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This article is about one thing – a simple solution for razor burn. ​

What exactly is razor burn?

Let's start with the fact that burning here is definitely not in its true sense – only that one gets the feeling of a burning sensation as well as itching due to skin irritation. It's what irritates the skin that matters and, in the case of razor burn, how you can go about getting some relief?

The primary cause of razor burn is the way the razor is used. In the case of single-blade razors, it occurs when the razor is passed over the skin time after time, usually in search of an extra-close shave. This is an issue with technology – the number of strokes needed for a complete shave is really more about how the shaving effectiveness instead of actual repeated "passes" of the blade used.

So, what is important or different about a modern multi-blade razor? Well, the recent multi-blade cartridge now has no less than five blades placed in a row other. This means that for each stroke you really get five blade passes over the skin – so that if you make three strokes and that's the equivalent of no less than fifteen with a razor with a single blade!

What is the cause of razor burn?

You see, the blade not only removes stubble of hair, but also a very thin layer of skin cells. This is called exfoliation and is a recognised way of renewing the skin and making it look healthy and even younger. The problem with using the multi-blade razor is that you can only take on this process so far; that is only through the layers of dead skin cells. Any further than that gets into the layer of living skin cells and that leads to irritation. Another problem that users of multi-blade razor can experience, especially men with scraggly beards, is called crisp images.  This condition can be caused by the action of a multi-blade razor as it passes over the skin. The first blade lifts hair from the follicles, and before the cuts, the second blade makes the cut. The hair then retreats below the surface of the skin, giving what should be a very smooth shave. These hairs cut in the manner described above are now in-growing hairs which, when not able to find their way out of the skin become what is known as "razor bumps". This raises the question of how many blades are actually required for a good shave that will avoid these kinds of problem happening.

In order to avoid the problem of razor burn, the following would need to be done: First, swap the multi-blade razor for single-blade model, and second, improve the technology of shaving such that only as few as possible passes of the razor is required for a clean shave. If you have to go this far then we are not far away from getting to learn how to use the straight razor. The question is does this obsolete equipment have a place in the bathroom of the modern man? However, the straight razor is now enjoying a massive comeback as more men realise that it has big advantages over modern razors. Yes, it takes some practice to use one properly and safely but if this ability is acquired then the advantages are obvious. Due to the fact that a straight razor only has one blade and gives a smooth shave generally in a couple of passes, the risk of razor burn is greatly reduced and, because it cuts the stubble just above skin level, razor bumps will become a thing that is completely avoided.

Straight razor, when used properly, does not scrape or pull, and you can actually have a complete shave without rinsing the blade – although I think you need to. Surely, with initial caution and necessary skill acquired, shaving with the straight razor could become a very attractive option.

Tips To Keep Your Razor Blades Sharper and Longer

Tips To Keep Your Razor Blades  Cleaner and Sharper for Longer

Rising Cost of Razor Blades

As people who shave, most of us know, the cost of the disposable razor increased steadily over the last two decades. Razor manufacturers have been adding extra blades, moisturizing strips and raised rubber strips to lift the hairs (lubastrips). While most of these extra features have contributed to the disposable razor's improved standard to give us the next shave with less irritation, the increase in costs for these blades follow people around a burning sensation in your wallet. Some of the latest varieties of disposables can cost anything from $15 for a 4-pack set, which equates to roughly $4 apiece. With the average man throwing away at least a razor every 4 days to one week, the cost of shaving can become a little expensive.

Quick Dulling of Razor Blades

Most people already know that the act of cutting through the hairs on their skin is what dulls the blade and renders the razor head less effective. While this is true in a general term, it is not clear to everyone the very specific causes for this form of deterioration of the razor blade. So what are the main causes? Two categories basically; first is deposition, during shaving, of tiny hairs, skin oil and dead skin cells.  And the second is deposition, during and after shaving, of oxidation products as a result of water used when shaving and when rinsing the blades. The first category is simple to understand. The second category occurs as a result of exposing the steel razor blade, wet with water, to air (specifically oxygen) – hence promoting oxidation.  This oxidation is commonly known as rust. Imagine each piece of metal already long in this state before your next use of the blade for shaving. Note that these depositions may not be clearly visible to the eyes. The result is that you will not feel that same sharpness you felt during the previous shave of a few days ago.

So what can you do to prevent your disposable razor from becoming dull too quickly and having to throw it away prematurely? There are many methods out there that are a little over the top for the everyday razor user, such as cryogenically freezing your razor, freezing your razor in the freezer or placing it in a magnetic field, etc. Even none of these methods has enough evidence to support their effectiveness, and let's face it, who really would cryogenically freeze a razor every morning? So here are a few tried and tested methods that can help prolong the life of your razor blades which are more on the practical side.

Cleaning and Drying Your Razor Blades

After you are done completely rinsing of your razor, shake off any of the excess water still on the blades. Use a soft towel or firm tissue to dry off the blades. Do not pull your razor over the towel, pat it or wipe the razor on the towel. You can also use a blow dryer about 15 seconds to make sure that there is no water left on the blades. This is delicate and should be carefully done because the heat can warp the blades, if too hot. If your hair dryer has a cool shot button, you can use it to blow off any water without worrying about warping the blade. For an easier method, if you do not mind investing a bit more, there are razor blade sharpeners in the market, which will clean and sharpen your blades at the same time.

Next, is retention of the Razor, if you want to save your razor in the bathroom, do it in a sealed plastic bag. This will keep the moisture from showering off the blades and will help prevent unwanted oxidation. It is best to store the razor away from the bathroom or inside closed cabinets if you must store them in the bathroom. One of the worst places to store your blade is on item hangers close to or beside the shower. This is the source of a lot of steam and spray accelerate the dulling of your blades.

Use of Alcohols and Blade Honing

Placing a few drops or dipping your blade in a cup of alcohol can help remove moisture from your blades. This is because alcohol dries quickly and will help keep the blades dry. An added benefit to this method is that the alcohol will kill any bacteria that is on your blades and can help prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Hone your blades just like a barber does his straight razor. This is not only going to sharpen the blade to sharpen the blades but will help keep them straight by removing any minor bends and nicks in the blades to ensure a closer shave. This is where an investment in a razor blade sharpener is worth the money. So if you are tired of spending up to $20 dollars a month on disposable razor blades, why not give the above methods a try. You are guaranteed cleaner and safer razor blades and more than likely keep them sharper for longer.

How to shave your pubic area women ?

How to shave your pubic area women

While we have written about women’s razors, the best electric beard trimmers, a laser hair removal system at home, even it founded as a men’s beard shaver or like a bikini shaver. Removing pubic hair is a personal professionally for women and men. Pubes, pubic hair, bush that everyone has their own garden down there. It's also your choice whether to keep it lush and bushy or neat and trim. It's a bit more detailed than that made sure you don’t cut your skin with an overzealous razor, requires timing, the right preparation and using the right equipment. It's pain-free compared to removal pubic by waxing or laser. As long as, you are using razors to shave your pubes is simple that it needs to be nurtured and taken care of.

However, if you're doing it wrong that will result in a lot of blood loss and discomfort. This area is highly sensitive and using the wrong product may affect the Vagina pH and can lead to infections, since the skin on this part of your body is extremely sensitive. So, please take a minute to read these our tips before you take grab a blade and shave your bikini area.

Why do we have pubic hair?

First of all, why do we even have pubic hair? The vaginas are lined with mucous membrane and it's a very delicate type of our skin. Your cushion of under pubic hair helps to make sure your vaginal folds that do not stick together. This is also our body’s way to protect our reproductive organs from pathogens and bacteria. So, before you want to shave down and remove pubic hair, that make sure you read carefully the pubic hair removal instructions through our.

Why do we have pubic hair

Need to shave or not to shave?

Shaving any part of your body is a choice for yourself. So, you should not feel pressured to shave parts of yourself if you do not want to do anything.

If you're feeling excited to wear that new two piece bikini, but the problem is your pubic hair is leaked out of the bikini lines. So, shave their pubic area to look great more into the bikini on the beach season. Or your bikini area to look fresh, clean and feel more hygienic.

Besides, the genital is a highly sensitive area where the right pH balance is essential to prevent irritation. So, shaving your pubic area there will be repercussions if done improperly. Also, pubic hair serves as a shield that protects part of your bikini from bacteria and infection. We have recommended using a trimmer instead of a razor because there’re much less risk irritation.

Safety guidelines when shaving pubic hair?

There are countless ways to handle pubic hair, you need the best razors and trimmers for the bikini area are worth the investment. A razor has improved for the bikini area will rotate and glide over those tough-to-reach points, which will save you time. Here are the safe tips on shaving the bikini area:

  • If you’re planning on shaving the pubic area, use a hand mirror so you can see the area you want to shave.
  • Trimming your hairs with scissors or small clippers before you begin shaving.
  • Soaking in a bathtub of warm water for at least five minutes to soften the skin and reduce the irritation to your skin before shaving.
  • Before either trimming or shaving, you must exfoliate both before and after shaving. Because it will help all of the hairs get properly aligned outwards while stripping away the dead skin your pubic area. Doing this helps remove dead skin and will allow the blade to cut close to the root.
  • Apply shaving cream or gel with aloe-vera cream or another soothing agent in the pubic area that you plan to shave. Avoid using shave creams that it has scents because it messes with the vagina’s pH level.
  • Use a new, sharp razor, bikini razor or razor with a built-in moisturizing strip. Remember that never use a dull blade to shave.
  • Guide the razor downward toward the labia, or vaginal lips to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. Hold the skin tight with one hand and shave with the other hand. Remember that the pubic area is susceptible.
  • If you go too fast, you may snag or pull pubic hair which can be very uncomfortable. So, let go slowly and use short strokes.
  • Rinse your skin with warm water after you are done shaving and then pat dry.
  • Apply on three or four drops of baby oil or lotion with aloe-vera cream to the shaved area when you’re done.
  • Dip the razor in water or rinse it under water after removing pubic hair and shaving gel.
Safety guidelines when shaving pubic hair?

Choose a style that is right for you:

Shaving and trimming are just a few means of fuzz-busting and look fresh, clean and more hygienic, but you’ve also got other groom options:

  • Shaving: If you want to keep the bikini area look smooth and hairless, you should need to invest in tools such as: razor, scissors, shaving cream or gel, and plan on shaving every twice a month. Also, the razor is very sharp blade that your skin can hurt and become infected or in razor burn, which is when you twist or pull your hair follicles and they get irritated, resulting in those red bumps.
  • Waxing: Using hot wax and cloth strips to yank hair out by the root. With this method of hair removal is different than other methods. Because the hair is removed from the root so it does not grow back as quickly. If you have tried shaving your bikini area with a razor and find you’re always getting razor burn, you should be using a cream or wax instead. It is best performed in a salon or spa with a trained esthetician and followed up with smart aftercare.
  • Hair removal cream: This method of pubic hair removal is no pain, but it’s important to be aware that read the instruction manual carefully to ensure your bikini area safety. Because these products contain harsh chemicals that may cause an adverse reaction in a sensitive area.
  • Laser hair removal: This is a procedure that uses a strong beam of light that penetrates the skin to destroy the hair follicle. Laser light pubic hair removal can be expensive cost and you can take 4 or more sessions at the salon or spa where has experience with performing laser hair removal.
  • Electrolysis: With the method is using highly direct light to destroy your hair follicle. A thread of electrode has a needle shape that used to destroy the hair root. So, this is the only pubic hair removal method that permanently removes the hair and you can achieve long-lasting results.
shave your pubic area women

In addition to trimming and shaving pubic hair, there are a wide range of hair removal methods you can try. What’s most important is finding a hair removal method that fits your specific needs.

The benefits of having your pubic hairs trimmed:

The benefits of having your pubic hairs trimmed

There're so many the benefits to the removal or trimming of your pubic hair. It is not only about the beauty benefits for women, but also beneficial for men as well anymore.

Pubic hair grow to its full potential can result you might trap vaginal discharge or menstrual blood of women. So, pubic hair will keep a role in helping your body avoid bacteria and vaginal fluids to prevent irritation away from harming your bikini area, and you can a trimming or shaving the hair to lessen any clumping.

Their pubic hair acts as a barrier to yeast or any infections. So, it will help your pubic control the moisture of the bikini area, which not only decreases chances of yeast infections and sexually transmitted infections as well.

Although some study found groomers for pubic hair have a higher rate of STIs. Due to trimming, shaving or hair removal may be causing tiny open cuts in the skin, which make infections easier to transmit. And the fact, you must do it with your pubic hair that physically prevents infections.

To avoid your discomfort and embarrassment when your vagina is sweating causing wetness and bad smell, let trimming or shaving your pubic hair neatly and cleanly so that they are always fresh and clean.

Your body’s has way of cooling itself, the pubic area creates a ton of sweat and retain heat as well. So, your pubic might help even out spikes in body temperature when shooting a laser around your bikini area that removal thick of pubic hair on the body.

This way to cut down on kind of skin irritation and make to let your pubic hair flow and avoid removal infections all together.

There're also many benefits to shaving your pubic hair as well when it comes to sexual pleasure. Let's think of it more like trimming a hedge that you want to keep looking tidy to increase sexual pleasure with your partner.


Your body is yourself, do what you feel comfortable and relaxing. So do what feels the sexiest and most awesome for you. It’s not hard to learn how to trimmer or shave your pubic in the bikini area. These are just some general tips that we have collected from a variety of information to help you perform your own tasks that are neatly trimmed or shaved.

It's always been a problem for women and girls to find the best bikini area shaver that should offer some clean trimming. The search for the best shaver for pubic area for women and girls an arduous process to choose any of them. So, you should be choosing from the list of top shavers or trimmer and learning how to shave the best a pubic hair.

Follow the guidelines in this article and you should be able to do it without thinking, after a few weeks of practice.

You may also follow the product of shaver or trimmer at our website to choose any of shaver based on their uniqueness that you comfortable.

How To Use A Beard Trimmer With Guard

If ​You ​Want ​To ​Know ​How ​​To ​Use ​A Beard ​Trimmer ​​With ​Guard, ​You Have To ​C​ome The ​Right ​Place. Beard Has Came A Really Long Way From Being Stigmatized And Stereotype Of Unhygienic To Being One Of The Most Rarest Trends. It Is Still Being Endorsed By Plenty Of People Around The Globe. You Might Always Heard That Clean Shaven Is The Way To Go For Western Men. But The Facts On The Ground I​fs That Western Men Are More Likely To Grow A Beard Now-A-Days. Because It Simply Increase Their Authority. Yes It's True That Bearded Men Are Perceived As More Authoritarian And Aggressive And More Likely To Be Accepted For His Opinions.

If You Have Taken The Decision For Joining The Tribe Of Bearded Men, Congratulations! Because You Have Made A Really Good Decision And Your Skin Will Thank You Too. Growing Out A Beard Might Not Be That Easy For You. Given That You Have No Previous Experience Of Playing Around With Their Beards. But Not Anymore. If You Are Wondering About How To Trim Your Beard With A Trimmer, This Guide Can Be Really Helpful For You.

More interested Topic:

Why Should You Or How To Use A Beard Trimmer?

Beard Trimmer Is The Most Useful Piece Of Tool For A Person Who Has Started To Grow His Facial Hairs. Why? It May Sounds Weird, But Trimming Your Beards Frequently When Growing It Out Actually Sets Off Growth Beards. Also After You Grow Your Beards For 4/6 Weeks It Can  Actually Gets Pretty Wild. So To Make Sure You Doesn't Appear Too Wild Trimming, The Beard Trimmers Are An Absolute Priority. Here Are Some Other Benefits To Convince Yourself.

    A Beard Trimmer Is Essential For Keeping Your Face Free From Bacterial Infections. It Helps You To Reduce The Clogging Of The Pores From The Dirts Your Face Every Day On The Streets. We Men Tend To Give Less Than Of The Attention And Grooming Needed For Our Skin. When You Use A Beard Trimmer It Will Not Only Make The Beards Knit , It Will Also Make Your Skin Healthier Too.

    Whether Someone Growing A Beard Or A Long Hair, The Hair Damage Is Really A Big Concern. Hair Breakage Can Really Damage Your Facial Hairs Health. It Makes Your Beards Growth Uneven And The Beard Itself Gets Thinner. What Is The Best Way To Prevent It? Trimming Them Down With A Beard Trimmer. Trimming With Beard Trimmer Get Rids Of Those Unruly And Messy Split Ends That Causing To Not To Grow Properly.

    Not Everyone's Hairs Grows The Same. Because Hair Growth Depends On Our Genetics And Hormones More Than We Think. Some Of Us Is Stuck The Weird Way Of Facial Hair Growth. For Example My Beard Grows More On The Left Side But The Right Side Is Left Out With Less Growth. This Can Really Make The Beards Look Uneven And Not So Attractive. But Thanks To The Beard Trimmers It, Makes Sure Your Beard Grows Evenly And Appears More Uninformed.

   Not All Of Us Is Blessed With A Symmetrical Face Or A Defined Jawline. But It Is Possible To Make Your Jaw Looking More Edgy. Because As Mentioned Into Previous Point, Trimming The Beards Make It Look More Uninformed And  Create An Illusion Of Symmetrical Face. Trimming Also Gives Your Beard More Dense As Well.

These Reasons Are Good Enough For Opting Out For Getting A Beard Trimmer You.

How To Trim A Beard With A Trimmer

We Are Living In The Probably Most Busiest And Happening Era Of Human History. But All The Modern Innovation Seems Like Competing For Our Attention. There Are Very Few Tools That Doesn't Kill Our Time But Actually Saves It. Like The Beard Trimmers. They Are Extremely Versatile Tool Which Saves Your Time And Money As Well. Though Properly Trimming Your Beard Is Bit Tricky, But It Gets Easier With Bit Of Practise And Guidance. Here Are The Steps That You Are Required To Go Through If You Want To Know How To Trim Your Beard With A Trimmer.

How Find The Right Beard Trimmer?

This Step Is Absolutely Necessary For You If You Don't Have Any Previous Experience With The Beard Trimmers. Though It Might Seem Like A Very Obvious Step. But It Is Required Nonetheless. Because Choosing The Right Tool For The Task Has Often More Far-Fetched Consequences. If You Choose The Wrong Kind Of Beard Trimmer It Will Be Just A Waste Of Money And Your Time. A Perfectly Chosen Beard Trimmer Will Make Sure You Get The Smoothest Shave Possible. You Need To Make Sure It Doesn't Cause Any Pull Or Snags When Cutting. Because Ingrown Hairs Can Cause Pull Out Hair Completely And Cause Bleeding. It Can Be Really Painful.

There Are No Short Of Hair Trimmers Available In The Market Ranging From Cheap To Expensive. It's Better To Stay Away From The Cheaper Ones. Because As Mentioned Above, Most Of The Cheap Beard Clippers Are Not So Reliable.  They Are Not Just Worth Your Money. Its Better To Invest On A Versatile Mid-Range Hair Clipper Which Will Shave And Trim Your Beard. It  Will Also Help You Out With Cleaning Other Areas Such As Underarm, Chest And Pubic Hairs Too. It Will Be Very Cost Effective And Prove Useful . Find A Hair Clipper Which Is Powerful Enough To Meet Your Requirements. You Can Find Many Good Hair Clipper From Renowned Companies Like Wahl Or Philips Which May Fit Into Your Budget. 

What Are The Necessary Beard​ Trimm​er Tools?

After Finding The Right Beard Trimmer, The Next Move Should Be To  Buy Necessary Tools For Properly Trim Your Beard. Without These Tools, Precision And Neatness Won't Be Achieved. You Cant Be Going Out With A Poorly Trimmer Beard As Its Even Worse Than No Beard. So To Achieve And Maintain Your Look, 3 Most Necessary Piece Of Hardware You Will Need Are Following: A Scissor, A Comb And Obviously A Trimmer. These Are The Barest Minimum Tool You Will Need To Keep Things From Getting Messy If You Are Going To Do It For First Time. Also  Beard Oil Can Be Pretty Useful Tool Because It Will Help You Soften Up The Beard. And Last But Not Least, You Must Not Forget To Keep  Dry Towel Near To You Because You Will Need It After You Wash Your Face. If You Don't Know How To Trim A Beard With A Trimmer, These Are Equipments You Will Need To Get Started.


It Is Recommended To Buy A Scissor With The Bear Trier. Because Scissors Are Very Helpful For Getting More Definition And Precise Trimming Of Your Beard. If Your Hair Is Coarse And Doesn't Exactly Grip Very Well,  A Pair Of Scissors Can Get A Long Way With Keeping Those Hairs In Place. Also The Styling And Defining Of Cheek Hairs Are Very Tricky To Clean Because Of The Ingrown Hairs. A Scissor Will Help You Smoothly Define Your Cheek Line.


Due To The Years Of Improper Grooming And Neglect, Our Facial Hairs Tent To Get More Coarse And Tangled. It Is Much Harder To Untangle And Reduce The Coarseness. If You Think You Can Get Away With A Comb, Forget It. It's Much Thinking To how to Use A Beard Trimmer On A Coarse Hair Without Brushing It Before Because Of The Amount Of Pulling And Snagging. There Are Plenty Of Combs Designed Specially For Beards.


Why Should We Wash The Beard Before Trimming?

As Men We Are Not Very Much Into Taking Care Of Yourself. We Might Do Just The Necessary Things Like Showering And Cleaning Out Our Private Area. But Nothing More Than That. Facial Hair Gets Even Less Attention Among The Task That Are Competing For Our Attention. This Is Why Most Of Our Facial Hairs Are Not So Healthy Condition. Because There Are So Much Debris And Dirt Are Stacked Inside Blocking Out Pored And Making Our Beards Tangled. Coarse And Tangled Hairs Are Nightmare To Every Man Who Might Want To Grow Their Beards. If You Are Thinking Its Weird If We Wet Our Beard Before Trimming, It's Actually Quite The Opposite. Properly Washing Your Beard Is The Preferred Way To Start If You Want To Know How To Trim A Beard With A Trimmer.

When The Dirt And Dead Cells Inside Your Beards Get Removed, It Gets Gentler And More Easier To Trim Without Painful Pulse. As They Gets Softer And Trimmer Blades Can Go Through Them Much Smoothly. Beard Shampoos Can Be Really Helpful For You If Not Necessary. If You Don't Wash Your Beard That Frequently Or Live In Dry And Dusty City Life, Your Beards Would Really Appreciate It. If You Have A Thicker And Fuller Beards, You Absolutely Need To Wash It With Beard Shampoo Because Beard Trimmers Will Have A Much Hard Time Going Through Your Beard. Wash Them Properly And Get A Dry Towel To Clean Your Face Before You Start Trimming.

How To Trim A Beard Neckline With Trimmer?

So You Have Brought The Beard Trimmer And Necessary Accessories And Washed Your Beards, Preferably With A Beard Shampoo And Ready For Trimming. Now What? Depending On Your Goal And How You Want To Look, It's Often Advised To Start With The Neck Area. Including Author Of This Article. Why? Because No Matter What Type Of Design You Want With Beard, Properly Outlining The Neckline Is Very Important. As The Hairs Grows Down From The Face To Neck And The Chin And Hairs Make Contact There.  If It's Not Done Properly It Can Ruin The Symmetry Pretty Seriously.

Adjust The Guard Length To The Longest Length Start Cutting. You Might Be Wondering Why The Longest Length? Because If You Are Just Starting With The Hair Clippers. It's Very Easy To Ruin The Hair You Have Grown After A Months Effort In Seconds. As A Beginner You Won't Have As Near Accuracy As An Experienced Person Might Have And This Can Be Really A Big Problem. But If You Are Sure That You Can Handle The Shorter Lengths. Then Go Ahead And Experiment With The Different Size Of The Guards.

Be Cautious About Not To Cutting Very Close To Your Chin. Because If You Reduce The Amount Of Hair Under The Jaw Line It Will End Up Make You Look Like Having A Double Chin. Because It Screws Up Your Face Size And Actually Make Your Face Look Smaller. So My Advice Will Be Cleaning Up And Carefully Create The Outline In The Border Of Chin And Adams Apple But Don't Go Any Deeper.

How To Trim A Beard Neckline With Trimmer

How To Trim A Beard Cheek Line With Trimmer

After You Successfully Create The Neckline And Established A Base For Your Beard Style, It's Now  Time To Move Into The Trickiest Part . When You Thinking How To Trim Your Beard With A Trimmer , You Are Probably Thinking About Your Cheek Line. Your Cheek Is The Visible Part Of Your Beard And Face As Well. So The Importance Of Trimming The Cheek Line Can't Be Stressed Enough. The Neckline Acts As A Outline For Your Beard While The Definition Of The Cheek Gives The Structure Of The Beard Along With Your . So Even Though You Have Successfully Trimmed Your Neckline, Be Careful When Defining The Chicks. Because The Cheek Hairs Does Not Grow That Fast. .

The Confusion Mainly Occurs When You Lack The Experience And Try To Achieve The Same Results As The Pro. 9 Out Of 10 Time You Try To Do Something Fancy With Your Beards, You Will Ruin It All. Because Properly Shaping And Defining Your Cheek Requires To Know About What End Goal You Aim To Achieve. You Need To Ask Yourself What Style You Want To Apply To Your Beard. Do You Want A Beard That Covers Your Cheeks Up To The Very Top Or Do You Need Something More Shorter?

Once You Decide This Then Move Into Trimming Your Cheeks Section By Section. You Want To Take As Much Time As Possible To Make Sure You Get The Best Result Possible. Symmetry Is Very Important And You Need To Check Whether The Both Sides Actually Have Length. Combs Are Very Useful To Be The Coarse Hairs On The Cheeks.

Typically Men Opt Either For A Full Length Beard Or Cleaning The Whole Cheeks. Though Personally I Prefer To Keep Things In Balance. Also It Looks Better If You Keep The Cheeks And Neck In Different Lengths. You Should Aim For A Bit Longer Hair For Your Cheek The Jaw And Neckline.

How To Trim Your Mustache With A Trimmer

Lastly , If You Think You Don't Need Tips About The Growing Of Mustache In A Guide About How To Trim A Beard With A Trimmer, Think Again. Your Mustache Doesn't Appear To Cover Much Of Your Face. But It's Actually Plays A Vital Role In Determining How You Might Look With Your Beards. This Why You Need To Be Careful When  Trimming The Mustache. Because If Any Accident Occurs, It Will Be Catastrophic. You Can Cover Up Your Bad Cheeks Line Or Bad Neckline Far Easily Than Your Mustache. It's Just Not Possible To Amend The Damage Has Been Done By A Minor Mishandling Of The Trimmer.

Before You Start Trimming Your Mustache, One Thing You Need To Keep In Mind. Any Hair That Goes Under The Lips Is Going To Seriously Mess Up Your Look. You’ll Leave An Unfavorable Impression To The People You Know And People You Don't Know.  So Use A Comb With Tighter Teeth And Comb Them Downwards. Then Proceed To Cut Down Hairs These Are Sticking Out Now.

You Need To Keep The Hands Steady As You Cut. The Mustache Is Often Thicker Than The Other Layers Of Hair. So Make Sure Not To Apply Too Much Pressure On Them. . To Make Them Stay In Place On Your Face, Your Mustache Need To Be Longer To Make Sure A Consistent Look  Cutting Too Much Up To The Lips Is Unnecessary.  If You Go Much Upward It Will Look Horrible And A Nightmare For You.

Finishing touch

Now, as you came to this part, you must have gone through all the information . i hope they sincerely help you to answer to your question. We really want you to know  to how to trim a beard with a trimmer. Because men are no longer required to cut down that grows anything in your face. And personally they give me a sense of freedom. This is why i think it's absolutely necessary for any men to know how to trim a beard with a trimmer. remember to choose the right trimmer, wash the beard and make sure to take time with your neck, chin and mustache. Have a good day!