Charge And Continue With Cutting The Hairs With Its Really Sharp Titanium Blade. These Blades Are A Specially Coated Blade With Dual-Cut Technology And They Cut Hairs 2x Faster Than Usual Blades. The Turbo Boost Options That Comes With It Is Really Handy. Because If You Are In A Hurry, You Can Cut Down The Time By Pressing That Button.


  • It Has A 180-Degree Rotating Head
  • Its Battery Can Last Up To 2 Hours
  • It's Cordless But You Can Use With The Cord.
  • The Blade Is Titanium Coated And Dual Cut Technology.
  • It Has An Indicator Light
  • The Price Is Very Affordable


  • It's Not Waterproof.

NEW MOSER LI+PRO 1884 Professional Hair Clipper

NEW MOSER LI+PRO 1884 Professional Hair Clipper Cord / Cordless 100-240V

While Technically Most Is A Part Of An International Corporate Alliance Between Germany And US. Despite They Are Part Of Wahl Family, Moser Has Been Able To Establish A Name For Itself In The Hair Grooming Industry. Germany's Technological Efficiency Is On The Par With The US. Moses Hair Clipper Is Made In Germany And Its Distribution To All Over The World From There. In Moser Factories In The Black Forest, They Are Thoroughly Testing Their Hair Clippers And Then Process To Market It To The Rest Of The World. Just To Make Sure They Are Able To Be Consistent With The Quality Of Their Product.

You Will Glad To Know That This Cordless Hair Clipper Is Able To Cut Very Close To The Skin Without Much Damage Causing To Your Skin. Many Hair Clipper Blades Go Dull And Cause A Certain Amount Of Pulling And Snagging. While This Is Mainly Due To The Lack Of Maintenance, It Depends On The Type Of The Blade You Are Using Too. It's Made In Germany Stainless Steel Blades Are Really Sharp And It Can Cut As Close As 0.3 Mm As The Blade Adjustment Is Fixed From 07 Mm To 0.3 Mm.

Its Battery Is Really Good. If You Don't Know Already, Memory Effect Is A Kind Of Problem We Very Often Face With Our Batteries. As They Get Older, It Starts To Take Awfully Long Time To Recharge. A Great Thing About This Hair Clipper Is Its Made Has No Memory Effect. In Fact, It's Quite The Opposite. It Takes Only 45 Minutes To Charge Fully. You Can Run It For 75 Minutes Nonstop. It Also Comes With A Cord And Indicator Light. So If The Battery Is Nearly Finished, The Indicator Will Inform You.


  • Its Blade Is Very Efficient For Cutting Close To The Skull
  • Takes Only 45 Minutes To Charge
  • The Battery Doesn't Slow Down At All After Some Years
  • Its Both Cord/Cordless
  • The Indicator Light Is Included To Know When To Charge.


  • It's Pretty Costly

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Panasonic Professional ER 1611

Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

The Panasonic Professional ER 1611 Is Very Ergonomic In Design. It's Made By The Japanese Electronic Appliance Company Panasonic Which Was Previously Known As Matsushita. It Is Known By This Name Until 2008. Panasonic Is A Major Player In The Hair Grooming Industry. Because Panasonic Is A Global Leader And They Put Innovation At The Forefront Of Their Strategy. You Will Always Know Expect Something Different When Buying A Panasonic Hair Clipper. This ER 1611 Is A Greatly Improved And Updated Version Of The Previous Model. And It Has Some Really Powerful Features.

One Of The Most Important Parts Of The Hair Clipper Is Its Motor. When Buying A Hair Clipper It Is Important To Know How Many Rotations Per Minute The Motor Able To Do. While The Usual Rpm Is Around 5000-6000 For Other Hair Clippers, The Panasonic Professional ER 1611 Has An Impressive 10000 Rotation Per Minute. Making It One Of The Best Cordless Hair Clippers Available. The Blade Is Made With X Taper Technology. This Technology Is Widely Appreciated Because The Blade Is Able T Cover More Ground And As A Result, Able To Provide An Efficient Cutting Really Fast.

But The Most Useful Feature A User Can Ask From This Hair Clipper Is The Adjustable Blade System Managed By A Dial. You Can Adjust The Blade Height From As Long As 15mm To The Shortest, 0.3 Mm. Not Just That, The Blades Are Angled 45 Degrees So That After Each Cut It Can Sharpen Itself. So You Don't Need To Worry About Sharpening It At All. The Battery Is Really Up For The Game 50 Minutes Of Continuous Cutting. It Takes Only 60 Minutes To Recharge. And All These Features Comes With 160 Grams Of Weight.


  • Very Powerful Motor With 10000 Rotation Per Minutes.
  • The Blade Is X Taper And Covers More Ground For Faster Cutting.
  • It Has A Control Dial For Adjusting The Height Of The Blade
  • The Battery Holds 50 Minutes Of Charge
  • It's Very Lightweight Compared To Other Clippers
  • The Additional Attachments Include A Charger Base And Power Cord


  • It Doesn't Come With A Lithium-Ion Battery

Wahl Pro Lithium Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper 8546

Wahl Professional Sterling Li Pro Clipper #8546  Great for Professional Stylists and Barbers  Both Cord and Cordless Options

No List Will Be Completed Without Featuring This Hair Clipper From Wahl. I Am Featuring This Hair Clipper Because It's Among The Most Favorite Hair Clipper Among The Professional Barbers. It's Also Cordless. So This Is Why It Will Be A Good Idea To Know About This Hair Clipper Because Even Though Its Intended For Professional Hair Grooming Use And The Price Is On The Highest Spectrum Of The Hair Clipper, It Can Be A Good Investment For Using At Home Too. You Will Instantly Know Why It's So Popular Among The Barbers Even Though It Comparatively Cost More Once You See This Hair Clipper In The Action.

It's A Cordless Clipper But You Can Use It With A Cord If You Wish To. But Its Made For Used By Professional Barbers So It Will Be Better To Use It Cordless Because The Charge Is Going To Last For 75 Minutes. Which Is More Than Enough For Home Users Because Its Fast Blades Don't Take Much To Clean Thick Piles Of Hair. The Battery Is Lithium Ion Battery And Has Multiple Advantages. If You Are Really In A Hurry And Don't Have Time For Use It After Fully Charged, You Can Use It For 5 Minutes After A Quick Charging Of 10-12 Minutes.

An Indicator Light Is Very Helpful For Hair Clipper Users Because If You Are In The Middle Of The Cut And You Realize It Needs To Be Put Into Charging, That Can Be Really Annoying For Anyone. To Prevent This From Happening, The Wahl Pro Lithium Clipper Is Included With An Indicator Light. You Will Also Get A Charging Stand, Clipper Oil, Cleaning Brush And Instruction Manual On Using The Hair Clipper. The Blades Are Detachable So If You Need To Wash The Blade Or Replace The Old Blade With Another One, You Can Do It Easily.


  • Its Made For The Professional Use S Durability Is Guaranteed
  • The Battery Can  Fully Charge Just By 45 Minutes
  • It Has A Quick Charging Option For 10 Minutes
  • The Blades Are Detachable
  • Comes With Indicator Light


  • Price Is Higher Than Average For Using At Home.

BaByliss Pro X2 Volare Professional Ferrari Clipper

BaBylissPRO Volare X2 Ferrari-Designed Engine

Let's Confess Something. I Absolutely Love Ferrari Sports Car. They Are Gorgeous And Attract Chicks Like Crazy. I Know Lots Of You Folks Love The Elegant Design Of Ferrari Sports Car And Wish To Own One. Babyliss Pro Teamed Up With The Engineering Team Of Famous Ferrari Sports Car To Produce Something Unique. Babyliss Pro X2 Is Called The Professional Ferrari Clippers. Because They Are Designed After The Slickest Sports Car Of The World. As Babyliss Is A Relative Newcomer To The Hair Clipper Industry. Part Of A French-American Corporation Based On The Paris, This Company Has Been Manufacturing Other Electronic Beauty Product Such As Curling Iron, Hair Straightener.

Babyliss Has Started To Release A Line Of Male Grooming Devices In 2003. Termed As “Babyliss For Men”, They Sought To Reflect Their Innovative Mind. To Stand Out Among The Giants Of Hair Clipper Industry, They Needed To Create Something Truly Unique. The Babyliss Pro X2 Really Stands Out For Its Outlook. The Ergonomic Design Is Really Attractive And Comforting Enough To Grip As Well. It Is Designed Under The Supervision Of Ferrari Engineer Team. It Comes In Two Colors, Black, And Ferrari Red. This Hair Clipper Looks Really Sporty And Stands Out. The Grip Is Comfortable As Well.

 Its Motor Is Different Than Other Rotary Motors. While Most Of The Rotary Motors Are Powerful Enough, They Simply Start To Deteriorate After A Certain Time Of Use. But The Babyliss Pro X2’S Motor Is Made For Lasting 10000 Hours Of Rough Usage. This Is Why They Named It As The Engine. The Battery Is Really Good. It Lasts Up To 3 Hours After You Fully Charge It. No Matter How Often You Cut Your Hair, You Don't Need To Charge It Often. The X Griped Blade Is Fast And Can Very Close. It Enables You To Cut As Short Of 0.02 Mm.


  • This Hair Clipper Is Very Attractive
  • The Motor Is Designed After Ferrari Sports Car
  • Does Not Produce Any Noise
  • The Grip Is Comfortable
  • The Battery Lasts Up To 180 Minutes


  • You Need To Up Your Budget.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Hair Clipper 

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip #8148 – Great for Barbers and Stylists – Precision Cordless Fade Clipper Loaded with Features – 90+ Minute Run Time

If You Want A Hair Clipper That's Heavy Duty And Packed With Powerful Features You Will Absolutely Love This Hair Clipper. This Is Undoubtedly One Of The Best Cordless Hair Clippers Available For The Barbers And For Using At Home. It Is One Of The Best Selling Cordless Hair Clippers In The USA Right Now. It's Very Popular And Widely Accepted Hair Clipper Among The Mass Users. If You Go To Amazon You Will Be Surprised To See 80% Of Its User Has Left 5-Star Reviews. Because They Are Really Satisfied With This Cordless Hair Clipper That They Felt Necessary To Let The Other Consumers Know About Its Worth.

Its Battery Is Very Powerful Lithium-Ion Batteries And It Lasts Up To 2 Hours After A Single Charge. So You Don't Have To Worry About The Battery Dying In The Middle Of The Haircut. To Prevent It An Indicator Light Is Included. This Hair Clipper Is Described As Professionals Must Have. So It's Designed To Give You A Professional Level Of Comfort And Ease Even Though You Are Using At Home. Its Motor Is V500 Motor Is A Powerful And The Consistent Flow Of Power Helps Minimize The Amount Of Pulling And Snagging. This Hair Clipper Has A Superior Rotation Per Minutes Than Average Hair Clippers As Well.

This Is A Cordless Hair Clipper But You Can Use It With The Cord As Well. Though You Won't Be Needing This Quite Often. Because Its Battery Is Enough To Keep The Haircut Going. If You Need To Give A Haircut To Several Persons It Is Sufficient To Continue. The Blade Is Self-Sharpening As Well Sd Precision. You Can Do A Fade Or Taper Very Quickly. It Has Some Additional Attachments Which Are Really Helpful For Maintenance. This Cordless Hair Clipper Includes Cleaning Oil, Brush, Hair Combs And An Instruction Manual.


  • It's Very Attractive And Designed Ergonomically.
  • The Motor’s Rotation Per Minute Is 2x Than Usual
  • Its Battery Provides 90+ Minutes Of Charge.
  • The Blade Is Self-Sharpening
  • Can Be Used Cordless/Cord


  • Its Bit Heavier Than Other Hair Clippers.

Oster Juice Cord/Cordless Clipper (76110-010)

Oster Juice Cord/Cordless Clipper (76110-010)

Last But Not The Least. Every List Of Best Cordless Hair Clippers Must Have To Feature The Oster Hair Clippers. Long Established In The Hair Clipper Industry, This Company Has Started Out In The Old Days Of Hair Clipper And Saloon When They Just Started To Manufacture The Electromagnetic Hair Clippers At The Beginning Of The Last Decade. Along With Wahl, Oster Has Been Producing Hair Clipper And Other Hair Grooming Products Since 90 Years. Oster Is A Widely Recognized As A Premium Quality Supplier Of The Hair Clipper For Barbers Ever Since. So This Is Why This Oster Juice Cordless Hair Clipper Is Hard To Ignore.

This Hair Clipper Is Designed To Provide Maximum Comfort To The User. The Body Is Rubberized And Its Very Easy To Grip And Use. There Is No Chance To Drop The Hair Clipper When Using. When We Cut Hair For A Longer Period Of Time, Sometimes Our Hand Can Go Numb And This Can Cause Serious Hamper. To Avoid This A Controllable Grip Is Attached To The Body Of This Hair Clipper. Its Essentially A Cordless Hair Clipper But You Can Use Them With The Cord As Well If The Charge Is Finished.

But The Real Advantage Of This Hair Clipper Is Its Battery. It Is Much More Durable It Has Virtually No Memory Effect At All. Battery Memory Is Very Harmful To Battery Life. But This Lithium-Ion Battery Is Very Powerful And After You Charge It Properly, The Charge Can Last Up To 2 Hours. Its Adjustable Blade System Is Very Effective At Cutting Different Lengths Of Hair. It's A Hybrid Blade And Provides 5-6 Different Lengths To Cut. Getting A Clean Fade Or Defining The Hairlines Is Much Easier With This Cordless Hair Clippers.


  • The Design Is Smart And Slick
  • The Body Is Rubberized
  • The Controllable Grip Is Included
  • The Battery Lasts More Than 2 Hours
  • Hybrid Blade With 6 Different Cutting Options
  • Does Not Auto Discharge


  • You Might Need Some Help To Adjust The Blades Properly.

Conclusion:In this guide, I have featured top 10  best cordless hair clippers available for a professional or hobbyist. There is no lack of cordless hair clippers available in the market. In fact, there has been a boom of cordless hair clippers for various brand thanks to the technological advance. But it's important to know which one are the made best among them and serves better at cutting hairs. I hope this article helps you find the best cordless hair clipper. Because they are really good at cutting and grooming your hair.

Top 8 best andis clippers review with Buying Guide 2019

People usually prefer Andis hair clippers when buying a new one because they're simple to work with. They supply a wide range of instructional guide. Its top-notch line of product is one of the vital factors this company made so much impact on average groomers life. Every product they made comes with a much higher value than its price. But then again. There are so many products out there even from the Andis; it's a lot harder to decide which one is the best. This why we have put together this “best andis clippers review” to help you to determine.

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Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper

Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper, Silver (01557)

Let's Start With Andis Master Clipper Review. The Andis Master Is Created For Use As An All-Around Cleaner For Detailing As Well As Fading. It Is Appropriate For Both People Who Are Just Starting Out As Well As Specialist Alike. Its Solid Metal Case Indeed Tells Us It Intends To Go The Extra Mile. Whether It's At The Hefty Daily Usage In A Hair Salon Or The Occasional Usage At Home.

 It's A Solid Product, And This Will Certainly Last For Years To Come. The Magnetic, Electric Motor Of This Hair Clipper Is Very Effective On Detailing. It Offers You Some An Exact Cut Which Is Fairly Suitable For Well-Rounded Describing And Also Fading. It Can Reduce Hair Sizes Without The Additional Help Of Scissors.

Like Various Other Andis, The T-Outliner Leaner The Cutter Is Powered By An Electromagnetic Motor. Which Can Produce Much Heat If Left Running For Extended Times But Nothing You Can't Bear With.

The Andis T-Outliner, It Requires Little Maintenance. Other Than To Make Sure That The Blades Maintained With Proper Oiling And Washing. You Will Also Need To Make Change Regularly To The Blades To Make Sure It Doesn't Get Any Dullness On. Loosen Up The Screws During Cleaning And Make Sure It's Appropriately Readjusted.


  • It Has A Very Sturdy And Durable Housing Case.
  • Powered By An Electromagnetic Motor For Better Cutting And Fade
  • Its Blade Can Cut Hairs At Different Lengths And Various Textures.
  • Its Gets Started Just With A Switch Click.


  • The Body Can Heat Up A Little With A More Extended Period Of Use But Not Much.


Andis Supra ZR Cordless Ion Clipper DBLC 79000

A Specialist Hairstyle Comes To Be Very Costly If You Need To Maintain A Haircut Regularly. This Is Where Andis Supra ZR Clipper Comes To Our Aid. It Is One Of The Best Hair Clippers And It Cut Hair So Precisely Without Any Nick Or Burns.  Your Skin Will Undoubtedly Be Grateful To You For Purchasing It. As Its Effective Rotary Motor It Helps In Trimming Both Completely Dry And Also Damp Hair As Well. Its Effectiveness In Cutting Different Types Of Hair And Textures Makes It A Top Grade Professional Toolkit. Suitable For Any Barber Or DIY Stylist.

 It Can Also Use For Doing Cutting And  Tapering Hairstyles On Thin As Well As Thick Hairs An Additional Advantage Of Purchasing This Clipper Is That You Could Remove The Blades. You Can As Well As Change Them As Per The Requirements. Its Equipped With Five Different Settings For Depth Of Length To Use It Appropriately. This Clipper Has Some Advantages That Help You In Getting Different Hairstyles Smoothly. But If You Are Intending To Keep It Going For An Upcoming Year's Proper Cleansing And Care Is Necessary. Every Clipper Needs Cleaning Of The Dirt And Hubris On The Blade. You Should Clean Up The Blades After Every Usage, Ideally.


  • It Has Detachable Blades.
  • Can Cut Between Different Textures Like Thick To Thin To Medium
  • Versatile Cutting Includes Cutting On Dry Hair As Well As Damp.
  • Five Different Lengths Of Cutting


  • The Blade Will Get Dull If Not Taken Care Off.

Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper

Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade, Model BGR+, Black (64850)

Some Hair Clippers Make A Whole Lot Of Sound, Yet That Does Not Make Them Look Extra Efficient. So If Are Prune To The Sounds And It Is A Trouble For You, You'll Be Happy To Know. Andis Professional Hair Clipper Right Here Is Produced Much Less Noise And Buzz. Though The Electric Motor Requires Deals Of Power To Get The Clipper And Blade Going. Which Is Very Impressive;

The Majority Of Hair Clippers Has The Same Stainless-Steel Blades. But This Hair Clipper From Andis Makes Use Of Ceramic Blades Quite Well. These Blades Are Known To Be Immune To Deterioration. They Will Undoubtedly Remain Sharper For A More Extended Period. Ceramic Is Non-Metallic, So It Does Not Carry Out Heat Like Other Cheaper Hair Clippers.

Those Cheap Hair Clippers Tend To Get Much Heat. With The Ceramic Blades, You Will Not Need To Bother About It. Holding Them For Longer Time Periods Is Very Comfortable. So The Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper Here Is Worth Your Consideration. If You're Looking For A Top Quality Hair Clipper, You Won't Find Other Clippers That Are Offering So Much Versatility.


  • Ceramic Blades Are Much Stronger Material Compared To Stainless-Steel.
  • It Doesn't Produce Much Noise Or Buzzing.
  • Much Comfortable Handling For Longer Time
  • Blades Remain Sharp For A More Extended Period.


  • Should Be Handled With Care Because If Fallen On The Ground It May Get Broken.

Andis Barber Combo-Powerful High-Speed Clipper

Andis Barber Combo-Powerful Clipper and Trimmer Combo Kit

I Believe This Andis Barber Combo Is One Of The Best Zero-Gap Hair Clipper Available Right Now. We Have A Flexible Clipper As Well As A T-Outliner Blade That Cuts Close Very Efficiently. Exactly How Close Is As Well Close With This Andis T-Blade Leaner, You Might Ask? Combs Included, You Could, In Fact, Get A Pretty Close Cut To The Skin. So Make Sure To Examine It Thoroughly Before Attempting Anything Extreme.

It Comes With Well-Known Electric, Magnetic Rotary Motors. They Are Famous For Its Efficiency. The Hair Clipper Abandoned Pure Stainless-Steel Blades. You Will Get A Carbon-Coated Steel Blade Right Here. As You Probably Know Already, This Indicates Much Better Efficiency And Also General Toughness.


  • Cuts Pretty Close To The Skin
  • The Design Is T-Outliner.
  • The Blade Is Carbon Coated Instead Of Steel.
  • As Additional Attachments, You Will Get A Right Amount Of Accessories As Well


  • Couldn't Find Any!

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Andis Slimline Pro Li T-Blade Beard/Hair Trimmer

Andis Slimline Pro Li T-blade Trimmer

The Initial Thing You Will Notice About The Slimline Pro Li Is That It Has A Much Longer Enduring Lithium-Ion Battery. Very Few Hair Clippers Could Take Pride About A Battery That Lasts For Two Entire Hours. With Its Useful Lithium-Ion Battery, Slimline Pro Li Is A Real Champ. It's Also Far Better To Recharge. It Takes About 2 Hrs And 15 Mins. Another Advantage Is Slimline Professional Lithium Has A Smaller Sized Base, Which Is A Plus When Space Is A Problem.

The Blades Are The Same On Both The Slimline Pro And Also The Slimline Pro Li. Both Are Flexible The Included Rotating Electric Motor. Andis Slimline Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer Is Solid To Cut Damp & Thick Hair Yet It Still Does Well On Dehydrated Hair. You Can Meet Perfect Design And Layout With This Lightweight Hair Clipper. Also, The Useful Side Blades Enable Us For Comfy Solutions For Kids, Females And Males Alike. Truthfully, For Home Usage, You Could Go Without Charging It For Fairly A Lengthy Time. The Andis Slimline Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer Makes It Easy To Manoeuvre.


  • Has A Battery Life Of 2 Hours
  • Take Less Than 2.5 Hours To Recharge Fully
  • Lightweight Design Is Very Manoeuvrable
  • Cuts Very Close To The Skin


  • Skin Can Get Irritated If Too Much Pressure Is Applied.

Andis 4775 Gtx T-Outliner Hair/Beard Trimmer

Andis 4775 Gtx T-Outliner Trimmer, Black with Classic Barber Blade Brush & Beard Shaper Gift

Incorporated With The Deep Tooth Blade, You Could Do Anything. That Counts For From Details To The Border Of Beard Or Hair As Well As Neckline Clean-Ups. Andis 4775 Gtx T-Outliner Trimmer Is An Excellent Clipper For Basic Fades Or Hairless Fades As Well. You Have To Be Mindful When Modifying Andis GTX. Your Blades Could Change From Being Sharp To Dull And Also Nick Your Skin If You Go Too Far. Also, The GTX T Outliner Does Not Get Too Hot As Conveniently As Other Hair Clippers. It Will Still Get Warm Around The 15 Min Mark Or So Which Could Be Much Faster Compared To Various Other Designs.

This Andis Leaner Has A 7200 SPM Electric Motor Beast. Of All, The GTX "Engine" Enables It To Go Very Fast And Smooth. Andis Electromagnetic Motors Placed In Their High-End Clippers Cut A Superior 7200 Strokes Each Min. It Comes Packed Up With Quality Carbon Steel Blades. These Blades Have Been Helpful To Extend The Reducing Life Of The Clipper. If Your Blade Does Require To Change, You Could Additionally Buy Another Set. Some Users Have Reported Being Utilising It For Over Five Years, And It Is Still Going Solid.


  • Features Deep Tooth Blades Which Can Cut Very Close
  • Comes With An Effective Motor With 7200 Rotation Per Minute
  • Very Lightweight And Easy To Use
  • Has An Extra Thick Cord With Three Prong


  • Bit Bulkier Than The Regular Models

Andis 04603 Go Professional Outliner Ii Trimmer

Andis 04603 Go Professional Outliner II Square Blade Trimmer , Gray

The Andis Professional Outliner II Is A Corded Trimmer. The Cord Is 8 Feet Long. So This Preferred Cord Length Allows You And The Trimmer To Move Very Comfortably. You Can Trim Hairs As According To Your Plan. It Is Expected To Be Used Professionally. Because Its A Blessing To The Barbers Who Have To Move Around The Cutting Chair. But It Is Perfectly Suitable For Home Usage As Well. The Outlander II Includes Carbon Coated Blades. Usually, Clippers Blade Doesn't Stay Sharp For Very Long. But Those Are Made To Keep Cutting During The Whole Time The Clipper Lasts. However, If You Want To Change The Blades, You Can Purchase Their Replaceable Blades That If You Find The Blades Go Dull.

Many Users Are Out There Who Use This Clipper To Shave Their Heads. Depending On The Texture Of Your Hair, You Can Get A Close Shave The Like A Razor. But It Depends How Thick Is Your Hair. If You Need A Close Shave, You Can Also Adjust The Blades By A Few Mm. Make Sure To Open Up A Few Screws. It Should Be A Straightforward Task. Even After So Many Years, The Blades Stay Fine Condition. You Won't Feel Any Hair Pulling On Any Part Of Your Face Or Body. Same Goes For If You Have Relatively Coarse Hair. It Is Advisable To Oil These Machines Regularly And Maintain Them Neatly After Each Use.


  • Its Motor Is Powerful, And It Runs At A High Speed
  • If You Expect It To Be Noisy, You Will Find It Reasonably Quiet Than You Would Expect
  • Its Is Very Suitable For Cutting Dry Hairs
  • It Weighs Only A Pound.


  • Better Suitable For Barbershop Usage

Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer

Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer with T-Blade, Gray, Model GTO (04710)

There's A Reason This Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard Stays An Essential Tool In Modern Men's Washrooms As Well As Hair Salons. You Can Get The Same Smooth Outcomes As A Basic Razor In Both Completely Dry And Also Damp Hairs. A Cost-Efficient Cost Tag Of $51.93 Helps Strengthen Furthermore To Keep Its Position Among The Elite Clipper On The Market. The T-Outliner's Useful, High-Speed Magnetic, Electric Motor Sure A Silent Hair Cutting Experience. The Leaner Should Fit Pleasantly In The Hand Of The Barber If They Have To Deal With It For More Extended Hours. Ideally, The Specifically Created Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer Is Different From The Remaining Hair Clipper/Trimmer Allowing To Work Without Getting Hot Frequently.

Standing Out From The Competitors, Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard Includes Carbon-Steel Blades To Add Up For Reducing The Life Of Clipper Blades.The Specialised Blades Make It The Best Clipper Made For Forming Beards, Moustaches, And Also All Various Other Manscaping Requirements. For Getting Rid Of Unwanted Hairs In A Smooth Style The Reduce The Blade Length Of The T-Outliner. The T-Outliner Is A One Of The Best And Is Hair Clipper With Countless Useful Features. It Truly Deserves To Be On The List Of “Best Andis Clipper Review”.


  • Exhibiting A 5-Star Ranking Of 68% On Its Amazon Page.
  • Its Mighty Motor Works Without Any Noise
  • It Has The Standard T-Outliner Blade.
  • You Can Pretty Close And Detailed.


  • Its Packaging Does Not Consist Of Any Bag Or Solution For Travelling Purpose

Conclusion: One Of The Main Reason Peoples Choose Andis Items Over Their Competitors Is Their High Attention To Clients Satisfaction. Their Client Service Is Top Notch And Doesn't Leave Room For Any Complaint. All Andis Hair Clippers Include A Servicing Warranty; If You Find Out Your Clipper Has Some Severe Issues, You Could Get In Touch With The Manufacturers And Fix It Immediately, Nothing Ever Asked.

But As We Have Gone Through All Other “Best Andis Clippers Review’, There Is Nothing Particularly Stands Out. So We Have Tried To Describe What Unique Feature Each Of These Andis Hair Clippers Has. We Really Hope It Helped You To Decide About What One Suits Your Requirement Best.

Top 5 best balding clippers Reviews With unlimited Buying guide – 2019

Being bold doesn't mean you will look any less attractive than others. In researches conducted by sociologists, women's marked bald men as more dominant and agreeable than those with hairs. So if your hairs are getting thin, don't worry at all. Just get bald. Why? Because bald-headed men convey more masculine aura. Specially to the female subconscious mind. They seem more matured and agreeable which is very crucial to the women's. This is exactly why the buzz cut is such popular haircut still now. The same reason applies to the bald men. If you are searching for best balding clippers your hairs might get thin or you just don't like to worry about your hairs too much because life is busier than ever.

Being bald saves time and give you a more defined look without any Doubt. Ever since the electric shaving clippers came into the landscape, the popularity of bald hairs increased even more. Because it is very easy to have that freedom from all the styling that hairs require. Take your look to another level with these best clippers for shaving head and do it more confidently with this extensive guide. You can bald your hair right away. You have got your covered here.

But let's talk about a common questions hairdressers often face. Which is… why embrace the clippers over the manual razors? Here I will explain the certain advantages the balding clippers have over the manual shaving of a razor.

best balding clippers

Balding Clippers Vs Manual Razors

Manual razors and bald clippers both have their unique appeal and the pros and cons. Razors were really very popular in the days of ww1. But then technology advanced and we got electric clippers. We used to be more skeptical about the electric razors. But companies like Wahl, Andis, Panasonic has slowly built the superiority of clippers over the razor. In last 20 years, the hair clippers have taken a really great leap forward. From T outliner clipper to cordless balding clipper, there is no less of an option than manual razors. While it was true that razors cut the closest before, but not anymore. The latest technologies enable the best balding clippers to do this job precisely. I have listed out the best benefits of using balding clippers below

  • Some people still think the manual razors are the way to go for the ultimate close shave. Yeah, the razors cut without leaving a stubble. But so are the modern balding clippers with cutting edge blades. Shaver's are able to give same close cut as the manual razors and far more safely without any chance of irritation in your screen later which is very common to the manual razors. Because you need to go over an area over and over again and that's the main reason for getting a very bad nick.
  • Men and women are busier than ever. Just think about the tedious daily routine we have to go through. We wake up in the morning, brush our teeth, have the breakfast and then go to our daily job. We barely have any time left for ourselves. Manual razors tend to take a lot of time to even preparing for the job. You will need to cream, foam, put aftershave, get a shower afterward. But do you really have time for this? I am guessing you don't. The balding hair clippers are the fastest and easiest way to get bald. You will be amazed how fast the balding clippers can cut through your scalp. It is the most convenient and fastest way to get a haircut.
 Balding Hair clipper

  • The manual razors are not the safest and comfortable options. They will often go dull. A razor’s blade will go dull after every 4/5 shaves. They need to replaced regularly. Otherwise cutting with a dull razor can be a very painful experience. On the other hand, the balding clippers don't have that kind of problem. Their blades don't go dull just after a few cuts. The electric razors can give a very close cut with much more comfortably. Because the electric razors don't need to cut over the same area multiple times.
  •  The manual razors are smaller in size. But you can't carry it around yourself. If you are a man who is constantly travelling or needs to travel quite often and want to make sure you look your best, the electric hair clippers are your best friend. Because electric hair clippers are lightweight and made for portability. You can carry them from anywhere. This extremely versatile tool can cut any hair. Including the facial hair from the hair on your head.

Best Balding Clippers

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Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110 – Great for Barbers and Stylists – Cuts Surgically Close for Full Head Balding – Twice the Speed of Pivot Motor Clippers – Accessories Included

The Wahl Is Recognized As The Early Pioneer Of Electric Hair Clipper. Being Into The Industry For Over A Hundred Years, It Certainly Had Its Advantages. They Have Proved Their Brilliance By Producing Some Of The Best Selling And Widely Accepted Professional Hair Clippers. They Are A Trusted Brand To Thousands Of Barbers And Professional Salons. Although Wahls Clippers Are Mostly For Professional Usage, Their High-End Performance And Precise Cutting Made Them Equally Suitable For Use At Home. In Fact, Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clippers Are One Of The Best Selling Hair Cutting Tools In The USA. Wahl Clippers Made For Performance, And It Has Served Both The Mass People And The Company.

Described As The “Barbers Shop Must Have”, They Are Very Good For Balding Your Hair At Home. Its Powerful Rotary Motor Is So Powerful That It's Rotation Speed Is Almost Double Than Usual Pivot Motor. It Makes It Cutting Super Fast And Effective.  It Makes No Nicking Or Pulling Of The Hair During The Haircut. We All Know How Painful It Can Be. Wahl’s V500 Motors Don't Let The Power Drop Even For Once.

Which Is Usually A Big Disadvantage Of Some Electric Hair Clippers Out There. So Your Balding Or Fading Of The Hair Will Be As Precise As A Surgeon Doing His Surgery.

The Wahls Clippers Are Designed Very Appealingly. Which Also Reflect Their Perfectionism. Which Is Good Because This Balding Hair Clipper Is Visually Stunning As Well As Ergonomic. It Will Fit Into Your Hand Very Nicely. The Blade Comes With It Are Made Of Titanium And Also Self-Sharpening. People Who Bought This Are Reported To Mentioning They Might Not Go For Another Hair Clipper Again Because Of Its Shaves Your Head Really Nicely Without Any Irritation Happening To Your Skin.


  • This Hair Clipper Does Not Need To Go To The Same Place Multiple Times For Cutting
  • Come With Additional Attachments Like Brush, Oil, Charging Base
  • The Motor Is A V500 Rotary Motor
  • It Cuts Hair Through The Head Very Fast
  • It's Visually Very Appealing
  • The Blade Is Self-Sharpening


  • It's Not A Cordless Balding Clipper

Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

Bald Eagle Shaver

Hair Clippers Have Often Been A Domain Of Where Industry Giants Been Ruling For At Least A Decade. The Last Major Change In Design Or Technology Was More Than 50 Years Ago. We Got Used To All The Big Names Like Wahl, Andis Or Schick. We Didn't Think There Was Any Room Left For More Innovation.

But Guess What, The Skull Shaver Company Which Brought An Entirely New Concept To The Hair Trimming And Shaving Industry. It Was The Introduction Of Horizontal Handles. When The Traditional Vertical Handles Fall Short To Cut The Difficult Parts Of Hair Like The Back Or Upper Side Of The Head.

This Unique Clippers Look Has Made It Extremely Popular. The Creator Of This Hair Clipper Is A Bald Guy Himself, And He Spotted A Huge Gape In This Market Which We All Knew All Along But Didn't Bother Much With And Keep Silent. But These Guys Didn't Stop. They Found Out A Better Solution To Reach Those Areas Which Are Difficult To Shave Like The Side Of The Head Or Behind The Hairs.

It Is Designed To Fit In Your Head And Provide The Maximum Comfort. So The Design Is Both Slick And Comfortable.

The Skull Shaver Comes With A Rotary Motor Which Is The Best Motor Among Them All. The 10500 Rotation Per Minutes Makes It A Beast Of A Kind. It Can Give You The Fastest Cut.  Only In 90 Seconds. Which Is Less Than 2 Minutes. Its Powerful Lithium-Ion Battery Can Provide 90 Minutes Of Nonstop Charging. So If You Want To Carry This With You In The Journies, Go Ahead.


  • Its Designed To Reach The Difficult To Shave Areas.
  • The Motor Has A Super Powerful 10500 Rotation Per Minutes.
  • The Charge Lasts For 90 Minutes.
  • Provides A Very Fast Cutting
  • Great For Everyday Use
  • Its Comes Cordless
  • clone
    Very Lightweight


  • It Is Very Expensive Bald Clipper To Buy.

Remington HC4250

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit, Hair Clippers, Hair Trimmers, Clippers, (13 pieces)

The First Thing You Will Notice About This Balding Clipper Is Its Design. Its Striking Design Simply Makes You Want To Grab It And Start Balding Right Away. It's Very Small At The Size, So You Don't Have To Be Uncomfortable When Shaving The Difficult Places. Usual Hair Clippers Aren't Very Flexible In The Size.

 So What's Quite Unimaginable For These Clippers, The Remington Has Proved Them Wrong. This Small And Lightweight Balding Clipper Fits Into The Hand So Well That You Will Be Able To Shave Behind Your Back Or Sideburns Pretty Comfortably. This Clipper Is An Epitome Of Ergonomic Design

The Blade Is Curved Very Widely To Cover More Ground When Cutting. So The Haircut Will Be Fast And Precise. You Don't Have To Worry About The Painful Pulling And Burn. For A Person Whose Hair Is Thinning It Is A Very Affordable Balding Clipper. It Is Waterproof So You Can Take It In The Shower To Cut Your Hair And Can Take It In The Shower To Cut Your Hair While Taking A Bath. It Is Easy To Maintain Because You Will Be Able To Wash It Simply With The Water.

This Is One Of The Best Balding Clippers At This Price Because Of All The Powerful Features Packed With It. It's A Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper So You Can Use It Either Way. It's Also Very Helpful Its Battery Last Up To 40 Minutes After Charging 4 Hours. The Additional Attachments Come With It Are The Cleaning Brush, Oil, Charging Adapter And A Storage Pouch For Travelling. All These Features At $50 Are Going To Save At Least $15 Per Month.


  • It Is A Waterproof Balding Clipper.
  • It's A Cordless Hair Clipper.
  • Its Price Makes It Idea At This Price Range
  • Very Easy To Clean


  • The Battery Last Only 40 Minutes

Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper

Wahl Clipper Lithium Ion Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers and Trimmers for men,Hair Cutting Kit with 10 Guide Combs by The Brand used by Professionals. #79600-2101

Are You Surprised To See Another Wahl Clipper In This List? You Should Not. Because Wahl Has A Really Long Line Of Professional Clippers. Many Of Their Different Clippers Are Equally Popular Among Various Barbers And People Who Use It At Home. It Is Often Seen That Two Different Products From The Same Company Are Competing For The Best Sellers.

Wahl Has Been Long Hailed As One Of The Best Company Manufacturing Hair Clippers. So This Is Why I Feature This Particular Bald Clipper Even Though There Is Another Clipper From The Wall Is Included. Because This Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper Cuts So Well It Is A Best Seller Balding Clipper.

As The Name Suggests, This Clipper Comes With A Lithium-Ion Battery. If You Travel A Lot And Don't Often Get A Chance To Charge Your Hair Clipper, You Will Love It. Its Battery Has Quick Charging Ability. You Will Get A Quick Cut After 10 Minutes Of Charging. Which Is Really Great For Busy Peoples Like Us. It Takes 3.5 Hours To Charge Properly. But Then, It Lasts As Long As Two Hours.

So You Can Just Charge It And Forget It. It's A Cord/Cordless Clipper So You Can Use It When Charging.

Wahls Blade Is Very Precise For Cutting Through Any Kind Of Hairs Very Fast. Its Blade Cover More Ground So It Won't Need To Go Over Multiple Times For Finishing The Cut. It Means No Snagging Or Pulling Of The Hair Either.

The Wahls Motors Are Really Powerful. But This Specific Clippers Motor Is 50% More Powerful Than Standard Wahl Clippers. Its Additional Attachments Include A Complete Kit Of Guide Combs So You Can Cut Your Hairs At Various Lengths. It Also Comes With A Storage Pouch And Brushes For Cleaning The Clipper.


  • The Lithium Ion Battery Lasts For 2 Hours
  • Its Motor Is 50% More Powerful Than The Standard Wahl
  • Has A Quick 10-Minute Charging Option
  • Self-Sharpening Blades
  • It Cuts Very Fast
  • It Has No Noise


  • The Clipper Oil Is Not Included. You Need To Buy It Properly

Oster Fast Feed Clipper

OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510

The Oster Hair Clippers Are Part Of International Corporation Sunbeam, Who Are Pretty Well Known For Their Home Appliance Products. They Have Blenders, Juicer, Electric Irons And Other Products Which Are Widely Accepted By The Consumers. But Oster Is A Trusted And Reputable Brand In The Salon Industry For Past 100 Years Or So.

They Started When The Electric Clippers Were Its Infancy. They Are Now Among The Leaders Of Hair Clippers Industry. Oster Hair Clippers Are The Industry Standard Among The Barbers And The Hairdressers Because Of Its Professional Line Clippers For Every Grooming Needs. And The Oster Fast Feed Clipper Is A Very Compact Bald Clipper Available For Buying. Though Intended For Professional Use These Balding Clippers Are Good For Using At Home. 

Its Outlook Is Very Attractive. Its Dark Red With A Glossy Finish You Will Be Delighted To Have It In Your Hand. Because Its Very Ergonomic Design Makes It Very Comfortable To Grip. Most Of The People Have Brought It Often Reported To Say If They Were To Buy Another Hair Clipper, They Will Buy This Hair Clipper Again. So This Hair Clipper Is Pretty Popular Among The Barbers And Non-Professional Alike. Because It Just Cuts So Fast. You Will Not Feel Even A Pull Or Snag Of The Hair. Because It Is Designed To Cut More Quickly Than Other Clippers.

It's Well Equipped With Rotary Motors Which Are Very Powerful And Effortless In Cutting Your Hair. More Than This, It Won't Produce Any Noise At All. So You Won't Have To Bother With Lowering The Noise. Because There Is No Noise Or Buzz Which Is Pretty Common To The Other Electric Clippers. Its Adjustable Blades Are Made For Making The Job Easier For You. The Adjusters Are Efficient And Resistance.

It Can Hold Up Any Position. So You Will Be Able To Cut Through The Hair Like A Knife Slice Through The Butter. Or So They Have Said.  It's Quite Heavy As The Other Professional Hair Clippers. So It Is Very Durable. It Won't Break Even If You Smash It On The Floor Which Quit Common. It's A Very Durable Hair Clipper And Worth Upgrading.


  • Slick And Stylish Design. Fits Into The Hand Pretty Well.
  • The Motor Is Very Efficient And Does Not Produce Noise.
  • Made For Professionals. So It's Very Durable.
  • Adjustable Blades Are Very Easy To Use.
  • Comes With Additional Attachments Like Clipper Oil And Brush
  • The Power Cord Is 8 Foot Long.


  • You Can Not Use It Cordless.

The Advantages Of Balding Your Head

We used to use straight razors for balding out hair before the electric clippers started to replace them. The razor could cut through the invisible areas like upper head better. But the main problem is you can not cut your own hairs with a razor. You are definitely will have nick and occasional burn because your skin is exposed to more irritation. If you don't like shaving your hairs with razors, then consider yourself lucky because the balding clippers are made for doing this job efficiently.

There are several advantages of shaving your head with the balding clipper.

best balding clippers

1.    The sheer amount of freedom it provides. Think about it. Even though you go to the barbers or give yourself a haircut, you have to worry about how your hair looks every single day. Whether you have to go to the office or casual family meeting you need to maintain your hair. Because nobody wants to come across as a mess.

2.    Being bald going to make you look absolutely badass. Because with all the distractions removed, your head will naturally look defined. So you will look more masculine and authoritative. Who doesn't want that?

3.    People will actually notice you. Because a bald-headed man always stands out than the others with hairs. People are likely to approach you more and strike up the conversation. You will be amazed to notice the change of air. Often this is a common technique for men to seem more unique.

4.    Balding your hair will make you look way younger than you actually are. If the thinning hair and pattern baldness made you look aged then balding the hair instantly cut your ages of down. Just makes sure not to try anything that's considered as weird hairstyles.

5.    Being bald can lower your stress level. Yes, you heard it right. The negative stress that is often associated with various health-related problems. Balding your head can positively affect your emotional level by reducing the stress.

Conclusion: We Have Provided A Detailed Overview Of The Five Best Balding Clippers Available. It's Entirely Up To You Which Clipper You Will Ultimately Choose, But We Have Provided Totally Unbiased Information Cross Checked From The Real Users. They Have Said What They Have Liked About The Hair Clippers And What They Didn't. So If You Want To Have A Look At The Most Authentic Balding Clippers Reviews, You Should Go Through This Article And Decide For Yourself. Also If You Have A Friend Who’s Hairline Is Thinning And Worried About His/Her Look Please Share This Guide On Buying The Best Balding Clippers With Them.

Top 10 Best professional clippers for barbers or men- 2019

Professional Hair Clippers For Men.

Hairs Clippers Are An Essential Apparatus In Modern Men's Grooming Arsenal. It Is No Secret That Women Dig Men's Hairs As Well Beards Too. But You Will Be Surprised To Know How Much.  

Most Of The Women Have A Strong Opinion About Their Man's Haircut. They Want The Men In Their Life To Look Well Groomed. Because A Well-Groomed Man Is Always Confident And He Stays In Command.

But Do You Know Which Of Your Hairstyle Is Favorites To The Women? It Is Haircuts That Are Done By  Professional Hair Clippers For Men.They Like It So Much Because It Enhances The Masculinity.A Man With A Buzz Cut Or Undercut Has A Lot Of Appeal To Him. This Is Why This Century-Old Cut Hasn't Gone Out Of Fashion Even After A Century.

It Was Initially Adopted By The Workers Who Didn't Have Much Money To Pay A Quality Barber.But Time Has Changed And Now Everyone Using Barbers Clippers To Get A Professional Looking Buzz Cut Because It Is The Sexiest Cut You Can Get In The Summer Or The Year Along.This Is Why We Have Put Together A Review Of Best Barber Clippers To Pick The Best Hair Clipper For Their Home Or Professional Usage. 

But If You Are A Professional Barber Or Aspiring One, You Need To Consider Carefully. Because There Are So Many Cheap Hair Clippers Labelling Themselves As Professional When They Are Not.This Is We Have Included The Most Important Things To Know To Make Sure You Pick The Best Professional Trimmer. Because If You Are Providing Professional Service, You   Can Not Just Afford To Purchase The Wrong Hair Clipper.    

Best clippers for barbers: Ever Since Best Professional Hair Clippers Made It Easier To Get A Fade Or Undercut At Home, There Is An Increase Of Numbers Of Hair Clippers Available.There Are So Many Options There When Choosing The Best Clippers For Barbers; It Can Easily Overwhelm You. Or You Might Not Simply Have The Time To Go Through All The Scattered Information Out There. This Why We Reviewed The Five Best Barber Clipper Here. Go Right Ahead.

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Wahl Pro Lithium Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper 8546:

Wahl Professional Sterling Li Pro Clipper #8546  Great for Professional Stylists and Barbers  Both Cord and Cordless Options

Wahl Has A Variety Of Products Available In The Market From Trimmers To Clippers. In Fact, Wahl Was The First Company Ever To Introduce The Electric Clippers For The Salon And Barbers.It Was Almost A Century Ago. From Then Wahl Is Considered One Of The Leader Of Industry And They Have Maintained A Line Of Hair Clippers That Are Best Hair Clipper For Fade And Hair Trimming Ever Since.

As We Know, Hair And Grooming Experts Are One Of The Most Perfection Oriented People Out There.They Are Always Looking For The Most Precise Haircut For Their Client's Satisfaction.  It Will Not Wise To Rely On Simply Any Random Hair Clipper Available Out There.Introducing Wahl Pro Lithium Cord. Cordless Hair Clipper Which Is An Improved Version Of Previous Models.

It Designed For Professional Use, And Wahl's Clippers Are Known For The Smooth And Professional Result It Provides.You Have Both The Cord/Cordless Clippers To Choose From.  The Lithium-Ion Battery Is Very Quick To Charge. It Takes Only  45 Minutes To Charge. After That, You Can Use This Up To 75 Minutes Nonstop.More To That, If You Are In A Hurry, It Has A Fast Charging Option Where You Can Use It For 12 Minutes After It Gets 15 Minutes Of Charge.

It Has Four Led Lights Which Let You Know When To Plug In The Charger. The Automatic Recharge Stand Comes Handy For That. Wahl Provides Some Extra Attachments With This Which Are Really Useful. A Quickly Detachable  5 In 1 Blade And Cleaning Brush Makes It Super Simple To Use.Most Importantly It Has An Internal Rotary Motor Which Is Powerful. So You Can Go Through A Really Big Forest Of Hair With Much Ease. Despite This, The Clipper Does Not Provide Any Noise.

So You Can Enjoy Your Professional Work Without Being Irritated By The Noise. This Hair Clipper Weighs Only 9.6 Ounces. So The Hair Clipper Is Lightweight And Incredibly Useful To Get A Professional Quality Cut At Home Or Salon.The Only Downside Could Be Its Price As Its Bit Costly, But No Other Hair Clipper Can Provide So Precise Hairlines As This Hair Clipper Does. So It's Definitely Worth A Try.   


  •  Ergonomic Design Is Very Comfortable To Use  Very Quiet
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Charges Very Quickly
  • Options To Choose From Both Cord And Cordless
  • Very Lightweight Detachable Blades


  • The Price Is Bit High.

Andis 63100 Variable Speed Hair Clipper Kit:

Andis 5-Speed Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade Kit, Black, Model BGRV (63100)

Andis Is Another Heavyweight Brand That's Been Active In The Industry For Almost A Century. Since Then It Has Taken A Leading Position In The Salon Industry. Having Its Origins In The Wisconsin, USA, This Company Is A Trusted And Reputable Brand To The Best Clippers Barbers For Almost Four Generations.Being One Of The Pioneers Of The Industry, It Went Out To Create The First Electric Trimmer For Beard 80 Years Ago. It Is Also The Inventor Of Modern Standard For Electric Clippers, The T-Outliner.

This Design Which Still So Much Popular That Is Has Adopted As The Professional Standard For The Electric Clippers. It Is Literally The Father Of All The Modern Professional Clippers.This Hair Clipper Is Everything You Want From A Professional Best Clippers For Barbers. It Gives You A Really Efficient And Smooth Cut With Any Length And Densities. It's Heavy-Duty Rotary Motor Supplies The Work Power Without Any Noise Or Distraction.

The Motor Enables Cut Through Through Almost Every Kind Of Texture. It Is Really Helpful When Cutting Thick Ethnic Hairs Such As African Hairs.

 It Has A Lightweight Design Of 7 Inches Is Supposed To Be 20% Lighter Than Traditional Clippers, According To Its Features.Which Is True Because It Does Feel More Swift To Move Around When Giving A Professional Cut Compared To Other Clippers Available.

But More Importantly, It Comes With A Detachable Ceramic Blade Attachment. Not Just It Is A Cheaper Alternative To The Steel, The Ceramic Blades Are Much More Useful Because It Does Not Produce Too Much Heat Like Stainless Steel Blades.If You Wish To Not To Use The Ceramic Blades Or Use Other Blades That's Okay Too. Because Its Blades Are Detachable. Which Can Really A Relief Because It Saves You The Hassle Of Cleaning Out The Blades After A Months Usage Which Can Be Pretty Annoying For Both Professional And Casual Users Alike.

Its Come With Cord But You Have An Option Too. You Can Choose The Cordless Clipper But It Does Not Come Cordless Ready. So If You Want To Go Cordless, You Should Also Pick A Battery Pack And Charger. But When You Are Using It With Cord, Don't Worry About Being Tangled Up With The Cord When Working Or Giving Yourself A Haircut. Because It's Swivel Cord Does The Job Pretty Nicely To Keep The Cord From Being Tangled.


  •  Detachable Ceramic Blade And Stainless Blade
  • Very Quiet Rotary Motor
  •  Swivel Cord Keeps It From Being Tangled
  • Cuts Through All Types Of Ethnic Hairs As Well.
  • 5-Speed Settings
  • Very Lightweight And Easy To Use


  •  Does Not Come Ready For Cordless.

Oster 76 Classic:

New Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper 3-Blades (blades sizes are 000,1,00000)

Oster Is Another Renowned Household Name In The USA. They Are In The Salon And Barber Industry For Almost 90 Years. It Also Has Its Roots In Wisconsin, The USA Like The  Andis. Although Now As A Part Of Sunbeam Who Made A Name For Themselves As Various Electronic Home Appliance Products Like Blenders And Mixer, The Journey Of Oster Started Differently.

It All Began In The Heyday Of The Steel Industry. When John Oster Sr., Who Started The John Oster Manufacturing Company Back In 1924. John Oster Initially Partnered With Matthew Andis But The Partnership Didn't Work Out Well As Expected And They Soon Parted. But They Both Went Out To Be Best-Known Brands In The Industry For The Past Century. Even After The Acquisition By The Sunbeam Company, The Oster Brand Continues To Provide The Barbers Clippers With Best Quality Professional Barber Clippers.

Oster Classic Hair Clipper Is Very Durable. Its Made For Heavy Usage. So Don't Be Surprised When It's Performing Extremely Well Even After Nonstop Use All The Long. This Makes It Very Suitable For Professional Barber Use. This Clipper Does Its Job Exceptionally Well.It Can Cut Through Any Hair Very Easily. Thick, Long, Curly Any Kind Hair, You Name It. This Is Why The Oster Is A Household Name For The Barbers For Almost 4 Generation. Because It Provides What It Is Promised.

Oster Hair Clipper Is Long Known For Its Exceptionally Sturdy Design Which Keeps It Functioning Even After It Is Dropped To The Floor Or God Forbids, Smashed By A Toddler In Your Home.But Oster Made Their Hair Clippers Extremely Withstanding To These Occasional Drops Which Are Very   Frequent.This Is Why You Will Finder Professional Barbers Using The Same Oster Hair Clipper For Years.

Quickly Detachable Antimicrobial Blades Save You From All The Cleanup Required. It  Also Makes Sure The Maximum Hygiene When You Are Cutting Hairs Of Several Customers With The Same Blade. The Heavy-Duty Part Is Quickly Removable. So You Will Not Need To Unscrew The Whole Clipper To Clean Or Replace Any Parts Of The Motor.Its Also Comes With Blade Guard, Oil, Brush For Further Maintenance Of This Classic Hair Clipper To Make Sure It Last A Decade Or More.


  • Even And Consistent Cutting On Damp Hair
  • Interchangeable Clipper Blade
  • Comes With Blade Oil And Other Extra Attachments
  • Stays Cool Even After Constant Use.
  • The Power Cord Is Long
  • Sturdy And Strong Build


  • It Weighs More Then Other Clippers Available.

Oster 76 Outlaw Turbo Review:

New Oster 76 Outlaw With Case Dual Speed (2-speed first and turbo) Clipper 76077-010 Professional Pro Hair cut Wet or Dry with Free Case and 10 piece Comb Guide Set with Pouch.

This Hair Clipper Is By Many Features Very Similar To The Previous Model We Have Talked About, The Oster Classic 76.  But Don't Get Confused. Even  Though They Seem Very Similar In Features And Function They Are Not. The Classic 76 Is Powerful Regarding Cutting Through The Hairs And The Simple Beast-Like Performance. 

It Is Much More Suitable For The Professionals Who Are Really Into The Game For Very Long. But There Is Some Important Difference Between Them I Would Like You To Know. First Of All The Classic 76 Is Not Really Suitable For Beginner Or Amateur Hair Stylist.

It's Bit Costlier Too. If You Are Looking To Start This As A Hobby, The Outlaw 76 Is A Cheaper Yet Quality Tool. This Hair Clipper Will Be Your Best Friend Because It Is Much Simpler To Get A Haircut At Home With This Affordable Hair Clipper. Oster 76 Outlaw Is Very Ergonomically Designed Hair Clipper. The Grip Is Covered With Rubber. It's So Comfortable To Hold This Hair Clipper. It Might Feel Easier To Handle Than The Slightly Heavier The Oster Classic 76. 

When It Comes To The Comfort Of Handling, The Oster Outlaw Is Slimmer And Naturally Fits Well In Hand. It's Slick And Resistant To The Slip Or Fall. 

The Modern Outlook With Black And Dark Red Is Very Attractive. It Was Not Designed Just For Design's Sake. For Example, There Is A Clip The At The End Of The Clipper.

This Where The Cord Has Started. This Hair Clipper Is Not Cordless, So The Clip At The End Is Provided To Prevent The Cord Being Tangled Or Dangling Out When Working On A  Customers Hair. When The Other Hair Clippers Have Only 8 Or 9 Feet Long Cord, This Model Has A 10-Foot Cord. So Better Mobility Is Ensured. This Hair Clipper Uses The Same Blade As The Classic 76.  So You Can Use The Same Blade For The Classic 76 And Outlaw 76 As Well. Also, This Model Has 2-Speed Motor When The Classic 76.

The Added Option Is The Turbo Speed Where It Cuts 3300 Strokes Per Minute Compared To The Regular Stroke Of 2900.  Which Is Really Useful When Cutting Through Very Thick Hairs.The Additional Attachments Include Detachable #0001 Blade, Cleaning Brush, Lubricating Oil And Zip Carry Case For Carrying It When You Are Planning To Take It Somewhere.

This Oster 76 Outlaw Hair Clipper Is Simply A Premium Hair Clipper Which Provides The Same Heavy-Duty Performance As Other Oster Model At A  Very Affordable Price.


  • Beginner Friendly
  • Easy To Handle
  • Very Quiet
  • 2-Speed Motor
  • Cheaper Than Other Hair Clippers
  • Uses The Same Blade As Oster Classic


  • Blades Need To Be Hydrated Because It Can Get Hot Easily.

Wahl Professional 8500 Senior Premium Clipper:

Wahl Professional Senior Clipper #8500 – The Original Electromagnetic Clipper with V9000 Motor – Great for Barbers and Stylists – Perfect for Heavy-Duty Cutting, Tapering, Fades, and Blends

If You Are Already Using A Cheap Hair Clipper And Not Having The Result You Want To, It Might Be Time To Change For Something That Is More Suitable.Because Most Of The Lesser Quality So-Called Hair Clipper Won't Be Able To Give The Precision That Best Professional Clippers For Barbers Are Looking For. This Is Why Wahl Brought Out The Wahl Professional 8500 Senior Clipper Which Means Business. It  Is One Of The Most Popular Hair Clippers Out There To The Professional Barbers. No Other Clipper Can Provide So Much Neat And Perfect Result That Every Specialist Hairstylists Craves Like The Wahl Seniors Do.


  • Really Powerful Electromagnetic Motor
  • Very Clean And Quiet Cut
  • Cuts Through Thick Hair Very Fast
  • Does Not Overheats
  • Comes With A Rubberized HandleSimple To Use
  • Cheaper Compared To Wahl's Other Models
  • clone
    Comes With Detailed Instruction To Use


  • Little Heavier Than Other Models.

The hair clipper we reviewed above is the best clippers for barbers. Whether you are a pro already or starting a salon, you certainly want those because they are best barber clipper for

 or any haircut and trimming needs. They are powerful and really up for any kind of rough and constant use that a barber shop requires.

[amazon table="782"]

Not all hair clipper are created equal. Some are created for more professional usage at the barber shop, and some are created for getting a professional looking fade cut at home. 

Cutting your own hair can save some money and this is a great habit too. With our in-depth tutorial on How To Cut Hair With  Clippers  The Ultimate Guide, you can conveniently do this at home.

But for this, you need to choose the right tool. Wouldn't it be easier and better to know what clippers are out there for getting the absolute badass look that makes the ladies head over the hills? So here is another five best hair clipper for fades. These home clippers are everything you need to cut your hair at home.  

MOSER LI+PRO 1884 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper:

MOSER 1884-0053 Li+Pro DIAMOND BLADE Professional Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper Special Edition NEW

We All Know Well How Efficient The German Technology Can Be. Moser Is An International Brand Hailing From Germany, And They Are A Part Of A Corporate Alliance With The Wahl. Yes, This Company Is Part Of Wahl  Corporation Which Is A Leading Brand And Household Name In The USA For Their Top-Notch Hair Styling Appliance.

Their Clippers And Blades Are Manufactured In Black Forest, Germany, And From There They Are Supplied Worldwide. They Are Known For Working Closely With Hairstylists To Make Sure The Quality Of Hair Clipper And Other Products. As A Company, They Boost Their Top-Notch Design With Excellent Technology.The Moser Li Pro Is A Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper Is A Professional Tool Made For Durability And Last Long. Although They Are Made For Professional Use, You Can Use It At Home Nonetheless.

If You Are Looking For Powerful Hair Clipper For Using At Your Home This Hair Clipper From Moser Is A Good Option. 

 This Smart And Professional Looking Hair Clipper Is Made For Heavy Duty Use, But Its Design Is Practical And Ergonomic. Its  Weigh  254 Grams Only.So This Hair Clipper Is Surprisingly Lightweight And Very Comfortable To Use But Don't Think Because This Hair Clipper Is Lightweight, It’s Tried And Tested To Withstand Occasional Drop And Fall Which Is Very Common.

Despite The Fact Is It's Not Powered By The Lithium-Ion Battery, Its Battery Isn't Any Less Regarding Functionality. It Provides 45 Minutes Of Nonstop Cordless Cutting After 45 Minutes Of Charge.Best Of All The Battery Doesn't Have Any Memory Effect. This Is A Pitfall That Even Very High-End Hair Clippers Fall Into. The Memory Effect Causes The Battery To Take Longer To Charge After Some Time.

If You Use A Hair Clipper For Four Years Of 5 Years, It Is Pretty Standard For The Battery To Take More Time. But Its Battery Is Made To Withstand Any Memory Effect. Which Is An Awe-Inspiring Feature To Look For Any Hair Clippers? Its Stainless Steel German Made Battery Comes With An Integrated System For Cutting Hairs At Various Length.

You Can Choose The Diameter Of 0.7 Mm To 0.3 Mm. Also, These Blades Are Quickly Removable, So If You Opt For Other Blades, You Can Do It Easily Without Much Hassle. It Also Features An Indicator Light Both Charging And When To Oil The Blades As Well. This Feature Is Very Useful. So Despite The Fact, Its Price Is Higher Than Average, You Will Know Where The Money Went After Using.Because This Hair Clipper Is Packed With Useful Features And Really Suitable For Personal Grooming And Professional Use As Well. You Will Not Get A Chance To Even Complain About That's For Sure.


  • This Hair Clipper Weighs Only 256 Gram
  • It Charges Super Fast
  • The Battery Doesn't Have The Memory Effect
  • Long Lasting And Durable
  • Quickly Removable Blades
  • German Technology
  • clone
    Indicator Light For Both Charging And Oiling The Blade.


  • The Price Is High

Andis BGR+ Professional Ceramic  Clipper:

Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade, Model BGR+, Black (64850)

Andis BGR Is One Of The Best Cordless Hair Clipper Available. But First, Let’s Clear A Confusion. Even Though The Andis BGR And Andis 63100 Have Kind Of Same Outlook And Design But They Are Not Even Similar Regarding Features And Functionality. Andis 63100 Is An Advanced Hair Clipper Which Gives You The Option To Choose From Both Cord And Cordless. But Andis BGR+ Does Not Come With A Cable. That Means You Have Only One Option.

But If You Are Looking For A Cordless Hair Clipper Which Has Same Powerful Features As Other The Andis Models Such As Andis 63100, It Can Really Be A Good Purchase.This Often Underrated Hair Clipper Is, In Fact, Andis BGr+ Considered As The Best Cordless Hair Clipper By Many Professional Barbers.As We All Know Ceramics Are Known For Their Poor Conductivity Of Electricity And Heat. Andis Has Used This Idea To Further Enhance The Hair Stylist's Satisfaction By Making The BGR+ A Ceramic Clipper.

So This Hair Clipper Is Extremely Resistant To The Heat, And It Is Safe To Say That The  Andis BGR+ Never Overheats. Some Of The Hair Clipper Available Especially Cheaper Ones Often Gets Overheated, And This May Cause To Even Drop The Hair Clipper. Which Is Totally Unwanted For Anyone.Maybe You Are Just Buying A Hair Clipper Just For Occasional Use At Home, But It Is An Important Thing To Consider Nonetheless.   

Another Annoying Thing Is The Dreaded Buzzing. Often The Hair Clippers Buzz So Much Due To The Cheap Motors And Other Parts That It Gets Quite Difficult To Work.

 Because With All That Constant Buzzing Your Hands Can Get Numb And That Leaves A Serious Chance To Accidentally Ruin Someone's Hair.That Would Be Horrible Even If That Someone Is You. But Another Good Thing About This Hair Clipper Is It Produce Such A Low Amount Of Buzz Which Is Very Negligible.Andis 63100 And BGR+ Are Different In Term Of The Size Too. The 63100 Is 6.5 Inch While The BGR+ Is 7.63 Inches.

It Has A Rotary Motor Which Is A Very Powerful Motor Which Can Cuts Through Any Thick Or Heavy Ethnic Hair Very Smoothly. Its Efficient Charging Technology Makes The Charge Last For 1 Hour. The Design Is Also 10% Smaller Than The Other Clippers, So It Fits Better At Hand Also Comfortable To Use. It's Easily Detachable Ceramic Blades Can Be Replaced Whenever You Want. There Are Also Some Extra Attachments Included Too. It Comes With The Blade Oils, Attachments Combs, A Battery Pack And A Charger Stand.


  • Does Not Overheat
  • It Produces Very Less Buzz And Noise
  • The Powerful Rotary Clipper Cuts Through Thick Hair Easily
  • This Hair Clipper Is Cordless
  • The Charge Lasts About An Hour
  • The Battery Can Be Charged Separately
  • clone
    Can Provide Professional Result Even At Home.


  • It's Cost More Than Other Home Clippers

Panasonic Professional ER 1611:

Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

Panasonic Is One The Most Popular Brand For Producing Consumer Electronic Products Globally. Blenders, Iron, Juicer, Mixer, Bulb, Trimmer, Shaver Clipper. You May Already Have A Blender From Panasonic, Or Your Favourite LCD   Tv Could Be Made By Panasonic Too. This Japanese Owned International Brand Is Giant Of Electronic Products For Constantly Pushing With Innovation And New Idea. Because Its A Leader In Every Field And As We Know, When It Comes To Electronic Products, Few Can Even Compete With The Japanese Brands.  

They Have Brought Their Talent And Innovative Minds In Men's Grooming Arena Too. Panasonic Hair Clippers And Trimmers Are One Of The Most Popular And Well Known In The Market. They Have Been Successfully Producing Hair Clipper And Trimmer For 60 Years For The USA And European Market, And They Are Widely Household Brand Name.

Panasonic ER 1611 Is Newly Introduced Cordless Hair Clipper In Panasonic’s Famous Line Of Professional Grooming Product. But It's No Less Equipped Than The Other Hair Clippers From Panasonic.Make No Mistake, Panasonic ER 1611 Means Business. Its Powerful Motor Rotates 10000 Times Per Minutes!Yes, It Is That Powerful. It’s 2x More Than Any Other Hair Clipper Available In The Market. So It Can Really Give A Seriously Fade Or Taper Haircut Blazing Fast.  

It Has Said To Be Applied The State Of The Art Swordsmanship Technology For Their X Taper Blades. Those Made In Japan Blades Are Angled 45 Degrees For Providing A Better Area To Cover While Cutting And Providing More Surface For A Quicker Haircut.There Is A Dial For Adjusting Blades Height As Per The User's Requirement. The Blade Can Be Lowered Or Raised By Using The Control Dial. This Control Dial Is A Unique Feature Not Found In Any Other Best Cordless Hair Clippers. There Are Five Options To Choose From When Deciding The Length Of The Cut.

Which Starts From 0.8mm And Can Be Switched Up To 2mm When Not Using Any Attachments. When Using Attachments, You Can Opt For 3mm To 15mm. Though Its Battery Isn't Lithium-Ion Battery, It Is Not Any Less Powerful Than Other Hair Clippers. Its Battery Can Provide Nonstop Hair Cutting For 50 Minutes After You Charge It For 60 Minutes.

Despite Being With So Much Powerful Motor And Packed With So Many Features, This Hair Clipper Isn't Heavy At All, In Fact, It Weighs Only 160 Gram. Pretty Amazing Right?

Its Smart And Simplistic Designed Combined With Gorgeous Outlook Makes It A Desirable Hair Clipper To Have At Home. You Can Have A Quiet Trimming Of The Hair At Your Own Time At Home. It Also Comes With A Power Cable And Charger Base Along With Three Attachments For Cutting Six Hair Length. 


  • Its Blades Are  Highly Precise And Effective
  • The  Rotary Motor Gives 2x More Rotation Than Any Other Hair Clipper
  • Control Dial To Raise Or Lower The Blade
  • The Charge Stays For 50
  • Quiet And Convenient For Home Usage
  • Weigh Only 160 Grams
  • clone
    Comes With A Charger Base And Power Cord Too


  • The Battery Is Not Lithium Ion.

BaByliss Pro X2 Volare Professional Ferrari Clipper:

BaBylissPRO Volare X2 Ferrari-Designed Engine

Babyliss Is A Relative Newcomer In The Men's Grooming And Salon Industry. But This French Company Has Already Made Some Reputation For Themselves In Women's Hair Grooming And Styling Arena. Hailing  From Paris, They Are Now Part Of The Conair Corporation Of USA. Their Women’s Curling Iron And Hair Straighteners Have Been Dominating Their Respective Arena For More Than 50 Years.   

In 2003, They Launched An Exclusive Line Of Products For Men Termed As "Babyliss For Men”. Since Then, They Are Constantly Pushing The Technological Advances In Hair Trimming And Cutting Industry. The Babyliss Pro X2 Is Designed To Revolutionize The Hair Clippers With Their Ferrari Inspired Design. In Fact, It's Rotary Motor Is Specially Designed And Supervised By The Engineer Teams Of Ferrari  Sports Car. And The Geniuses Of Automobile Industry Did Not Disappoint Us.

This Hair Clipper Is One Of The Most Powerful And Versatile Cordless Hair Clipper In The Market. Its Maxlife Pro Motor Is Designed To Last 10000 Hours Of Cutting Through The Heavy And Thick Hairs. They Prefer To Call It An Engine Rather Than Simply A Motor. I Have Heard It Myself. But This Ferrari Engine Hair Clipper Is Amazingly Quiet Too. It Will Give You A Very Quiet Haircut. As You Can See Its Design Is Inspired By The Ferrari Sports Cars. This Clipper Already Has A Luxurious Design Unique To It. It Has A Very Stylish As Well As Ergonomic Design.

Coming With Two Colours. One Is Black, And Another One Is Ferrari Red. You Can Choose Any One Of Them As Per Your Personal Preferences.

 Both Colours Look Outstanding And Classy Like A Sports Car. It Fits Into Hand Nicely. It Is Designed To Provide Maximum Comfort. The Grip Is Very Easy To Handle. Combined With The Ferrari Engine And The Titanium Coated Blade, It's A Beast To Handle. The Superior Cutting System Is Very Good With Cutting Hairs. These Blades Are Even Better Than The Standard Stainless Steel Blade.

This Cordless Clipper Is A Hassle-Free Way To Get A Precision Cut At The Comfort Of The Home Faster. They Can Cut As Short As .2 Mm, But If You Want A Longer Length, There Are Different Guard Available.The Unique Feature Is Its Battery Life. It  Has A Battery Life Of 3 Hours! Once You Charge It, You Can Rock The Haircuts For The Whole Day.Or Even If You Are Buying It For Your Hair Trimming, You Don't Have To Recharge It Again Every After 30 Minutes Of Use. The Indicator Light Will Notify You About When To Charge It. You Don't Have To Worry About The Hair Clippers Battery Going Down Suddenly When You Are In The Middle Of A Haircut. This Hair Clipper Is Not Cheap, But It Does Its Job Very Efficiently.


  • The Design Is Inspired By Ferrari Sports Cars.
  • The Powerful Motor Made By The Engineers
  • It's Very Quiet
  • Titanium Coated Blades
  • 3 Hours Of Battery Usage
  • Comes With An Indicator Light


  • The Price Is Higher Than Other Clippers.

Philips Norelco:

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100, BG2040

Philips Is A Dutch Multinational Company. They Are The Manufacturer Of A Broad Range Of Consumer Electronic Products From Bulb To Television To The Semiconductors, Philips Brand Is In Operation From 1890'S. Since Then They Are Considered One Of The Gigantic Electronic Company Which Currently Employs More Than A Hundred Thousand People From More Than 60 Countries. They Are The Inventor Of Many Modern Electronic Products Like The CD And DVD.  

 In The Year Of 1939, It Has Introduced The Groundbreaking Rotary Electric Shaver, Known Simply As The “Philishave”. They Are Marketed In The USA Under The Name Of “Norelco”. Since Then Philips Continue To Use This Name For All Of Their Personal Grooming Products Including Trimmer, Clippers And Various Related Products.This Is One Of The Best Cordless Hair Clipper Available Market In This Price Range. For Less $50 You Will Get A Powerful Hair Clipper With A Lithium-Ion Battery Which Can Last Up To 2 Hours.

You Need To Charge It For Just An Hour, And It Is Ready To Go For An Extremely Busy Day At Home Or The Salon Shop. It Comes With Both The Cord And Cordless Mode.When The Charge Is Going To Finish, You Can Simply Plug In The Cord And Continue To Your Work. You Can Rotate The Head 180 Degrees. So That Means You Don't Need To Stress Over The Back Side Of Your Head. It Is Kind Of Hard To Cut There If You Are Doing It At Home. 

Equipped With Cutting-Edge Titanium Coated Blades, It Cuts Through The Surface Of Your Hair Very Smoothly. These Blades Are Combined With The DualCut Technology. These Slick And Sharp Blades Cut 2x More Hairs Compared To The Other Hair Clippers. These Hair Clipper Blades Are Engineered For Minimizing The Friction, And Advanced Sharpening Technology Makes The Cutting Even Faster.It Also Has A Turbo Boost Option. This Turbo Boost Option Can Come Really Handy  

If You Are In A Hurry. So This Hair Clipper Is Equipped With All The Featured Needed For Slicing Through The Thickest Of Thick Hair Quite Easily.The Additional Attachments Include Following: The Blade Guard, Power Cord, Charger Base And A Manual. The User Manual Is Very Useful, And It Contains A Guideline For Cutting The Hair Of All Length. The Adjustable Comb Is Another Really Cool Feature.

This Is Flexible Comb Curbs The Necessity For All The Different Combs For The Different Length Of Hair. When Talking About The Period, It Is Worth Mentioning That This Hair Clipper Has 23 Different Settings For 1-23mm Length. Each Setting Is Precisely 1mm From Another Setting. So If You Are Looking To Get A Haircut At Home And Don't Want Change The Hair Comb Every Time The Slick Tool Is Your Best Friend. This Hair Clipper Has Everything That Makes A Best Cordless Hair Clipper.It Has Powerful Motor Combined With Cutting Edge Blade. The Battery Is Really A Power Station That Lasts For 2 Hours Of Use. Last But Not Least, The Indicator Lights Are Also Included.


  • Turbo Boost Button To Power Up The Cutting Speed
  • Self-Sharpening Washable Titanium Blades
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Lasts 2 Hours
  • Cordless/Corded
  • 1 Hour Charge Time
  • Battery Light Indicator
  • clone
    Easy Cleanup
  • clone
    Adjustable Comb


  • You Can Not Get A Bald Cutting. Although You Can Cut The Hairs Very Short.

Buying A Professional Hair Clipper - Things To Consider:

Like All The Investment, You Need To Go Out And Micro Checks Each Of The Details. But I Am Guessing You Don't Have Time For That.So To Cut The Slack And Makes Thing Super Fast Here I Am Here To Provide Some Wisdom. Before Buying A Hair Clipper, A Barber Makes Some Important Decisions. Like Whether They Want The Hair Clipper Corded Or Cordless. So Here We Present A Buying Guide For Professional Hair Clippers .

Corded Or Cordless: A Cordless Clipper Has Many Benefits. You Can Move Around More Freely. In The Past, There Was Only One Option. But Ever Since Wahl Brought The Cordless Models, Barbers, And People, In General, Started To Use The Cordless Hair Clippers More Often.But Don't Rule Out The Corded Ones Already. Many Clippers In This Review Are Both Corded/Cordless. If You Are Not Sure Just Choose One Of Them.

The Recent Burst Of Cordless Hair Clippers Made Them Portable And Easy To Use. If You Prefer Cutting Outdoors And Take It With You, It Is An Advantage To Have Them. However, The Best Cordless Hair Clippers Are Pretty Costly Too.Corded Hair Clippers Don't Have The Portability Like Cordless Clippers, They Have Been The Standard For The Salon Industry.

Cordless Hair Clippers May Run Out Of Charge When Giving A Haircut. If You Don't Want To Charge Again And Again And Need Giving A Fast Haircut, Corded Ones Are More Suitable.

Hair Clippers Are Made With Rotary Motors

Motor: If you compare a hair clipper with the anatomy of human body, the motor is the heart of a hair clipper. So it is important to check how many rotations per minutes a hair clippers motor is going to have. Ideally, it should be more no less than 6000 rotation per minutes. If it is any less than that rotation speed, it is better not to buy. 

There are three types of motor you will come across. Most of the hair clippers are made with rotary motors.  It  is the fastest and strongest motor. So professionals and expert both favour it for its durability and power. It is suited for both heavy all day use and less frequent home use.   The other two types of motors are pivot motor and magnetic hair clipper. Pivot motors are modest and slower than the rotary motor. It may seem like a disadvantage. 

But on the flip side, pivots motors don't overheat. On the other hand, magnetic motors are equally fast but fall behind on the overheating issue. They are better suited for occasional use.

Blade: The blade is equally important as the motor. There are several options available, but stainless steel are the standard blade. These blades are affordable and easy to maintain. The cleaning oil is provided with most hair clippers. It will not be any hassle to maintain them.If you are using it for personal care, the stainless steel is perfect. The ceramic blades are preferable when handling more heavy duty works. Ceramic blades are made for preventing overheating as ceramics are nonmetallic material.

There are also coated blades and self-sharpening blades available. Though their price is higher, they have some unique advantages. The blades are coated with titanium and carbons are sharper and cuts faster than Stainless Steel.Every blade needs to sharpen after cutting. But the self-sharpening blades get sharp when cutting. They are angled 45 degrees and can sharpen itself. It can save your time and effort.  

Hatteker Mens Electric Shaver Razor Beard Trimmer Rotary Shaver Cordless Sideburn Trimmer Wet/Dry 2 in 1 USB Rechargeable Waterproof Classic Black

Battery life: There are two types of batteries. But the lithium-ion batteries are most used at all. The battery life varies by the models of hair clippers.But most lithium-ion batteries are quick to charge, and they can last 30 minutes to an hour of cordless use. Some hair clipper goes as far as lasting 2-3 hours. Decide how much battery life is suitable for your use. 

Additional Features and Attachments: Hair clipper comes with additional attachments like blade guard, cleaning oil, comb, user manual. Also, some hair clippers may have extra features like indicator light or rotating heads. You might want to check out what is the cool feature that your hair clipper offering before you take a decision. Because many hair clippers do not provide charging stand or blade guard and you will need to buy them separately.

Design and Look: The hair clipper needs to be ergonomically designed. Because if you are not comfortable handling it, there is no point in buying it. Consider the grip and handle. Modern hair clippers are ergonomic by design so no need to worry about the how the clipper looks. However, do consider the weight and size of the hair clipper. Because of the hair clipper is too bulky you will not be able to work properly.  So the hair trimmer should be designed proportionality and fits well in hand. 

Professional Hair Clipper

Conclusion:Best clippers for barbers is going to save you a lot of money. Because professional hair clipper is an asset. We all feel the need for trimming our hair or get a fade cut often. But for most of use, spending $30 every other week is too much. Every single dollar counts. In this detailed buying guide on hair, clippers are meant to provide you with all necessary information about choosing the Best Clippers For Barbers. 

All of those barber clippers are equally well suited for both professional and personal grooming usage. It's up to you whether you decide to pick  the  best hair clippers for fades or buzz haircut. If you think these information’s were helpful to choose the best hair clipper for barbers and professional and someone else can be benefited from it, please do share this article with them on your social media. We will be very glad to hear from you. Till then, have a good time experimenting with fades and tapers.