Dandruff Symptoms And Treatment Maybe You Don’t Already Know

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is said to be a skin condition that is actually caused by white or gray white color of flakes of skin to appear inside your hair or on your scalp. Another name for dandruff is seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea (bacteria), in babies, it is called cradle cap. Dandruff is not only found on the hair of a human body, but it is also found on the ankles, knee, back of your penal (ear) and your nose.

It is harmless but can cause chronic health conditions when not treated properly, also they can cause a lot of discomfort on your hair by giving you an itchy scalp, thereby resulting to injuries that are painful and most time unbearable.

In this article, we will be giving you all the necessary details about dandruff and vital tips on how to effectively treat your dandruff problems.

Below are essential information’s that will help you in getting rid of dandruff.


  • As we all know, dandruff is commonly caused by the inappropriate way of taking good care of your hair.
  • It can also be caused by the overgrowth of the skin cells.
  • It is due to poor hygiene.
  • It can be caused by the overgrowth of the skin cells.
  • People who have certain diseases such as eczema, ringworm and some other skin diseases have the risk of getting dandruff.


It has some effect and why you should always prevent it and even if you have it you should make effort curing yourself from it.

  • Dandruff makes you look unhealthy.
  • It always keeps your hair itching you if your hair is infected.
  • If your hair is infected with this bacterium, it will make your hair look very old and dirty.
  • It is barely known that, people who have dry skin are easily prone to dandruff.


Lot of things can cause dandruff and the appearance comes in different forms which most times can be visible and observed by people around you.

There are different symptoms on how you should know that you are been infected by a dandruff bacteria (seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea) inside your body.

The symptoms are:

  • Margins.
  • Eczema around the ear region, nose and body.
  • Dry scalp
  • Itching scalp
  • Unpleasant odor
  • Eyebrow riches
  • Breaking of hair
  • Dead dry skin
  • Whitish flakes
  • Bread rash
  • Chest rash and reddish sport

Dandruff in adults

Dandruff is very capable of affecting adult from a particular age (age of 11 and abovef). Some adult easily get prone to dandruff because of the unhealthy taking care of their hair and body. When you sharing public clippers, shaving blades, comb, hair brushes and making use of dirty body towels. Theses cause dandruff both on your body and hair.

How to treat dandruff ?

Dandruff can actually be treated or cured by the used of antidandruff, cleanser, anti inflammatory creams, shampoos and lotions. Dandruff is mostly treated by mixing different effective dermatologic treatments combined together. Shampoo is recommended in removing dandruff.

Routine for melding dandruff

Always wash your hair with shampoo at least two times daily

After washing with shampoo, make application of antidandruff hair cream to kill the bacteria on your scalp.

Always make use of dry and clean towels or hair dryer if available after bathing

Rub fluocinonide solution once or two times a day on your scalp to stop itching skin

Cradle cap in babies / adults

cradle cap in adults

Cardle cap in babies/ adults can be so irritating and uncomfortable on them because they are helpless and can’t handle the discomfort they get from the itches on their scalp caused by dandruff.

Most parents mistake dandruff on their babies scalp for rushes and sometimes use the wrong product for treatment which might generate more dryness to the scalp making it to produce white flask with odor.

Cradle cap is a kind of dandruff that affects little children.

What is cradle cap in babies / adults ?

Cradle cap is a skin infection that occurs in many healthy babies and normally occurs in the first three month of age. Cradle cap causes flaking and skating around the scalp, this is caused by the overproduction of sebum added skin cells. This is as a result of high level of hormones transferred from the mother of the baby at the end of her pregnancy. It is not a serious condition and it isn’t harmful or painful and left alone will clear itself up within six month if you give it a helping hand.

Things you need to remove cradle cap :

You just need olive oil and soft clean brush with a baby shampoo. For more persistence cradle cap, some apple vinegar, and some cotton buds or cotton on pads.

Natural oil such as coconut or olive oil can be used to soften the areas enough to remove the flakes. About an hour before bath time, apply a liberal amount of oil to the affected area and let it sit for at least 14 to 16 minute or more.

How to get rid of cradle cap ?

Take a soft clean baby brush uses a circular motion to slowly lift the skin. You don’t have to remove it all in one session. What doesn’t come off with a few light strokes can be taken care of on baby’s next wash day using a small amount of shampoo, gently massage into the scalp and then rent.

Apply a small amount of olive oil on the hair and scalp to finish here, a before or after. When all the cradle cap is removed, sometimes it can be more persistence. Dilute some apple cider vinegar with water than using either a cotton bud or cotton wool pad then apply it to the small area that is still affected. When rubbing it on your baby, be careful less in runs into your baby’s eye.

You can again apply it prior to your baby’s night time bath and wash it out by morning, the smell would fade off. After applying these treatments, the cradle cap would be permanently removed.


Dandruff is a harmless infection that can easily be treated only when proper attention is given to it. There are so many anti-dandruff products in the market that are made of strong regents that can absolutely handle any bacteria or fungi that can cause dandruff.

Remember dandruff is not a life threatening infection that can result to a chronic condition both in males, females, and babies. So don’t be scared if you notice any of the above listed symptoms of dandruff on any part of your body with hair, all you need to do is to get some of the best anti-dandruff products from any of the anti-dandruff shampoos that are effective and efficient enough to destroy the fungi / bacteria’s causing the dandruff.

We will be updating you on the best anti-dandruff shampoos and other products that are best for all hair and skins textures.

Best Beard Styles for Black Men | Black Beard Styles In 2020

All You Need to Know About Beard Styles for Black Men & The Women Who Love Them!!!

In the past, wearing a beard could be viewed as a style that was mostly preferred by older men. Therefore, younger men would tend to steer away from these styles since they did not want to look or appear older than they really were. Today, because trends have changed in so many areas of life, maintaining a beard has become really fashionable, so many men have embraced the style.

This is especially true for black men since the style has become fashionable and there are many different popular styles. Black men are not afraid to push new boundaries. A black man who finds his unique style can also create an attractive persona and brand that works for him. So, for those who are interested in finding a unique beard style that will fit you and your personal taste, you can select a style that will complement your face shape and body.

It is important that you know that there are many different types of styles for black men, and they can add exceptional quality to your presence when you walk through any door. One of the basic tricks, however, is to match your beard style with the hair style that you wear to give your look a boost or a complete makeover. With that being said, here are some of the most well-known and complementary styles.

The Best Black Men Beard Styles Of 20​20 – Full-beard styles

In the past, the full beard would have been traditionally known and seen as a favorite style for the older or senior class black man. From fathers who had grown past a certain age, to grandfathers who graduated to this salt and pepper colored beard style, this was not only expected but in some cases the norm. In recent years, this classic style has made its way back into the mainstream of black men’s styles, and can be worn by black men of all ages.  One of the promising benefits of wearing this style is that it can be worn by both young and older men. It is also important to note that style can be sported with any hair style and any face shape, which means that it does not matter which hair cut or hair growth that you are trying to complement.

5 O’clock Beard Style

5- oclock beard style

Some may describe the five o’clock beard style as an irresistible fashion statement. Similar to the ideal look of a 3-day old beard, it can make any woman swoon since it provides a semi-rugged clean look. With this particular style, the cheeks, as well as the neck, will need to be shaved properly on a daily basis in order to master this look. Once shaved, it should be maintained with beard shampoo along with the appropriate kinds of oil can in order to create a shiny effect. It is also essential that anyone who wears the 5 o’clock beard style keep this beard trimmed every three days. So, for those who want this look to appear its best at all times, this 3-day regimen should be followed.

Goatee Beard Style

goatee beard style

Another popular trendy look that black men like to sport is the goatee beard style. This style provides a minimalist effect, and can garner a lot of attention when worn. With a small beard that is located directly under the chin, it can also be sculpted and styled in a form that is unique to the individual and their personal preferences.

Van Dyke Beard Style

Van Dyke beard style

The Van Dyke Beard Style is an additional great option that black men can choose from when they are looking for a style that will work best with their face and hair style. This beard style is noted as coming from a popular Flemish portrait artist by the name of Anthony Van Dyke. With this beard style, men will notice that it consists of a very straight beard that is worn on the chin along with a mustache that has not been connected to the man’s lips.

Chin Curtain Beard Style

The Chin Curtain Beard Style

If the Van Dyke does not suit your personal style or preference, you may want to consider growing a full beard, and then have the mustache formed to certain style. In specific, the mustache will need to be trimmed along the areas of the cheeks as well as along the jaw in a linear fashion.

Mutton Chops Beard Style

Warmer Mutton Chops Beard Style

Of all of the beard styles that a black man can wear, there is also one stands out in particular. Most people will probably say that it is considered the most daring styles of all discussed. This is because for this to work like you actually envision, you will need to allow their hair on their sideburns to extend much longer, larger and denser. Once it has reached the optimal length, the next step is to shave your chin area, the soul patch, and your mustache.


Though these beard styles are popular, trendy and make great choices if you want to try them, you should know that there is a diversity of other beard styles for black men too. Some of the more noteworthy that can be added to the list include the Garibaldi, circle, short boxed, crusader, duck tail, chocolate, shaved, mid-range stubble, and the tight and chin curtain with mustache.  All these options can make an excellent choice if you want to explore your options, broaden your opportunities to change your look, and sport a style that is completely unique to your taste and preferences.

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Finding Out The Best Razor For Bikini Area Hair Removal?

How to Choose the Best Razor for Bikini Area

When it comes to hair removal, shaving is the very commonly used method and it’s understandably easy to figure out why. It removes hair fast, it’s not costly and it’s pain-free only if you don’t get cuts. A razor is the tool being used to remove unwanted hair. It comes in different variants, so if you are into finding out the best razor for bikini area, you will find this article useful enough to get some ideas.

Irritation is very likely to occur when the hair grows back a few weeks after shaving. There are some hairs that grow inward, thus the ingrown hairs that are painful and unappealing to the sight. Having a shaving routine that includes a sharp razor is the best way to address these issues. There are many razors in the market, from manual to electric to disposable, and each will have a slightly different feature.

Being able to choose the best razor for the type of hair you wish to remove will make it easy for you to go about the procedure without getting cuts and will also make the skin feel smoother. Surely, you have your own preference when it comes to the best razor product, and your choice may depend on various factors. Factors like price, brand, and design can be considered. Some are on the lookout for the technical aspect like the number of blades a razor has and the ability to give you a good shave without causing bumps, nicks or burns.

In fact, when it comes to picking out the best razor in terms of brand, it’s easy to identify Gillette because it has long established its name from among the razor manufacturers. But there are other nice brands too with similar quality. Schick is another reliable manufacturer and this can make a good choice for an alternative.

The best razor for bikini area is the electric razor. Depending on the manufacturer, the products you will find may have similar or different features, with one product standing out from the others. You need to consider these essential features in choosing a good quality electric razor for your bikini line.

Razor Blade

There are razors that come with many blades that can help you get a close shave without causing bumps or burns. But not all blades are perfect for any type of skin. So, make sure you look for that part in the packaging that says for what type of skin it is best used with.  A sharp razor is the most important thing to use on the bikini area since a dull blade can cause skin irritation. Schick’s Hydro Silk Trim Style razor for women has five curve sensing blades with unique skin guards to smoothen out skin in every glide. It also comes with a MicroFine comb that lifts up the flat hairs to ensure that all hairs are trimmed off from the first pass. Some razor blades are designed with a dual sided trimmer for easy lifting and trimming of cut-out hairs like that of LumaRx razor.

Cordless and Rechargeable

For an electric razor, choose one with cordless and rechargeable feature. Cordless performance allows for easy handling and portability wherever you go. LumaRx razor has a 30-minute runtime while Philips SatinShave Prestige cordless razor offers up to 1 hour of cordless usage. Most battery-operated razors also come with light indicator when charging but choose one that also has a battery level indicator so you can tell when the razor needs to be charged.


When choosing the best razor for the bikini area, you must consider the trimmer available for that type of razor. Apparently, you would need a waterproof trimmer that you can be used in or out of the shower when shaving your bikini area. Remington razor has a detailed trimmer with comfort tips ideal for sensitive skin. Schick has a built-in waterproof trimmer that comes with an adjustable comb, in four different settings to customize your trim length. Always check if the razor has a bikini trimmer attachment head. Some other products include a micro-shaver for the curved areas and a precision trimmer. The micro-shaver is perfect for a close shave.

Mutliflex Head

For women, shaving on the bikini area may make them prone to cuts and irritations. So, it is important to consider flexibility of the razor head. Choose the one with a pivoting head that allows you to do a close shave. Philips SatinShave Prestige razor has multiflex head with floating foils and soft-touch comfort cushions that lets you shave gently along the contours of the skin. The dual floating foils ensure that you don’t miss a lot of hair while shaving. Panasonic electric shaver also has a floating head shaving system that adjusts to the curves of the body so it works perfectly even on the bikini area.


Most razors in the market come in kits that include other add-ons and one of these is the moisturizing serum. If you have a pretty sensitive skin, you can opt for a razor kit with this inclusion. Schick razor kit comes with a water-activated, moisturizing conditioning serum for a clean and optimum shaving experience. The serum is also hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. This after-shave conditioner helps replenish the natural moisture of the skin. The LumaRx Foil Shaver comes with almond moisturizing strip that soothes the skin in every glide of the shaver, keeping the skin soft and smooth to the touch.

You really have to put more thought and careful choice on the type of razor you will use if you plan to shave your bikini area. The skin on this part of the body is extra sensitive, so choose quality over affordability. Otherwise, a bad choice of Razor will still cause you razor bumps, irritated skin and ingrown hair. Now that you have gained some insights on how to choose the best razor for bikini area, your next move is either to replace what you are currently using or get a new one that you deem best.

How To Shape A Beard And Create Beard Styles For Men

How To Find the Best Beard Style for Your Face Shape – The complete guide!

For any man who wears a beard, those facial hairs may be prone to wildness as the one who wears it. Sure, any bearded man will project the look of power but if it is not tamed and shaped well, he may appear as chaotic as his beard. It is a must for every man who grows facial hair to learn how to shape a beard and also create beard styles.

Whether it is a new beard you’re growing, or you have been growing facial hair and you’re simply finding out some tips on how to keep it neat, finding the style that suits you best will give you that boost of confidence and add points to good looks as well. The styling and trimming technique, though, will vary depending on the length and the way your beard grows.

Preparing for Beard Trimming

Before anything else, you must start with the right essentials, so here is a list of the tools you need for trimming and shaping your beard:

  • Mirror (best if you can get one that allows you to see yourself from different angles)
  • Fine tooth comb
  • Barber scissors, clipper or a beard trimmer
  • Safety razor
  • Shaving gel

After preparing the necessary tools, next is to get your beard ready for trimming. So start by cleaning those facial hairs completely. Use the tooth comb to work through its full length and thickness and to also lead your entire beard to the same direction of the hair growth.

How to Shape Your Beard

Trimming the Beard

A long, full beard has a slightly different trimming style than the short one. You may need to have a longer setting time in order to let the tool run over the beard and keep it at its needed length. Use your beard scissors and the tooth comb for proper trimming. Follow these steps to trim and shape a long beard:

  • Neatly comb the hair following the direction of the hair growth
  • Using the barber scissors or the beard trimmer, snip off the wild hairs that simply won’t go along the same direction of the rest of the hair and normally stick out of the beard.
  • Now that you have the beard properly lying down, comb a small portion of hair on the side of the beard just below the ear so that a small portion of hair protrudes the teeth of the comb.
  • Using the barber’s scissors, trim the hair that shows through the teeth (the comb’s teeth will serve as your guide in snipping off hair)
  • Continue with this process all the way to the center of the beard
  • Work your down on the other side of the head and do the same thing.
  • Make sure that you trim the same amount and length of hair all throughout.
  • After trimming the beard, comb it again to remove any stray hairs you may have missed. This ensures that all of the hair is trimmed evenly.

Shaping the Sideburn

If you are sporting a full beard, you must figure out your sideburns, or that part where the hair on your head ends and where your beard begins. Do not fail to disregard this as just let hair around your ears to grow long. Just take out a small amount of hair until you reach a taper that is to your liking.

Shaping Beard on the Neckline

Some men intend to go for a natural look, thus the reason for growing a beard. Yet, the caveman look with full beard extending towards the neck does not look good. If you draw the neckline a little high can also make you appear over groomed and unnatural. In general, a good neckline is one that naturally extends down from the curve of the ears. Between the neck and the head, beard hair must be trimmed about 1 to 1.5 inches above the Adam’s apple.

Shaping the Hair around the Lip Area

While you’re shaping your beard, don’t forget to trim the hair around your lips including the moustache. Make sure that the moustache does not go over the upper lip. Rounded scissors are best used to trim it.

Doing the Finishing Touches

This time you will need to do some finishing touches on your newly trimmed beard. To give it a cleaner look, the surrounding stubbles and the edge part of the beard must be cleaned. You will need your safety razor and some shaving gel or cream, and be guided by these simple steps:

  • Apply a damp towel to your face to relax the whiskers and make it easy to trim.
  • Apply shaving gel or cream on the areas where you think must be shaved.
  • Using the razor, carefully shave the areas that you want to be hair-free particularly on the cheeks and neck.
  • Outline the beard using the razor still, and just be cautious not to accidentally cut the hair on the beard.
  • Put soothing shaving lotion after shaving and comb once more.

Finding the Best Beard Style

Your beard style will rely heavily on the shape of your face. One basic principle must be considered: your beard and your jaw must complement each other in order to achieve an optimal oval shape. If you have a round or square jaw, create a fuller beard at the bottom to extend the face. If you have an oval or rectangular-shaped face, have more hair on the sides and decrease the length of hair on the chin.

A man with neat-looking beard can look hot with those facial hairs, but it should not cover the rest of the face. It is an art to learn how to shape a beard and create a beard style. It needs some discipline and a lot of creativity. Just don’t be scared to make a mistake on shaping your beard, it grows back anyway. But it will be a whole lot better if you do it right the first time to keep from having to grow your beard again for another 4 weeks or so.

How To Cut A Professional Men’s Hair With Clippers

Purchasing hair clippers for men is a significant investment. It is important to understand how to cut men’s hair with clippers to ensure you achieve the most professional result everytime. This short video by a professional hairdresser shows you how to ensure you use hair clippers for men in the right way to get the perfect result. Thanks to ExpertVillage for this very informative and useful instructional video.

What you will discover in this video is the correct way to cut men’s hair with clippers. Having a great hair clipper tool is only part of the secret to success in achieving a great hair cut in the comfort of your own home. You need to know the correct way to use the tool when learning how to cut men’s hair with clippers.

Some people think that you can achieve a complete haircut solely using hair clippers. This is not the case. Certainly the more proficient you become at using hair clippers for men, the greater role they will play in helping you to achieve an excellent result. You will still need to use scissors to taper and manage the finer detail, however learning how to properly use hair clippers when creating a men’s haircut will add greatly to the speed of the exercise, and style that can be achieved.

One of the key things you will learn in this video is that it is critical to start at the bottom of the head and work your way up to ensure a correct and even consistency in the cut. This will help to remove the ‘thick‘ allowing you to then work to refine the style of the haircut to the person’s liking. How you hold the clippers is also very important as you will learn in the video.

This video forms part of a series of videos from ExpertVillage we are providing to ensure you get the best out of your hair clippers.In other videos you will learn the most important tip when cutting hair with clippers, among other useful insights from professional hairdressers! Please check out the various instructional videos in our ‘How To Create A Professional Men’s Hair Cut’ series!

The Most Important Tip When Cutting Hair With Clippers

If there is one important rule when cutting hair with clippers, it is to use hair clippers on dry hair! This short video by a professional hairdresser shows using clippers on wet hair can result in damaging your quality clippers and will result in a poor haircut! Thanks to ExpertVillage again for a great instructional video.

Cutting damp hair is not unlike mowing wet grass! This may seem like an odd comparison, however if you have ever tried to mow damp grass you will know what I mean! The grass pulls and tears, and does not ‘sit right’ when cut. It is only when it dries that you get an accurate idea of how successful the cut ended up being. Strange as it may sound, cutting hair with clippers is not that much different! When using hair clippers for men, always ensure you use them on dry hair for a perfect result.

It is also important when cutting hair with clippers to ensure you are doing so on clean hair. Hair that is free of oil and dirt will be easier to cut, and the result will be far better than if the hair is not clean. This does not mean necessarily you need to shampoo and condition the hair immediately prior to the haircut. You may wash your hair in the morning, and it will still be in good condition for a cut that evening, or during the day, once your hair is dry.

You will often see hairdressers wash client’s hair prior to giving a hair cut with scissors, and the hair is easier to control. It is important however that if a hairdresser is to use the hair clippers on the client they do so on dry hair to ensure the hair is not pulled, and the result of the clipped style can be easily monitored as the clipping is done.

For more instructional videos on how to achieve the best haircut when cutting hair with clippers, please check out our ‘How To Create A Professional Men’s Hair Cut’ series!

Cutting Hair At An Angle Using Hair Clippers For Men

When you are cutting hair with clippers, it is very important to learn the correct techniques to assist you in getting the perfect result every time. The best way to learn is often to copy someone who is doing it successfully. In this case, who better to show you the technique for cutting hair at an angle using hair clippers for men than a professional hairdresser!

We again extend our thanks to ExpertVillage for this short instructional video. In it you will learn the best way to trim your hair after you have used hair clippers for men to achieve a great looking blend in your desired style. Often people think when using scissors, they should just cut directly from the side of the head above where the hair clippers have been used, however this will not give you the correct result.

The only way to properly achieve the perfect blend for the top of the side of the head, through to the crown of the head, is to take hair between your fingers and extend it 90 degrees out from the scalp, and cut hair at an angle in this manner, ensuring it is combed back over the clipped section each time.

If you watch professional hairdressers or barbers at work, you will notice they use this technique constantly. Whilst it may look like they are doing repetitive motions to cut small sections of hair at a time, it is actually a critical part of the process to achieve a great looking result.

It is also important that you use a pair of sharp hair clipping scissors for this exercise, to ensure the hair is not pulled and is cut evenly. Using your hair clippers for men, you will find that you can achieve the majority of your style with the clippers themselves, however cutting hair at an angle requires a little practice to ensure you have the correct blending of two cutting techniques to achieve your desired result.

In a future video in our How To Create A Professional Men’s Hair Cut’ series’, ExpertVillage will demonstrate how easy it is to achieve a comb-over cut when using hair clippers for men.

Hair Cutting Techniques – Point Cutting With Scissors

In this video thanks to ExpertVillage, you can learn one of the most important hair cutting techniques – how to point cut men’s hair to give the perfect blend when cutting men’s hair with clippers. This is a really important technique to master, and if you can, you will produce a fantastic result when cutting hair with clippers. It really is not difficult to achieve. Like all techniques, half the battle is being shown by someone who knows what they are doing, so that you can practice and learn it for yourself to make yourself an expert when using hair clippers for men!

Many people when cutting hair with scissors tend to select a section of hair and cut it horizontally from the head. The problem when doing this is that the hair, when laid down, will not sit correctly across the clipped section. This results in the scissor cuts looking odd and out of place, as they do not create a uniform look in line with the neatly trimmed section. In learning how to cut men’s hair with scissors, this is one of the most important professional techniques you can learn!

As Casey demonstrates in this video, the key is to do what is called point cutting, or notch cutting. In summary you hold the hair away from the head and ‘notch’ the hair on an angle, and continue to do so until the hair is at the desired length. Whilst it may seem like this would create an inconsistent result, in actual fact the opposite is true. When the hair is combed down, you will see you have a beautifully consistent blend with the section you have styled with your hair clippers for men.

In the next video in our ​video series, you will learn how to cut the top section of the hair when cutting men’s hair with clippers

​Hair Cutting Techniques – Cutting The Top Section of Men’s Hair

In this video you will discover how to cut the top of men’s hair, being one of the key hair cutting techniques used by professional hairdressers and barbers. Thanks again to ExpertVillage for this 2 1/2 minute video showing this technique in detail.

Following on from our last video, you will now know how to point cut men’s hair to get a perfectly blended result when using hair clippers for men. Now that you know how to achieve this result with scissors, it is time to put it into practice for the top section of the head to complete the hair cut!

When cutting the top section of hair, it is important to create an imaginary section that extends from the back to the front of the head. This is known as the mid section, or sometimes is called the ‘mohawk’ section of the top of the head.

The trick is to utilize your point cutting hair cutting technique, starting at the back and slowly working your way to the front of the head, combing over the clipped section at each stage to ensure a perfect and consistent blend.

When you reach the front of the hair, it is critical not to cut straight across the fringe section. Depending upon what effect you want in relation to the length of your front section, you must continue to point or notch cut the front section of hair, grasping it tightly at each stage to ensure an even effect when cutting. Once you have been able to do this successfully, you have mastered one of the main professional hair cutting techniques!

Please do check out the other videos in our series. You will learn so many hair cutting techniques that can take professionals years to master, however by watching and learning from this video series you can quickly master the hair cutting techniques to ensure you get the best result from your hair clippers for men!

Hair Cutting Techniques – Cutting The Top Corner of Men’s Hair

In this latest video thanks to Casey from Elements University & ExpertVillage, we show you how to cut the top ‘corner’ of men’s hair, which is one of our essential hair cutting techniques that you need to master to get the best results when using hair clippers for men!

When we talk about the ‘corner’ of a man’s head, we are not referring to a corner per se, given the head is round! In the absence of any other better description we are talking about the side section of the head, below the middle ‘mohawk’ section which we learned to trim in the last video ‘Hair Cutting Techniques – Cutting The Top Of Men’s Hair‘, and above the clipped side section we learned about in the first video ‘How To Cut Men’s Hair With Clippers’ where we showed you how to use hair clippers for men  to achieve a professional result every time!

It is important to recognize the dynamics and shape of the human head when cutting this side or ‘corner’ section. Given we have been point cutting the hair to ensure a perfect blend with the section trimmed with the hair clippers for men, we will continue this process to ensure an even overall result. As Casey demonstrates in this short video, the trick is to take a section of hair, and recognize that there is a ‘short’ and a ‘long’ side. The short side of the hair section is that which is blended into the top section that we have previously trimmed.

The long side therefore is the ‘side’ or ‘corner’ section still maintaining length. By point cutting from the long side towards the short side of the section, you will find you create a lovely blend between the sections, so that it looks natural with no lines visible.

You continue to do this to the side section starting at the back and working your way, point cutting each section, until you reach the front of the head. Overcomb at each step to ensure you are achieving the desired result and the cut looks even. Once you have finished with this side or ‘corner’, move to the other side and repeat the process.

That’s all there is to it! In the next video ,we will share a tip on how to put the final touches to blending the result with your clipped section and the top trimmed section

Hair Cutting Techniques – Blending Below The Line When Using Hair Clippers For Men

If there is one word that can describe this hair cutting technique shared by our friends at ExpertVillage, it is ‘below’. What does this mean? You will have to watch this short video to find out one of the key secrets in hair cutting techniques, which will ensure you get the perfect result every time you are using hair clippers for men!

One of the main achievements in using professional hair cutting techniques is a result that is consistent, even, and has a uniform style. I would like to draw an analogy to what is taught in this video. If you are painting a wall, and have already painted a section, what is the best way to paint the next section that adjoins, to ensure you get a perfect blend? Would you start in the middle from the end of the previously painted section, and then just paint upwards? No! Anyone who knows anything about painting knows you need to ‘feather’ the join, meaning you need to blend the previously painted section to the newly painted section.

So, I hear you ask, what on earth does this have to do with getting the perfect result when using hair clippers for men? Everything! Please bear with me and I will explain 🙂 Most people when they need to blend a men’s hair clipper cut with the top section of hair, start in the middle of the side of the head and cut the length straight across. The result? An uneven cut where you can easily see the cut lines! Not a good look!

So what is the best means in hair cutting techniques to achieve a consistent blend? To start ‘below’ the scissor trimmed side section, an inch or so below the top of the clipped section. By making your way upwards using this technique, trimming evenly as you go, you can blend the clipper and scissor cuts perfectly, to get a neatly styled cut. Sound difficult? It isn’t, just watch this 1 1/2 minute video and you are on your way to becoming an expert in using hair clippers for men!

Most Important Tip When ​Cutting A ​Men’s Hair With Clippers

If there is one important rule when cutting hair with clippers, it is to use hair clippers on dry hair!​ When you us​ed clippers on wet hair can result in damaging your quality clippers and will result in a poor haircut!​ Cutting damp hair is not unlike mowing wet grass! This may seem like an odd comparison, however if you have ever tried to mow damp grass you will know what I mean! The grass pulls and tears, and does not ‘sit right’ when cut. It is only when it dries that you get an accurate idea of how successful the cut ended up being. Strange as it may sound, cutting hair with clippers is not that much different! When using hair clippers for men, always ensure you use them on dry hair for a perfect result.

It is also important when cutting hair with clippers to ensure you are doing so on clean hair. Hair that is free of oil and dirt will be easier to cut, and the result will be far better than if the hair is not clean. This does not mean necessarily you need to shampoo and condition the hair immediately prior to the haircut. You may wash your hair in the morning, and it will still be in good condition for a cut that evening, or during the day, once your hair is dry.

You will often see hairdressers wash client’s hair prior to giving a hair cut with scissors, and the hair is easier to control. It is important however that if a hairdresser is to use the hair clippers on the client they do so on dry hair to ensure the hair is not pulled, and the result of the clipped style can be easily monitored as the clipping is done.

Benefits of an Electric Shaver

Why you should replace that manual razor with an electric shaver? 

Shaving is an element of male grooming that has defined generations. Over the years, we have seen the art of shaving evolve, dictated by the fashion and style trends of the day. Although manual razors have typically been the dominant shaving tools, since the turn of the century electric shavers and electric shaving have begun to take over the market. There are several advantages of electric shavers that have seen them become popular in many households. These advantages include.

Electric vs Manual Shaving

​1.Faster shaves

Most of us only allocate a small amount of time per day to shaving. Generally it is a few minutes in the morning before we get on our way to work. With this in mind, you need a shaver that saves you time while at the same time does the job perfectly. Electric powered shavers are your best bet for a faster shave; this is because they roll up the skin, forcing hairs up before cleanly cutting them, which means you do not have to go over the same area twice hence saving time on your shave. They are the quickest way to get ready in the morning.

2.Saves you money

To get a decent electric powered shaver you have to sacrifice quite a bit of cash up front. However, in the long term, these shavers are less expensive than manual razors. A good electric powered shaver should give you close to five years of service if handled well which represents good value for money. A manual shaver requires constant razor replacement which cumulatively is expensive. If you replace the razor, let’s say 12 times a year you will have replaced it 60 times in five years by the time the electric type is replaced. So if you are thinking economically, the electric type shavers have the edge.

3.Perfect for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is a common problem among many men today. It is a problem virtually affecting everyone; from young adults just starting to shave, to the older generations. If you have sensitive skin, opting for an electric powered shaver might be a better bet. Whereas manual razors scrape and damage skin, their electric counterparts glide over the skin reducing the chances of irritation, cuts and nicks on each pass. There are fewer razor bumps, razor burns and skin irritations with an electric powered shaver meaning you can be sure of a smoother skin.

4.Consistent results

Electric blades will offer you consistent result as long as you take care to maintain and clean the blades often. The edges remain incredibly sharp throughout the shaver’s lifetime. On the flipside manual razors wear out with each use and one is forced to consistently change blades. Failing to do so will result in uneven shaves and missed spots. Electric blades remain uniform offering consistent results after each shave. Even if the shaver’s battery runs low, the razor can offer sleek result while maintaining the same blade quality.

5.High-Tech Features for personalised shave

Manual razors are simply straight edged blades attached to a handle; on the flipside electric razors feature high-tech additions capable of personalising your shave. For example, electric razors have integrated trimmers that present you with the option of shaping your beard or moustache for your desired look. They also allow you to have a smooth appearance without using a beard comb attachment. If you desire style and to communicate your personality; the electric powered shavers are likely to be your best bet to achieving this.

6.Portability and freedom of use

Electric razors have battery lives tuned to optimal levels and can last you a long time. Although you can also take a manual razor on your travels, it is difficult to use them away from a sink. |Electric razors can be powered up for quick touch-ups while in the parking lot just before a big conference or at the edge of your bed. Secondly, it is ill advised to use manual razors on dry skin as this may cause profound skin irritation and pain. As for the electric ones they can be used over dry skin safely and provide exemplary results. Also, while travelling, electric razors come along with convenient travel pouches and protective caps that keep components in good shape.

7.Multi-purpose usage

Electric powered shavers can be used on both facial hair and body hair, unlike manual razors. On facial hair, electric razors can shave beards, shape moustaches and style sideburns. A manual razor due to its nature is not capable of performing these tasks, so look to an electric shaver if you are hoping to keep facial hair well styled rather than going for a smooth shaved look.

8.Lesser probability of ingrown hairs

Using electric razors reduces the possibility of having ingrown hairs. Manual razors may cause ingrown hair, which is characterised by strange bumps on the face caused by the backwards curling of hair back into the skin rather than growing out of it. Ingrown hairs are irritating and on some occasions, can become infected and darken the skin leaving behind scars. Using an electric razor, keeps you free from ingrown hairs.

Electric powered shavers have the edge when compared to the manual razors. Whether you are looking at it from a convenience point of view or from an economic point of view, these shavers perform beyond expectation. Make the transition today and say yes to safer and cleaner electric shaving by purchasing an electric powered shaver. The above benefits of electric shavers should make it easier for you to dispose your manual razor. Check out our guide for the best electric shavers on the market today.

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How to get rid of razor burn | How to prevent razor burn ?

How to get rid of razor burn - RazorHere

This article is about one thing – a simple solution for razor burn. ​

What exactly is razor burn?

Let's start with the fact that burning here is definitely not in its true sense – only that one gets the feeling of a burning sensation as well as itching due to skin irritation. It's what irritates the skin that matters and, in the case of razor burn, how you can go about getting some relief?

The primary cause of razor burn is the way the razor is used. In the case of single-blade razors, it occurs when the razor is passed over the skin time after time, usually in search of an extra-close shave. This is an issue with technology – the number of strokes needed for a complete shave is really more about how the shaving effectiveness instead of actual repeated "passes" of the blade used.

So, what is important or different about a modern multi-blade razor? Well, the recent multi-blade cartridge now has no less than five blades placed in a row other. This means that for each stroke you really get five blade passes over the skin – so that if you make three strokes and that's the equivalent of no less than fifteen with a razor with a single blade!

What is the cause of razor burn?

You see, the blade not only removes stubble of hair, but also a very thin layer of skin cells. This is called exfoliation and is a recognised way of renewing the skin and making it look healthy and even younger. The problem with using the multi-blade razor is that you can only take on this process so far; that is only through the layers of dead skin cells. Any further than that gets into the layer of living skin cells and that leads to irritation. Another problem that users of multi-blade razor can experience, especially men with scraggly beards, is called crisp images.  This condition can be caused by the action of a multi-blade razor as it passes over the skin. The first blade lifts hair from the follicles, and before the cuts, the second blade makes the cut. The hair then retreats below the surface of the skin, giving what should be a very smooth shave. These hairs cut in the manner described above are now in-growing hairs which, when not able to find their way out of the skin become what is known as "razor bumps". This raises the question of how many blades are actually required for a good shave that will avoid these kinds of problem happening.

In order to avoid the problem of razor burn, the following would need to be done: First, swap the multi-blade razor for single-blade model, and second, improve the technology of shaving such that only as few as possible passes of the razor is required for a clean shave. If you have to go this far then we are not far away from getting to learn how to use the straight razor. The question is does this obsolete equipment have a place in the bathroom of the modern man? However, the straight razor is now enjoying a massive comeback as more men realise that it has big advantages over modern razors. Yes, it takes some practice to use one properly and safely but if this ability is acquired then the advantages are obvious. Due to the fact that a straight razor only has one blade and gives a smooth shave generally in a couple of passes, the risk of razor burn is greatly reduced and, because it cuts the stubble just above skin level, razor bumps will become a thing that is completely avoided.

Straight razor, when used properly, does not scrape or pull, and you can actually have a complete shave without rinsing the blade – although I think you need to. Surely, with initial caution and necessary skill acquired, shaving with the straight razor could become a very attractive option.

Tips To Keep Your Razor Blades Sharper and Longer

Tips To Keep Your Razor Blades  Cleaner and Sharper for Longer

Rising Cost of Razor Blades

As people who shave, most of us know, the cost of the disposable razor increased steadily over the last two decades. Razor manufacturers have been adding extra blades, moisturizing strips and raised rubber strips to lift the hairs (lubastrips). While most of these extra features have contributed to the disposable razor's improved standard to give us the next shave with less irritation, the increase in costs for these blades follow people around a burning sensation in your wallet. Some of the latest varieties of disposables can cost anything from $15 for a 4-pack set, which equates to roughly $4 apiece. With the average man throwing away at least a razor every 4 days to one week, the cost of shaving can become a little expensive.

Quick Dulling of Razor Blades

Most people already know that the act of cutting through the hairs on their skin is what dulls the blade and renders the razor head less effective. While this is true in a general term, it is not clear to everyone the very specific causes for this form of deterioration of the razor blade. So what are the main causes? Two categories basically; first is deposition, during shaving, of tiny hairs, skin oil and dead skin cells.  And the second is deposition, during and after shaving, of oxidation products as a result of water used when shaving and when rinsing the blades. The first category is simple to understand. The second category occurs as a result of exposing the steel razor blade, wet with water, to air (specifically oxygen) – hence promoting oxidation.  This oxidation is commonly known as rust. Imagine each piece of metal already long in this state before your next use of the blade for shaving. Note that these depositions may not be clearly visible to the eyes. The result is that you will not feel that same sharpness you felt during the previous shave of a few days ago.

So what can you do to prevent your disposable razor from becoming dull too quickly and having to throw it away prematurely? There are many methods out there that are a little over the top for the everyday razor user, such as cryogenically freezing your razor, freezing your razor in the freezer or placing it in a magnetic field, etc. Even none of these methods has enough evidence to support their effectiveness, and let's face it, who really would cryogenically freeze a razor every morning? So here are a few tried and tested methods that can help prolong the life of your razor blades which are more on the practical side.

Cleaning and Drying Your Razor Blades

After you are done completely rinsing of your razor, shake off any of the excess water still on the blades. Use a soft towel or firm tissue to dry off the blades. Do not pull your razor over the towel, pat it or wipe the razor on the towel. You can also use a blow dryer about 15 seconds to make sure that there is no water left on the blades. This is delicate and should be carefully done because the heat can warp the blades, if too hot. If your hair dryer has a cool shot button, you can use it to blow off any water without worrying about warping the blade. For an easier method, if you do not mind investing a bit more, there are razor blade sharpeners in the market, which will clean and sharpen your blades at the same time.

Next, is retention of the Razor, if you want to save your razor in the bathroom, do it in a sealed plastic bag. This will keep the moisture from showering off the blades and will help prevent unwanted oxidation. It is best to store the razor away from the bathroom or inside closed cabinets if you must store them in the bathroom. One of the worst places to store your blade is on item hangers close to or beside the shower. This is the source of a lot of steam and spray accelerate the dulling of your blades.

Use of Alcohols and Blade Honing

Placing a few drops or dipping your blade in a cup of alcohol can help remove moisture from your blades. This is because alcohol dries quickly and will help keep the blades dry. An added benefit to this method is that the alcohol will kill any bacteria that is on your blades and can help prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Hone your blades just like a barber does his straight razor. This is not only going to sharpen the blade to sharpen the blades but will help keep them straight by removing any minor bends and nicks in the blades to ensure a closer shave. This is where an investment in a razor blade sharpener is worth the money. So if you are tired of spending up to $20 dollars a month on disposable razor blades, why not give the above methods a try. You are guaranteed cleaner and safer razor blades and more than likely keep them sharper for longer.

How to shave your pubic hair area women ?

How to shave your pubic area women

While we have written about women’s razors, the best electric beard trimmers, a laser hair removal system at home, even it founded as a men’s beard shaver or like a bikini shaver. Removing pubic hair is a personal professionally for women and men. Pubes, pubic hair, bush that everyone has their own garden down there. It's also your choice whether to keep it lush and bushy or neat and trim. It's a bit more detailed than that made sure you don’t cut your skin with an overzealous razor, requires timing, the right preparation and using the right equipment. It's pain-free compared to removal pubic by waxing or laser. As long as, you are using razors to shave your pubes is simple that it needs to be nurtured and taken care of.

However, if you're doing it wrong that will result in a lot of blood loss and discomfort. This area is highly sensitive and using the wrong product may affect the Vagina pH and can lead to infections, since the skin on this part of your body is extremely sensitive. So, please take a minute to read these our tips before you take grab a blade and shave your bikini area.

Why do we have pubic hair?

First of all, why do we even have pubic hair? The vaginas are lined with mucous membrane and it's a very delicate type of our skin. Your cushion of under pubic hair helps to make sure your vaginal folds that do not stick together. This is also our body’s way to protect our reproductive organs from pathogens and bacteria. So, before you want to shave down and remove pubic hair, that make sure you read carefully the pubic hair removal instructions through our.

Why do we have pubic hair

Need to shave or not to shave?

Shaving any part of your body is a choice for yourself. So, you should not feel pressured to shave parts of yourself if you do not want to do anything.

If you're feeling excited to wear that new two piece bikini, but the problem is your pubic hair is leaked out of the bikini lines. So, shave their pubic area to look great more into the bikini on the beach season. Or your bikini area to look fresh, clean and feel more hygienic.

Besides, the genital is a highly sensitive area where the right pH balance is essential to prevent irritation. So, shaving your pubic area there will be repercussions if done improperly. Also, pubic hair serves as a shield that protects part of your bikini from bacteria and infection. We have recommended using a trimmer instead of a razor because there’re much less risk irritation.

Safety guidelines when shaving pubic hair?

There are countless ways to handle pubic hair, you need the best razors and trimmers for the bikini area are worth the investment. A razor has improved for the bikini area will rotate and glide over those tough-to-reach points, which will save you time. Here are the safe tips on shaving the bikini area:

  • If you’re planning on shaving the pubic area, use a hand mirror so you can see the area you want to shave.
  • Trimming your hairs with scissors or small clippers before you begin shaving.
  • Soaking in a bathtub of warm water for at least five minutes to soften the skin and reduce the irritation to your skin before shaving.
  • Before either trimming or shaving, you must exfoliate both before and after shaving. Because it will help all of the hairs get properly aligned outwards while stripping away the dead skin your pubic area. Doing this helps remove dead skin and will allow the blade to cut close to the root.
  • Apply shaving cream or gel with aloe-vera cream or another soothing agent in the pubic area that you plan to shave. Avoid using shave creams that it has scents because it messes with the vagina’s pH level.
  • Use a new, sharp razor, bikini razor or razor with a built-in moisturizing strip. Remember that never use a dull blade to shave.
  • Guide the razor downward toward the labia, or vaginal lips to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. Hold the skin tight with one hand and shave with the other hand. Remember that the pubic area is susceptible.
  • If you go too fast, you may snag or pull pubic hair which can be very uncomfortable. So, let go slowly and use short strokes.
  • Rinse your skin with warm water after you are done shaving and then pat dry.
  • Apply on three or four drops of baby oil or lotion with aloe-vera cream to the shaved area when you’re done.
  • Dip the razor in water or rinse it under water after removing pubic hair and shaving gel.
Safety guidelines when shaving pubic hair?

Choose a style that is right for you:

Shaving and trimming are just a few means of fuzz-busting and look fresh, clean and more hygienic, but you’ve also got other groom options:

  • Shaving: If you want to keep the bikini area look smooth and hairless, you should need to invest in tools such as: razor, scissors, shaving cream or gel, and plan on shaving every twice a month. Also, the razor is very sharp blade that your skin can hurt and become infected or in razor burn, which is when you twist or pull your hair follicles and they get irritated, resulting in those red bumps.
  • Waxing: Using hot wax and cloth strips to yank hair out by the root. With this method of hair removal is different than other methods. Because the hair is removed from the root so it does not grow back as quickly. If you have tried shaving your bikini area with a razor and find you’re always getting razor burn, you should be using a cream or wax instead. It is best performed in a salon or spa with a trained esthetician and followed up with smart aftercare.
  • Hair removal cream: This method of pubic hair removal is no pain, but it’s important to be aware that read the instruction manual carefully to ensure your bikini area safety. Because these products contain harsh chemicals that may cause an adverse reaction in a sensitive area.
  • Laser hair removal: This is a procedure that uses a strong beam of light that penetrates the skin to destroy the hair follicle. Laser light pubic hair removal can be expensive cost and you can take 4 or more sessions at the salon or spa where has experience with performing laser hair removal.
  • Electrolysis: With the method is using highly direct light to destroy your hair follicle. A thread of electrode has a needle shape that used to destroy the hair root. So, this is the only pubic hair removal method that permanently removes the hair and you can achieve long-lasting results.
shave your pubic area women

In addition to trimming and shaving pubic hair, there are a wide range of hair removal methods you can try. What’s most important is finding a hair removal method that fits your specific needs.

The benefits of having your pubic hairs trimmed:

The benefits of having your pubic hairs trimmed

There're so many the benefits to the removal or trimming of your pubic hair. It is not only about the beauty benefits for women, but also beneficial for men as well anymore.

Pubic hair grow to its full potential can result you might trap vaginal discharge or menstrual blood of women. So, pubic hair will keep a role in helping your body avoid bacteria and vaginal fluids to prevent irritation away from harming your bikini area, and you can a trimming or shaving the hair to lessen any clumping.

Their pubic hair acts as a barrier to yeast or any infections. So, it will help your pubic control the moisture of the bikini area, which not only decreases chances of yeast infections and sexually transmitted infections as well.

Although some study found groomers for pubic hair have a higher rate of STIs. Due to trimming, shaving or hair removal may be causing tiny open cuts in the skin, which make infections easier to transmit. And the fact, you must do it with your pubic hair that physically prevents infections.

To avoid your discomfort and embarrassment when your vagina is sweating causing wetness and bad smell, let trimming or shaving your pubic hair neatly and cleanly so that they are always fresh and clean.

Your body’s has way of cooling itself, the pubic area creates a ton of sweat and retain heat as well. So, your pubic might help even out spikes in body temperature when shooting a laser around your bikini area that removal thick of pubic hair on the body.

This way to cut down on kind of skin irritation and make to let your pubic hair flow and avoid removal infections all together.

There're also many benefits to shaving your pubic hair as well when it comes to sexual pleasure. Let's think of it more like trimming a hedge that you want to keep looking tidy to increase sexual pleasure with your partner.


Your body is yourself, do what you feel comfortable and relaxing. So do what feels the sexiest and most awesome for you. It’s not hard to learn how to trimmer or shave your pubic in the bikini area. These are just some general tips that we have collected from a variety of information to help you perform your own tasks that are neatly trimmed or shaved.

It's always been a problem for women and girls to find the best bikini area shaver that should offer some clean trimming. The search for the best shaver for pubic area for women and girls an arduous process to choose any of them. So, you should be choosing from the list of top shavers or trimmer and learning how to shave the best a pubic hair.

Follow the guidelines in this article and you should be able to do it without thinking, after a few weeks of practice.

You may also follow the product of shaver or trimmer at our website Razorhere.com to choose any of shaver based on their uniqueness that you comfortable.

How To Use A Beard Trimmer With Guard

If ​You ​Want ​To ​Know ​How ​​To ​Use ​A Beard ​Trimmer ​​With ​Guard, ​You Have To ​C​ome The ​Right ​Place. Beard Has Came A Really Long Way From Being Stigmatized And Stereotype Of Unhygienic To Being One Of The Most Rarest Trends. It Is Still Being Endorsed By Plenty Of People Around The Globe. You Might Always Heard That Clean Shaven Is The Way To Go For Western Men. But The Facts On The Ground I​fs That Western Men Are More Likely To Grow A Beard Now-A-Days. Because It Simply Increase Their Authority. Yes It's True That Bearded Men Are Perceived As More Authoritarian And Aggressive And More Likely To Be Accepted For His Opinions.

If You Have Taken The Decision For Joining The Tribe Of Bearded Men, Congratulations! Because You Have Made A Really Good Decision And Your Skin Will Thank You Too. Growing Out A Beard Might Not Be That Easy For You. Given That You Have No Previous Experience Of Playing Around With Their Beards. But Not Anymore. If You Are Wondering About How To Trim Your Beard With A Trimmer, This Guide Can Be Really Helpful For You.

More interested Topic:

Why Should You Or How To Use A Beard Trimmer?

Beard Trimmer Is The Most Useful Piece Of Tool For A Person Who Has Started To Grow His Facial Hairs. Why? It May Sounds Weird, But Trimming Your Beards Frequently When Growing It Out Actually Sets Off Growth Beards. Also After You Grow Your Beards For 4/6 Weeks It Can  Actually Gets Pretty Wild. So To Make Sure You Doesn't Appear Too Wild Trimming, The Beard Trimmers Are An Absolute Priority. Here Are Some Other Benefits To Convince Yourself.

    A Beard Trimmer Is Essential For Keeping Your Face Free From Bacterial Infections. It Helps You To Reduce The Clogging Of The Pores From The Dirts Your Face Every Day On The Streets. We Men Tend To Give Less Than Of The Attention And Grooming Needed For Our Skin. When You Use A Beard Trimmer It Will Not Only Make The Beards Knit , It Will Also Make Your Skin Healthier Too.

    Whether Someone Growing A Beard Or A Long Hair, The Hair Damage Is Really A Big Concern. Hair Breakage Can Really Damage Your Facial Hairs Health. It Makes Your Beards Growth Uneven And The Beard Itself Gets Thinner. What Is The Best Way To Prevent It? Trimming Them Down With A Beard Trimmer. Trimming With Beard Trimmer Get Rids Of Those Unruly And Messy Split Ends That Causing To Not To Grow Properly.

    Not Everyone's Hairs Grows The Same. Because Hair Growth Depends On Our Genetics And Hormones More Than We Think. Some Of Us Is Stuck The Weird Way Of Facial Hair Growth. For Example My Beard Grows More On The Left Side But The Right Side Is Left Out With Less Growth. This Can Really Make The Beards Look Uneven And Not So Attractive. But Thanks To The Beard Trimmers It, Makes Sure Your Beard Grows Evenly And Appears More Uninformed.

   Not All Of Us Is Blessed With A Symmetrical Face Or A Defined Jawline. But It Is Possible To Make Your Jaw Looking More Edgy. Because As Mentioned Into Previous Point, Trimming The Beards Make It Look More Uninformed And  Create An Illusion Of Symmetrical Face. Trimming Also Gives Your Beard More Dense As Well.

These Reasons Are Good Enough For Opting Out For Getting A Beard Trimmer You.

How To Trim A Beard With A Trimmer

We Are Living In The Probably Most Busiest And Happening Era Of Human History. But All The Modern Innovation Seems Like Competing For Our Attention. There Are Very Few Tools That Doesn't Kill Our Time But Actually Saves It. Like The Beard Trimmers. They Are Extremely Versatile Tool Which Saves Your Time And Money As Well. Though Properly Trimming Your Beard Is Bit Tricky, But It Gets Easier With Bit Of Practise And Guidance. Here Are The Steps That You Are Required To Go Through If You Want To Know How To Trim Your Beard With A Trimmer.

How Find The Right Beard Trimmer?

This Step Is Absolutely Necessary For You If You Don't Have Any Previous Experience With The Beard Trimmers. Though It Might Seem Like A Very Obvious Step. But It Is Required Nonetheless. Because Choosing The Right Tool For The Task Has Often More Far-Fetched Consequences. If You Choose The Wrong Kind Of Beard Trimmer It Will Be Just A Waste Of Money And Your Time. A Perfectly Chosen Beard Trimmer Will Make Sure You Get The Smoothest Shave Possible. You Need To Make Sure It Doesn't Cause Any Pull Or Snags When Cutting. Because Ingrown Hairs Can Cause Pull Out Hair Completely And Cause Bleeding. It Can Be Really Painful.

There Are No Short Of Hair Trimmers Available In The Market Ranging From Cheap To Expensive. It's Better To Stay Away From The Cheaper Ones. Because As Mentioned Above, Most Of The Cheap Beard Clippers Are Not So Reliable.  They Are Not Just Worth Your Money. Its Better To Invest On A Versatile Mid-Range Hair Clipper Which Will Shave And Trim Your Beard. It  Will Also Help You Out With Cleaning Other Areas Such As Underarm, Chest And Pubic Hairs Too. It Will Be Very Cost Effective And Prove Useful . Find A Hair Clipper Which Is Powerful Enough To Meet Your Requirements. You Can Find Many Good Hair Clipper From Renowned Companies Like Wahl Or Philips Which May Fit Into Your Budget. 

What Are The Necessary Beard​ Trimm​er Tools?

After Finding The Right Beard Trimmer, The Next Move Should Be To  Buy Necessary Tools For Properly Trim Your Beard. Without These Tools, Precision And Neatness Won't Be Achieved. You Cant Be Going Out With A Poorly Trimmer Beard As Its Even Worse Than No Beard. So To Achieve And Maintain Your Look, 3 Most Necessary Piece Of Hardware You Will Need Are Following: A Scissor, A Comb And Obviously A Trimmer. These Are The Barest Minimum Tool You Will Need To Keep Things From Getting Messy If You Are Going To Do It For First Time. Also  Beard Oil Can Be Pretty Useful Tool Because It Will Help You Soften Up The Beard. And Last But Not Least, You Must Not Forget To Keep  Dry Towel Near To You Because You Will Need It After You Wash Your Face. If You Don't Know How To Trim A Beard With A Trimmer, These Are Equipments You Will Need To Get Started.


It Is Recommended To Buy A Scissor With The Bear Trier. Because Scissors Are Very Helpful For Getting More Definition And Precise Trimming Of Your Beard. If Your Hair Is Coarse And Doesn't Exactly Grip Very Well,  A Pair Of Scissors Can Get A Long Way With Keeping Those Hairs In Place. Also The Styling And Defining Of Cheek Hairs Are Very Tricky To Clean Because Of The Ingrown Hairs. A Scissor Will Help You Smoothly Define Your Cheek Line.


Due To The Years Of Improper Grooming And Neglect, Our Facial Hairs Tent To Get More Coarse And Tangled. It Is Much Harder To Untangle And Reduce The Coarseness. If You Think You Can Get Away With A Comb, Forget It. It's Much Thinking To how to Use A Beard Trimmer On A Coarse Hair Without Brushing It Before Because Of The Amount Of Pulling And Snagging. There Are Plenty Of Combs Designed Specially For Beards.


Why Should We Wash The Beard Before Trimming?

As Men We Are Not Very Much Into Taking Care Of Yourself. We Might Do Just The Necessary Things Like Showering And Cleaning Out Our Private Area. But Nothing More Than That. Facial Hair Gets Even Less Attention Among The Task That Are Competing For Our Attention. This Is Why Most Of Our Facial Hairs Are Not So Healthy Condition. Because There Are So Much Debris And Dirt Are Stacked Inside Blocking Out Pored And Making Our Beards Tangled. Coarse And Tangled Hairs Are Nightmare To Every Man Who Might Want To Grow Their Beards. If You Are Thinking Its Weird If We Wet Our Beard Before Trimming, It's Actually Quite The Opposite. Properly Washing Your Beard Is The Preferred Way To Start If You Want To Know How To Trim A Beard With A Trimmer.

When The Dirt And Dead Cells Inside Your Beards Get Removed, It Gets Gentler And More Easier To Trim Without Painful Pulse. As They Gets Softer And Trimmer Blades Can Go Through Them Much Smoothly. Beard Shampoos Can Be Really Helpful For You If Not Necessary. If You Don't Wash Your Beard That Frequently Or Live In Dry And Dusty City Life, Your Beards Would Really Appreciate It. If You Have A Thicker And Fuller Beards, You Absolutely Need To Wash It With Beard Shampoo Because Beard Trimmers Will Have A Much Hard Time Going Through Your Beard. Wash Them Properly And Get A Dry Towel To Clean Your Face Before You Start Trimming.

How To Trim A Beard Neckline With Trimmer?

So You Have Brought The Beard Trimmer And Necessary Accessories And Washed Your Beards, Preferably With A Beard Shampoo And Ready For Trimming. Now What? Depending On Your Goal And How You Want To Look, It's Often Advised To Start With The Neck Area. Including Author Of This Article. Why? Because No Matter What Type Of Design You Want With Beard, Properly Outlining The Neckline Is Very Important. As The Hairs Grows Down From The Face To Neck And The Chin And Hairs Make Contact There.  If It's Not Done Properly It Can Ruin The Symmetry Pretty Seriously.

Adjust The Guard Length To The Longest Length Start Cutting. You Might Be Wondering Why The Longest Length? Because If You Are Just Starting With The Hair Clippers. It's Very Easy To Ruin The Hair You Have Grown After A Months Effort In Seconds. As A Beginner You Won't Have As Near Accuracy As An Experienced Person Might Have And This Can Be Really A Big Problem. But If You Are Sure That You Can Handle The Shorter Lengths. Then Go Ahead And Experiment With The Different Size Of The Guards.

Be Cautious About Not To Cutting Very Close To Your Chin. Because If You Reduce The Amount Of Hair Under The Jaw Line It Will End Up Make You Look Like Having A Double Chin. Because It Screws Up Your Face Size And Actually Make Your Face Look Smaller. So My Advice Will Be Cleaning Up And Carefully Create The Outline In The Border Of Chin And Adams Apple But Don't Go Any Deeper.

How To Trim A Beard Neckline With Trimmer

How To Trim A Beard Cheek Line With Trimmer

After You Successfully Create The Neckline And Established A Base For Your Beard Style, It's Now  Time To Move Into The Trickiest Part . When You Thinking How To Trim Your Beard With A Trimmer , You Are Probably Thinking About Your Cheek Line. Your Cheek Is The Visible Part Of Your Beard And Face As Well. So The Importance Of Trimming The Cheek Line Can't Be Stressed Enough. The Neckline Acts As A Outline For Your Beard While The Definition Of The Cheek Gives The Structure Of The Beard Along With Your . So Even Though You Have Successfully Trimmed Your Neckline, Be Careful When Defining The Chicks. Because The Cheek Hairs Does Not Grow That Fast. .

The Confusion Mainly Occurs When You Lack The Experience And Try To Achieve The Same Results As The Pro. 9 Out Of 10 Time You Try To Do Something Fancy With Your Beards, You Will Ruin It All. Because Properly Shaping And Defining Your Cheek Requires To Know About What End Goal You Aim To Achieve. You Need To Ask Yourself What Style You Want To Apply To Your Beard. Do You Want A Beard That Covers Your Cheeks Up To The Very Top Or Do You Need Something More Shorter?

Once You Decide This Then Move Into Trimming Your Cheeks Section By Section. You Want To Take As Much Time As Possible To Make Sure You Get The Best Result Possible. Symmetry Is Very Important And You Need To Check Whether The Both Sides Actually Have Length. Combs Are Very Useful To Be The Coarse Hairs On The Cheeks.

Typically Men Opt Either For A Full Length Beard Or Cleaning The Whole Cheeks. Though Personally I Prefer To Keep Things In Balance. Also It Looks Better If You Keep The Cheeks And Neck In Different Lengths. You Should Aim For A Bit Longer Hair For Your Cheek The Jaw And Neckline.

How To Trim Your Mustache With A Trimmer

Lastly , If You Think You Don't Need Tips About The Growing Of Mustache In A Guide About How To Trim A Beard With A Trimmer, Think Again. Your Mustache Doesn't Appear To Cover Much Of Your Face. But It's Actually Plays A Vital Role In Determining How You Might Look With Your Beards. This Why You Need To Be Careful When  Trimming The Mustache. Because If Any Accident Occurs, It Will Be Catastrophic. You Can Cover Up Your Bad Cheeks Line Or Bad Neckline Far Easily Than Your Mustache. It's Just Not Possible To Amend The Damage Has Been Done By A Minor Mishandling Of The Trimmer.

Before You Start Trimming Your Mustache, One Thing You Need To Keep In Mind. Any Hair That Goes Under The Lips Is Going To Seriously Mess Up Your Look. You’ll Leave An Unfavorable Impression To The People You Know And People You Don't Know.  So Use A Comb With Tighter Teeth And Comb Them Downwards. Then Proceed To Cut Down Hairs These Are Sticking Out Now.

You Need To Keep The Hands Steady As You Cut. The Mustache Is Often Thicker Than The Other Layers Of Hair. So Make Sure Not To Apply Too Much Pressure On Them. . To Make Them Stay In Place On Your Face, Your Mustache Need To Be Longer To Make Sure A Consistent Look  Cutting Too Much Up To The Lips Is Unnecessary.  If You Go Much Upward It Will Look Horrible And A Nightmare For You.

Finishing touch

Now, as you came to this part, you must have gone through all the information . i hope they sincerely help you to answer to your question. We really want you to know  to how to trim a beard with a trimmer. Because men are no longer required to cut down that grows anything in your face. And personally they give me a sense of freedom. This is why i think it's absolutely necessary for any men to know how to trim a beard with a trimmer. remember to choose the right trimmer, wash the beard and make sure to take time with your neck, chin and mustache. Have a good day!