Best electric shaver under 100 (Reviews & Guide -2020)

The hair removal process for women is the most common struggle for the living. Generally, men have to shave their faces where women need to deal with hair that grows most commonly on their underarms, legs, bikini parts, faces, forearms and other parts of the body.

Unfortunately, most of the time don’t have any best electric shaver under 100 permanent hair removal solution. That’s why most of the women rely on usual old-fashioned hair removing method such as shaving, waxing and depilating. Usually, women prefer the ordinary shaving method as it is painless, it doesn’t harsh the skin and the important thing is it doesn’t require any chemicals as like the depilatories.
electric shaver for women
The shaving method is an instant hair removal solution. In case of using depilatories, you’ll need to wait for a few weeks to let your hair grow back.

The same process required in waxing. The main fact that every woman should try an electric razor is because disposable women shaving razors are priced higher than men’s razor and these and more time-consuming.

That’s why women prefer an electric razor so that they can save money and time both. Women’s electric shaver doesn’t shave as close as ordinary shaving razor but skin problems like razor burns, skin irritation, cuts etc. are reduced greatly just like the shaving time.

Probably this is why women have the tendency to electric shaver nowadays. Before buying any kind of shaver, you should be aware of the features and types that come with your shaver, and this is very important. That means you must learn the basic using of a shaver before you buy one as it’s a completely different way of shaving than the usual safety razor shaving.




Technologies and features of a best electric shaver under 100:

electric shaver for women• Free and comfortable to use:
Bigger shaped and uncomfortable designed electric shavers are always difficult to use. That’s why you have to choose something that is built for comfort and easy handling.

You would be always willing to have a perfectly movable shaver that ensures more comfort. It’s important because comfortability is necessary when having real-time shaving.

• Foil vs Rotary shavers:

The main two different technology that used in electric shaver is the foil and rotary shaving system. Foil shaving system basically works with movable blades.

These blades are installed inside a metal made foil. Under the foil, there is side to side moving blades. When a foil based shaver touches your skin the vibrating blades cuts your hair keeping a specific distance from directly touching your skin.

In some people’s opinion foil shaver gives a closer shave than rotary shavers. However, this concept is not 100% true. Rotary shavers work in it’s own way and have its completely different shaving system. There are several disk-shaped cutting blades are installed in a rotary shaver. Inside the disks, there are some rotating blades that cut your hair.

Though the technologies are different and completely unique if compared with each other, these two shaving systems are specialized to do different things. And the conclusion is, you can’t reach any final decision about which one is better. But as we’re talking about women’s electric shaver, we must know which of these model would be better.

Rotary shaver may be a great tool for men but for women, it has more disadvantage than advantages. The usual three disk installed rotary shaver are not the best designed as they don’t adjust with the curves of your legs or underarms. So it’s better to buy a foil based electric razor.

electric shaver for women• Dry or Wet shaving:

Dry shaving method isn’t always satisfying. It’s not bad to have a dry shave because sometimes you’re in hurry and you might want to spend less time in shaving.

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But when you’re willing to have a clean and close shave same as the safety razor, wet shaving is a better option at that time. Even you can ensure more smooth and moisturized shave by using shaving cream or gel.

But you need a waterproof electric razor for performing this kind of action. Read the user manual before you try to do something like this with your electric razor and don’t use it plugged in as a safety precaution.

• The attachments and accessories:
For women sensitive skin the bikini trimmer is essential accessories. The main purpose of a trimmer is to keep you safe from nicking of cutting especially when you’re shaving the dedicated parts of your body.

So make sure that your shaver comes with an exactly fitting guide and proper trimmer for you. This thing is more important for a dedicated shave.

• Corded or cordless use:

The difference between the corded and cordless electric shaver is the convenience of cordless shavers to the users. Corded shavers are usually used with plugged in and these models are old fashioned. On the other hand, cordless shavers are easy to use, comes with an internal rechargeable battery which should be replaced after a specific period of time.

However, cordless electric razors can be used as travel kit as it is easier to carry everywhere and don’t need any plugging. Though the corded electric razors are not the best choice for consumers, there are some advance models that comes with the corded option because these are usually dry shaver and don’t require cordless use as a safety precaution.

Measures you should look on before using an electric razor:

electric shaver for women

• Steps of using an electric razor for women:
If you’re a woman, you will always desire to have smooth silky skin from your head to toe. But to have that type of skin in reality, you’ll have to find something perfectly suitable for your hair removal solution.

Almost every woman who wants a fast, simple and efficient shaving will certainly recommend a shaver. Electric razors require plugged in or batteries as power source.

When you run this device over your skin, the blades slice the hair very close to your body, but it doesn’t touch the skin. You can easily remove all the unwanted hair from your body with an electric shaver.

The painless completely perfect way to have a shaving companion is to purchase an electric razor. However, if you’re using an electric razor to shave with, it’s quite different than shaving with a disposable safety razor.

You will a whole new introduction with some steps to get yourself used with an electric razor. We will try to show you some basic things about it.

• You should clean the area with some kind of gentle body wash before shaving. You must try non-dry soap kind of something like that.

• You must allow the skin to be dry thoroughly by toweling off.

• To get more efficient shaving, push the shaver against the direction that your hair grows.

• Make sure you apply some kind of moisturizer in your body after having a shave in order to make your skin more smooth and silky.One more thing we would like to mention is that you’ll need approximately 1 month to let your skin adjusted to the electric shaver you buy. Because if you are a new electric razor user, you’ll need some time to let your skin adjusted with the new shaving kit. So, don’t worry about some common problems that may occur in this period.

• The shaver design for women:
electric shaver for women

When we are talking about a hair removal tool for women, we should take a look at their needs and personal preferences to help them choose the right device.

However, electric shaver manufacturers produce different kinds of products with variety so you can select the best one for you that suits your personal requirements.

A typical electric razor for women is attached with a fine angled head that adjusts with the curves of your body especially the knees and underarms.

The bikini line shavers are crafted to perform gentler to make sure a perfect shave for this extra sensitive part of your body.

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• Maintenance of an electric razor for women:
An electric shaver should be cleaned regularly on its basis just like other ordinary safety razors. A cleaning brush is usually supplied with an electric razor to remove hairs and peeled skin on the blade after every use.

The foil of your shaver needs to be replaced after a certain period of time. If your device is waterproof then you can use it under water to clean itself. However, always read the usual manual with the product and be careful with every electrical action you perform with your device.

• Tricks to have the best performance from an electric shaver for women:
electric shaver for women

There are many top quality electric shavers in the market with the best engineering and technologies. But you can evaluate the best performance from a usual shaver by just following some simple guideline.

We have already mentioned these methods but you may don’t know it can extract the best performance from a razor. That’s why we will repeat it once again with more analyzing.

Wash your skin with tepid water to soften your hair. But you should dry your skin completely before you shave. After this, shave from the opposite site of your hair grown direction.

To be more specific, if you’re about to shave your legs, you’ll need to start shaving from your ankle and if you’re shaving your armpits, you’ll need to shave downwards.

• A shaving alternative kit, Epilator:
An epilator is also a hair removing kit that is used for removing unwanted hair from your body particularly the underarms, bikini areas and legs. Epilator doesn’t come with any hair cutting or shaving elements.

Instead of having any cutting elements, they contain tweezers on wheels that pull your hair out of the roots when it moves over the skin. Epilator causes uncomfortable hair removing but if you use this device your hair free skin will last longer than shaving.

In case of most women, removing hair with an epilator will last up to 4 weeks. So, it’s a better option for those who get less time in shaving and wants a long lasting hair removing solution.
Top quality Women’s shaver reviews:

Electric Hair Removal Epilator, 4 in 1 Professional Women Rechargeable Cordless Razor Foil Tweezer Care Device Trimmer Tool Hair Shaving Remover for Bikini Line Leg Armpit(Pink)

Electric Hair Removal Epilator, 4 in 1 Professional Women Rechargeable Cordless Razor Foil Tweezer Care Device Trimmer Tool Hair Shaving Remover

This epilator from vibrate is specialized for epilating the hair from legs, underarms and other pubic hair. It has four independent shaving heads that give more precious hair removing. As the epilators remove hair from the root you will get a long lasting hair removing solution we already mentioned. It has an internal rechargeable battery.


  • This one is noiseless.
  • Tiny shaped easy to carry, so perfect as a traveling kit.


  • It requires continuous long time charging.
Miserwe Womens Electric Razor Mini IPX4 Waterproof  Electric Razor for Women Rechargeable  Lady Shaver Professional Personal Care Device bikini trimmer for Arm Underarm Bikini Line and Legs

Miserwe Womens Electric Razor Mini IPX4 Waterproof  Electric Razor for Women

Miserere electric razor is specially made for those women who have sensitive skin. It is built with a very gentle and flexible blade. You’ll get smooth skin as well because there’s a pop-up trimmer attached with the razor that helps to gain close shave too. This product is waterproof so you can use it while taking shower. Beside all these features, the razor comes with replaceable batteries.


  • Durable and replaceable batteries.
  • This razor is waterproof..
  • Very gentle for sensitive skin


  • Less effective for thick long hair.
SUPRENT Lady Electric Shaver, Noise Reduction Women’s Electric Razor and Waterproof Body Hair Trimmer, Use Wet and Dry, USB Rechargeable (Green)

SUPRENT Lady Electric Shaver, Noise Reduction Women’s Electric Razor and Waterproof Body Hair Trimme

The Surpent electric razor is a very popular tool in the market and best-selling shaver. This one is a great option for people who love traveling. Because it has portable USB charging system, which makes the charging process even easier. The Surpent shaver is equipped with multi-functioned 0.5mm wide cutting blade. The blade delivers smooth shave which is more suitable for people with sensitive skin. The blades are durable as it is made of stainless steel.


  • The charging process is much faster and easier.
  • The product is waterproof.


  • Doesn’t supports wet and dry shaving.

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women's Epilator, Electric Hair Removal


  • Two in one tool. Can be used as shaver and epilator.
  • This tool is wet and dry accessible, so you can use it even under water.
  • Attached with a light to let you see every spot you go through clearer.
  • Comes with premium accessories like makeup removal, massage caps etc.


  • The exfoliation process is the bit painful.
  •  It’s an expensive product.
Philips SatinShave Advanced Women’s Electric Shaver, Cordless Wet and Dry Use, 4 Accessories (BRL140)

Philips SatinShave Advanced Women’s Electric Shaver BRL140

If you’re looking for a high technology based floating foil razor, the Phillips satin shave BRL140 model is probably the best one for you. It’s a pearl tipped electric shaving razor and the pearl-tip trimmer protects sensitive skin from irritation. It has an ergonomic s-shaped handle to ensure more precious handling and better control. You’ll get a very gentle and close shave as well with this shaver.


  • Wet & dry shaving.
  •  Battery indicator light.


  • Charger is standard, plugging is better than stand.
Remington Smooth and silky cordless

Remington Smooth and silky cordless

This shaver from Remington has a very smart ergonomic design for the art of shaving. It has two floating foils for better shaving. The razor is regarded for its accessories which makes it more efficient especially the bikini trimmer. It’s a cordless device and supports wet and dry shaving. It’s a very useful device and perfect traveling for its cleaning brush, beauty bag, bikini trimmer and other accessories.


  • Wet & dry shaving.
  •  Close shave.
  •  Can be used for shaving all body parts


  •  Outlook is not very impressive.

Panasonic close curves ES2207P:

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver, 3-Blade Cordless Women’s Electric Razor with Pop-Up Trimmer, Use Wet or Dry

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver

This electric razor is from Panasonic band and considered to be the most famous and top-rated women’s electric razor from this band. This electric razor delivers a fast, smooth and hassle-free shave. Women’s sensitive body parts like underarms, bikini line etc. Could be handled better with the gentle and soft touch of this shaver. Some advantages and disadvantages are given below.


  • Very easy and comfortable to hold for its lightweight.
  •  Handles sensitive and difficult areas better and gently.
  • clone
    Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • clone
     Doesn’t makes much noise while operating.
  • clone
     Wet & dry use.


  • Not suitable for those who want as close shave as a disposable safety razor.
  • It’s an expensive electric razor.
Panasonic Ladies Bikini Trimmer, ES246 - Buy Packs and SAVE (Pack of 3)

Panasonic Ladies Bikini Trimmer ES246AC

This razor is slim and portable and again a very useful product from trusted band Panasonic for its lightweight. You’ll find an angled trimmer head equipped with rounded tips that are specially made for bikini areas for more gentle and soft shaving. However, this effective shaver has stainless steel that comes with a hypo-allergenic blade which is also durable. The main convenient for using this razor is there is no fear to have cut, razor burns or skin irritation.


  • 1.3 inches wider blades for fast hair removal solution.
  • Best for bikini line shaving.
  • 5 position trimmer with rounded tips that lets you have safe and comfortable shaving.


  • Not effective to remove coarse and thick hair.
PANASONIC ES-ED90-P Womens Epilator with Shaver Attachments consumer electronics

PANASONIC ES-ED90-P Womens Epilator with Shaver Attachments consumer electronics

Epilator is a multi-functional device that allows you to have multiple systems of shaving. It has a fine sleek design and this device can perform its action even in water. There are total 6 accessories provided with this device. These accessories make it more useful. You can use this product with shaving foam or gel for extra moister. It also enables with dual speed mode.


  • It’s multifunctional.
  •  It’s a completely waterproof product.
  •  Dual speed modes with led light indicator.
  •  Charges fully within an hour.


  •  The charge doesn’t last for a long time.
  •  It’s a little bit noisy.

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