Braun 790cc vs 7865cc And Some Series 7 Review

In This Content, We Are Going To Show You The Reviews On Braun Series 7 Products. Our Reviews Will Be Based On These Models From Braun Series 7 – 760cc, 790cc, 799cc, 7865cc And 7899cc.

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A short description of the Braun Series 7:

The Series 7 From Braun First Released In 2010 And Become The Best-Selling Electric Shaver Ever Made. One Of The Most Favorite Series That Voted And Promoted By Men. This Series Gained So Much Popularity For Its High Performance, Supreme Comfort And Close Shaving. Still, Now It’s A Favorite Choice For Men. The Manufacturer Braun Achieved A Huge Popularity And Success Along With Their Series 7 Products. The Main Fact For Its Popularity Was The Built Quality, Best Performance, Reasonable Price And The Head Replacement Warranty. After All, The Series 7 Was Highly Efficient And Complete Electric Razor.

Until The Series 9 Arrived, The Series 7 Was The Latest Series From Braun. But Now The Series 9 Is The Latest Premium Series That Braun Is Offering. You Can Read Our “Braun Series 9 Reviews” Article To Compare These Two Series. Though The Series 9 Is Latest The Series 7 Is Totally Exceptional. If You’re Not Interested In The Latest And Want To Save Some Money Then You Should Look Forward To The Series 7.

The New released Series 7 Models:

After The Undoubtedly Huge Success Of Series 7, Braun Has Released Some New Models From The Series 7. In 2016 The Launched Some New Models From The Series 7. Braun Said They Updated The Models And These New Models Have Some Additional Features. To Be Honest, There Were No Key Changes Between The Older And Newer Models. We Will Show You The Difference Between The Older And Newer Series 7 Models. But These Difference Are Not Major. The Newer Shaver Model Includes The Feature Of Wet And Dry Shaving Whether The Older Had Variation In Wet/Dry Technology. There Are 2 New Color Options Silver And Grey. Braun Used The Same Shaving Head As The Older But They Claimed That They Have Used 4 Cutting Elements In The New Models. Just Like The SkinGuard Element, There Are No Active Element Found. The Only Difference You Can Find Is The Personalization Modes. There Are 5 Shaving Modes In The New Models Where The Older Models Have 3 Modes. The New Models From Series 7 Are 7865cc7899cc And Some More Model That We Didn’t Mentioned In Our Reviews.

This Table Shows The Difference Between The Series 7 Original And New Models:


Braun Series 7 



          Use         Price
790cc         Grey3 ModesDry OnlyCheck  Price
 760cc          Black3 ModesDry OnlyCheck  Price
799cc          Grey3 ModesWet & DryCheck  Price
 (New)7865cc           Grey5 ModesWet & DryCheck  Price
(New)7899cc          Silver5 ModesWet & DryCheck  Price

After Judging With This Table You Will Be Able To See That There Is No Major Difference Between The Older And Latest Series.


Some things to consider before buying an electric razor from Braun Series 7:

When You Are Willing To Buy An Electric Razor From Series 7 That Suits You Best, Here Are Some Facts You Should Think About Before Buying It.

Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 790cc Men's Electric Foil Shaver/Electric Razor, with Clean & Charge Station, Cordless

Wet & Dry Use: This Is An Important Fact You Should Think About First. You Will Certainly Love Your Shaver If You Can Use It With Shaving Gel, Cream Or Foam. The Wet And Dry Technology Allows You To Have These Benefits. You Can Also Use Your Device For Shaving Even If You Are Taking Shower. For Owning This Benefits, You Must Look Forward To The Latest Series 7 Models. Even Though Some Of The Older Models Support Wet And Dry, You Can Use Them With Shaving Foam Or Gel. Because There Are Some Variations Of Wet And Dry Shaving. So, If You Want To Have This Special Benefit, You Should Buy The Latest Braun Series, 7 Model.

Braun Electric Razor for Men/Electric Shaver, Series 5 5190cc, Rechargeable with Clean & Charge Station

Automatic Cleaning Station: The Automatic Cleaning Station Always The Best Cleaning System For Your Electric Razor. You Would Be Wanting To Purchase A Series 7 Razor That Includes The Feature Of The Automatic Cleaning Station. But You’ll Need To Cost Some Extra Money For This Feature As You Need To Buy New Cleaning Cartridges. You May See Some Alternative Cleaning System Which Is Cheaper But Be Aware Before Buying It. Because It Can Void The Warranty That Braun Gives To Their Products.

Braun Electric Shaver, Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Men's Electric Razor/Electric Foil Shaver, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry, Blue
  • Supplied Accessories: Accessories That Is Supplied With The Shaver Can Make Your Decision If You Would Buy It Or Not, So This Is Also An Important Fact For The Buyers. Such As The Razor Cases. Different Model Associated With Different Cases Like Plastic Cases, Leather Cases, Fabric Cases Etc. More Importantly, The Battery, LCD Display That Shows Razor Battery Life, Supplied Trimmer, Cleaning Units Are Also Reasonable Facts To Consider About.
  • Braun Replacement Foil & Cutter Cassette - 70S, Series 7, Pulsonic - 9000 Series Braun Cassette 70S
  • Price: If You Decide To Buy A Series 7 Shaver, Then Buy That One Which Is Provided With All Necessary Instruments But Priced Cheaper Than Other Series 7 Shavers. Because We Have Already Mentioned There Is No Major Difference Between Any Latest Or Oldest Models That Come From Series 7. The Differences They Have Are Not Much Important Because These Improvements Won’t Effect On Your Actual Shaving. Then Why Spend The Extra Money? Just Buy The One Priced Better And Be Budget Conscious.
  • The Latest Models 7865cc7899cc Reviews:

    These Models Are Recently Released By Braun And Introduced As Latest Models From Series 7 That We Have Already Mentioned. The Changes Are Only In The Body, And Cosmetics Changes But Not In The Shaving Performance. You Can Use These Latest Models With Gel Or Foam And Even In The Shower. But For Safety Precaution, Of Course, You Can’t Use Them Plugged In. That’s Not A Problem As You’re Getting 50 Minutes Of Battery Backup And The Time Is More Than Enough To Have A Shave. These Shavers Come With Pulsonic Technology Which Is Another Positive Site. Through This Pulsonic Tech, You Can Have Up To 10,000 Micro Vibrates Per Minute That Can Cut Down Any Type Of Hair More Effectively With Each Pass. Even The Shortest Hair Is Also Captured For This Enormous Vibrations. The Result Of This Is The Closest Shave Without Any Hassle.


    Braun Series 7 799cc-6 Wet & Dry Shaver System Replaces 790cc (Special Edition)

    Braun Series 7 – 799cc Review:

    Before Braun Entered The Field Of Shaving Razors, Electric Shavers Were Too Expensive And Low Quality. Then Braun Entered The Electric Razor Market And Changed The Concept Of Electric Shavers With Their High Technology Based Sophisticated Products. Now, The Series 7 – 799cc Model Placed Itself Over The Top When Comparing The Best Electric Shaver For Men. If You Know About The Series 7, Then You Must Know About The Model 799cc And How Much Effect The Device Is. If You Look At Other Website’s Reviews About Best Electric Shaver For Men, You’ll Certainly Find This Model Name On Their Reviews. For Braun’s Highly Effective Engineering Design, It Achieved The Reputation Of Handling All The Common Problems Men Have While Shaving With An Electric Razor. It Has The Same Technology As The Series 7-790cc Model. Only One Additional Feature Which Is Wet And Dry Shaving, All The Same Tech Used In Series 7-799cc As 790cc.

    Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 790cc Men's Electric Foil Shaver/Electric Razor, with Clean & Charge Station, Cordless

    Braun Series 7 – 790cc review:

    The Braun – 790cc Is A Top Quality Foil Based Electric Shaver. It Has Black Rubber Layer In Its Body For Better Grip Even If It Is Wet. There Is A Floating Foil Head In The Head Of The Shaver’s Body. This Floating Head Allows To Automatically Fit Itself To Your Face Shape And Skin. The Unusual Thing About This Razor Is You Will Find A Battery Level And Cleaning Indicator In The Bottom Of The Shaver. The Head Has Three Different Parts To Cut Different Types And Length Of Hair. It Comes With “ActiveLift” Oscillating Shaving Trimmer In The Middle That Captures Every Direction Hairs In A Single Pass. The Cutters Are Floating And The Head Is Floating Too. These Technologies Are Used In This Model To Give A Comfortable Shave With The Best Closeness. But The Main Disadvantage Of This Model Is The Lack Of Wet And Dry Shaving System. You Cannot Use It For A Wet Shave Either Cannot Get Used To It In The Shower.

    Braun Series 7 790cc Vs 760cc:

    The 760cc Also Cannot Be Used In The Shower Like The 790cc. This Model Excludes The Wet And Dry Shaving Which Makes It Slightly Cheaper Than Other Series 7 Models. Other Features Are Also Same As The 790cc Model. The Key Difference Between These Two Models Is This 760cc Model Doesn’t Have The Fast Cleaning Option And The LED Battery Level Indicator. They Also Removed Hygiene Indicator And Automatic Cleaning Option From The 760cc. That’s All.

    Braun Series 5 5040S Men's Electric Razor/Electric Foil Shaver, Wet & Dry, Cordless & Rechargeable, Pop Up Precision Trimmer

    dvantages Of Using Braun Series 7 Shavers:

    The Series 7 Shaver Achieves A Close Shave That Can Compare With No Other Electric Razors. Their Technology Probably The Best For Gaining As Close Shave As Ordinary Manual Shaving Razors. Braun Used “OptiFoil” Technology In Their Series 7 Products To Cut A Huge Amount Of Hair In A Single Pass. It’s An Intelligent Technology That Allows Cutting Coarse Beard And Hair And Short Length Hair In The Same Time With The Powerful Motor Attached To The Blades. That’s How The Razor Works To Achieve The Close Shave.

    Another Most Important Reason That People Use These Products Is The Comfort That The Razor Delivers While Shaving. Series 7 Products Are Undoubtedly Comfortable Than Most Other Electric Razors And The Latest Models Are The Most Special To Deliver Comfort In Shaving. You May Find Some Other Electric Razors That Provide More Powerful Motors Than Braun Such As The Panasonic Arc5 Electric Shaver But None Of These Are So Comfortable Than The One Is Produced By Braun. The Series 7 Is An Ultimate Choice For People With Sensitive Skin. No Matter Whatever The Other Shaver Offers, But For People With Sensitive Skin, There Is No Better Option Than Buying A Shaver From Braun Series 7. Not Only It Is Comfortable To Use, But Also Is It So Comfortable To Hold The Body For The Rubberized Grip.

    The Key Reason That People Buy These Products For, The Manufacturer Braun’s Reputation. The Braun Industry Has Proven Their Ability Among Other Electric Razor Manufacturers That Their Products Can Handle Better The Hard Reach Areas Especially The Upper Neck And Chin. The Most Common Thing People Have With An Electric Shaver Is, Their Product Fails To Take Care Of The Problematic Areas. The Shaver Often Causes Cuts And Nicks In Those Areas Because Their Design Is Not Suitable For Handling Those Areas. But Braun Has Proven Their Capability To Take Care Of These Problems Better Than Other.

    BRAUN 70s Series 7 Pulsonic - 9000 Series Shaver Cassette - Replacement Pack

    Bruan Features of Series 7 Razors:

    The Secret Of Comfort In Series 7 Shavers Is Hidden In The Head. The Magical Mechanism Of The Head Makes The Shaver Amazingly More Comfortable To Use. All 3 Blades (Including The ActiveLift Trimmer) Are Floating And The Head Is Super Flexible That Makes It More Adjustable And Gentle While Running On Your Face And Skin. For This Excellent Technology, You Don’t Need To Worry About Any Kind Of Cuts, Nicks, Irritation Or Razor Burns.

    The Personalization Modes Are Also One Of The Unique Features That Come With Series 7 Products. Almost Every One Of Us Has Different Skin Types And Hair Grooming. The Different Modes Work For Different Types Of Skins. Choose The Perfect Shaving Mode That Suits Your Skin Best. The Older Series 7 Models Including 790cc, 799cc, And 760cc Have 3 Personalization Modes Where The Latest Models Like 7865cc And 7899cc Have 5 Personalization Modes.

    Maintaining The Cleaning Process Is The Razor. For The Best Shaving Performance Every Single Time, Cleaning The Razor Is An Important Fact. As The Cleaning Effects Of Shaving, The Braun Series 7 Supplied With A Cleaning Dock. The Dock Is Used For Charging The Device And Also Used For Cleaning The Device Automatically. There Is An Automated Alcohol-Based Cleaning System That Removes All The Bacteria And This System Leaves A Fragrance To Keep Your Device All Set To Go For The Next Shave And Give You The Same Performance As If It Is New.

    The Braun Series 7 Has A Popup Trimmer Fitted Inside Which Is An Instant Solution For The Trimmer. It’s A Basic And Works For Reducing The Sideburns. But This Popup Trimmer Is Not A Complete Solution For Trimmer Because You Can’t Use It To Trim Your Facial Hair And Stubble. You Will Have To Use An Additional Trimmer To Do So.

    Braun 790cc vs 7865cc And Some Series 7 Review
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