Benefits of an Electric Shaver

Why you should replace that manual razor with an electric shaver? 

Shaving is an element of male grooming that has defined generations. Over the years, we have seen the art of shaving evolve, dictated by the fashion and style trends of the day. Although manual razors have typically been the dominant shaving tools, since the turn of the century electric shavers and electric shaving have begun to take over the market. There are several advantages of electric shavers that have seen them become popular in many households. These advantages include.

Electric vs Manual Shaving

​1.Faster shaves

Most of us only allocate a small amount of time per day to shaving. Generally it is a few minutes in the morning before we get on our way to work. With this in mind, you need a shaver that saves you time while at the same time does the job perfectly. Electric powered shavers are your best bet for a faster shave; this is because they roll up the skin, forcing hairs up before cleanly cutting them, which means you do not have to go over the same area twice hence saving time on your shave. They are the quickest way to get ready in the morning.

2.Saves you money

To get a decent electric powered shaver you have to sacrifice quite a bit of cash up front. However, in the long term, these shavers are less expensive than manual razors. A good electric powered shaver should give you close to five years of service if handled well which represents good value for money. A manual shaver requires constant razor replacement which cumulatively is expensive. If you replace the razor, let’s say 12 times a year you will have replaced it 60 times in five years by the time the electric type is replaced. So if you are thinking economically, the electric type shavers have the edge.

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3.Perfect for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is a common problem among many men today. It is a problem virtually affecting everyone; from young adults just starting to shave, to the older generations. If you have sensitive skin, opting for an electric powered shaver might be a better bet. Whereas manual razors scrape and damage skin, their electric counterparts glide over the skin reducing the chances of irritation, cuts and nicks on each pass. There are fewer razor bumps, razor burns and skin irritations with an electric powered shaver meaning you can be sure of a smoother skin.

4.Consistent results

Electric blades will offer you consistent result as long as you take care to maintain and clean the blades often. The edges remain incredibly sharp throughout the shaver’s lifetime. On the flipside manual razors wear out with each use and one is forced to consistently change blades. Failing to do so will result in uneven shaves and missed spots. Electric blades remain uniform offering consistent results after each shave. Even if the shaver’s battery runs low, the razor can offer sleek result while maintaining the same blade quality.

5.High-Tech Features for personalised shave

Manual razors are simply straight edged blades attached to a handle; on the flipside electric razors feature high-tech additions capable of personalising your shave. For example, electric razors have integrated trimmers that present you with the option of shaping your beard or moustache for your desired look. They also allow you to have a smooth appearance without using a beard comb attachment. If you desire style and to communicate your personality; the electric powered shavers are likely to be your best bet to achieving this.

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6.Portability and freedom of use

Electric razors have battery lives tuned to optimal levels and can last you a long time. Although you can also take a manual razor on your travels, it is difficult to use them away from a sink. |Electric razors can be powered up for quick touch-ups while in the parking lot just before a big conference or at the edge of your bed. Secondly, it is ill advised to use manual razors on dry skin as this may cause profound skin irritation and pain. As for the electric ones they can be used over dry skin safely and provide exemplary results. Also, while travelling, electric razors come along with convenient travel pouches and protective caps that keep components in good shape.

7.Multi-purpose usage

Electric powered shavers can be used on both facial hair and body hair, unlike manual razors. On facial hair, electric razors can shave beards, shape moustaches and style sideburns. A manual razor due to its nature is not capable of performing these tasks, so look to an electric shaver if you are hoping to keep facial hair well styled rather than going for a smooth shaved look.

8.Lesser probability of ingrown hairs

Using electric razors reduces the possibility of having ingrown hairs. Manual razors may cause ingrown hair, which is characterised by strange bumps on the face caused by the backwards curling of hair back into the skin rather than growing out of it. Ingrown hairs are irritating and on some occasions, can become infected and darken the skin leaving behind scars. Using an electric razor, keeps you free from ingrown hairs.

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Electric powered shavers have the edge when compared to the manual razors. Whether you are looking at it from a convenience point of view or from an economic point of view, these shavers perform beyond expectation. Make the transition today and say yes to safer and cleaner electric shaving by purchasing an electric powered shaver. The above benefits of electric shavers should make it easier for you to dispose your manual razor. Check out our guide for the best electric shavers on the market today.

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